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This whole dress thing has me very confused and I was wondering if you could possibly explain it?? I see white and gold but my friend sees blue and black, how can there be such a difference or am I just being fucked with

alrighty so i’ll try to explain this as best as i can - from what i gather ((i’m not an expert and i may be wrong)) the pic was taken in a room with very bad lighting ((not outside/no light from a window)) so it has a bright yellow tint. the original dress is likely a dark blue or black and a lighter blue. 

soooo the lighting gives it a very bright yellow tint. if your computer/phone/etc. is calibrated to have high gamma and have warmer colors vs cooler colors, you will likely see white and gold. if your computer/phone/etc. is calibrated to have low gamma and have cooler colors vs warmer colors, you will likely see dark blue/black and a lighter blue.

like i said, i’m no expert. but you can test and calibrate your monitor here for more accurate colors. the dress is a dark blue/black, it’s more evident here.

no but okay this dress thing is upsetting and i need to know: are people actually literally seeing that dress as white and gold? because i can understand the gold but i literally cannot understand the white and i’m not sure if that is real or if people are just all participating in this elaborate joke.

because the whole idea of everyone “seeing different colors” does not make sense.  even if the way we perceive colors is different, we all still grew up calling those same colors the same name, so we wouldn’t actually know if my red is different from your red.  the only thing i can think of myself that is plausible is that the shade of color of the main dress is so in between blue and white that some people coded it as white and some as blue (although i really cannot see how it could be other than light blue at the outside).  similar to the way some cultures have both blue and purple, whereas some cultures just have blue (purple just being a different shade of blue).


I haven’t changed the hue on either picture to the right or left of the center (untouched, original) photo.

On the left, I upped the contrast and brightness, to compensate for the shadows, and you get a white and gold dress.

On the right, I upped the saturation of the image about 50% and lowered the brightness, to exaggerate the shadow colors.

That one does look blue, but even with the saturation maxed, that looks more brown/gold than black (the material in the back IS black and you can compare the tone).

What I see is a white and gold dress against a bright yellow light (outside the window) with shadows that are blue (probably from indoor lighting being blue) which give the dress a blue tone.

Thing is, that dress is in SHADOW, and if it were the blue of the version on (amazon?) the site selling it, it would be DARKER than the non-shadowed image they show, not LIGHER.

So yes, it looks blue because shadows tend to be blue. White objects in shadow look blueish because of that. That doesn’t mean the dress is dark blue, and that isn’t black, black doesn’t look gold when in shadows.

As a bonus, have a picture of an Actual Blue and Black version of the above dress. You can see that, in the shadows, it looks… dark blue and black, shocker!

I stand a while, holding my breath, I don’t want any noise to spoil this moment. I study your body, caught in the faint glow of the street lights outside, you are perfect. Your long dark hair falls in pleasing ringlets down your back; I study the shape of your neck, the curve of your hips…………………

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