What’s In a Name? Part 18

It’s been quite a while since this feature has been chosen! Some of these were requested by a Patreon Super Supporter, and both regular Supporters and Super Supporters can choose what features they want to see. Click on the Patreon tab for more info ^^

Tsuki - 月
Prefix or Suffix: Suffix
Old Meaning: Moon
New (Standardized) Meaning: Moon
Found In: Gion Kobu

What could be more poetic than the moon? This simple kanji has an incredibly graceful meaning, yet is incredibly rare in the karyukai ^^

紗月 Satsuki (Gion Kobu): “Sheer Moon,” the first kanji in her name is that of the sheer, summer fabric often pronounced as “sha,” so you can imagine looking at the moon through sheer silk while trying to keep cool during Kyoto’s humid summers.
美月 Mitsuki (Gion Kobu): “Beautiful Moon,” very self explanatory ^^

Teru - 照
Prefix or Suffix: Both
Old Meaning: Shine, Bright
New (Standardized) Meaning: Shine, Bright
Found In: Gion Kobu, Pontocho, Kamishichiken, and Gion Higashi

Teru’s shine comes any form of light, whether that’s the sun or the moon or even a lightbulb!

照古満 Terukoma (Gion Kobu): “Bright and Full Long Lived Life,” an interesting name as the “古” kanji was actually written with hentaigana. 
シナ照 Shinateru (Pontocho): “Shining Resolve,” a really unique name as it uses katakana, which has become quite rare for geimei.
照代 Teruyo (Kamishichiken): “Shining Era,” the ““ kanji has been featured before, so this was an easy one ^^
照子 Teruko (Gion Higashi): “Shining/Bright Child,” another self explanatory name that’s quite cute.

Teru/Mitsu/Kō - 光
Prefix or Suffix: Both
Old Meaning: Ray of Light
New (Standardized) Meaning: Ray of Light
Found In: All Five Kagai

Oddly enough, the most common pronunciation for this kanji outside of the karyukai is “Hikari,” which is a name or term that most non-Japanese people are aware of (you probably knew of this pronunciation before you learned of any others!).

佳つ光 Katsukō (Gion Kobu): “Beautiful Sun Beam,” a slightly more poetic way of saying “ray of light,” I found that calling it a literal “sun beam” (as many translators will do) worked a bit better with its paired kanji.
光彌 Mitsuya (Pontocho): “Full of Light,” a really nice and bright name!
光三 Mitsuzō/Mitsumi (Kamishichiken): “Three Rays of Sunshine,” this is a very old geimei from a time where the furigana was not present in odori programs, so each given pronunciation is equally valid but does not detract from its meaning.
ふく光 Fukuteru (Miyagawa Cho): “Lucky Light” or “Laughing Light” or “Scroll of Light,” due to the use of hiragana this name has many different meanings.
叶光 Kanomitsu (Gion Higashi): “Bright Wish,” a cute and happy name!