Getting Hot During Coachella || K.A.

Word Count: 1212

Pairing: Kj x reader

Summary: Camila takes you to Coachella with the rest of the cast of Riverdale. You and Kj get separated from the group and things get intimate.

Warnings: kissing, Coachella, kj cuteness


It was hot as hell outside. You were sweating in places you didn’t even know could sweat, but it was all for the Coachella experience. You had been wanting to go to Coachella for a while, but it never happened for several reasons being either you had waited too late or you had made other plans. It wasn’t until this year that everything had worked out and you were going to Coachella with your best friend, Camila Mendes.

You knew her costars would be there but didn’t know they would be in a group together. The cast of Riverdale was partnering with H&M during the festival and would have to travel and take pictures as a group. This wasn’t a big problem for you, but you were a little anxious that it would be awkward. You barely knew the rest of the cast, you had only hung out with them a couple of times at parties and such, but never really sat down to have a real conversation. Camila assured you that the weekend would be a lot of fun, so you decided to push all the nervous thoughts out of your head; you were determined to have a good time.

You were dressed in a flowy, white button up crop top with light denim high waisted shorts. You paired the outfit with a chunky belt, gold sandals, and light pink sunglasses. Your hair was half up, half down and curled into soft beach waves. You were dressed very modest compared to some of the other girls there that seemed like they were wearing just their underwear. You weren’t judging them at all honestly you were quite jealous. It was extremely hot out and you knew they weren’t feeling the heat as bad as you were.(inspo)

Camila and the rest of the cast had to take pictures for their partnership with H&M, so you decided to go on into the festival to get a good spot for the first act of the day, Kendrick Lamar. When you finally got a good spot, Camila texted you and said that they were on their way. You responded quickly and scrolled through your phone waiting for them to get there.

It was about 10 minutes before they got to the stage and another 5 before you could find each other. Camila properly introduced you to the cast while you smiled and said a small hello to each of them. Your eyes landed on Kj as Camila introduced you and you were taken back. You had only seen Kj a couple of times in pictures or from across the room at parties. The tall boy had reddish brown hair and a beautiful smile. His outfit was very simple with just a plain blue stripped button, which you were sure would come unbuttoned at some point during the day, and jeans. His tan arms were on display with a green band wrapped around his wrist.

You stood beside Camila with your mouth slightly open before you realized you were staring and smiled back at him. When everyone started talking in their own conversations, you pulled on Camila’s elbow to talk to her privately.

“You never told me how hot Kj was,” You whispered.

She laughed in response, “You should totally go for it,” She exclaimed.

“What? No. He is your coworker, that would be weird.”

“No, it wouldn’t,” Camila pushed, “Just go talk to him and see where it leads.”

You glared at her as she gave you an encouraging push over toward Kj.

You stood on his right side and looked up at him. He was currently talking to Cole, so you took this time to take in his beauty. His smile was bright and contagious as he laughed at something Cole said. His jaw was carved and strong, and you thought about how you wanted to run your lips over it. As you were thinking about all the unholy activities you wanted to do with that boy, he turned around to you and looked down. When you made eye contact, you were speechless and frozen in your spot.

You don’t think Kj noticed as you asked you, “So are you into Kendrick Lamar?”

You suddenly snapped out of it as you answered, “Yeah! His music is what got me through last semester.”

That led you into a conversation about college and other things until Kendrick walked on stage and started to perform. You got so into it, singing along and never missing a beat. Kj looked down at you impressed at your ability to keep up with the rapper. After what felt like only 4 songs, Kendrick got off the stage. Future was the next to perform at this stage, but Grouplove was up next at stage B. You really wanted to see them perform, but Camila had wanted to stay for Future. Kj had overheard your conversation and admitted to wanting to see them perform also.

You two split from the group to go see the band perform. On the way over to the stage, a large crowd formed in your way, and out of habit you grabbed Kj’s hand. Kj didn’t react though, he just pulled you behind him through the crowd. When you had made it into an open space, he didn’t let go and neither did you.

You made it over just in time as the band was walking on stage. You started to get hyped up as you started to dance to the song, “Tongue Tied.” You were moving your body to the beat and singing along. Kj was doing the same as you and you were dancing together. You looked over at him having a blast and you smiled to yourself. He was truly breath taking, the way his smile reached his eyes and the way his body moved had you entranced.

Kj looked over at you and moved closer to where you were in front of him. He put his hand on your waist in a playful way, moving your body against his. You both started to laugh, having such a good time. You two danced for the rest of the set which lasted about 45 minutes.

The last song the band played was “Let Me In” and as it was a slower song, Kj turned you around to face him while you two danced close to each other. You looked up into his eyes as you playfully dragged your hand along his arm. Kj then ducked his down and in the heat of the moment, brought his lips to yours. The kiss was sweet but had a sense of urgency behind it. Kj broke the kiss to look down at you and you made brief eye contact before you crashed your lips against his.

Kj wrapped his arms around your waist and picked you up while you deepened the kiss. The song ended too quickly for your liking as Kj put you back down on the ground and broke the kiss.

“Can I tell you something?” Kj ushered as he brought his forehead to rest on yours and you hummed in response.

“I didn’t really want to come see Grouplove, it’s just that I wanted to get you away from the group.” Kj had a look of accomplishment on his face as the words left his mouth.

“Mhm, of course, you did.” You said with a laugh as you brought your lips back to his. 

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gender roles

A story in which Draco teaches little Teddy Lupin that nail polish can be for boys too…

“Hey,” Harry said softly, as Draco walked through the door.

He leaned in to kiss him swiftly on the lips before Draco responded, “Hi.”

Draco walked into the apartment, and Harry reached over to shut the door. “So, I know this is last minute and I forgot to tell you, but Teddy is coming over tonight.”

“Your little godson?” Draco said, a small tightening feeling inside his chest. He had seen Teddy a handful of times, but never actually talked to him. He had never been too fond of children - they made him uneasy, with all the questions they asked. And the massive amounts of bodily fluids they tend to produce.

Harry nodded, looking into Draco’s blue eyes. “Okay,” the blonde boy replied, raking his fingers through his hair. “What should I say to him?”

A light laugh escaped Harry’s mouth. “Draco, he’s seven,” he said as he placed his hand on Draco’s arm, a lopsided grin on his face.

“Right,” Draco said, swallowing and nodding excessively. “I knew that.”


It was shortly after dinnertime, and Harry had insisted that he clean the dishes while Draco entertained Teddy.

He ended up putting on the first children’s show he found on the television, and retreating to one end of the couch, while Teddy was seated to his left. Draco took out a bottle of black nail polish, balancing it on the arm of the couch. Carefully, he began to paint his nails, keeping an eye on both Teddy and the bottle, threatening to tip over.

He had only made it through three of the fingers on his left hand before he realized Harry’s godson was paying no attention to the television, and was actively watching Draco with wide eyes.

After a minute, Teddy leaned forward and asked, “Why are you doing that?”

Draco hesitated, looking at the small boy. “Um, because it looks cool.”

When Teddy only responded with a small head tilt, Draco leaned over and whispered, “And the smell annoys your Uncle Harry.”

Teddy giggled, his mass of light pink hair bouncing up and down. “Isn’t it for girls?”

Draco moved on to his right hand, and shrugged. “Well, it’s mostly worn by women, but there are no rules when it comes to nail polish.” He turned to Teddy and grinned. “Just like there are no rules about you having pink hair.”

Teddy’s smile was wide, and Draco could see his hair turning an even darker shade of pink.

“Also,” Draco added, “A lot of boys just don’t feel comfortable putting it on. I happen to be secure enough with my masculinity to handle it.”

“HA!” Harry said from the kitchen, nearly dropping a pot. Draco ignored him, and Teddy giggled again.

Draco looked at the smiling boy. “Do you want me to put it on you?”

The pink-haired boy responded with a toothy grin and an excited nod.

Draco took his small, warm hand and turned it so he could paint Teddy’s nails. Then he said, “If anyone ever gives you a hard time about this, I want you to come to me, okay? And I’ll handle it.”

“Okay,” Teddy said softly, watching Draco with awe as he painted his tiny fingernails.

Draco quickly glanced up at the kitchen, and Harry was grinning at him, his head tilted slightly to the right. Draco smiled back.

Harry then turned off the sink and walked in to join them, sitting down on the armchair adjacent to the couch. “Oh, I hate that smell,” he said, bringing one of his hands to cover his nose.

Draco winked at Teddy, who laughed again. “Other hand,” he said, gently placing the one he had finished on Teddy’s lap, so the child wouldn’t mess up the paint job. Teddy excitedly held out his other hand.

“Uncle Harry, I like your boyfriend,” Teddy said, casually.

Draco felt his chest unravel and fill with warmth.

have you seen her?

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pairings: reader x stiles stilinski.

warnings: meh, a bit angsty, some smut. nothing much. 

a/n: I wasn’t going to publish it in the first place, it was just going to be a little thing I did for my precious bee, @dylan-trash-tbh, however, I though I would risk it and post it. I really hope you all enjoy it!! 

ps.: you might have some characteristics that don’t belong to you, because, as I said, I made this especially to bee and now I’m sharing. haha

word count: 6867

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