Dark One Trivia Round-up

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I thought it might be helpful to sum up where the Dark One Squad stands as of 5x07:

  1. The person requesting the magic has to pay the price, even if the Dark One is the one doing the magic
  2. You become the Dark One by stabbing the previous Dark One with the dagger
  3. Dark Ones automatically use dark magic
  4. Using dark magic makes you sparkly in proportion to the amount used
  5. Killing someone is an instant dermatological glitter bomb and “stains your soul”
  6. Dark One Cilppy pops up and sings “This is the song that never ends” until you’ve initially embraced your powers/darkness
  7. Dark One Clippy pops up with useful tips about magic when you’re stumped
  8. Dark One Clippy pops up whenever the Dark One curse is threatened or if #DarkOneLifeGoals are involved (see: the Sorcerer’s hat, anything to do with the dagger) and “won’t stop” until the goal is completed
  9. Dark One Clippy really likes murder
  10. Dark Ones can be animals
  11. Dark Ones don’t sleep
  12. Dark Ones are immortal and go to the Gloopy Dark Vault in the Enchanted Forest if the host dies
  13. The Gloopy Dark Vault has a rune-based touch-sensitive security system with random silly string security guards
  14. Resurrecting a Dark One requires a life for a life and a special key
  15. Dark Ones are tied to the dagger that can control them (with helpful Hello, My Name Is label)
  16. You can use the dagger to summon a Dark One to your side within the same realm (otherwise long-distance roaming charges apply)
  17. You can use the dagger to prank call previous Dark Ones
  18. Previous Dark Ones retain some of their original personalities (Nimue hates and loves Merlin)
  19. A good hard ride will temporarily banish Dark One Clippy (oh yeeeeeah)
  20. Reforging Excalibur will allow someone to snuff out either the Dark or the Light

Am I missing anything? Reblog and add your own!