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Your gross. You arent cute. Youve got no muscle tones for your "guns" and you have nasty ass stretch marks. no one will want you. shit, no wonder that boy left you high and dry. ugly ass cunt

You’re right. I’m not cute. I’m fuckin’ faboulous. My guns are amazing.

Nasty ass stretch marks? I think you’re confused with sickass, free lightening bolt tattoos. They are a reminder of the battle I fought, the self-confidence I’ve obtained, and the hard work I have put into saving my body. 

That boy left me because he was a boy; not a man. 


Was what happened in Echo House real?

Aka, Laura makes strange leaps while researching. 

I think, by now, we can all agree that something was…off about Echo House. Nothing about the episode felt right and it left a lot of people…miffed, myself included.

I didn’t totally grasp just how off the episode was until I was listening to the last episode of notanotherteenwolfpodcast and they basically came to the conclusion that everything from the decor of Eichen House to the orderlies to Malia was suspect. None of it felt like it was handled with Teen Wolf’s usual semi realistic treatment of hospitals etc, it felt like something out of the 1950s nothing current about it at all. Jeff Davis, who not only wrote the episode but is also the creator of Criminal Minds who would’ve dealt with this stuff for a lot of his career, should know better.  So, the girls asked, could this all just have been a distraction for Stiles? 

I believe it was.

Now, my theory is not based off the current Japanese mythology that the show is dealing with, it’s actually based off Greek mythology. I’m sure many people know about the nymph Echo and her story with Narcissus, but before that she pissed off Hera…which of course is never a good thing. Echo, who loved the sound of her own voice, kept Hera in conversation to distract her while Zeus went and did the frickle frackle with…well all of the Nymphs basically. When Hera found out, she cursed Echo by taking her voice and leaving her with just the ability to repeat what others said.  

Hence, Echo House was a distraction.

Not only that, but Echo House is just a nickname anyway. As we know, the asylum is actually called Eichen House; Eichen means Oak in german. You know what Greek God uses oaks as a his symbol? Zeus, who is probably most known for his thunderbolt/lightening bolt. Who pretty much had a lightening bolt tattooed on him throughout the entire episode? Stiles, in the form of the lichtenberg figure. Who also has a sordid history with a big magical oak tree stump? Stiles. 

Melissa Ponzio, our resident badass mama, mentioned on twitter that something was hidden in plain sight. I’d say that the title of the episode is “smack you in the face” sight.