We are really excited to share this story for the prayer blog this week. Tirasses is a community that is very oppressed by poverty and drugs. It is a community with many unwed mothers and little hope for children to achieve much of anything in life. Many children in this community are exposed to drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse, and teenage pregnancies in some cases as young as 8 years old. Rarely, if ever, do they continue on to college and many do not graduate from high school.

So, why are we excited? -
Because God is doing amazing things in this community! Many children have given there hearts to Christ through a sports outreach and a grass roots prayer group has started. It started with 2 mothers in the community whose sons gave their lives to Christ. They saw an immediate change in their children’s attitudes and were so impacted by it that they began to have the courage to venture outside of their homes and begin praying for their community and the children. The word has spread about this prayer group and in just 3 weeks time the group has gone from 3 mothers and their children to 23 mothers and 32 children! They have been able to minister to one another and lift up one another’s needs before the Lord including one mother who was contemplating suicide. She was left without a home and no hope for her and her children until this group of mothers prayed for her and gave her the support and hope she needed in her time of desperation. They don’t have a church to meet in (there aren’t any in this community), but they are seeking the Lord together and praising His name.

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”
- Matthew 18:20

God is transforming this community and bringing hope and light where there was despair and darkness. We are joining these passionate mothers in prayer for this community. Will you join with us?


So I decided to show you all the glory of loading a 16Kb game (Lightforce) from a cassette tape.

I found the sketch for this one, and it was one of the first fanarts I made since my little obsession about thirteen years ago. I gave myself an hour to do something about it in krita. I didn’t take it that seriously, but it was a nice paus from everything.

I got inspired by one of the best YGO fanfics I’ve read, “Pieces” by routavaurio, a bunch of one shots taking place in the manga, adding to canon story. This is from the chapter about the night they spend dividing if they should “Lightforce Sword” to their deck before Battle City. 

I highly recommend this fic if you want canon stuff. It’s not really puzzleshipping, but it adds just as much as the manga and the anime does.