I think that at the time we broke, there were a lot of hippie bands who just wandered around onstage, looking at each other between songs and just sort of wondering what to do, wondering what key they were in… just wondering. We wanted to eliminate that. we wanted to hit people hard and put on a show, which included dressing a certain way. We wanted to look good, sound good, and play good. And at the time, not many people were putting as much conscious effort into every aspect of live performance as we did.
    The hippie approach was generally ‘Come as you are and do what you feel like,’ and we completely electrified audiences because our act was so focused on every level. Again, it was our professional attitude. People were paying a lot o money to come and see us, so you wanted to sound like something and look like something. And people appreciated it when you put in the effort. It doesn’t detract from the musicianship and it adds to the show, so why not?
—  Jimmy Page, quoted in Brad Tolinski, Light and Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page

        You know, love’s not what you think
Too weak to stand on like quick sand in which you sink
                  Love is anything you make it
                            How can I let you feel my love
                       Feel me and still feel free

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Magnus Bane - Pandemonium punk outfit:

Magnus’ second outfit has a punk styling with marble-effect black jeans topped with a zebra-patterned long coat that has double chains on the back and a Magnus style sequinned collar and silver buckles. The belt itself is strung with tiny silver teeth. His makeup is dark and his hair is dyed with a splash of red and spiked high.