But seriously though, people are not realizing how important The City of Light- a place where there is no death, pain, hate or envy- is to the entire theme of this season. We have Clarke who is trying to run away from the choices she’s been forced made in order to survive, who deals with betrayal, and who is scared to face her people. We have Bellamy who is silently trying to keep the burden from everyone, but is losing everything in the process. We have Raven who is in serious physical and emotional pain with her disability and with losing the one boy she’s loved. We have Monty who created a way to kill hundreds of people, including one person whom his best friend loved and now hates him for. We have Octavia who firmly believes she doesn’t belong anywhere. We have Jasper who was sympathetic to the Mount Weather people and loved Maya and lost everything before he could put his plan to save them into action. We have Jaha who lost his son and has made decisions that killed people. We have Murphy who firmly believes that pain, hate, and envy are the only parts of himself because that’s what people have told him.

If you don’t think the opportunity to escape into a virtual reality world where there’s no pain, hate, and envy is going to be considered by most of these characters, you’re wrong. If you don’t think these characters will struggle between choosing a life in The City of Light versus the real world, you’re wrong. Like Abby said, The City of Light eliminates more than just pain. I believe it eliminates who you are. A life without, pain, hate, and envy. Is that really a life? Or do you just become something similar to A.L.I.E? Emotionless. Singular. These characters will have to find a way to find peace through their turmoil. They will have to help each other and say, “if nothing else, I need you.” I have a ton of questions about The City of Light. Could Murphy be a hero of the season because he already accepts that pain, hate, and envy are a part of him? How does this plot intersect with the political grounder plot? Does the reincarnation of leaders have anything to do with The City of Light? Are A.L.I.E and Commander Lexa connected? If so, is that why we heard so much about love being weakness? Could Lexa be connected to A.L.IE but sometimes experiences genuine feelings for those she begins to care about? Could that be why she’s a target? Why (spoilers) is Clarke’s nose bleeding while in the City of Light in the finale? Why can Jasper not see her while Lexa can?  While this post is not to speculate on Commander Lexa’s fate, I almost feel like you can connect the dots on things we know and begin to see how The City of Light is connected with everything we’ve seen in this world. So while everyone is talking about how boring The City of Light plot is, I’m just sitting back in my chair smiling, because this is some exciting stuff.