lightblue hair

anonymous asked:

What fantasy hair color does the guys prefer on their s/o? 💕💕💕☺️


♥Shu: I don’t really care about the hair color. Use whatever color you wish… Just don’t do anything crazy with your head.

♥Reiji: Absolutely not! You won’t use any strange color on your hair. Be serious, good grief… Besides, school wouldn’t allow you to use fantasy colors.

♥Ayato: Hmm… Maybe a combination between yellow and red! It would look like fire!

♥Kanato: I would choose the color you would use! Anyways, pastel pink or lavender are okay with me.

♥Laito: Hm… Lightblue hair looks cool, Bitch-chan. And if you have matching underwear, it’s better, nfu~

♥Subaru: I don’t know… Maybe silver hair. Or your natural hair color with a different color on the tips.


♥Ruki: Are you kidding, Livestock? The moment you step into this house with a different hair color, I’ll shave your entire head.

♥Kou: Fuchsia is a nice hair color! But dyed hair is dead hair, so, I could take you to my hairdresser, M Neko-chan~.

♥Yuma: Why would you want to dye your hair, Sow?! D,don’t fuck around! Your natural color is good enough…

♥Azusa: No, Eve… Don’t change your hair color… Your hair is your most… Beautiful feature… And you would look… Very different… I don’t want that.