lightbody activation

Sacred Geometry Activation Pattern for DNA Ascension.

This pattern is a great tool brought forth to help one adapt to changes occurring within, due to the process of DNA recoding (lightbody activation/reconfiguration). Every person is experiencing this to some degree, as the Earth continues to shift. It allows one to be more in their body and creates a smoother transition, reducing and/or eliminating subsequent discomfort (ie headaches, food intolerances, body aches, emotional swings, etc). 


Dynamic Lightbody Grid.  A wonderous blend of Zero point Energy, Pyramid, Tachyon, Orgone, and Sacred Geometry Torus Energy.  This blissful meditation device allows for a colorful spiritual experience bringing about a peace of mind, wellness of centering, amplified awareness of love, clarity, clairvoyance, self psychic recognition, atonement, inner inspiration, cosmic resonance, and much, much more as you discover the Wonders of you inside Hanubis’s Dynamic Lightbody Grid.