please help my cat

so as you might have seen a few days ago i made an update on my commission post saying that one of our cat fell ill and we don’t know the cause

for a few days it seemed he only had a bad tooth that needed to be removed but today’s blood test said otherwise

either a bacteria or a parasite is attacking his blood

he’ll need antibioticum and all kinds of injection daily

the vet fortunately knows of our situation and never asks for the full price but even with lowered prices it’s difficult for us to pay for everything. me and my sister already used up almost all of our money and my father is not exactly willing to pay for vet stuff in general.

as you might know i do commissions:

you can find my COMMISSION PRICE LIST here

i provided examples of my work in the post but also feel free to check out my deviantart gallery and my art tag!

if you have something else in mind that is not listed on the commission post don’t be afraid to ask me about it

my paypal is:

you can also buy me a coffee

unfortunately i recently hurt my wrist and cannot work right now, so please if you do commission me, pay the full price first. i will not forget nor abandon your commission, but i desperately need the money and cannot wait until my wrist fully heals.

signal boosts are also much much appreciated

(for this who can’t read the small text)

The Last Light Consortium Arcfleet

The Last Light Consortium (LLC) Arcfleet is a commercially-driven armad that operates primarily to optimize profits, even as everything is close to blinking out of existence. Long ago, the LLC moved all of their residences and operations to massive archeology ships, making the Arcfleet one of the largest continuous fleets in the Battleborn universe. With 3,800 Guildships and nearly 250,000 arcships in the fleet, the LLC rely upon a networked system of AIs collaborating to do everything from coordinating fleet travel to outputting new lines of sentry drones at Minion Robotics.

Incredibly ornate Guildships signal the technological opulence valued throughout the Arcfleet. While these ships are loaded with inhabitants according to trad- artisans, lawyers, and accountants to name a few- there are a handful of exceptionally exquisite ships in the Arcfleet. Beyond the behemoths responsible for manufacturing drones for Minion Robotics, a few of the more notable ships are Drone Carrier Thorax (suspect to contain the central intelligence of the Magnus, Magna Carta), the famous Galactic Holo-Arena, and the ships housing some of the more celebrated families in the LLC.

Major Arcfleet Ships

Arcships: 250,000

Guildships: 3,800

General Arcfleet Ships

Transit Vessels

Personal Crafts

Combat Vessels


Large LLC vessels that fully house a corporation or serve as seats of power for guilds and only the most influential families. 


Approximately 1 billion sentient beings consisting of 40% Biologicals and 60% Sentient AI

Minion Robotics

The most influential corporation in the LLC. Minion Robotics produces minions and sentry drones as well as on-demand buildables that are widely used across the universe.


Hemsworth Guildship

Drone Carrier Thraxx

Galactic Holo-Arena

What if Tokyo made a live action version of the history of Japan video for the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympic Games