lightened ends

Post-apocalypse AU where Virgil, Daisy and Freida are a scavenging team looking for resources to help humanity rebuild in the wake of an android apocalypse, and come across an old R1CH13 unit in the wastelands. Their first instinct is to drag it back to their colony and strip it for parts, but are distracted when a strange electronic signal starts to mess with their communicators. A second later they watch, terrified, as the android comes back online.

😊Stressed Out Trip Home (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Hi! Can I get a gray imagine where he gets really stressed out, and he ends up taking y/n to jersey with him and showing her all of his childhood places and takes her to meet the family please!

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you guys like this! This was more about Y/N meeting his family, but still enjoy! Requests are Open! 

“Grayson relax.” I said as I was sitting on his bed. He was currently stressing out over some rumors going around about him and Ethan on twitter.

“We didn’t hook up with anyone! We aren’t doing drugs! We aren’t quitting Youtube! Who starts these rumors?” Grayson panics as he furiously clicks with his mouse.

“Baby shhhh it’s okay they’re just rumors.” I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his shoulder holding him tightly. He rests his head against my arm before pushing his seat back causing me to let go.

“Wanna meet my family?” He asks taking my hands in his. I cock my head confused at him. “I’m serious Y/N. Whenever I get super stressed I fly to Jersey to clear my head. Y/N let’s go. We’ll be back by Monday in time for classes. Come on.” Grayson begs and I think for a minute. Today was Friday so we would be gone for about two days. I’ve never met Grayson’s parents either. I’ve only ever hung out with E and Cam on occasion. However, the fact Grayson wants me to meet his family makes my heart flutter. I looked into his brown eyes and his white smile. He gives my hands a gentle kiss. I knew my answer.

“Let’s do it.” Grayson jumped up and pulled me in for a kiss.

“Great because I just got our plane tickets and we leave at 3 so be ready.” He says before he runs out of the room to pack.


“And this is where Ethan and I went to school for a little bit.” Grayson says as he’s showing me around his home town. We left LA around 3pm and it took about 5 hours to get here on just a straight flight. We crashed at a hotel because I wasn’t ready to meet his family just yet. This morning we woke up nice and early and drove around New Jersey this morning. We went to an old diner that he used to eat at every Sunday morning with his family. We just drove by his old school and now we were going to a park that he would go to whenever he needed inspiration or anything. After the park I think we would be heading to his house after the park too and I could feel the butterflies trying to break free from my stomach. I haven’t met Grayson’s parents at all and I was so worried to hear what they would think of me. Ethan told me not to worry and that they already loved me because Grayson did. Still, things can change.

“When’s dinner?” I asked snapping out of my thoughts. Grayson just chuckled as he took my hand in his and gave the back of my hand a gentle kiss.

“Babe you don’t have to be nervous for it. I’ve already told them about you and they are so excited to meet you. You have nothing to worry about.” He says rubbing his thumb on top of my hand. I felt a little bit of relief, but I still worried.

“Okay I’m just worried. What if they try and convince you that we shouldn’t be together? What if they think we are bad together? What if–”

“Babe.” Grayson cuts me off. “Come on.” Grayson gets out of the car and I do the same. He walks to my side and gives me the biggest hug he’s ever given me before. He slightly pushes me against the car. His head rests in the crook between my neck and my shoulder. His hug feels so nice and warm. “Don’t worry okay? We came here to get away from the stress.

They’re going to love you. Please stop worrying.” He mumbles into my shoulder, but I understand every word. Hearing him attempt to calm my nerves made me melt. He was always so thoughtful and caring with everyone. That’s probably why he’s so stressed all the time is he’s worrying about pleasing everyone else before taking care of himself. I interlocked my arms under his so they wrapped around his shoulders while I buried my face in his chest.

“I love you Gray.” I said as he stroked his hand up and down my back.

“I love you too Y/N and that’s why I want you to meet my family so they can love you as much as I do.” He says as he kisses my lips softly. I kiss him back which makes him pull away smiling. “Well maybe not that much.” He says as we both started laughing. “Come on, I’ll show you the monkey bars that Ethan pushed me off of and broke my collarbone in second grade.” He takes my hand leading me to the park. We climbed in jungle gym, slid down the slides, played hop scotch, and he even helped me on the monkey bars. We laughed and just had an overall good time. We hung out at the park for a few hours before going to Grayson’s favorite ice cream shop and having dessert before going to his parents house. As we pulled in the driveway I could feel my stomach knotting up again. Grayson must have sensed my nerves rising, because he took my hand in his and rubbed his thumb softly. He then leaned over the console and kissing my lips with a little force but he was oh so gentle. “Ready?” He asks smiling. I nodded. We got out of the car and he took my hand in his and we walked up to the front door. He gave me a kiss on the cheek before he opened the door.

“Mom! Dad!” He hollers as a woman walks out from the kitchen. She has dark hair which lightens at the ends. She was smiling wide.

“Gray! How are you?” She comes up and gives him a hug which he gives on back. She pulls away and looks to me. “And you must be the famous Y/N Grayson always tells us about. I’m Lisa, Gray’s mom, and Sean is somewhere around here. You kids go sit at the table. Dinner is almost done.” She tells us and we do just that. I sit next to Grayson who starts to put food on his plate.

“Ahem.” We hear a man clear his throat looking at us. “I know you are not serving yourself before feeding your girl. That’s not how we raised you.” I started chuckling softly and Grayson looked worried.

“No of course not sir.” Grayson says and he grabs my plate and he starts to pile mashed potatoes and some chicken on to it.

“That’s what I thought. Hello there I’m Sean, also known as Grayson’s dad.” He introduced walking over to me. Lisa then walks in the kitchen too.

“Hey I’m Y/N.” I said awkwardly.

“Yes Y/N we know all about you. If Grayson isn’t telling us about you, then Ethan or Cam is.” Lisa says as she sits next to Sean who was sitting at the head of the table. We all sit around and have little conversation here and there. Grayson’s hand was on mine under the table and he would squeeze every so often to reassure me everything was fine.

“You are the first girl Grayson has ever brought home to meet us believe it or not.” Sean says and Grayson snaps a look to his dad. I smile and I could feel myself blushing.

“Dad.” Grayson groans.

“Yeah Grayson has never been smooth with the ladies. Ethan and him are both pretty awkward kids. I mean look at their father.” Lisa says laughing. Sean looks to her while Gray buries his face in his hands. This time I give him a reassuring squeeze. He looks to me which I crack a smile for him.

“Yeah but in the end I got the coolest girl I know and that’s what my sons will do. I mean it looks like he’s already following in my steps. Look at Y/N. She’s a sweet peach.” Sean says which sends Grayson and I into a fit of laughter.

“Yeah you’re right honey.” Lisa leans in and give Sean a kiss on his cheek which makes me gawk.

“You two are so cute.” I said blushing.

“Well so are you two. You know when I first met Sean’s parents he would squeeze my hand too when I felt nervous.” Lisa says sipping her water. I immediately turn red and I feel embarrassed. “Don’t worry honey we love you. You have no reason to be nervous. Grayson is definitely happier with you and that’s all we want in the end is for him to be happy. Plus, you’re absolutely stunning.” She says which makes me sigh in relief.

“That’s so sweet of you guys to say. I really do like Grayson a lot. You guys did a wonderful job raising him.” I said sounding really awkward.

“Well thank you. We can only do so much. And don’t worry honey he really likes you too. He tells us all the time. He says ‘guys Y/N is honestly so perfect’ or ‘she means everything to me wow I love her’ or sometimes–” Grayson interrupts.

“Alright mom we really need to head out. We’ve had a busy day so we’re going to bed so we can escape this conversation.” He says before pulling my hand to stand with him. His parents give us a hug goodbye, not before Lisa showed me baby pictures of Grayson like him in the tub or just in a diaper.

“It was great meeting you guys.” I said which Lisa gave me a big hug.

“It was great to finally meet the girl Grayson won’t stop talking about. Everything he told us about you does no justice because you are too amazing for words.” Lisa says giving me another hug.

“Don’t be a strange now you two. We love you.” Sean says and Grayson and I walk to the car.

“I love you guys.” Grayson says which I wave goodbye as we sit in his car. We start driving away to the hotel which I look to Grayson.

“I love you so much. Your family is so great.” I said and he takes my hand and kisses the back of it while keeping one hand on the wheel.

“I love you too and I’m pretty sure they love you too. I mean you are the first girl I’ve brought home.” He says shrugging which makes me laugh.

“Well I feel special. I hope this trip relieved your stress.” I said which makes him nod.

“I’m here with you, I got to show you around my hometown, and my parents absolutely love you. If that didn’t relieve my stress I don’t know what will.” He looks to me out the corner of his eye. “I hope you enjoyed Jersey Y/N. I do want to bring you back many times from now.”

“As long as I’m with you I’m ready for anything.” I said kissing his cheek as he parks the car and we walk up to our room and we change into our pajamas. I cuddle into Grayson who has his arm wrapped around me tightly as we drift off to sleep.

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House of Cards: Chapter 2 (M)

Taehyung, You, Jungkook

Genre: Smut, a little angst, slightly fluffy

Warning: Cheating. Please avoid if this is not for you.

Word count: 2,133 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3


Sighing, you locked the door of the apartment behind you and tossed the keys into a bowl on the shoe cabinet beside the door. You kicked your shoes off, not bothering to put them properly in their place and trudged into the living room, tossing your handbag and jacket on the floor. It had been a harrowing day and you did not come out of it in a happy mood.

You slumped down on the couch and massaged your temples, but it was not helping in alleviating your headache. Distraction from your worries came in the form of a soft vibrating sound against the floor. At first you ignored it, unable to bother acknowledging it, and it stopped after a while. However, just a few moments passed before it started again, so you pushed yourself up with a groan and walked over to where you dumped your bag on the floor to retrieve your phone from inside it. The name flashing on the screen made you swipe to accept the call right away.


“Hey you,” the deep voice teasing you on the other end lightened your spirits a little, but not enough to make you smile. “Can I come over?”

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That’s very cool, and I don’t take that lightly. That’s one of the things I love so much about Iris West, and the question I get the most is ‘Do you want her to have powers?’. And while I would say 'Yes, I would love to strap some leather on for an episode’, I love that she provides this human quality to this very super human show. It’s something that our audience can all identify with. We’re probably–none of us are going to get struck by lightening tomorrow and end up being the fastest man alive–I mean it could happen. But this show reminds us. you know, if you did get struck by lightning tomorrow, are you Barry Allen, or are you a villain? Who are you today and what kind of person are you? And so, it’s really fun for me to get to play this really human element on our show. I think she’s extraordinarily important to Barry’s superhero narrative.
—  Candice Patton @ Paleyfest 2017
Parallel Instances - Jordan Fisher x Reader

Summary: The story of the reader’s firsts and lasts with Jordan before they go, ranging over the lifetime of two people: one that was allowed enough years, and the other that was cut too short. 

Words: 2,603

Warnings: Death, angst and a lot of sadness. Ouch. 

A/N: This was written while listening to “Liability” by Lorde on repeat. So as you know, I totally missed Day 6 of the Write-A-Thon (about first times), but here I am to repent for that! I haven’t had the honour of writing for Jordan yet, but this is such a sad piece that I feel like I have to write some cathartic fluff with this gem soon too. 

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The first time he held your hand, it was on a birthday party dare in the second grade. You barely knew the birthday girl’s name but your mother had insisted you go to make new friends. The only person you knew there was Jordan, and the kids soon latched onto that with a vicious grip.

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She always remembered that day. The day that she sat holding her knee on the playground crying, tears streaming down her face at the age of 6. She remembers the way that the older kids pushed her around and laughed as she lost her balance, falling to her knees in the wood chips that surrounded the play apparatus.

“Hahaha look at Emily she can’t even stand properly!”

“Yeah haha!”

“She’s so stupid!”

“What’s wrong with her face?”

“I dunno Hyeon but she sure is ugly!”

“I heard my mom talking about people like her, they’re called foreigners.”


“Yeah, it’s people not from Korea, It’s what they’re called I guess.”

“Haha look at the foreigner!”

“Little foreigner Emily!”

“No wonder her name sounds so funny!”

“It makes sense her face is so ugly to!”

The kids bullied her as they stood around her. It was like clockwork everyday after school lessons they went to the park down the street to play, Emily was one of the many children who walked down to the park after school but she decided that she’d rather deal with the older children’s petty bullying than what awaited her at home. That day was the same as all the others, except the bullies had actually gotten physical with her. The name callings and teasing was normal but this, this was new. Emily fell to her knees as one of them pushed her a bit more harshly than the others, the rough bark from the playground wood chips cut into her bare shins her knee length shorts doing nothing to help. Emily gritted her teeth as the bullies made a ring around her laughing. She felt the anger bubbling up inside of her, it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t look korean, sure her grandfather was half but with her american mother and american mixed father Emily didn’t even look like she had a speck of korean in her. The only way you’d know was because of her surname, Kim. It was a fairly common surname among the students and it seemed she was just another one until your eyes finished reading the rest of her name: Kim Emily or 김 에밀리 in Hangul. But as far as Emily was concerned she only knew Hangul, she didn’t know any english except for the small words she learned from the TV. Emily didn’t see why she was so different from the others, the only difference was how she looked, other than that she was the exact same, she lived in Gwangju in the Jeonnam district with them and ate the same grilled meat as them, home lives were a bit different she supposed but with her father gone and an alcoholic mother at home things were very different from a normal home.

She remembers feeling the confusion, her innocent brain yet unable to comprehend why the older kids acted like this. She remembers feeling the pain, not just the pain of the wood digging into her shins but the emotional pain as well. Phantom pains ran through her small frame like bolts of cold hot lightening ending at her fingertips, wanting to make her cry even more. But most of all what Emily remembers is the anger. Rage bubbled in the small girl’s stomach. How dare they she thought. They had no right to treat her like this. She remembered feeling the buzzing feeling that began in her chest, the tingling that started there and ran through her body. She remembers looking up at them through her narrowed eyes and her upper lip curled in a snarl, she remembers promising herself that they’d pay. And then, while looking at all the boys around her, while her eyes flitted to each one she saw him. It was just a glimpse, caught in the empty space between two standing boys, but he was there. He was standing under one of the trees maybe two or three feet away watching the ordeal. He looked to be about the same age as them, seven or eight maybe, but in her small glimpse her grey eyes met his pure black orbs and his face contorted into a sinister smile, fangs poking out under his top lip and a long serpentine like tongue slithered out the boy’s mouth and when she blinked he was gone. She never felt alone after that moment.

He always remembers that day as well, it was quite boring floating through the world and staring at all the humans. He was only ever really found amusement when he found chaos, created by him or a different medium he didn’t mind. So it was that day where he could have believed he was dying of boredom that he felt it. It licked at his senses teasingly, tempting him to follow its sweet seductive dance. The feeling was familiar to him however he has never found one so delicately innocent as he would put it, and it just made it all the more attractive to him. He let himself wander towards it, his mind racing at the thought of what would await him. Would it be a murder scene? He doubted it, the emotion was more than enough for it however the innocence that it also gave off confused him, whatever it was would not be able to kill, no matter the emotion. Not while that innocence still lingered within them. His lips turned up into a cruel grin as he thought about taking that lovely innocence. He found himself floating around south korea, slightly surprised as he followed the sweet that called to him, sung to him. Eventually he found himself at a children’s park, and from above he could see a ring of human children, laughing and exerting humorous energy and power, they felt powerful and from the center of the circle is where his desire was the most strongest, a human little girl on her hands and knees in the wood chips. He was surprised to feel the energy coming from her, he never expected that much hate and anger coming from a human child, but there she was, radiating that seductive feeling calling out to him to feed. He changed his form as he floated himself down to stand under a tree not to far from the commotion. Just a taste is what he told himself as he took on the appearance of a young boy, his pure black eyes staring at her between the spaces left between the standing boys. Grey met black, he offered her a wicked grin as he let his forked tongue slither out and into the air, a blink, and he forced himself to dissipate rather than pounce on the group of children because he knew from there on that just a taste would never be enough again.

Stuck • Lena Luthor

Lean’s (POV)

(Y/n) and I are currently in a rough patch. It definably doesn’t help that I am her boss, in fact that’s the problem. She’s a genius and an amazingly hard worker, we’ ve kept our personal life private to the point where I wasn’t even sure if my workers even knew we were dating. Apparently I was wrong as this morning we had a fight because her coworkers think that she is being promoted for reasons other than her skills. She wouldn’t accept the promotion and I wouldn’t let her not accept it so all day we’ve been avoiding each other.

As I walk into the elevator at the end of the day all I can think is what I’m going to say to her once we both get home. Just my luck that we would see each other before I’ve prepared what I’m going to say and of course she comes in when the elevator stops on her floor. Now its just the two of us, silently staring forward.

And if my luck could get any worse the elevator suddenly jolts and stops moving as the lights flicker off. “Seriously!,” (y/n) grunts in frustration.

“I’m sure the power will come back on soon,” I say calmly as she rolls her eyes. We sit there for a few more minutes and I watch as she checks for service on her phone. “Listen we might as well talk this out instead of sitting here not talking,” I try to say matter of factually.

“Why, there isn’t anything to talk about, is there?” She says stubbornly still avoiding looking at me.

“Listen, you know that I suggested the promotion to you because you’re a handworker and everyone that thinks otherwise is jealous because they know you deserve it,” I say trying to get her to look at me, “You aren’t just going to sit here and ignore me, it doesn’t seem like the storms going anywhere, anytime soon.”

“I know but that isn’t how other people see it Lena, cant you just give it to someone else, I’m not the only one who works hard here,“ She says sighing and finally looking over at me.

"But you’ve worked the hardest, please (y/n), just take the promotion, I’ll put an end to the rumors tomorrow,” I say grabbing her hands.

“Just give it to someone else… Like Lindsey, she works just as hard as me and if you still think I deserve a promotion you can give me the next one, please Lena,” She looks at me with wide eyes and I can only respond with a sigh. She deserves this promotion but I dont want another fight so I nod and pull her in for a hug.

“Okay, so we’re good now?” I ask and kiss her forehead when she nods. “Now we just have to wait for the storm to lighten up,” I smile.

We end up spending an hour in the elevator. We end up sitting on the ground leaning into each other talking about how hungry we are and making plans for dinner. According to the news there was some electric villain fighting with the new hero Supergirl absorbing all of the electricity around., I should remind myself to thank her if I ever meet her for forcing me and (y/n) to talk.

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Business is Business 0.1| N.H ❀

❀ Part One (UNEDITED)

Walking inside the crowded pub, Niall quickly spotted his friends seated at the bar. All dressed in their tailored suites making the power radiate from them. He quickly maneuvered his way to his friends as he loosened the tie around his neck as he finally took his seat besides Louis Tomlinson, his friend and business partner.

“Evening, what would you like to drink??” The bartender asked nervously knowing who he was to be serving that night. Sure the tips were great but the nerves wreak of accidentally giving one of them the wrong drink was over the top. Thankfully for him, Niall went with a simple whiskey neat. 

“How was your week mate?” Louis asked as he leaned back scrunching his nose as the small of alcohol missed with cigarettes lingered the air. Sure this wasn’t his ideal bar of choice but after Evelyn had let him know about the amount of privacy they had to offer. 

“Busy as usual, and you?” Niall nodded as he took a swing of his drink not once effected by the bitter taste.

“Could have been better, heard you closed that deal you’ve been working on for ages.” Louis added in as Niall nodded. Business wasn’t something Niall liked to discuss in a social setting like this, but he admired that his friends cared.

The atmosphere in the dim lighted pub had changed the moment he laid eyes on her. The way she threw her head back while laughing with her friends had him hooked. Her hair was a dark brown that lightened up towards the end creating that ombre effect so many woman were sporting, a style he had learned to hate. There was just something about seeing it on her that made his stomach turn. He followed her every move carefully as she walked closer and closer only to take the place besides him.

He listened carefully as she ordered multiple drinks before turning to face the young girl, only to be left speechless by her beauty. He blinked rapidly before quickly composing himself, a small smirk placed it’s way onto her lips as she looked him over. Now she wasn’t stupid, not one bit she every single thing about this man. Than again how could she not, she does in fact do business with him.

“All that for yourself?” He chuckled lightly as he brought his cup closer to his face. 

“Isn’t that none of your concern?” She shot back as he chocked on his drink not used to that kind of respond from woman. He was used to woman being speechless not the other way around. 

“It is, if a pretty girl like you is here all alone..” He said smoothly not once missing a beat as she nodded her head once the drinks were giving to her.

“Nice seeing you Mr.Horan, maybe next time we meet you’ll remember me.” She shot back with a wink leaving the CEO breathless.

“Ah I see you’ve meet Evelyn” Liam chuckled as he looked back at the young woman that held maybe just as much power as Niall himself.

“You know her?” He asked as Liam nodded his head, turning to wave at Evelyn as she waved back sending him a wink. 

“Of course, she works for Johnson’s” He stated as Niall’s eyes widen slightly. Him and Johnson’s Indisturies are partners and he’s never heard of her, but than again he hasn’t had a formal business meeting with them in a couple of months.“You weren’t actually thinking of hooking up with her were you?” Liam asked chewing on the inside of his cheek as Niall shrugged.

“Maybe, maybe not mate.“

"Mate, you don’t know her. She isn’t like that.” Louis hopped into the conversation knowing very well the type of person she was, let alone the amount of responsibility she has back at home.

"I don’t need to know her if all I want is a good shag…“

"And that’s something you won’t be getting, she’s a tough one.”

“And I’m up for the challenge.”

ravenclaw-of-cabinseven  asked:

Can you write an imagine where Danny gets hurt during a mission (could be anything from a scratch to holy crap he needs a doctor stat) and the whole League freaks out including DaddyBats and they low key smother him during his recovery?

Phantom was hurt. BAD. No one really knew how it happened, but the end result was the Justice League finding out the true state of one of their members.

A freaking teen age boy who was considered both alive and dead.

At this point, no one should really be surprised at the half dead and alive thing. Yet they were surprised.

“HowcouldwenotnoticethatPhantomwasactuallyateen!” Flash had exclaimed rapidly once he was told that the bleeding black haired teen in Martian Manhunter’s arms was Phantom.

And now they were gathered around a bed that seemed to devour a sickly pale teen. They were clearly worried for their youngest member as he made a groan.

“Was there a license plate on that semi that hit me?” A non echoey version of Phantom’s voice croaked out of the pale teen. Blue eyes peered out of scrunched eyelids.

“Sorry kid, but there was no semi involved,” Green Lantern, Hal, weakly joked.

“Ya sure?” Phantom’s gaze went over to the pal pilot. He then blinked, finally gaining more focus. The blue eyed boy took notice of other Leaguers surrounding him.

“Hey, what’s with the long faces? You looked like someone died,” Phantom chuckled, trying to lighten the atmosphere but ended up into a fit of coughing and wheezing.

Seeing this made Flash run over with a glass of water. Carefully, he poured the drink down the teen’s throat once the coughing subsided.

“Thanks,” Phantom murmured with a small grin. However that grin faded as he saw just how grim everyone was.

“You gave us quite the scare there,” Superman told him, his own voice soft.

“What do you mean?” Phantom asked with confusion clear in his tone. Everyone exchanged glances.

“Here,” Wonder Woman said, taking hold of a metal try. She put it up in front of Phantom. What he saw made him tense up.

There were cuts with stitches and bruises all over his pale face. His black hair was an absolute mess and his blue eyes seemed to be dull.

Phantom was back to being human and now the Justice League knows about it.

“Oh,” he muttered. He gulped.

“You’re lucky you survived,” Batman told Phantom, “if it weren’t for Manhunter…”

Phantom turned to the Martian.

“Thanks J'onn,” he gave the alien a small smile. A smile was returned.


“Sooo,” Green Lantern suddenly spoke, “why are you alive?”

Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter shook their heads while Flash groaned.

“What?” Green Lantern looked around.

Phantom huffed.

“No no, it’s about time I told you guys,” Phantom figuratively waved it away since he was tucked in so tight he couldn’t move his arms.

“You don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to,” Martian Manhunter informed the teen.

“It’s ok,” Phantom took a breath, preparing himself.

“My name is Danny Fenton and I’m fourteen years old. My parents are ghost hunters and for a long time they were working on a portal that would connect this dimension to the Ghost Zone, the dimension where ghosts live,” he stopped to take breather.

“About a year ago they completed it, but it didn’t work. The even unplugged it and plugged it back into the socket. I told my friends about it and one of them convinced me to take them to see it. That same friend managed to get me to see what the inside looked like. Said it would be cool. So I put on a jumpsuit that my parents made for me and went inside.”

At this point the air grew serious as they felt the climax coming.

“I was in a dark tunnel and couldn’t see where I was going. So I put my hand on the wall to help stabilize myself if I tripped or something. Turns out that dad put an ‘on’ button on the inside,” a grim smile made its way onto Phan-Danny’s face while the adults listened on with horror growing within them and settling deep within their bones.

“When I got out, I wasn’t the same. I looked like what you’re normally used to seeing me as. My friends were freaking out and crying. They thought they killed me, but to all of our surprise, a white ring appeared and turned me back. I was alive again…” Danny closed his eyes.

“I couldn’t control my powers for a time. Parts of my body suddenly disappeared and I would sometimes fall through my chair or my bed. Everything became harder when my parents invents started to react to me. My parents still chalk it up to some ectoplasm contamination.” At this point he knew he was spilling just about everything, but he couldn’t stop.

“After this one experienced I had with a ghost that kidnapped my friend for changing the lunch menu, I decided to be a hero. I mean, I got these powers so I might as well use them to help others.” A sigh.

“It’s strange. My friends, my sister, and just about all of my enemies know who I really am. No other human found out,” his eyes opened to show tired eyes, “until now.”

No one knew what to say.

“Thank you for trusting us with this knowledge,” Batman bowed his head to the halfa. He then took a step forward and laid a hand on the teen’s head.

“Get some rest.”

“You do know that I tend to heal fast… right?” Danny asked, glancing to the Dark Knight.

“I know.”

“So should we keep Phantom in the League?”

“I say yes.”

“He needs us, whether he knows it or not.”

“I like the kid, he’s got wit, sarcasm, sass, what isn’t to love? It would be a shame if he gets kicked out.”

“Well, if he stays or goes, I think Iris would love to have him over. Actually, I think my nephew, Wally, would be great friends with Danny.”

“Yes, and I can see him with Robin. What do you think Batman?”

“He can stay. Agent A would have a field day with him.”

“Hey, make sure Agent A doesn’t over feed him. Ma needs someone to try out her new recipes.”

“Then it is agreed?”

“Phantom stays.”

— ((Sorry, not quite what you asked, but things just kinda happened.))
Whango (Atwater)

Brewery : Atwater
Beer : Whango
Style : Wheat Beer / American Style Wheat Beer / Fruit Beer
Variance : Brewed with Mango and Natural Flavors

8.5 / 10

Wow, just sit me on a towel on a tropical island and surround me with big chested women in tiny bikinis with this beer in an empty coconut shell with a straw and a little umbrella and I’ll be good to go. Actually, just sit me on a couch with a big TV and a glass of this and that would be preferred because I’m what they call a “homebody” and I’m not super into the idea of going out pretty much ever. What I will say though, is Atwater has successfully created a perfect companion for the warmer weather with this beer and to make things even better, the artwork is phenomenal. A super fruity mango flavor starts things off with just the right amount of sweetness and tropical-ness before some wheat flavors join in lightening things up before ending with more of those island flavors mixing in to wrap things up. This is one seriously sessionable beer and I only wish that this weather would make up it’s fucking mind already because I can’t take many more days where it goes from 40 to 75 to 50 back up to 80 all in the same week. Regardless of your experience level in the world of craft beer this is a must have for your fridge during the spring and summer because this is seriously one of the smoothest and most drinkable fruited beers I’ve tasted. Now stop reading, throw some sun screen on, pack up your beach bag, and pick up a case of this beer and H.A.K.A.S. For those of you who didn’t have any friends to sign your year book, that means “have a kick ass summer” you losers! Enjoy!

Written by: Steve B.

Buddy Complex Ending Sequence
Ano Sora ni Kaeru Mirai de


In the future that leads back to that sky,
I want to save you,
I want to protect you.

Unwilling - [EXO] Dr!Baekhyun Au

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[A/N] /trips over nothing/

Everybody knows the bad habits you’ll have after many years of wearing a pair of glasses is to rub them with any kind of fabric you can get your hands to.

Being someone who couldn’t make sense of a number 10 meters away, glasses is like your limbs and your boyfriend, the ophthalmologist, eye doctor in layman terms, is used to you using his doctor coat to wipe you glasses.

‘Why you do that…you’re ruining the lenses. Everything is scratched,’ he took a look at your glasses through the lights at the hospital’s cafeteria. 'Baek-kie…’ you called and he always responds with a gentle ’…hmm?’

'If. Okay, if. An assumption… not an actual problem, just 'if’. If there’s a setback, regarding our wedding. A minor one, a small teeny tiny thingy happens…’ you drag.

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Title: Joe
Rating: M (Slight language & adult content)
Characters: Roman Reigns/Anonymous
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the mystery lady.
Summary: The events that occurred after the Monday Night Raw episode on 4/13/2015 where Reigns is chokeslammed on top of the car by the Big Show.
Authors Note: I apologize these are taking so long to post. This was a crazy weekend for me to say the least but they are coming! Also this is the first thing I’ve ever written where I’ve used “Joe” instead.


My heart shattered. It shattered into a million tiny little pieces the moment I saw him. He sat slumped over, his long raven hair still wet as it shielded the side of his face from my view. His back toward me I watched from the doorway, daring the stinging sensation in my eyes to turn into actual tears.

Several trainers tried to approach him and each time he fought them away. His heavy muscular shoulders heaved with every ragged breath he took, his legs dangled in front of him from his perch. I noticed him holding his forearm close to his abdomen. He hadn’t been hurt like this in a long time–at least not sense his emergency surgery scare, but seeing him so battered and broken never got any easier for me.

I took a step into the locker room, the men looked up. I think they could tell by the look on my face that I wanted to be alone with him. There was nothing more they could do anyway. He wouldn’t let them. They silently filed out of the room as they brushed past me, apologetic looks etched on their faces. They knew I would be in for a difficult night dealing with him just as much as I did.

Slowly I approached him, praying that when I finally used my voice it wouldn’t betray me. I didn’t need him to know how scared I had been watching that segment with Big Show, the choke slam and that car. I tried to swallow the lump in my throat as I reached out for him. My fingers trembled before grazing his bare arm from behind.

“I said I didn’t need any fucking attention,” he growled, catching me off guard as he jerked away. I took a step back, a small but audible gasp left my lips in shock while he racked a hand through his hair finally revealing his chiseled jawline and haunting grey eyes.

He looked over his shoulder, wincing as he did. I don’t know if it was due to physical pain or because he realized that I wasn’t a member of the medical staff. I’m sure he noticed the pained expression of his rejection now etched on my face. His eyes instantly softened considerably.

“Shit baby, I’m sorry.. I thought.. Come'mere.” He motioned me around the trainers table with his head, I’m sure because everything else hurt too much to move. My teeth dug nervously into my bottom lip as I stepped around and in between his legs. I unwrapped my arms from around my waist as I rested my palms on top of the fabric of his black tactical pants, against his thighs.

“I didn’t mean to snap at you..” He whispered gravely. His eyes locked on mine and I knew he meant it. “I thought you were one of those fucking trainers..” He shifted and I could instantly tell it was his shoulder that had taken the worse of what Show had given him.

“They’re only trying to help..” I mumbled. It was true. They were only doing what Vince paid them to do. And I’d bet their services cost more here in England. But I also knew that his Samoan pride wouldn’t let him accept any of that help if he knew he could get by without it. He didn’t say anything in response, probably because he knew I was right.

My hands slowly raised to his face, tucking stray strands of his damp hair behind his ears before cupping his face with them as they trembled against my will. His facial hair prickled against my palms as I watched his eyes close and felt him lean into my touch. He let out a heavy sigh.

“If you’re not going to let them help you, let me..” My voice was faint. I knew if I said it any louder those tears I kept trying to force back would surely start to fall. “Let me take care of you, Joe..” I could physically see his body relax, the tense stance of his upper body fading.

“Only you mama, only you..” A chill ran down my spine. His voice did things to me that would be inappropriate to say out loud in front of other people. I watched his eyes flutter open. He turned his head slightly and his lips pressed into my palm. He took his left arm and wrapped it around the back of my thighs pulling me further into him. I stayed mindful of his opposite shoulder, the last thing I wanted to do was hurt him more.

His soft lips laid into my own as he kissed me and my knees felt weak. I could feel his neediness. It was rare for Joe to be this fragile, this dependent but on these occasions I knew that even when he didn’t use the words that he needed me to be there for him.

I reluctantly pulled back from his kiss, knowing it was getting late. He needed to get changed and head back to our hotel. “We need to get going.” I said and he nodded his agreement. I stepped back allowing his huge frame room to get up.

He slid down off the table but the moment his feet hit the ground one of his knees buckled under his weight and he stumbled. I reached for him, grabbing onto his good arm as I steadied him. I could see the pain on his face but I didn’t say anything.

Joe leaned on me for support as we trudged back to his locker room. Thankfully I had almost everything ready to go prior to the main event. I could feel his eyes on me as we rounded the last corner, the locker room just mere feet away now.

“What?” I asked softly, his arm wrapped around the back of my neck as I helped him along. I didn’t look at him though. I was too busy concentrating on getting him there without incident.

“I love you..” He answered as we now stood just outside the door marked Roman Reigns. My heart flipped, I’d never grow tired of hearing that beautiful man say those three little words.

He reached out to open the door, shuffling his feet a little better than before. I ushered him into the room and closed the door behind us. “I love you too, J.” I whispered as I helped him walk to the black leather couch.

He slumped down, hissing through clenched teeth as the jolt jarred his shoulder. I knew I’d have to help him out of his gear and into a change of clothes if we wanted to get to our bed before dawn. I walked to his open suitcase and started pulling out clothes.


I awoke with a jerk, sitting straight up in bed clutching the sheets to my bare chest. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room I turned my head to see that Joe wasn’t beside me. The bed was empty.

I tossed the covers back as I swung my legs over the side of the bed. The clock on the nightstand lit up with bright red digits. 3:34am. I tucked my hair behind my ears as I grabbed the first article of clothing I came to. Joe’s light blue dress shirt from the media interviews he had done that morning.

I slipped the oversized button down on, buttoning enough of the buttons so that my body was covered. When I stepped into the front room I could see Joe through the sliding glass door. He stood next to the balcony railing, his long hair blowing in the wind.

I slowly padded across the room, sliding the door back just enough for my body to slip out. I wrapped my arms around my waist, holding his shirt tight against me. The breeze sent a chill over me when my bare feet hit the cold cement. Joe acknowledged the sound of the door as I closed it behind me. I watched him look back at me over his shoulder just as he had done earlier.

“Did I wake you?” He asked, his voice a low rumble. I could tell he was tired but I’m sure he was up because of his shoulder. He had gotten most of the feeling back into his fingers before we had fallen asleep which was a good sign.

I walked to him, wrapping my arms around his body from behind gently. I pressed my palms flat against his abdomen, feeling the heat radiating off of him. I pressed my lips to his bare back, kissing him softly once or twice over his spine.

“No baby, you didn’t. You okay?” I could feel every breath he took, his abs tensing up as he spoke.

“I’m fine. I just got too stiff laying down. Been out here about an hour now…” He moved, taking his good arm to pull me around and up close to his side. His grey eyes cast down, eyeing his shirt as it hung off my shoulder on one side.

“An hour?” I questioned, looking up to meet his gaze. A smile played at his lips. He loved when I wore his shirts and I couldn’t help but to smile back. I had missed that gorgeous feature these last few hours.

“You left me alone in bed for an hour?” I smirked, turning around to lean up against the rail as I crossed my arms over my chest. I tilted my head to the side giving him my famous pouty lip.

“You wearin’ anything under my shirt, sweet pea?” His voice was now low and husky, it sent a chill down my spine that had nothing to do with the wind. A giggle escaped from my lips as he tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear.

“Nope.” I answered simply even though we both knew that Joe had already known the answer to his question. He leaned down, taking my lips with his own in a heated kiss. I felt his tongue slide across my bottom lip and I granted him entrance to my mouth.

After a few moments he pulled back, his chest heaving slightly. I felt his fingertips ghost down my arm to the hem of his t-shirt. I shivered as I felt them tracing lines up my bare thigh.

“Baby…” My breath caught in my throat when his fingertips floated to the inner thigh and I swore I could feel lightening on the end of his touch. “Please. You’re hurt. You.. Need.. To.. Rest..” With every word that left my lips his fingers trailed higher and breathing became harder.

Joe closed the small gap between us, his hair falling forward into his face as he leaned down to bury his face in the nape of my neck. I gasped as his teeth grazed the sweet spot only Joe knew about. He bought his lips to my ear.

“I’d have to be unconscious in a hospital bed somewhere before I’d be too hurt to make love to you..” He whispered, his breath hot on my skin. “I may be down, but I’m not out by any means. I let you take care of me earlier, now I’m going to take care of you.”

I felt his good arm snake around my waist, gripping my opposite hip. He raised his head a little, “put your arms around my neck.” I did as I was told, locking them securely. I yelped in surprise when he lifted me with one arm and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist.

I could hear him growl as he took my lips with his own again. He undoubtedly could feel the heat of my center as it now rubbed against his side. I tried to push the worry of his injury to the back of my mind. If this is what he wanted I couldn’t deny him.

Joe walked me back into the hotel room, the darkness engulfing us. My lips pressed against his in a haphazard kiss, my hands racking through his hair. “Are you sure about this, Joe? I don’t want to hurt you, I know how you can be..”

He growled his response as he laid me back down on the bed, still clutching his injured arm to his abdomen. He looked down at me and started to push his shorts down his legs. “If you know how I can be than you should know once you’ve turned me on…” His voice trailed as he crawled up onto the mattress. He kissed his way up between my legs as he held his body weight up with the one hand.

“There’s no stopping me..” He finished, a lusty smirk on his face.

“Joe…” His name left my lips on the end of a moan as his lips again connected with my skin. I started to unbutton the first few buttons of his dress shirt when I felt him bite the inside of my thigh in protest.

“Stop.. That’s enough.” He said, smirking again at the amount of cleavage that was now showing. “Leave it on for me baby girl…” I melted into the mattress. I could feel the dull ache for him within me getting stronger by the second. This man was too much.



-{So yeah this was what I was working on all day yesterday and some of after I woke up. Actually turned out pretty good. Cept for the hand… I suck at hands.

This is Scion. Don’t ask why he kept the bangs, he’s a dork like that, but he took a lot better care of his hair when he grew it back out. (The end colors lightening are Lorelei’s influence.)

First time I’ve drawn in years, honestly, and my hands hurt. X_x

(Also tagging @adismulofonfabre cause I promised Flame I’d show him the finished product too.)

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #9

It’s time for more recs! You can find past rec lists here. As always, this is stuff I like, and there is a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff. In that order. Gen unless otherwise noted.

Under the Lights by birdzilla
Words:  12,921
Author’s Summary:  Hunk is captured by the Galra. He knows his friends will come for him, but it’s a rough wait. And the aftermath isn’t much easier for anyone.
My Comments: This is brutal, but very well-written, from the mission that goes wrong, to Hunk’s time in Galra captivity, to the rescue and healing afterward. It made me wince and ache for Hunk a lot, but the ending almost made up for it, with everyone doing their best to help him. Hunk deserves all the love.

Looks like you might be one of us by SerenePhenix
Words: 3,334 
Author’s Summary: Coran has a lot of regrets but none greater than the certainty he could have stopped this war before it began.
My Comments: This is a very cool and interesting background for Coran. I really like the idea of him being a former paladin, and the OCs created for the story are fascinating and could hold up their own series. Lance shows up at the end to lighten things a little, thankfully. Do not like Space Uncle being so sad, even in his own thoughts.

Playing With Your Food by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 1,720
Author’s Summary: Shiro did not sign up for this grocery shopping trip.
My Comments: Suuuuper cute Shiro and Coran interaction, wherein Shiro is not great at this and Coran feels compelled to feed him, like, anything he might enjoy.

All of Our Secrets by birdzilla
Words: 6,694
Author’s Summary: None of Voltron’s paladins are ordinary humans, but all of them want to keep their secrets to themselves. Allura finds this… frustrating.
My Comments: This is such a fun fic. Poor Allura gets stuck as a secret keeper while all of the paladins are afraid of the others finding out their secrets. And she’s just there in the background going, “IF YOU’D JUST SAY SOMETHING…” The end was very satisfying.

Allura and Her Paladins by Cutekittenlady
Words: 10,413 (WIP)
Author’s Summary: Princess Allura of Altea has awakened from a ten thousand year long sleep with the singular mission of liberating the universe from a sadistic dictator. But even with her trusty advisor Coran, good help is hard to come by. But in a time of desperation, beggars can’t be choosers. She’ll just have to hope this rag-tag group of space explorers have what it takes to be the saviors of the universe.A series of oneshots about Allura and the paladins of Voltron (and Coran too).
My Comments: This is a nice, contemplative missing-scene type fic where Allura slowly learns more about her paladins and comes to terms with her new role as leader of a bunch of strangers she barely knows. Lovely character development in here.

Standing on the Edge by LenoirWhittlethorn
Words: 2,901 (WIP)
Author’s Summary: Keith doesn’t know how to ask for hugs.
My Comments: Golly, I am just ACHING for more of this. It’s so cute and sweet and touching. Keith needs all the hugs, omg. He doesn’t know how to ask, but fortunately the others know how to give.

Trick or Treat by earthstar
Words: 3,527
Author’s Summary: When Allura learns about Halloween from the paladins, she attempts to surprise them with a party with very odd results.
My Comments: Very cute, fun little fic. Allura is trying so hard. It’s not a total success, but it’s the thought that counts, and her team does appreciate her efforts.

Old Floorboard Creaking by LenoirWhittlethorn
Words: 794
Author’s Summary: It’s movie night at the Castle of Lions, spooky movie night, but something very surprising happens and it’s not the plot twist in the movie.
My Comments: Team bonding! Jump scares! It’ll make you giggle.

Nicknames by Gleefreak97
Words: 2,129
Author’s Summary: When Lance pushes Pidge a little too far, will their friendship blossom or fall apart? A.K.A. The Lance and Pidge bonding fic you might have been looking for.
My Comments: Why yes, this WAS the Lance and Pidge bonding fic that I was looking for. I love it when these two find an understanding with each other. Heartwarming stuff.

All-Pervading Corruption by SassafrassRex (Serbajean)
Words: 14,128
Author’s Summary: How long must a man bear a yoke, before he forgets how to walk on his own? And who or what was it that pushed Shiro to stand up and run?
My Comments: It’s a very eerie, science fiction-type take on what might have happened to Shiro during his missing year. Parts of it are truly, honestly horrific, but it’s very well-written and completely fascinating. This fic gave me goosebumps, and I don’t say that lightly.

Baby, You’ll Be Famous by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 1,353
Author’s Summary: Lance tries to convince the team to take a selfie with him. It goes as well as you’d expect. Written for Day One of Voltron Positivity Week
My Comments: Suuuuper cute team bonding! I love Lance being silly and Shiro going along with it and Pidge and Hunk teasing him and just everything. It’s adorable.

(Don’t) Go by JamtheDingus
Words: 3,148
Author’s Summary: The Paladins have to figure out how to defeat a monster that threatens to absorb them. Written for Halloween, just because! I literally just wanted them to kick the butt of a tentacle monster is that weird???
My Comments: Not weird at all, no. Very fun action/adventure type fic with Pidge saving the day through pure rage. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I’m Trying to Reach You by WashiPuppy
Words: 22,109
Author’s Summary: The mind is a tenacious thing. Once it grabs hold of a thought, a memory, or a problem, it can be hard to convince it to let go.
Pidge has her drive to find her family, though right now she has these communication codes that could help her do that. Shiro has his past, though right now he has his a lion asking him for help and teammates who won’t tell him what’s going on in their heads. Lance has his doubts. And Keith… Well, he’s convinced that Hunk is some kind of Sex God who has slept with both Shiro and Lance. Now, how to prove that? Meanwhile, Hunk is just doing his best to look out for everyone. It’s like herding cats.
My Comments: This is a sequel to a fic I recced in the past, and you should probably read the whole series for context if you haven’t yet, but this is SO good that I had to tell you about this one specifically. Lance has convinced himself that he’s replaceable, unnecessary, and Keith has gotten a misunderstanding from things seen out of context, but mostly this is about how much Blue loves her paladin and will do anything to prove that to him. The ending made me cry.

Rest Easy by spookyghostcurves
Words: 2,331
Author’s Summary: Pidge tends to fall asleep all over the castle. When Keith finds them passed out at their desk, he decides to put them to bed.
My Comments: Suuuuuper cute Keith and Pidge bonding. Golly, I love Keith just quietly trying to make things better for his teammates, and the others catching him at it.

Ghost in my Lungs by eversingingleaves
Words: 1,008
Author’s Summary: Coran sees lost paladins where he should see new ones.
My Comments: Another sad Coran fic, good gravy, why do I do this to myself. But it’s good. You should read it.

All That Matters by CamsthiSky
Words: 637
Author’s Summary: Keith talks Lance down from a panic attack.
My Comments: Short but sweet! I would read Keith (or Hunk, or Shiro, or anyone) talking Lance down from a panic attack all day long.

Checkmate by earthstar for isabeau25
Words: Shiro decides to teach Keith how to play chess.
Author’s Summary: 1,057
My Comments: Suuuuuper cute team bonding! Shiro is wise and sneaky, and Keith needs to learn how to socialize.

Child Soldiers by birdzilla
Words: 3,140
Author’s Summary: Allura knows that her paladins are young, but not how young. It turns out to be a difficult revelation.
My Comments: Allura angst alert! This is sad, but well-characterized. And of course Allura steels herself in the end, because she has no choice. The contemplations on the final days of Altea were truly heartbreaking.

Previously Recced WIPs That Updated This Week:

Mini Lions by earthstar
Bundle in Blankets by KnightNuraStar
Worth of A Paladin by Rururinchan
Unleashed the Dogs of War by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Another Word for Never by squirenonny (THAT CLIFFHANGER WHY)
Coming Undone by Emerald_Ashes
When Rome’s in Ruins by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) (THAT CLIFFHANGER WHY)