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The lock to their dorm door clicks open. Taekwoon enters, slipping his shoes off by the door and heading for the light switch. Wonshik drops the ingredients on the floor and launches himself at Taekwoon, whose fingers slip from the switch as he bends forward to accommodate Wonshik’s weight on his back.

“You surprised me!”

“Hyung, don’t turn the light on just yet…” Wonshik stands up and walks to face Taekwoon.

“Why? It’s dark in here.”

“Exactly. There is something I have wanted to try.”


“Do you trust me hyung?” Wonshik takes a step closer to Taek’s frame.

Taekwoon thinks for a few moments “I suppose.”

In the blackness, Wonshik smirks. Using Taekwoon’s words as a stamp of approval, he edges himself close to Taek, who stands there, unaware of what to do. Their roles from that afternoon, reversed.

“Am I meant-”

Wonshik wraps his arms around Taekwoon’s body, pressing his palms down on the base of Taek’s spine and drawing his manhood closer to himself. He rotates himself on Taek, tracing his fingers up the older boy’s side and placing them on the back of his neck. In the dark, he stares at his companion, rubbing the tip of his nose across his face, breathing in his scent.

“You learn-”

Wonshik cuts Taekwoon short. He ushers his lips on top of Taekwoon’s, spreading them apart with the wetness of his tongue. He breathes into the kiss, their tongues wrestling with each other before Taekwoon pulls away. Caressing Wonshik in his embrace, he starts:

“This is your fantasy, why do you seem nervous?”

“I- I’m not nervous…” Wonshik stutters.

“You’re rushing the moment.”

“What moment? This is my fantasy, how do you know what –”

“I don’t know what the moments are, but I can tell you’re rushing through them.”

“How?” Wonshik says, defensively.

“From your touch.” Taekwoon senses the boy’s displeasure and pulls him even closer. “How about…” He pecks him on his lips, “you tell me…” then his neck, “what exactly…” then the small slice of collar bone showing beneath his shirt. “You want us to do.”

Wonshik exhales into Taek’s pecks, “I want you, to do that again.”

Taekwoon repeats his actions, feeling Wonshik’s body melt in his arms.

“Calmer now?”


His eyes half lidded from pleasure, he moves into Taekwoon’s body once more and presses a tender kiss on his warm lips. He takes his time to lick each soft mound, from edge to edge, flicking his tongue on the skin in between Taek’s upper lip. The older boy whimpers. Wonshik drapes his arms around Taekwoon’s neck, using his wrists to push Taek’s head forward and into the kiss. Gently, he slips his tongue into Taek’s barely gaping lips, and circles it around its counterpart.

Taekwoon, unable to simple stand there inactive, climbs his palms under Wonshik’s shirt and wraps them around his firm waist.


Before Wonshik could finish his sentence Taekwoon digs his nails into Wonshik’s torso and drags them down his chiselled abs. Aaah. Shik lets out a pain filled breath, then begins to chuckle lightly. Taek joins him whilst running his fingers up and down Shik’s upper body; an effective attempt to soothe the pain.

“That was much better.” He whispers to Shik. “I felt how much you desired me.”

“Right? I felt it too. Oh God, when you whispered between your kisses, that was heavenly.”

Taekwoon nodded gently, kissing Wonshik once more before slipping his hands back out from under his shirt.

“Ohh, but the fantasy isn’t over…”

“It is for tonight. The others will be back soon, and we’re making dinner, remember?”

“Yes but-”

“We’ll pick up where we left off another day, I promise.”

With that, Taekwoon places a palm on Wonshik’s cheek. Shik nuzzles it, opening his eyes afterwards to see Taek smiling at him.

“I suppose…” He relents.

“Good boy.”

Wonshik smiles, his top dog status officially shattered by the king of beasts. Taekwoon presses down on the light switch. In the silence, they hear it flicker into action. The room illuminated, Taekwoon points at Wonshik’s feet and the younger boy slips his shoes off, kicking them away from them and into the ‘shoe zone’ by the front door. 

When they land, he shouts “GOAAAL!”, raising his arms in the air and circling around Taek. Taek laughs out loud, then wraps a firm hand around Wonshik’s, leading him out of the living space and in the direction of the kitchen.
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Uh... what's even happening rn in FR, I haven't been on this site much besides for feeding my dragons every day for a while now.

someone switched to light from plague to take vacation and to explore other flights a bit but they still decided to still help plague with dom stuff and now everyone is angry


These awesome Frankenstein-style light switch plates are perfect for mad scientists (or sane yet stylish scientists), science classrooms, and haunted houses. Made by Jason Kittrell of 3D Printing Egg, they’re available in single, double, and even triple switch versions. And if you’ve already got a 3D printer of your own, the source for each design is available as a free download.

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Today, I fucked up... breaking into my neighbor’s house

Got back home in the early hours of the morning with no key. I live in a terraced house and so usually use the back door as an entrance. So I went around the front of the house and proceeded to lift open a grate which I thought would lead into my basement. I opened the grate and slid through this really tight sloping hole. Got covered in cobwebs, the lot. When my feet touched the ground I couldn’t see a thing. Pitch black. I then stumbled into something metallic, like a drum kit. I turned my phone light on. I don’t own a drum kit. Shit, this isn’t my house.

At that moment my next door neighbour comes running into his basement with a baseball bat ready to knock me the fuck out.

The lights switched on and i’m just stood there with the most sorry look on my face. He laughed it off in the end but I still felt like such an idiot.

The Little Switch

In an episode of Friends, Monica becomes obsessed with a light switch that, according to Joey, does “nothing.” Monica, convinced that it must control something in the apartment (“They wouldn’t have put it there if it didn’t do something!”), begins an obsessive hunt to uncover what the switch does. Though it’s scarcely more than a silly subplot, Monica’s dilemma exposes an interesting household problem: Every home seems to have a mysterious light switch somewhere—near the back door, next to the porch light, at the basement stairs, along a row in the den. A light switch that does nothing.

The light switch is a lovely, ordinary thing. You can look at one and understand intuitively that the up position means on and the down position means off. The panel sits flush against the wall, elegant in its unobtrusiveness. The placement of light switches is so familiar that in the dark, you can feel around at the standard height (four feet from the ground) until you find the right panel to illuminate an unfamiliar bathroom. 

Light switches exemplify familiar design, which, according to Henry Petroski’s Small Things Considered: Why There Is No Perfect Design, is a name for things that are “so predictable in their form and function that we do not give them a second thought.” We haven’t given light switches much thought for nearly a century now.

Read more. [Image: Kelly Sikkema/Flickr]


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This home was built for my Role Play Blog @blairesims4makeup XD

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