Decisions, sometimes arduous,
It has to be decided,
as much as pleasant.

Unpleasant or not
Indecision can not continue.
Life simply no longer rolls.

Time is sometimes solution
but so is let fate take action.
Lottery like.

It may also be, however
a priori not know the outcome.
But until the emotions have limits. 


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TML Week #596: Un pièce en Français

Une Pièce en Français
© 2016 Catherine Lavoie


Catherine and Nessa are seated in the audience.
Connor, Rob, Cara and Christopher are on stage in line. They all have « posters » of the translation of their lines.

Connor: Je -(I)
Rob: Je ne- (I no)
Cara: Je ne parle- (I no speak)
Christopher: Je ne parle pas- (I don’t speak)

All: Je ne parle pas français. (I don’t speak French.)

Catherine: Moi je parle parfaitement français. (I speak French perfectly)
Nessa: Moi je parle très bien français. (I do too)

Connor: Catherine voulait qu’on comprenne comment elle se sentait. (Catherine wanted us to experience how she feels)
Rob: Avec le peu de temps qu’on a pour répéter TMLMTBGB, (we have so little time in rehearsal for TMLMTBGB)
Cara: Et avec le nombre de pièces qu’on a à apprendre par coeur en trois jours (And we have so many plays to memorize in only 3 days)
Christopher: c’est tout un défi de jouer dans une autre langue. (It is such a challenge to perform in another language)

All: Ça m’a pris ___ minutes juste pour mémoriser ce paragraphe. (it took me ___ minutes just to memorize this paragraph)

Nessa: Et alors, comment vous vous sentez? (So guys, how do you feel?)

Connor: Dévoué (commited)
Rob: Je ne sais pas (I don’t know)
Cara: Mauvaise (terrible)
Christopher: Bizarre (funny)

All: Heureux!! (Happy!!)

Catherine: Et alors, est ce que vous regrettez d’avoir choisi cette pièce? (So, any regrets picking this play for the menu this week?)

Édith Piaf’s song « Non, je ne regrette rien » starts.
All Neos, in chorus do a lipsing :

« Non rien de rien, nooooooon, je ne regrette rien »…
(« No, nothing at all, nooo I don’t regret anything… »)

« Ni le bien qu’on m’a fait, ni le mal, tout ça m’est bien égal! »
(Neither the good that’s been done to me. Nor the bad ; it’s all the same to me !)

« Non, rien de rien, noooon je ne regrette rien… »
(« No, nothing at all, nooo  I don’t regret anything… )


Went out for a midnight photo session when we came on a part of the freeway where the street lights were solid red. Where we live they’re usually yellow, so this was a pretty unique sight. Decided to do a long exposure to see what effect/photo would come of it.

Canon AE-1, Agfa Vista 400

to people who feel discouraged to share their webcomic because they feel that their style is undeveloped

If you’re dissatisfied with your art style, dropping the project isn’t the way to go. You can’t improve if you don’t try; and in my own experience as well as others, webcomics are a great way to flesh out and experiment with your style while also sharing your story. You should use the criticism given to you as a tool to help you improve instead of letting it become an obstacle.

The art world is a really difficult one to become recognized or appreciated in. I’ve had struggles with my own stylization for years. Though, over time, you will see progress if you try new things. Try gestures, lighting practices, sceneries, expression experimentation, and body diversity! It’ll help you become more comfortable with yourself and your art style so that you can tell your story in a way that no one else can.