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82. “Looks like we’ll be stuck here for a while.” for Saeran~? +w+

A/N: Overdue request 💕 Is this enough to make it up to you, babe? ^^

It’s dark. But that’s not the first thing that registers in your hazy mind.

Perhaps it’s the alcohol clouding your mind a little, but your skin feels like it’s on fire, and suddenly you feel too hot. You’re acutely aware of how close you are to him, despite your back already being pressed up against the wall of the closet that you’re stuck in. You can smell the alcohol in his breath too, when he mutters to himself, “I’m going to kill Saeyoung for this. I don’t get the point of this stupid game.”

Of course he doesn’t. He’s never played it before, obviously. Not that you’ve played this game many times, but at the very least, you know what’s supposed to happen.

Because, what else would a girl and a guy do when they’re locked up in a dark closet for seven minutes?

You’re fairly certain that this happened only because Saeyoung realised that the both of you are starting to veer off the friendship boundary that you have set for yourselves. Trust him to come up with a dirty tactic like this. You have to admit that you now share some of Saeran’s murderous sentiments towards his older twin.  

But that will have to wait until the seven minutes are over.

And until then…

“So, what now?” Saeran asks, breaking the palpable silence that settled between the both of you. You’re grateful for it. Any more silence and he would have picked up on the sound of your loudly drumming heart.

“L-Looks like… we’ll be stuck here for a while,” you state slowly, trying your best to hold back your stuttering. Your teeth are chattering slightly and you curse your nerves. And the alcohol. Yeah, it’s probably the alcohol that’s messing with you right now.

“And what are we supposed to do for seven minutes?” he wonders aloud, his pointed gaze resting on you.

You swallow thickly, admiring the soft glow to the beautiful golden hue of his eyes. Even though it’s nearly pitch dark in here, you can see his eyes so clearly. Like a pair of full moons on a cloudless night.

“Well… we have seven minutes to get to know each other just a little better,” you answer.

He rolls his eyes at that. “We could do that anytime. Why seven minutes in a closet? This doesn’t make any sense.”

His eyes are strangely alluring, and you find yourself drawn to him as you have been for a long time. Looking at him like this, in a quiet space with just you and him, you feel your thoughts evaporate, your heart rate escalates, heat rushes to your cheeks, and the words are pulled past your parted lips without even thinking.

“Let me show you.”

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Some more Inktober illustrations. Days 4, 5, 6, and 13 (because I fell off track a bit having to focus on work instead). I may or may not go back and fill in the gap, or just continue from Day 13 and do whatever. This is intended to be a light, fun, experimental series, after all.

All of these are done with Speedball ink, white Gelly Roll pens/ink on Strathmore mixed media paper. For progress shots and updates, follow me on Twitter