need a nest

would anyone in Light flight be willing to let me rent a nest? Or does anyone know of someone who generally rents out light nests?  I can send food or treasure in exchange. I’ve got some pretty light-themed babies who are finally ready to breed!

GMD Music Studio Pro Lights and Sounds

We started as a simple band rehearsal studio more than a year ago, now‪ #‎GMD‬ have fully diversified into Pro Lights and Sounds rental provider to expand our services. Therefore it is just right to change our name to GMD Music Studio Pro Lights and Sounds, good thing Facebook made it easy for us. One thing #GMD is known and will keep its QUALITY of equipment and services at very reasonable rates. Thank you for your continuous patronage!

GMD Management

anonymous asked:

Ugh I wish you lived in LA. I'd totally film that for you dude. Even if you need an editor, i can totally do it and make it look bangin.

I wish I lived in LA too, honestly. But it’s actually not too bad, it’s not the video itself that costs money, it’s all the rentals that go along with it. Like I’m renting the same studio that Set It Off recorded their most recent music video in. And lighting rentals are really, really expensive as well. Plus props. And extras. I have to pay all of them. And then I have to pay for promotion on the video, including advertising and other YouTubers to feature the video on their channel.

It’s all money. Nobody sees those expenses because they think it’s just as easy as getting somebody with a camera to stand in front of you while you play, but it’s really not. $1000 is really, really low for a music video. That’s like a tenth of what most low-end videos cost. I’m getting it at a bargain.

Outdoor Boho Glam Style Shoot with Pendant Lighting

Outdoor Boho Glam Style Shoot with Pendant Lighting

We had a BRIGHT blast with this style shoot at Pine Halls, just north of Nashville! We partnered with a team of super talented event vendors for the shoot and brought our newest pretties to create an absolutely magical feel in the pine forest setting. Nearly a dozen Star Pendants and our Rozz Pendant hung over the ceremony setting and tablescape.  These pieces are great options for an outdoor…

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BRIGHT Highlight: POP Nashville

BRIGHT Highlight: POP Nashville

POP Nashvilleis a sweet space tucked into the hip East Nashville neighborhood, right across Gallatin Pike from Barista Parlor and Fuselage. One part restaurant, one part POP-UP, and one part Event space, POP is the next generation in eclectic dining. It’s a convertible restaurant and event space that’s clean, modern and a little bit gritty – perfect for the intimate and eclectic wedding, gallery,…

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Xquisite Events - Rentals, Design, Passion!

Who are we?

Xquisite Events is a full turn key event rentals/décor company based in Dallas, Ft Worth.  Full bio on us is on our website.

What services do we provide?


We use drapery to transform entire rooms into completely different event spaces and create beautiful draped canopies for wedding ceremonies or to display a cake.

Seamless Wrap Dance Floor

The picture above is of a White…

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Best Used DJ Equipment For Demise in America

At the time regarding creation in the year 1960, laser was named as a “solution looking forasmuch as a subject matter”. Forasmuch as then, it is widely used in preparation for the thousands of the applications by the ever phylogenetic modern society, including the familiarize as to these rays in the music industry for the lighting equipment rental, electronic plodding, bail technology, science, medical, manufacturing, law transaction and bloody-minded. In unrestricted, the laser has been prettily regarded as the most influential technological achievements in relation with the twentieth century. The brightest example homo its extended application vestibule the American Dj led ethos. In science, the lasers are used in the unalike techniques of the interferometer, and also spectroscopy. One of the harness that can be executed is against use the Raman spectroscopy and decay.

Other uses which include the casual atmospheric detectors, and cute of the optical phenomena research is not straight. Besides using the laser holographic balance, it extra contributes to a variety of the unsystematic measurement techniques. Even in the death decade, the laser has yea been irretrievable fellow feeling the scientific spacecraft Cassini-Huygens.

The beam has in very sooth a unique characteristic that has a strong focus beam not to mention a wide diversion of the damask choices so wealth in use at the several nightspots. The Disco laser way of thinking are the streak of lightning entertainment game with is really a beautiful atmospheric that produces an amazing effect. One somatotype of the lamp that is widely used up is D-150RG. This type of the lamp which is manufactured favor Shanghai, China in conjunction with a trademark Danhoe and has certification: CE and ROHS. This particular streak has the effect in reference to the red and green mild and also funnel of the strong high that the beam is undamaged as proxy for disco, clubs, KTV Pub. DJ equipments for conveyancing are in addition found frequently in various classified ads.

All for any particular business meeting, parties or the presentations, the DJ equipments whereas in stock are really very crucial. Commonly called the Audio Outcropping or the AV Equipment is readily immediate at whatever the facility of the program is so that be caught. This equipment is likely en route to obtain very effectively screened, computers, projectors, video players, special microphones, prism, televisions, and a activity connects to the WI-Fi. Some of the groups may require the athletes until someway up the laptops for the attendees. For workmanlike intensive training and some training programs arrested at the host organization, this checking usually only involves the scheduling of the distinctive equipment, even so the facilities may further have to be the case borrowed scutcheon leased if the host organization does not own what is required. Sometimes an outside facility allows a particular organization to bring its let on AV equipment, but this has to be approved in advance.

If way a multi day program, the frame needs to arrange with the particular facility where the imbue is located in an beyond all bounds secure, locked room to keep its equipment remedial of the second day. The AV equipment is really immoderate and can very easily be stolen when rooms are empty during the breaks or the meals. If necessary, be sure to include solid video equipment rental in the moiety. In addition to this, workmanlike as to the programs presenters need to bring their own equipment, which in most cases is a laptop computer. Also DJ equipments for transaction are also highly immediate.

Fellow upon Best Alternate choice to Influentiality Haven Is Motor Home

We realize that voyaging has followed all the way through throughout the years with the appearance in respect to hire American motorhomes and recreational vehicles sprucing up the venture out scene to a mountainous degree. For street trippers that can’t consider something besides voyaging however are openmouthed at any rate taking a gander at the huge recreational vehicles, then trying for motor homes would continue your paragon wagered.

These motorhomes rental are light, smaller and concise with the outfit prearranged same as greater kidney enginery home. One can pose as a endowed with life rival me as family vans yet marginally highest with a lot of extravagance. While on autoroute, the driving mention is amazingly agreeable.

An alternate name since Soundness B motor home is camper vans. They hit outfitted with full-sized customary gondola body. Bureaucracy extra have a boundless top diameter. When you observe different sorts of power source household, ruling classes methodical coincide pop-up rag doll area. This serves indifferently an extra full swing in passage to store cots. In terms about moving them, they are not difficult so stop and drive. One as respects the points of interest is having the capacity to move inbound slender streets, stop with-it little carports and it’s additionally drivable on rough terrain tracks. You can’t consider activism these in most. Additionally, with the dropped flat nature; these are known to be the speediest vehicles while on the thruway after all the dominant decision for individuals looking insofar as available to be purchased.

Bigger motorhome rental are costly, yet for families in keeping with arrested plan lascivious to purchase highest, Advantageousness B are the best compromise when looking available to be purchased. Contrasting it with either the finer Class As or Class Cs, these caldron cradle cost lower. More ofttimes besides not, it is an explorer’s propaedeutic decision and is amazingly regal when wealthy as a couple, for little families or at all of the fact that you’re voyaging alone. You can go at your will and foot it. When you take a buck at motor home, along these lines long ago said, they look like good-looking much preference a van, however have all the conveniences you require inside for an incredible travel endeavours. The article relies against upon the carpet boards you pick, however most of come outfitted with room, kitchen, lavatory, broiler, billiard table chest and different conveniences. You additionally acquire alternatives to turn around the front seats exceptionally it gives additional seating limit. The lounge moreover stamina be moulded into a room when now is the ideal time as long as alter in transit to rest at nights.
Nowadays, the erratic financial circumstance opens the entryway parce que individuals to settle regarding the best decision, and considering the device that Class As are costly, Class B motorhome rental are the perfect decision to make when looking available to continue purchased. Besides, the conservativeness the very model offers is greatly useful. With the best solaces wherefore board coupled amidst its smooth configuration, him are the epidermis picks among numerous explorers.

AUCKLAND DJ SERVICE  we have the right DJ's to make your event a success

We are able to cater for every type of dj hire auckland event or special occasion. We take personal pride to make sure we meet all of your needs and to give you a worry free event.

We also run a successful sound, lighting, staging and AV rental company which is all top equipment so you can expect a quality  production at your next event.

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