Take one moment.

A moment out of this minute that will slowly turn into an hour and this will all be in the past. A memory. You can’t ever go back to it again.

Just stop.

Memories are what make you up, because you’re human. Every day, we go through seconds of time and they make homes within our minds.

Will you think about the stars at night? They’re like us.

We’ve managed to evade the mirror maze and walk into our lives, facing the way that humans are so beautifully intricate but destructive at the same time. I don’t know when our reflections will scintillate upon the glass and we’ll realize what we’ve done, but nothing erases the way that we’re all made up of the thoughts that have gone through our minds and the way we compose music with what we say.

“We were loved, but we did not love, and the eclipses erased our shadows.”

Reality is real and it is evil.

But one day you’ll know that there has to be light for the darkest supernova to burst into flames of laughter on your lips and the feeling that this,

this is right.

This, that you haven’t had in a long time.

One day, the universe will finally piece itself together, but that day has not yet come. One day, fires won’t be set alight by dreams.

And all you have to do is watch the world with your eyes made of silvery whispers of words, because this, now, is beautiful, and

just breathe.

—  I Hope These Words Will Stay With You When You Face Someone Else // e.d. //

New journal!! :-) The black one with Smaug is my old one, the brown fabric one is all new and empty. I chose a lined notebook this time because I’m writing more than drawing lately. This is the limited edition Tolkien Moleskine notebook, with Thror’s map. It even shows the runes if you hold it to the light!


it’s so easy, out of habit, to just keep doing what you’re doing or in some misguided effort to improve do more of what you’re doing even when doing it at times that just don’t work. I’ve always been a golden light junkie and I noticed on my big east trip I hardly got to shoot during the best time of the day (for me) and I feel a bit cheated now. I cheated myself thinking what mattered was being here or there, seeing this or that place. it’s never been about that and I find myself even with storm chasing getting caught up in the frenetic go go go mentality. storms are coming. go. storms are 150k away. go. but what good is a storm if the sky is a sea of grey and the ground is just darkness. what good is any of it if I’m finding 1 of 100 shots excite that part of me I used as a guide.


It’s time to double back a bit and use more judgement about things. The urge to just take every available minute and go shoot is strong but often fruitless. 20 minutes of great light can quickly out shine an entire day of driving and searching and pointlessly shooting. 

some people can shoot all day long. some people can get excited by flat light or just having access to whatever the subject before them is. I’m can’t seem to and I’m wasting a lot of energy trying to make beauty where it isn’t for me. 

Hey everyone, my name is David McCandless and I am an artist from planet earth. My mediums range from visual to audio and beyond. I am an escapist and I survive the daily grind of life by chasing my own imagination into hidden places in my mind. It’s in these secret places that I truly thrive. I create images and songs that I hope can relay that idea to the audience. My goal is to help you get as lost as I do. Lost in a world of surrealistic dreams and aspirations. Where the simplicity of life outshines the complexity. Im a natural light addict, a sunset junkie, and I’m in love with life. Join me here.