Hello beautiful people!! I wanted to make a Tumblr awards since it looks fun and I haven’t done anything like that before and also I wanted to thank you guys for reaching 8k+, supporting me, talking to me and voting for me, I really appreciate it <3 Also I anted to check out new blogs!


-Must be following me, since this is for my followers, thanks!

-Reblogs only please, you can like to bookmark but it won’t count. 

-Please only follow if you like my blog, I can tell if you unfollowed and you will be banned from future activities because it isn’t fair to those who follow, sorry!

-Choosing June 11th if this gets 200+ notes

Who will I pick?

Most likely I will pick:

  • Asian fashion (k/j/c fashion)
  • Kawaii (not too nsfw sorry)
  • Light luxury
  • Pastel
  • People who post similar to me

Awards (my fave flavors of ice cream):

Birthday cake -best overall 1

Cookie dough -best overall 2

Butter almond -best overall 3

Neapolitan -3 great friends (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla) 

Mocha -Best url

Strawberry cheesecake -Best theme

Pineapple -Best icon

Resse’s -Best posts #1

Chocolate brownie- Best posts # 2

Snicker’s ice cream- Best posts # 3

Rocky road -Best edits

Cotton candy -Sweetest blogger

Pistachio -unknown (to me) blogger I followed 

What will you get?

-A link on my  tumblr awards page forever! (not yet made).

-Reblogs of the list on my (and probably other’s) dashes to 8k+.

-A friend for advice, html help, ect. and of course a place in my heart! <3

I tried to have as many categories as possible without it being too crowded. But, keep in mind I cannot pick everyone :C (if you’re easily rejected plz don’t reblog)

May the odds be ever in your flavor!  *see what I did there… :P