lighted garland

how to feel like a fairy princess at home 🌷

• keep fresh flowers or a mini succulent garden in a favorite spot of your room
• adorn the spaces above and around your bed with lights, faux-flower garlands, and flowy fabrics
• keep a little dish of dried fruits or nuts near your bed (for those tiny cravings of tiny foods)
• make a glittery mason jar, filling it with your secrets written on little scraps of paper
• let in the sunlight as much as possible
• display your fairytale books
• play soft, classical music and let the sounds flow out your window

ragchinadoll  asked:

Hello. Do you have any turturials on Stars. I'm making a present for someone but a little stuck on inspiration. Thanks. 😊

Yeah, I found some for you. Hope this helps!

⭐️ Also, don’t forget to have a look at my #star tag! ⭐️

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Happy (it’s still a bit far away) 30th Anniversary Final Fantasy!

The real project all along was making something like this! a recreation of the NES version of FF1 battle hub. I took inspiration from both the game, dissidia and it has a bit of the desolate hope going on.

 I’ve always been a Final Fantasy fan but became even more of a geek about it these last years.

 This project along the other one must have been the most I have ever spent drawing something in my life (I think), I even had to take long breaks between drawing the characters, the hub and everything else. 

I’m ready to just end both drawings here, I know I could have done more, but I’m already satisfied with the final product.