lighten up its just fashion


Lighten up, it’s just Fashion!


Bees, black, sparkles, I love this outfit head to toe. This lovely blouse was picked out for me by my adoring husband while he was away. So stoked. Isn’t he just the sweetest! My oxfords are from shoes on a shoe string and they were a steal at 6$ Who could say no to glitter shoes! Hope you enjoy this outfit! 


Project Runway the Musical

As a DC-Marvel counterpoint, I noticed a post today on Black Widow’s turn as a fashion designer. Clearly Gerry Conway thought this was the job for a beautiful aspiring young kickass superheroine. Because Black Canary also briefly dallied with fashion design about six years later as a way for the widow Mrs. Lance to do something beside the flower shop. (She still thought she was Earth-2 era Dinah Drake Lance at that point — it’s complicated.)