Catkin room misc for anon

Growing grass mug -$4.00

Giant yarn ball -$29.99+

Wall Yarn -$30.00

Cat paw wall art -$4.99

Cat face light switch and socket cover -$7.00+

Cat face succulent planter -$64.00

Felt mouse night light -$110.00

Cat wood shelf -$15.00

Knitted mouse -$7.49

Guys, look at this yarn hoard… I skipped the turning into my mom phase and turned right into my grandma… and I’m kind of okay with that 😂😂

(Also feat the light switch cover I bedazzled because it looked cool on pinterest but terrible in real life… I’ve slowly been picking them off… lmao)


I think I can pretty much call my Pip-Boy 2000 finished! I have the strap made but I’m just trying to find the right “sling rings” for it. I tried my hardest to not spend any money on this but, I had to buy 2 light bulbs to use as vacuum tubes and that was only 4 dollars so, not too bad. Now to list what I used. Scrap green sintra, various wires from my scrap electronics bin, a flip switch and light cover from an old wave length indicator, a female VGA connector, the screen is packaging plastic from a toy that I vac-formed , a sense from a trash Xbox connect sensor, balloon lights, a spare gear from a DVD player,various small screws, science fair poster board display lights, a magnet and some craft foam. I will take a video of it later on. I hope y'all like it as much as I do!

Nintendo Game Boy Light Switch Cover

Give your room’s drab decor a bit of gamer flair with the Nintendo Game Boy light switch cover. Styled like an old school Game Boy, this custom cover is designed to fit most switches and even comes with specially painted screws to match the unique color scheme.


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