The Moment I Fell in Love with You

I fell in love with you so many times. When you were listening to music gazing out the bus window. And when you turned to look at me and our eyes met and we held them for a few long seconds. When you were laughing so hard you rested your head upon my shoulder for a couple seconds. When you told me that I was good enough and that I don’t need to try so hard to be great. When you had more confidence in me than I did. When I noticed the way you looked at me. When you shared your cookie just because I hadn’t gotten one. When I realized that if I am not doing something my thoughts always run to you. When I realized that every time I experience something I wish you were there to see it with me. Those are the moments I fell in love with you. And there are so many more. So many in the future. Because I fall in love with you all over again every day. And I love you in every way. You are perfect to me. And I love you.

When people ask me what I want, this is what I want. Two mixed race people together in a relationship. Hopefully they get married and have children who look like them. Adding to our population without decreasing other races, and creating a community for our own kind. You don’t have to agree with me, that’s fine, but this is what I want. Look how cute they are together :)