So I decided to show you all the glory of loading a 16Kb game (Lightforce) from a cassette tape.

exiakaiser  asked:

Ok, since you are more knowledgeable on the Power Rangers series than I am, perhaps you can answer this: Did Zordon not say there were other teams before the Mighty Morphin' team? And if so, would that not explain the Super Megaforce new powers thing for the Power Rangers Purists (No offence)?

I don’t think he ever said it out loud exactly in those terms, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest as much. The Command Center stood for hundreds if not thousands of years before the Mighty Morphin’ Team came to be, the clone of Tommy had Green Ranger powers during colonial times, and when Kimberly went back in time to the old west, she gave the power coins to the team’s ancestors for use temporarily. In addition, there have been Zords from thousands of years previously (like the Shogun Zords) AND it was established in season 3 that Zordon and Alpha didn’t create the Power coins - that they were created by Ninjor, who likely created other powers, as well, seeing as he was able to craft new powers for the Rangers instead of just forging replacement power coins.

And if that wasn’t enough, we know from both Wild Force, Lost Galaxy, and Mystic Force that there have been forces waging war with the forces of good for thousands of years previously, in particular the war 3,000 years ago that froze the Galactabeasts, forced the Animarium to rise, and sealed away the Master and his demonic hordes.

On top of that, Samurai established that there was a lineage of past Rangers who used the spell seals and it was suggested the powers were handed down through familial lines through many years of tradition. So yeah, it’s entirely likely there are past teams still undiscovered or explained.

The problem with Megaforce, however, is that they don’t go into DETAIL with that. They have the structure already, but aren’t bothering to explain anything more about those teams. And while it’s fine for a throwaway fight scene every once in a while, the lack of even a NAME for those powers shows extreme laziness, especially since they wouldn’t even need to do much - just take an old Power Rangers show pitch, modify some names around, and say that, oh I don’t know, the Dairangers powers were the Starblazer Rangers or something. You don’t need a full series bible on them, but you could say something to the effect of, “The Starblazer Rangers defeated the evil Tortannika 200 years ago” or “The Lightforce Rangers fought an endless war on a long-forgotten planet millions of years before.” Essentially, put forth ANY bit of creativity and effort. It’s basic universe-building. Sure, I want them to have guest stars and previous Rangers for an anniversary season (which was last year, but whatever), but if they’re going to include the sentai teams, at least do the minimal amount of effort to integrate them into the Power Rangers universe.

I found the sketch for this one, and it was one of the first fanarts I made since my little obsession about thirteen years ago. I gave myself an hour to do something about it in krita. I didn’t take it that seriously, but it was a nice paus from everything.

I got inspired by one of the best YGO fanfics I’ve read, “Pieces” by routavaurio, a bunch of one shots taking place in the manga, adding to canon story. This is from the chapter about the night they spend dividing if they should “Lightforce Sword” to their deck before Battle City. 

I highly recommend this fic if you want canon stuff. It’s not really puzzleshipping, but it adds just as much as the manga and the anime does.