lightening storm

The signs' aesthetics

Aries : Sunsets, Beach curls, Ferris wheels, Waves, Clouds

Taurus : Messy buns, Sitting on the roof at night, Brown eyes, Paper lanterns, Smoke

Gemini : Polaroids, Night swimming, Figi Water, Pearls, Carousels, Brown Eyes

Cancer : Crystals, Lightening storms, lavender, Bath bombs, Sketchbooks

Leo : Tattoos, Dark lipstick, Pastel, Thigh Highs, The moon

Virgo : Oversized hoodies, Perfect eyeliner, Messy buns, Inside jokes, Labradors

Libra : Space, Black Cats, Neon signs, Nostalgia, City skyline

Scorpio : Red roses, Raindrops on windows, 3 A.M. texts, Lip biting, Small Cafés

Sagittarius : Glitter, Opals, Old movies, Smudged makeup

Capricorn : Watercolors, Sunflowers, Art museums, Birds

Aquarius : Forests, Succulents, Mist, Greenhouses, Smiles

Pisces : Old book smell, Stars, Bright eyes, Bonsai trees, Mythology

i’m in control of everything but love. i can quiet down, dim myself down, stitch up every single wound that’s ripped me open. but the one thing i can never quite reign in, is love. i spill like an avalanche, dousing everything in snow. i am a waterfall of love, causing pools and lakes to form around people’s ankles. i cant find a way to stop this. you can leave me and abandon me and i will plant flowers in your grave and mourn your fleshy body even though you have lived everyday of your life and will continue living this one. i will try and convince myself that you are alive, so maybe the pain from losing you would ease up, but still i catch myself buying you flowers every friday. i am the clouds spilling soft droplets onto fields of flowers so they may thrive, i am the sun always making sure everything underneath my rays are warm. i am stormy nights, the thunder that cracks and booms and wakes you from your sleep. i rattle the house, i shake the ground. i make everything quiet and then send a chill down your spine as the windows rattle at you, begging you to hold them down and make them secure. i am the lightening that strikes the ground, i never mean any harm. i just cant seem to predict where i’ll strike down and mark my passing.
—  i have yet to figure out if this is good or bad

Have you ever seen lightning make such crazy shapes? This bolt looks like a Tyrannosaurus rex getting ready to chomp a formation at Blue Mesa in Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park. Monsoons usher in summer lightning, so explore safely and be sure to check the weather. Photo by Hallie Larsen, National Park Service.