some lightbulbs. All inspired by Fall Away.
I feel like these as a concept have been in the works for a long time, but now I have three lightbulbs, it all seems to click and feel complete.

lowkey want these as tattoos? But that would involve convincing my parents to accept me getting tattoos lmao. Especially tattoos without “meaning” (because as much as Fall Away means a lot to me, it just wouldn’t make sense to my parents and they wouldn’t get it, and to them it’d seem meaningless - not like tattoos for family or home or something).

The Signs and Lamps

How many Aries are needed to change a lamp?

Only one, but you’ll need a lot of lamps.

How many Taurus are needed to change a lamp?

None, ‘cause they don’t like to change anything.

How many Gemini are needed to change a lamp?

Two (of course). It will take all the weekend, but when it’s done, the lamp will talk to you, become any color you want, clean up the house…

How many Cancer are needed to change a lamp?

Only one. But they’ll take three years with a therapist to get through it.

How many Leo are needed to change a lamp?

They won’t change lamps, unless the world turn around them to attach the lamp.

How many Virgo are needed to change a lamp?

Let’s see: one to attach the lamp, one to write down when the lamp stopped working and when it was bought, another to decide whose fault the lamp stopped working, ten to reform the house while the other change the lamp…

How many Libra are needed to change a lamp?

Well, actually I don’t know. I think it depends on when the lamp stopped working. Maybe just one, if it’s an ordinary lamp, but maybe two if the person don’t know where to find the lamp, or…

How many Scorpio are needed to change a lamp?

But…who wants to know?…Why do you want to know…? Are you a cop?!

How many Sagittarius are needed to change a lamp?

The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day outside, we have an entire life ahead, and you care so much about a stupid lamp?

How many Capricorn are needed to change a lamp?

Capricorns don’t change lamps, unless it is a lucrative business…

How many Aquarius are needed to change a lamp?

Dozens will appear, to see who will be the one to bring light to the world.

How many Pisces are needed to change a lamp?

Uh…what? The light is off…?