Manager or Friend?

Member: Lee SooHyuk

Genre: Fluff, Comedy(?), Angst

Short Summary: He was drunk and had a fever, but she was there for him. Unwillingly.

Words: 1.3k

It was the middle of the night. Middle of the night and her phone was screeching and buzzing and waking her up and annoying her more and more the more it rung. She didn’t answer the first time, or the second, and even the third… But when her phone started to ring for the seventh time she nothing but yelled into the receiver of the phone, squinting into the lights coming from outside her window. The city was lively, as usual, making her sober up from her sleep as well.

The voice on the other end was lively as well, and much less sober than her, yelling at others beside him, laughing drunkenly and slurring incomprehensible words at her. “You should probably come and pick me up, Hun…” the male voice laughed, and slurred and hiccupped all at once, impossibly, and she barely understood, but his voice made her irritated anyway.

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Webb 101: 10 Facts about the James Webb Space Telescope

Did you know…?

1. Our upcoming James Webb Space Telescope will act like a powerful time machine – because it will capture light that’s been traveling across space for as long as 13.5 billion years, when the first stars and galaxies were formed out of the darkness of the early universe.

2. Webb will be able to see infrared light. This is light that is just outside the visible spectrum, and just outside of what we can see with our human eyes.

3. Webb’s unprecedented sensitivity to infrared light will help astronomers to compare the faintest, earliest galaxies to today’s grand spirals and ellipticals, helping us to understand how galaxies assemble over billions of years.

Hubble’s infrared look at the Horsehead Nebula. Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team

4. Webb will be able to see right through and into massive clouds of dust that are opaque to visible-light observatories like the Hubble Space Telescope. Inside those clouds are where stars and planetary systems are born.

5. In addition to seeing things inside our own solar system, Webb will tell us more about the atmospheres of planets orbiting other stars, and perhaps even find the building blocks of life elsewhere in the universe.

Credit: Northrop Grumman

6. Webb will orbit the Sun a million miles away from Earth, at the place called the second Lagrange point. (L2 is four times further away than the moon!)

7. To preserve Webb’s heat sensitive vision, it has a ‘sunshield’ that’s the size of a tennis court; it gives the telescope the equivalent of SPF protection of 1 million! The sunshield also reduces the temperature between the hot and cold side of the spacecraft by almost 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

8.  Webb’s 18-segment primary mirror is over 6 times bigger in area than Hubble’s and will be ~100x more powerful. (How big is it? 6.5 meters in diameter.)

9.  Webb’s 18 primary mirror segments can each be individually adjusted to work as one massive mirror. They’re covered with a golf ball’s worth of gold, which optimizes them for reflecting infrared light (the coating is so thin that a human hair is 1,000 times thicker!).

10. Webb will be so sensitive, it could detect the heat signature of a bumblebee at the distance of the moon, and can see details the size of a US penny at the distance of about 40 km.

BONUS!  Over 1,200 scientists, engineers and technicians from 14 countries (and more than 27 U.S. states) have taken part in designing and building Webb. The entire project is a joint mission between NASA and the European and Canadian Space Agencies. The telescope part of the observatory was assembled in the world’s largest cleanroom at our Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

Webb is currently being tested at our Johnson Space Flight Center in Houston, TX.

Afterwards, the telescope will travel to Northrop Grumman to be mated with the spacecraft and undergo final testing. Once complete, Webb will be packed up and be transported via boat to its launch site in French Guiana, where a European Space Agency Ariane 5 rocket will take it into space.

Learn more about the James Webb Space Telescope HERE, or follow the mission on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Solitary Samhain Celebration tips

So, looks like you guys like my posts about how to (lowkey) celebrate witchy holidays when you’re on your own. So here goes another one, this time for Samhain, all hollows eve, Halloween, Tempora dell'ombra, Day of the dead (fret not is the translation for the Italian term, I’m Italian and I do celebrate it, so it’s ok), or whatever you have.

- pull out old pictures, of when you were little, of when your parents were little, of when your grandparents were young

- frame pictures of loved ones who passed away

- have family tell you stories from the past, have friends tell you stories from their families and past

- write down your family tree, look for your roots

- light a candle and leave it out in the night to help lost souls find their way

- leave food offerings out in the night, or set an extra plate at your dinner table

- put up wards against all types of unwanted guests (salt on the window sills, a bag of iron nails near your door, a broom left outside)

- light some incense and cleanse your house and yourself

- sit down with an homemade pumpkin spice something and write in your witchy journal

- carve a pumpkin

- collect fallen leaves

- eat seasonal produce (pumpkin, mushrooms, chestnuts, etc…)

- divinate, if you have no tools it’s the perfect time to start (for lack of tools you can pick up any book ad do bibliomancy, look this up)

- and if you don’t know what to ask when doing divination, ask for an advice that can act as a motto for the incoming year

- pray for ancestors and gone souls

- dance with your shadow, meaning learn to recognize your flaws, learn from them, learn to work around and with them, learn to accept them (if you cannot shed it of course)

- dance with your shadow, meaning learn to see yourself at your worse, get scared of what you could do if completely unleashed in the worse possible way, be thankful for it because this way you can see your light

- put out food and water for small birds and little critters to pass the incoming cold months


All I want to do is wave. But, of course, what can I say? Um… “So long, Captain Leslie?” - “So long, Perce.” But then he does see me. He glances over, but he’s still talking to his pal and just then the train lurches forward. The brakes go on and the blue lights go out and just like that, pitch-black. And all the other fellas in the carriage start groaning and someone says, “Oh, here we fucking go,” but all I can feel is my heart beating and the air. And the darkness pressing against the window and my hand gripping the window ledge. And then someone takes my hand. Someone outside on the platform. And it’s Terence. And he takes my hand and he just… lifts it to his lips and he kisses it. There’s no train then, there’s no troops, there’s no war. There’s just his bramble lips pressed against the tips of my fingers… and all the hair on my neck goes up on end. And then the train lurches forward and he’s let go of my hand and all the blue lights go on, and… Outside there’s nothing but steam. Steam and darkness.

“it’s okay to cry...”

ayyy so i finished that angsty reddie fic i was talking about~ please be gentle as it is the first time i’ve written fic in quite a while. it’s also not very long, so i do apologize. i got the prompt from here.

rating: t (for language)
pairing: reddie (richie tozier x eddie kaspbrak) 

  “You there, Rich?”

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Pairing: Winter Soldier/Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Could be interpreted as dub con, so if that’s not your thing stay away, rough sex, choking, bondage.

Word Count: 2470.

Rating: 18+.


So, this is my first time writing the Soldier so don’t hate me. @sexylibrarian1 is way better at this than me. I swear she’s got him figured out, probably because she’s an english major and she knows what she’s doing. I do not. So this is for her, in celebration of her 1250 followers milestone. As always I’m tagging @thecrownedrose @bladebarnes @captainpoopweinersoldier @erisjade @ryverpenrad @feelmyroarrrr @ivars-pet @acunningstargazer @palaiasaurus64 @marveldcmistress @sebstanchrisevanchickforever19 @debbielovesbucky @janellexox0   @charliexowrite

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I have a lot of feelings about Andrew and Neil sleeping together. Like actual zzz sleep.


As non-descript as it was, Neil liked being in Andrew’s room in Columbia. The navy sheets were soft from many washings. The pillows were plump. And the comforter was worn-in. Neil stretched out on his side of the double bed. Light from the streetlights outside shone through the curtains as Andrew shut off the ceiling light and Neil turned on the bedside lamp.

Andrew checked the lock once more before crossing the room to the bed. He looked at Neil for a moment and stepped up onto the bed and over Neil for his spot against the wall. Neil watched him with a yawn. Andrew sat, obviously contemplating his next move.

“Take your shirt off,” Andrew said staring at Neil. Neil was in a t-shirt and boxers while Andrew wore a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

“Mmm,” Neil hummed, sitting up so he could pull his shirt over his head. He locked eyes with Andrew and Andrew nodded, so Neil lay back down.

He watched as Andrew tugged at the hem of his sleeve. Neil knew what he was thinking about. They’d discussed it earlier, but Neil was waiting for Andrew to make the first move.

They’d slept in the same bed often now, but Andrew had expressed he wanted to sleep closer to Neil. He wanted to try touching Neil while they slept. Neil had no problem with it.

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the houses as comforting items / actions


  • wearing clothes fresh out of the laundry
  • oversized sweaters
  • stuffed animals


  • chocolate / comfort foods
  • running a hand through an animal’s fur
  • a light breeze while sitting outside


  • a rooftop view
  • the nighttime sky filled with stars
  • din of people’s voices in the background


  • one’s favorite book
  • gazing out the window in thought
  • organizing / cleaning

Unconventional Book of Shadows:

📷 A photo album full of photos of your altar, spells tarot readings and little notecards with spells, rituals, tarot spread and correspondences written on them. You could also write your spells, rituals and spreads on the back of the photos. You could even fill some of the pages with glitter, dried or pressed flowers / herbs.

📒 A 3 ring binder (or a folder) full of scrap paper with notes, spells and information. 

🃏 Trading card sleeves with note cards, photos and dried herbs and flower (and even dirt, glitter and other spell ingredients in them) buy the sleeve pages and put them in your binder.

📇 A rolodex full of spells, rituals and information.

💽 USB drive, digital folder or a disk. Get a cute USB flash drive and wear as a necklace, so you always have your BoS on hand.

🗃️ Small box full of supplies and scrap paper with spells and information scribbled on them. You could even buy battery operated fairy lights to decorate the outside of the box (or the inside of the box).

runny nose (tom holland x reader)

request:  ‘ love your blog! could you do a tom imagine where he’s taking care of you when you’re sick? ‘

summary: boyfriend!tom looks after you when you’re ill

word count: 720


“I’m home, love!” Tom sang through the house as he came through the front door, putting his umbrella down and stepping on the heels of his shoes to slip them off, then kicking them into the corner. The wind slammed the door shut behind him and he jumped, mouthing ‘oops’ to himself as he made a beeline for the bedroom when you didn’t reply to him. “Hello?” he said quietly as he cracked the door open.

You were lying in bed with heavy eyelids, the entire room smelling of menthol and littered with tissues. Rain tapped the window on the furthest side of the room, beads of water rolling down the glass outside. The lights were off, and you let out a small groan when Tom opened the door, light from the hallway pouring in.

“Aren’t you well?” He asked gently, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him. You shook your head and pulled a blanket over your face, coughing into it and he frowned, sitting down beside you. “Why didn’t you call me, I would’ve come home!” he told you, keeping his voice low. He pulled the blanket away from your face and studied how pale you looked, your nose running and you wiped it away with your sleeve, sniffling.

“I’m dying,” You groaned, closing your eyes. He stroked your hair, concern pooling in his eyes as he untangled a few knots with his fingertips.

“I’m sorry, darling.” He cooed gently, leaning in to give you a kiss but you stuck your hand out to stop him.

“Don’t wanna get you sick.” You murmured, dropping your hand down onto your chest again. Tom pouted and gave you a quick kiss on the forehead anyway, noticing how hot it was against his lips. He stood up and began gathering all the tissues scattered over the bed and the floor, humming a gentle tune as he did so. You lifted your head slightly to see what he was doing, a trace of a smile on your lips as you watched him through half-open eyes. “You don’t have to do that, babe…” you mumbled sleepily, sniffling again.

“Well, I want to. Do you want some tea, love? Or soup? Or water? I bet you need water. Hold on.” He disappeared from the room with a collection of tissues in his arms, and you could hear the kettle whistling in the kitchen while he was gone. He returned not long after with a warm mug and glass of water on a tray, along with two aspirin. He placed the tray on the ground and perched himself on the side of the bed, encouraging you to sit up and gathering your hair in his hands. He loosely tied it up for you as to keep you from getting hot, despite how cold the room was. Then, he pressed the back of his hand to each of your cheeks, then your forehead, giving you an exaggerated frown. Tom took the tray in his hands again and passed you the aspirin. You placed the white pill on your tongue and he held the cold glass of water to your lips, helping you drink it. Once the glass was empty, he handed you a cup of tea in a spider-man mug, smiling at you and fixing the pillows behind your back so that they were supporting your back. You wrapped both hands around the mug, shivering even though your skin was boiling hot, and you sipped at the tea Tom had made you. It was subtly sweet, just how you liked it, and it wasn’t too hot, as if he had blown on it to cool it down for you. He watched you sip at your drink with your runny nose, and your messy, sweaty hair, and eye-bags and paled skin and flushed cheeks. He was looking at you as if you were the most ethereal thing he had ever laid his eyes on, despite all this.

“Hey,” he whispered, his chin resting in his palm, elbow on his knee. The rain grew heavier outside and began to patter against the roof.

“Hey.” You whispered back horsley, lips brushing the edge of the mug.

A tender smile touched his lips and he sighed softly, “God, I love you.” He breathed.

“More.” You told him quietly.

“Most, darling.”

You’re Welcome - Sam Holland

Pairing: Sam Holland x Reader

Requested by: @kawaiianime03

Request: Bc I’m in love with Sam Holland and I’m a hopeless romantic who reads too many cliché prompts for her own good…I think a cute prompt would be Harry trying to help his twin brother with confessing his feelings by telling you that he needs you for a photo shoot and makes you do poses that couples would normally do? (Idk if that made sense, I got the idea from another book I read before)

Warnings: this is SO disgustingly cute not gonna lie and it’s almost 2k words because I got too excited writing it lmfao anyway :-) hope you enjoy, and I hope I fulfilled your request!

*Note: I am accepting Harry, Sam, Harrison, Zendaya and Laura requests right now only! I will be returning to my usual Tom content next week, just wanted to try something new. :)

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Request: can you write something where penny bites the reader’s shoulder too hard and they have to get stitches? :)

Words: 1.2 K +

Warning: S m ut ( I told you guys)

The air was crisp, unusual for the season, which was just starting to turn from summer to fall. You could smell the rain in the air, the storm only about a few minutes away from flooding into the sewers and creating a cascading rumbling sound–one of which you had grown to find yourself soothed by. Already beginning to heart the soft drizzle of the rain, you knew that you would see Pennywise back from his daily hunt, and it was when you were standing in the middle of his lair, your clothes off and goosebumps risen on your arms that Pennywise had walked in, immediately noticing the bare skin that greeted him. Blood still crusted on his chin, he smiled and let out a giggle.

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