Hi all!! 

I revamped Luna after watching Kong, and changed some things about her!!

Luna is a dragon that represents what Asian dragons have been depicted over the centuries. She is Chaotic Good and dislikes humanity for their violent nature (ex. their shoot first think later methods)

She can establish lines of thought to humans and can communicate effortlessly with almost any Kaiju, as long as they are not too provoked. Luna stays on Monster Island with Kuji to keep an eye on her as well as assist humans with unruly Kaiju they can’t communicate with.

She also has a human form she can ‘switch to’, which is more or less a proxy lightforce she creates. It can’t do physical things, but can talk and act human (until you like, walk through it lol)

Luna holds Kaiju above humans and sees them(humans) as inferior beings. She refuses to speak to any unless Kuji is there with her. 

Their heights stacked up against Goji (2014)

Goji: 350 feet

Luna: 300 feet

Kuji: 240> feet 


So I decided to show you all the glory of loading a 16Kb game (Lightforce) from a cassette tape.

I found the sketch for this one, and it was one of the first fanarts I made since my little obsession about thirteen years ago. I gave myself an hour to do something about it in krita. I didn’t take it that seriously, but it was a nice paus from everything.

I got inspired by one of the best YGO fanfics I’ve read, “Pieces” by routavaurio, a bunch of one shots taking place in the manga, adding to canon story. This is from the chapter about the night they spend dividing if they should “Lightforce Sword” to their deck before Battle City. 

I highly recommend this fic if you want canon stuff. It’s not really puzzleshipping, but it adds just as much as the manga and the anime does.