My first animatic! And its The Adventure Zone! 

Taako gets a phone call

Title: In Which a Flyby Goes Wrong
Summary: What starts as two unknowing siblings comforting each other in the wake of the anniversary of the Death Star’s destruction turns into a distraction with what should be a short, easy mission to survey for possible future bases.What trouble can an abandoned mining planet be?

;) May the Fourth be With you, guys~ (the link to the chapter is in the title)

“I’ll just have a look around, Artoo, give me a sec,” he said and winced as the cockpit cracked open, hot, ashy air swirling in. There were probably far better places to look for other abandoned structures, and yet here he was… Artoo blatted a sharp noise, and Luke chuckled, though he felt weirdly tense, still - that sense of unease was thick, now, but that was probably just thanks to the hot, thick air, so dry it felt like it was scorching his lungs.

This place was not friendly, but that just meant that if there was some place protected enough to throw up some pre-fab buildings if they couldn’t find anything abandoned that’d fit the bill, it would be a really good place for a possible new base.

“All right, let’s see…” The metal clanged dully as he jumped down from the X-wing, but two steps away from it, Luke slowed down, growing more hesitant. Then, after another five, he came to a complete stop.

It felt impossible to breathe.

Like the air was taking up all the space in his throat but unable to move any further and now the jangling unease had spread to echo in the Force, a warning with no clear source or reason.


Light Cube by MONOMIME LAB