Peaceful Home Spell

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There will come a point in time where your home/space/apartment could have a bit of chaos in not just the space but also in your life as well. This spell could help bring balance and control back to your home and life.

You will need: 1 Yellow Candle, Some Incense, Some Blessed Water, (Optional you can also add a white candle to the spell as well)

I would suggest doing this spell in the morning when the sun is up or do it in the afternoon.

To begin light your candle and then the incense hold your hands over (palms facing up)  the candle and incense and then say these words while imaging white or pink light going all around your home:

“From light to dark from shadow to earth may my home be filled with love light and peace may all evil and harm flee from my sight, my space and my life”

Now your done all you need to do now is let the candle and incense burn for a bit (If you can) or you can just snuff the candle and incense out.

I hope you like this spell and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask have fun and be safe. -imagine. 

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The Hades and Persephone AU no one asked for! 

Iron Flowers

The wards in the Underworld are starting to weaken and Alec has to find the reborn Persephone before it’s too late and Valentine gets out.
But when at-first-glance-mortal Magnus turns out to be the personification of spring itself who doesn’t know his true powers it gets a little more complicated than just restoring the wards in a flash.

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Would you consider writing wolfstar for #19 in 100 Ways to Say I Love You? I love your little drabbles.

Can I hold your hand?

The five times Sirius asks to hold Remus’ hand, and the one time he doesn’t have to.


Remus wakes shivering, every part of him covered in sweat, and freezing. He sits up too quickly, breath escaping shakily out of his lungs. For a moment, though his eyes are open, he can’t see the room at all, or what had woken him. All he can feel is fur, all he can smell is blood and foul breath, all he can hear is sick, sick laughter. He flinches against nothing, trying to rid himself of the feeling, presses the heels of his hands into his eyes.

One, two, three, four, he says in his head, one, two, three, four, onetwothreefouronetwothreefouronetwo-

“Um. Remus?”

Remus freezes, counting ending at two, and looks up. He doesn’t have time to be embarrassed by the tears in his eyes before there is a face clouding his vision, all soft, sleepy eyes, frown etched with concern. It’s the boy, Sirius, the one he had met on the train that day, sitting on his bed, criss-cross and worried. His hand is outstretched, lightly resting on Remus’ knee, and Remus realizes what had waken him.

“Hey. It’s alright, I get them too.”

Nightmares, Remus thinks.

Sirius offers him a loopy grin, “Only yours probably aren’t of your mother, right?”

Remus blinks, startled by the comment and how calmly it had come out of Sirius’ mouth, “Oh. Um, no. Not my mother.” He hates the way his voice hitches with the tears in his throat.

Sirius nods, pressing his lips together and to the side, thinking. After a few moments, he, very tentatively, holds out his hand, “Can I…” He bites his lip, then sticks his palm out more insistently, “Can I hold your hand?”

Remus just blinks at it.

Sirius inches it closer to Remus’ hand that is clenched around his sheets, “It’s just that… Whenever my little brother has nightmares I always hold his hand. Or he holds mine. It just, I dunno, helps. To know someone is there.”

Remus feels tears pricking his eyes again, for an entirely new reason. He can’t remember the last time someone asked to comfort him, to be near him, much less hold his hand.

Sirius reached forward a little more, the tips of his fingers touching Remus’ knuckles, “’s okay, you know…”

And Remus bit his lip, taking, for the first time, the hand that would be there for him for years to come.


Remus sort of hated Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts. The sentiment was okay enough (it would probably have been better if he himself had someone to direct his sentiment towards), but he could do without the flowery scented charm hearts floating around the halls and popping directly in front of the recipient’s face. It caused many a giggle and a far too strong scent to linger about. It was frankly annoying. Although, and he’d never admit this, he wouldn’t be opposed to receive one himself, something that he never expected to happen.

That’s why he found himself choking on his pumpkin juice when, at lunch, he received a burst of flowery scent and a slightly translucent bubble heart zooming towards him from outside the great hall and popping directly in front of his face. He blinked, blinked again, choked a bit, and when he opened his eyes, Sirius was right there, grinning mischievously at him.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Moonykins.”

Remus rolled his eyes, pressing his palm to Sirius’ wiggling eyebrows and causing him to let out a loud laugh, James smirking beside them, watching the exchange.

“Fuck off, Pads.”

Sirius pressed a hand to his chest, right above his heart, feigning hurt, “What?” He reached that same hand out, palm up, “You’re not gonna hold my hand, woo me back? I did send you a heart, you know.”

Remus just rolled his eyes again, looking at Sirius with a bit back smile, chest aching a little. He pushed down his wish that Sirius wasn’t joking, that he was sending him a heart because Remus actually had his heart… Sirius’ certainly had his. He gave a dramatic sigh, dropping his hand in Sirius’ and squeezing, causing Sirius to let out a triumphant woop. He managed to hold their hands up above their heads for a second before Remus was shoving his shoulder and letting their hands drop. He swore his palm stayed warm all through the day.


Remus was breathing hard through his nose by the time he got to the top of the astronomy tower. Whether it was from the stairs, or from the effort to keep the tears at bay, he didn’t know. He pressed his palms to the railing, letting the cool, spring wind ruffle through his hair, calming his nerves. Embarrassment burned through his chest, leaving him even more breathless. He’d never drink anything again, ever, if he could help it. Not after tonight. He pressed a hand over his mouth, feeling slightly sick, and slightly like he could run a mile. His lips still tingled from when he’d leaned forward, without much warning, and pressed them to Sirius’. Why, why had he done that?

“Merlin.” He breathed, letting his hand drop to the railing, his head following, forehead resting on the backs of his hands. He wanted to disappear, he hoped desperately Sirius hadn’t followed-


Remus closed his eyes. He had nothing to say. No excuse, no reason, except the truth, and he definitely wasn’t about to say that.

Hey Pads, I love you. I have for four years now. Did you know?

“Remus, what the fuck, why’d you- you can’t just run out like- I mean, not after…” He sounded just as breathless as Remus felt, but not angry. Remus thanked god for that. Not angry, “Hey, would you look at me?”

Remus sighed, “Must I?”

Yes.” He felt a hand on his shoulder and jerked around, eyes stinging.

“You don’t have to pretend- I didn’t-“ Remus ran a hand over his face in frustration, embarrassment. Heartache, “We don’t have to talk about this, please, let’s just forget it, I’m sorry-“

“Shut up, Remus!”

Remus blinked, mouth closing abruptly. Now Sirius sounded angry. He took a step back to the railing, feeling the metal dig into his lower back.

Sirius sighed, stepping forward, palms out in surrender, “Sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t… You just, you didn’t even- you don’t even know what I think. You didn’t exactly stay long enough to find out.”

Remus’ heart pumped faster, unsure, but starting to mingle with the tiniest bit of hope all the same, “I- Oh.”

Sirius took another step forward, the smallest of smiles finding his face, “Yeah, oh.”

Remus tilted his head slightly, hope simmering just under the surface now, threatening to appear in a smile of his own.

Sirius was so close now that their chests were brushing, and Remus felt tentative fingertips brush his wrist, “Can I hold your hand?”

The smile broke through on Remus’ face. Although the first time had been asked in all seriousness, ever since that Valentine’s Day it had become a bit of a running joke, “You want to hold my hand?”

Sirius pressed their foreheads together suddenly, like he just couldn’t help himself for another second. Remus politely ignored, and secretly adored, how he had to press up on his toes to do it, “Yes. Yes, Re. I want to hold your hand.” Then quieter, as he laced their fingers together, he added, “I want to kiss you again.”

And Remus let Sirius part his lips with his own, let their fingers twine together. They didn’t let go for a long while after that.


Remus was terrified. He was trying to be strong but he was terrified. The light of spells flashed all around him, freezing him in place and telling him to move all at once. He crouched, dust and stone all around him, filling his nostrils and the cracks in his lips. His eyes stung, his lungs burned, his hands shook, making his casts unsteady. After he’d misfired more than once, he’d took to hiding for a moment, trying to gather his strength.

“Hey-“ Remus jumped, head turning sharply towards the voice, “No, shh. It’s me, Re.” Sirius’ voice quickly slowed Remus’ picked up heart, and he felt his muscles start to relax. Sirius crouched next to him, both of them hidden, just for a moment, behind a large piece of rubble, and brought his hand to the back of Remus’ neck, thumb rubbing softly. Remus let his eyes slip closed at the familiar feeling, “Moons…”

Remus looked at him again, hand coming up to wrap around Sirius’ wrist, “I’m fine. I just- I needed a moment.” Sirius nodded, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to the corner of Remus’ mouth. Remus sighed into it, turning his head to kiss Sirius full on for a moment, letting it calm his nerves. Then, “We should go back.”

Sirius stayed still,, nose brushing against Remus’ softly, before retrieving his hand and holding it out, “Take my hand?”

Remus did, smiling as he did so. And they went to win this battle.


Remus didn’t know how to act in the beginning. Seeing Sirius standing there in the doorway of his parent’s house, ready to hide for… who knows how long. Looking older, thinner, sadder. Looking like he didn’t know what he was, what Remus was…what they were. Remus didn’t have the first clue what to say. So, as usual, Sirius took the lead.

“Missed me, Moony?”

Remus looked up from where he’d been studying the too loose folds of Sirius’ clothes, and his heart ached. Sirius’ mouth was doing that thing, twisting in a way that meant he was trying to smile over a too-powerful frown. His eyes were desperate and sad, and said please say yes.

And Remus suddenly found he could barely breathe, much less speak. His throat swelled and he tried to clear it, hanging his head for a moment. When he looked back up there were tears in his eyes, and they darted around the room, anywhere but Sirius’, embarrassed.

“What a stupid fucking question.” He rasped out.

Sirius stepped through the doorway, long fingers looking bony against the dark wood, but familiar. Remus’ suddenly ached to have them in his.

Ask ask ask. Please ask.

Sirius’ smile was real though, so real, as he stepped right in front of Remus. Still shorter, Remus noted. It was all so much, so familiar.

“I’m glad…”

Remus stared at him for a moment, eyes raking over his face, remembering, re-memorizing, wanting, but unsure if he was still allowed to want. He cleared his throat, “Do you want some tea? Food? Are you hungry?” Sirius had a little smile over his face, but didn’t respond. Remus needed to do something, anything, to occupy himself, “I have biscuits. Dinner is still cooking but it will be ready soon. I made your favorite, blueberry pie, too. I mean, if that’s still your favorite, I don’t know.” Remus waited a few more beats and then sighed, “Pads, please, let me do something for you-“

“Can I hold your hand?”

He smiled, eyes slightly melancholy, as he said it. And Remus’ chest seized, his heart broke, and then everything fell back into place. Just like that. He blinked and suddenly his cheeks were wet. He let out a breath and suddenly he was breathing again.

“Yes- God, yes-“

Sirius’ fingers captured his own at the same instant as his lips did the same.


Remus knees hit the ground in front of the veiled archway, the sound of bone against stone echoing in the now empty chamber. His lungs. He couldn’t get air. He clutched at his throat, his chest, desperate for oxygen. But all he could feel was his heart, aching, threatening to stop after each terrible, terrible beat. Remus wasn’t sure he’d complain if it did.

When the first sob broke through, he wished his heart would just give up already. It was too much. He squeezed his eyes shut.

Can I hold your hand?

He bowed his head against the tears racking his body. That first night, that very first night, the first time Sirius had managed to take all the pain away. Every ounce. And he’d done it again, the night on the astronomy tower, the night that changed everything, everything. Remus longed for that night now.

Take my hand?

Remus saw the grin, the light in Sirius’ face, the strong fingers wrap around his own-

“Yes.” His eyes flashed open. The veil, it was still there, “Yes, come on. Sirius-” Remus sobbed. He thrust his hand out, his voice cracking and barely there, “You don’t have to ask, you never had to ask. Take my hand now.” Remus fell forward with the effort to keep his hand out, just barely keeping from collapsing, “Just take my hand. I’ll pull you back, I need you back. Take it. Take it… Take…”


Take my hand.
I’ll teach you to dance.
I’ll spin you around.
Won’t let you fall down.

- He Is We

Valentine’s Day with the Peaky Blinders

Wah, I didnt know there are so many people that still liked this fandom nvn

I’m so happy my first imagine of this show got so much love and support, thank you guys and also have a happy Valentine’s Day even if I’ll be at work and then come back home and cry alone with a box of chocolate and strawberries.

Enjoy~! <3 

Thomas Shelby

Lips pressed against your temple, fingers laced together while you two cuddled in bed, enjoying each other’s warmth and company.

Valentine’s day was today and Tommy decided to make it romantic, kicking everyone out of the house and made it a day only for you two to spend together.

Candles lighted up all around the room, rose petals sprawled everywhere while a big heart that was drawn out of them in the middle of the bed.

When you had came home and found that there, you thought it was a joke but finding Tommy sitting in the middle of the rose petals heart with a champagne in one hand and two glasses in his free hand, you knew it wasnt’ a joke.

When it comes to romance or dates, Tommy would do anything to please you, even becoming a hopeless romantic to please his woman.

Arthur Shelby

We all know that Arthur was never one for romance, all this mushy things that would make your knees week and your heart throb, but when it came to you, it all changes.

You found him home, pacing around the room before he noticed you, rushing to your side, spinning you around in his arms before having a giant boquet or roses shoved in your face while his eyes averted somewhere else with a simple mumble of ‘I love you and all that shit and I know you like roses, so here’ .

The gesture was something to make you break into a smile since Arthur tried to become a better man and quit his fighting and drinking habits thought a little glance at the table told you that he already drank half a bottle of wine, probably to man up and give you the flowers.

John Shelby

John always surprised you with something, from flowers, to chocolate and even skipping work so he could take you out and see the pictures.

Today was special and for such a special occasion, he had reserved the theatre for you guys all evening, letting you enjoy the movies you adore and keep sharing deep and passionate kisses once in a while, holding hands and fighting with popcorn when the movie got too cheesy.

When the evening was over and you guys left the pictures, you had asked him why he keeps loving you so much, him pausing in helping you get your coat back on only to press a loving kiss to your neck and smirk.

“Can’t a husband love his wife and the mother of his children?"He simply replied only to laugh at the red color surfacing on your cheeks.

Michael Gray

Michael had decided since it was Valentine’s day, to take you out and what better way then with a picnic in the park nearby the house you two shared.

Basket in one hand while his free one held yours, fingers laced together while your cheek pressed against his forearm (since you barely reached his shoulders) and enjoying the silent walk you two had.

Once at the park, he had set down a red blanket with dark lines and yellow flowers designs making you snicker at his choice of blanket only to sit down, letting him take out the sandwiches and drinks he had bought before a red box caught your eye making you open your mouth to ask the male what is that only to gasp, hand moving to press against your open mouth while you stared in shock at Michael getting on one knee and showing you the content of the box.

"I know it’s cheesy being Valentines Day and everything..but would you do the honors of being Miss Gray from now on?"He asked with a gentle smile.

Finn Shelby

When Finn wasn’t taking his drugs and copying his brothers, he was quite gentle and shy when it come to romance and you were sure he had asked his bigger brothers for tips since right now you were on your way to the circus that you always wanted to see since you were a child. Excitement being evident on your face while you kept shifting in your chair like a hyper child.

"You know this circus comes only once every three years?"You asked, licking your dry lips only to lean and peck the male’s cheek, giggling when they became a dark red while Finn glanced at you and then back at the road, mumbling he knew that only to add he will even take you backstage so you can meet the performers after the show.

That just made you squeal out in happiness, hands wrapping around Finn’s neck to give him a giant hug only to chirp he was the best boyfriend before you leaned back, letting the male keep driving while cooing over his rosy cheeks and how he kept unbuttoning the collar of his shirt to cool down.

Isaiah Jesus

Isaiah loved to treat you like a princess and with everything he did or does, he wants to make it be seen by his close group of friends and even the guys that dear to go against the Peaky Blinders.

During Valentines Day, he had came early at your job, wrapping his arms around your waist while placing open mouth kisses on your neck, squeezing you closer before placing a wrapped up box with a bow in your hands, mumbling he had bought you that expensive Belgian chocolate you craved for weeks.

"I knew you wanted it, so I bought it. Only the finest for my girl."He would mumble, nibbled your earlobe while you unwrapped the box and smile at the chocolate inside, picking one up and press it against Isaiah’s lips only to blush when he bit down on it and lick his lips before he leaned to kiss you, grunting when you tried to pry his lips open so you could take the chocolate for yourself.

Alfred ‘Alfie’ Solomons

Since Alfie owned a bakery, he always made you the best treats in town and since it was Valentines Day, it was a much more special day then the others.

Coming home and finding all those freshly baked sweets on your kitchen table only to make you raise an eyebrow hearing thumbs from upstairs making a smile break on your lips.

Once upstairs, you found Alfie cussing while kicking the side of your bed, mumbling more profanaties only to pause when he heard your giggles making him turn around and give you a gentle glare.

”[Y/N], you’re home earlier…I wanted to wrap your stupid mutt up in ribbons and have him bring the sweets to you but he bit me and then I—“His words were cut off by your lips pressed against his, gripping the front of his jacket to keep him closer and hum, leaning back and snicker that he was being an idiot right now.

"Boxer will never let you touch him..We both know he started hating you the moment he walked on us having sex..I think we scarred my dog for life."You laughed, combing your fingers through Alfie’s hair only to press a gentle kiss to his neck and whisper for him to go downstairs and get the sweets and then come back and close the door.

"Lock it too..I want to eat those sweets off your body."You cooed while watching Alfie with dark eyes and smirk when he walked to the door only to hiss when you slapped his bottom and wave at him from your bed.

Disposable pt14

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy. It only complicates things more when you blackmail Yoongi into pretending to date you, and neither of you can quite keep your feelings separate, no matter how much you try.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 

“How’s he feeling?” Jungkook asked, watching as you buttered toast to bring to Yoongi.

“How do you think he’s feeling?” You scoffed. Jungkook had been the one to hear you trying to half-carry Yoongi inside the previous night, and had helped without saying a word.

“Was he drinking because of all of us? We uh… Kind of backed him into a corner in the car…” Jungkook rubbed his neck, giving you an apologetic smile.

You sighed. Truth be told, while you were fairly sure whatever Jungkook, Jimin, Namjoon and Seokjin had done to Yoongi in the car contributed, you didn’t think that was the main reason—it was more likely your fault. “I don’t know, Jungkook…” You said, turning to face him. “You could be nicer to him, though.”

Jungkook grimaced. “I know, Namjoon keeps telling me the same thing… I just get worried, you know? I don’t want you to get hurt because of some idiot who doesn’t treat you right.”

“I know.” You said, giving him a sympathetic smile.

“But I’ve decided something. I think I misjudged Yoongi.” This came as a complete surprise to you. After all the death glares and accusatory questions, the last thing you thought Yoongi getting drunk would do was make Jungkook reconsider.

“Oh?” You asked, raising your eyebrows.

“Yeah. See, I’ve known him since college, and I guess I just… Assumed he was the same as he was back then when it came to dating.” Jungkook shrugged. “Maybe you changed him. Or maybe he changed, and then you started dating him. Either way, he’s different.”

“What do you mean?” You asked off-handedly. You didn’t want to sound like you didn’t know anything about what Yoongi was like in college, but you couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh, you know… After that girl broke his heart, he just kind of…” Jungkook shrugged. “I never heard exactly what happened, you probably know more about all that mess than I do, but it was like he just… Stopped trying?” Jungkook sipped his coffee.

“Stopped trying…how?” You were in dangerous territory—Jungkook had accepted Yoongi, you didn’t need to put doubts back in his head—but you were so curious.

“He just…Shut himself off from the world. You should really talk to Yoongi about that though, I don’t like to gossip.”

You shook your head. “It isn’t gossip! I didn’t realize you two were so close.”

“We weren’t.” He said. “Not in college, I mean. Namjoon introduced us, he wanted us to be friends for some reason. I’m surprised Yoongi never mentioned anything about it. Then again, no one wants to relive painful memories, right?”

“Right. He doesn’t like talking about it, so…” You said, distracted by your own thoughts. “Jungkook? Do you remember what you heard happened between him and the girl?” It wasn’t your business, you knew, and you almost hoped Jungkook would say he couldn’t recall.

“I didn’t know him very well at the time.” Jungkook said, shifting slightly. “So I never heard from him. Just… what other people said.”

“And?” You pressed.

“And people said that he bought a ring to propose. Then walked in on her cheating.” Jungkook said it quietly, as though he was afraid Yoongi would hear. “And I don’t like spreading rumors, so you should really ask him.”

You nodded again, picking up the plate with toast on it and putting it on a tray along with coffee and some Tylenol. It was no wonder Yoongi pushed people away, going through that would be horrible—not that it excused the way he treated you when you were friends with benefits, but you could see how an experience like that might change someone.

Before you left the room, however, Jungkook caught your attention.

“Is…Is everything alight with you two?” He asked. There was no venom in his voice, however, just a genuine concern. “I know it’s not really my business, but…”

“Everything’s fine.” You assured him with a smile. “We’re fine.”

When Yoongi’s head finally stopped hurting enough for him to venture out of the bedroom, the yard looked nothing like it had the previous day. Large tents, big enough for at least five tables each had been placed around, with fairy lights strung all around. The sun was still a little too bright, so Yoongi turned to go back inside after finding where all the noise was coming from and not seeing you anywhere.

“Looks good, doesn’t it?” Seokjin asked from where he leaned against the side of the house, watching the workers. “Namjoon spends a stupid amount of money on these things, but they sure are pretty.” He flashed Yoongi a smile.

“Yeah, I guess.” Yoongi agreed. He had been looking for you (to find out what was going on, not because he wanted to be near you for some inexplicable reason) and in all honesty wanted to continue his search.

“Are you feeling better?” Seokjin asked, and Yoongi realized he had no idea how much you told them—or even if they had seen him the previous night. You brought him breakfast-in-bed and then disappeared, saying something about needing to help get ready for Namjoons party. “I know Jungkook said you were feeling quite ill this morning, do you think it was something you ate?”

“Just allergies, I think. I’m feeling much better, thanks.” Yoongi said, returning the smile. It was possible that you told Jungkook that he was sick, but the likelihood of Jungkook believing that seemed slim, so Yoongi didn’t know what to think.

“Good. That means you can help me decide where the DJ should set up.”

The day passed in a blur of yelling, decorations, and you trying to convince Namjoon that he wasn’t old, no matter how much you teased him about it. You saw Yoongi occasionally, being dragged around by either Soekjin or Jimin, but never for long enough to really talk to him. Jungkook told you that Jimin was doing it on purpose because he thought it was funny to watch Yoongi try to come up with excuses to be in the same room as you.

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hi i dont know if u like star wars or not but i love ur writing and u do it so beautifully so if by chance u've seen star wars: the force awakening would u be willing to write something about rey who is a magical jedi angel child in the form of the fight me meme

rey who has always been hungry– 

well, not quite always. once, she got three full portions after a month of barely scraping by. she ate all three that night and licked the plate after and went to bed with her belly full and aching. 

the next day, when she only got a quarter, she still couldn’t quite bring herself to regret the feast. 

(not quite always– once, in blurred early memory, she remembers this: warmth and soft light, warm smiles, warm food she did not have to work for, warm hands handing her warm bowls, and her warm full belly after. 

but she does not think about that, not often.)

rey, who knows every crook and cranny of those fallen ships on jakku. she thinks of ships as fallen. she thinks of them as land creatures, sand creatures, empty spaces and echoes. 

(when she steps onto the millennium falcon and the whole thing lights up– she has never met anything more alive.) 

on the falcon, han’s freighter, the first order base– they are new and lit-up and dangerous, but they look like home. she knows the wiring of these places, what their synapses look like broken and pilfered through and laid out for market. she has climbed them like jagged cliffs. she has explored their depths and wormed through their disembowled crannies. 

the first order’s stormtroopers see corridors and hangars and galleys. but rey? 

rey sees the fuses she’d scavenged one by one, the blast doors whooshing open and closed on residual battery power as she fiddled with them (she’d wasted a whole afternoon playing and gone to sleep hungry and smiling into her pillow). 

rey sees the cliff face she scaled first at twelve, when she’d reached all the easy finds (”do you want to sit here and be a scared-of-heights baby,” she’d whispered to herself, “or do you want to eat?”).

sneaking her way through the first order’s corridors, stolen gun in hand, rey keeps thinking in the back of her head ‘everything’s sideways’

rey, who keeps telling them she has to get back to jakku. rey, who waited and waited, who keeps telling them she has to go back for the people who never came back for her. she has lived in the shell of a fallen walker, in a metal cage blistering in the sun and frozen at night, filling it up with her orange-and-white pilot yarn doll and her handfuls of scavenged flowers. she has been waiting, and surviving, and scaling the insides of dead ships, taking them apart to live. 

then the first order takes her. and she saves herself, she finds her power, she runs through the sideways living corridors of the dead sky-beasts that have fed her for years. she runs– rey, who waited, who no one ever came back for, she turns a corridor and finn is standing there, waiting. 

(no one ever comes back for her. no one ever comes. she takes old ships apart piece by piece and doesn’t think about what it would be like to fly away. she licks her plate and buries her toes in cold shady sand and tries not to remember being full. she waits, she waits and no one comes back– 

but there is a droid who needs help. there is a boy who keeps taking her hand. there is a piece-of-garbage ship that purrs under her palms and takes her away. there is a lightsaber that sings her name– a universe that sings her name– a song, a light around all of us, if she only closes her eyes and listens.)

there is a boy, standing in this sideways corridor, and he is alive and he is waiting and he came back for her. 

rey, who stops waiting. rey, who slides into the pilot seat of the falcon like she belongs there– because she does, because she belongs on a living ship, to a living universe, to a life

and it belongs to her. 

Birthday Balloons part 2 // Jeff Atkins

A/N: Honestly, I like it but I don’t love it, I’ll probably keep editing even after I post

Named After: Blues. Balloons. Same thing.

Read Part 1 “Birthday Blues”

“Four minutes early!” Jeff shouts racing into your room. “Guess you can’t break up with me now”

The look on your face makes him laugh and he bites his lip as he walks over to where you’re sitting on your bed. He tilts his head as he opens his hand for you to take.

“C’mon, it’s going to be the best belated birthday you’ve ever had”

You roll your eyes as you take his hand. You look at him briefly as you pull him out of your room, “That’s not funny”. The smile on your face tells him otherwise and he pecks your cheek.

Jeff jogged over to the driver’s seat reaching over you and into the glove compartment after closing his door.

“Here, put this on”, he said handing you a black eye mask.

You looked at your boyfriend’s smiling face, to the mask in his hand, and then back to him as he rolled his eyes.

“Just put it on”

You huffed, taking it from him and putting it on. The sound of his engine revved and for a moment it was just you and Jeff in silence.

“I know how much you like mix tapes, but I don’t know how to download songs onto a cassette and couldn’t find Tony- at least not in an hour, so I just made you this playlist instead.”

You smiled at the intent, and hummed along to the soft singing coming from the - radio, Southern Belle by Sir the Baptist accompanied you in the darkness and you left your hand open for Jeff to take.

Jeff smiled, internally counting it as his first win of the day as he intertwined your fingers.

A few songs later and you felt the car roll to a stop.

“Alright take off your mask”

You followed his instructions, opening your eyes to see you were outside of the town nail salon.

“…I’d paint your nails myself but I figured you’d want them to look nice. So yeah we’re starting with you getting your nails done.” He said, biting his lip hoping you’d be excited.

Jeff knew you, you didn’t do your nails often. Normally, it was because you played sports too and it was during your season, or you were helping him during his season when the boys were busy. Hannah had recommended the idea to him, something about being pampered.

You opened your mouth to protest and Jeff could feel it coming. It’s not that you didn’t want to go, you just didn’t want Jeff to spend money on you. Honestly, you’d be much more comfortable just laying in bed all day, baking cookies, or watching movies. Just being with him.

“I mean us!” He spits out abruptly. “We. Are getting our nails done.”

Jeff knows he’s done it now. But the smile on your face makes it all worth it.

“Yeah?” You ask, overly amused at the thought of Jeff getting a manicure or a pedicure.

“Yeah. We’ll do it together. I’ll just get what you get, I’m not really sure how these things work.” He admits, shrugging slightly.

Jeff follows you into the shop, eyes wandering as you decide on a color.

“This okay Atkins?” You ask. He turns toward you, eyes landing on a simple gray color.

“I uh- do you like it?” He questions back.

“Eh. It’s not my color but if you’re getting exactly what I’m getting, I don’t wanna put you thro-”

He grabs your waist cutting you off.

“Get whatever you like.”

You stood on your tip-toes, kissing his cheek before selecting a more salmon, pink color.

Jeff closed the door to your passenger seat once again before waddling over to the driver’s seat.

“I don’t understand how anyone can function after that! How long does it take to dry?” He asks inspecting his nails.

“Honestly I’m not sure babe. Every time you think they’re dry they smudge.” You say shrugging one shoulder.

“Well…did you have a good time?”

“Yeah! I just…you know you don’t have to buy me anything right?” You ask.

Jeff nods grabbing the blindfold off of the dashboard.

“I know.”

He motions for you to lean forward carefully placing your eye mask back on to avoid his nails. “I’m serious Jeff-” you mumble. He let’s go of the bands with a soft snap.

“Fine, no more money spending tonight.”

As Bruno Mars’s voice died out on the current song you both were listening to, you felt the car roll to a stop.

“Can I take this off?” You ask Jeff.

You heard the click of a seatbelt, the bang of a door, and a loud “NO” coming through the glass.

Jeff runs up to the front door, ringing the doorbell and glancing at his watch while he waited.

“Captain!” “Atkins!” Two voices say as the door swings open. “Here are the keys, and everything is in the back.”

Montgomery drops the keys to the pickup truck sitting in his driveway in Jeff’s hands.

“I’m tryna sell it, make some money to fix up the jeep a bit more, so no accidents.” he quips.

Jeff huffs over dramatically. “That was last year and it wasn’t my fault”

The two boys standing in the doorway laugh and Zach hands him a shopping bag filled with food. “Here’s your dinner, I just made it though so it’s really hot”.

Jeff nods at the taller boy. “Thanks guys, seriously.”

“No worries.” Zach says.

“All good. But hey, if this goes south, and Y/N is back on the market can I…?” Monty teases.

Jeff reaches out, pushing the boy by his chest.

“I’m JOKING!” Monty says laughing at his friend.

“You’re lucky you hit a triple yesterday” Jeff responds back, unable to hide the smile on his face.

“Atkins…are your nails pink?” Zach asks.

Jeff nods, working up some semblance of false confidence. “It’s not pink, it’s called ‘a great opera-tunity’” he enunciates.

“I’ll catch you guys later”, Jeff says turning on his heel before they can respond and jogs back to the girl waiting in his car.

Jeff opened the passenger door to see you patiently waiting for him.

“We’re moving princess.” He says helping you out of the car.

“Can I take this thing off?” You whine following Jeff’s hand around your waist.

“Nope. You just have to trust me.” Jeff guides you towards Montgomery’s car. Opening the door and helping you up and in.

Jeff exhales as he places the food on the floor of the backseat before going back to the driver’s seat.

He starts the car, connecting his phone to the aux cord continuing your playlist for the night. You were on ‘Like You’ by Bow Wow and Ciara.

Jeff parked the car telling you to wait for a few moments before he set up everything in the bed of the truck.

Blankets, pillows, a speaker to keep the playlist going, and a homemade meal.

He opened your door, taking off your blindfold, and lending you a hand to get out.


You were looking at what seemed like a mountain. You glanced back at Jeff, who was chuckling to himself, before starting again.

“I love the thought but there’s no way in hell I can climb that if that’s what you were thinking.”

“Yeah no, we just got our nails done.”

Jeff rests his hands on your shoulders turning you around. “I was thinking this.”
You turn to see an overlook of the entire town, the sun’s orangish hue casting a glow on the buildings.

“Jeff…” you whined, excited that he had even found something like this.

“Is that good or bad?” His arms wrap around your waist, head resting on your shoulder.

You turn your head towards him, bringing your hand to his neck and pulling him in for his first real kiss of the night. Jeff responded eagerly, moving the both of you onto the side of the car. His hands gripped your hips pulling you closer to him as his mouth attacked yours. When he finally pulled away, pecking your lips a few times more. He let out a nervous, quick laugh.

“Sorry, I just, I thought you weren’t going to kiss me all day.”

You bit your lip, lost for words. You were excited and flattered something as simple as that made him anxious.

He placed yet another chaste kiss onto your lips before helping you into the bed of the truck.

“Zach made that?” You questioned, surprised by how good it was.


“Basketball player Zach Dempsey??”

“Yeah! He’s on some high school musical, secret chef type stuff. Makes dinner for us almost every Wednesday.” He replies casually.

You were curled into Jeff’s side, head resting on his chest as though it were a pillow. You watched as the sun set, Electric by Alina Baraz playing in the background.

“How’d you find this place?” You mumbled into him, half asleep.

“Clay told me about it a while ago. I asked him where it was today.”

Jeff’s fingers traced random doodles against your skin, and he watched as you drowsed off.

“Night’s not over baby girl” he whispered to you, kissing your forehead.

You nodded absentmindedly, throwing a leg over his and shutting your eyes. Jeff smiled to himself, pulling a blanket over the two of you as he let you nap.

He taps your knee softly when he pulls up to your house.

“We’re back?” You say softly, not opening your eyes.

“Yeah. Wake up, it’s the last part”

Jeff had carried you back into the passenger seat of Monty’s car and then to his when he returned the car. He napped with you briefly, so he was more than excited for the final part of his plan.

You opened your eyes to see that you were home, mid Ed Sheeran song.

“What, no more blindfold?” you laughed.

Jeff shrugged, getting out and you followed him into your house, handing him your keys to let you both in. Your parents weren’t home, and you figured they were just out. The two of you made your way to your bedroom and Jeff covered your eyes with his hands.

When he let go, your mouth dropped at the sight of all the lights around your room. Your eyes glanced over the flowers sitting at your desk accompanied by a box of cupcakes, the shopping bag on your bed and the huge plush bear resting against your bed.

You spun around to see Jeff holding an 'I’m sorry’ balloon, a small pout formed on his lips.

“This is too much”, you say making a pout to match his.

“It’s not.” Jeff takes a step towards you holding your waist once again. “I really fucked up, and you still didn’t say anything when I asked you to go to Bryce’s” Jeff shakes his head, internally reliving how stupid he was.

“It’s ok-” you start.

“No, it isn’t. You shouldn’t even consider talking to me right now. I don’t deserve someone as good as you, and if you broke up with me right now I wouldn’t blame you.”

“Jeff…” his name falls out of your mouth with nothing else to follow.

“I’m sorry”

You nod wrapping your arms around his waist for a hug. He holds you close and tight, as though this were it for the two of you.

The two of you stand in your room, holding each other, the balloon floating at your ceiling.

“How’d you do this?” You mumbled into his shirt.

“Alex. I just gave him some money and told him where the spare key was.”

You could feel the vibrations of Jeff’s laugh.

“So you’ll probably need to move that”

You laugh with him in agreement.

“The bear is for if you don’t want me to stay.” He whispers to you.

You shake your head loosening your hold to look up at him.

“You can sneak back in tonight. I’ll let you know when my parents are asleep.”

Jeff smiles and you tilt your head back as he kisses you again. “Thank you.” You mumbled into the kiss.

Jeff pulls away, staring at you for a moment.
“Happy belated.”
Winter Song - Chapter 13 - by proantagonist
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By Organization for Transformative Works

80k+ Words. Victor/Yuuri. Explicit. Canon compliant. Slow build. Switching. Fills in the gaps between episodes 7-12. (And beyond.)

The hotel room was dark save for the muted glow coming through the enormous window on the far wall. The endless sky was beginning to brighten and change colors. Yuuri blinked and looked up, his attention drawn by a silhouette.

Victor was perched there on the sill of the window, sideways with his legs extended in front of him. His left shoulder, knee, and head rested against the glass, and though he was still dressed in the clothes he’d hastily put on after their argument, his feet were bare. With half-lidded eyes, he gazed at the city lights, which sparkled all around him like diamonds.

The sky in the distance was dusty purple, painting Victor in soft, somber tones. He looked very young … and so beautiful that for the span of several heartbeats, Yuuri found himself unable to do anything but stare.

“Hi.” Yuuri’s bag slipped off his shoulder, and he lowered it to the ground. The door closed behind him.

It took him a second, but Victor eventually turned his head to acknowledge the greeting.

He wasn’t smiling.

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Night Sky Chateau (Jeff Atkins Smut)

While Ariana Grande sang through the speakers, people were dancing, drinking, and overall just having fun. Although prom was supposed to be one of the most special nights of your high school experience, right now it seemed like a regular school dance—except we’re in a hotel and not the gym. Between the saved money from bake sales, the Dollar Valentine’s, car washes, and other shit, we were able to make enough cash to have prom at this hotel called Night Sky Chateau. Pretty long name if you asked me, but it definitely suited it. Lights flashed all around the enormous dance hall, while I sat at one of the pushed aside tables. The song changes, everyone grinding one another. That’d be me and my date, if he hadn’t got a stomach virus and was bedridden in the hospital. Ate some expired sushi, and that was the end of it. I sigh, honestly just waiting for this night to end. I would go upstairs to my room, but a certain someone kept me down here. Jeff Atkins. He is honestly so sweet, unlike a lot of other people here. My eyes scanned around the room, before seeing him with my friend, Miranda. Also his girlfriend. Jeff did some of the cutest things for Miranda, and 9 out of 10 times she never deserved it. When they first got together, I knew how their relationship was gonna be. Miranda would use him as a sugar daddy, and give him sex and fake her love for him. Did it work? Hell fucking yeah. Did I wish it did? Fuck no. Jeff deserves better—he deserves me. I’m snapped out of my thoughts when Hannah sits next to me, pulling me into her side for a hug. I hugged her tightly, another pair of arms holding me on my other side. I take a glance, seeing Clay. I sigh, even my two best friends are finally dating, while I still sit alone. After Hannah tried to commit suicide, a miracle happened and she survived. Of course, Tony still had the tapes, and Hannah didn’t know what to do with them. So we did the only thing that made sense: show her parents and then the police. Bryce was put in jail, Courtney finally admitted to being lesbian, and everyone else on the tapes had been exposed for what they did. Clay officially asked Hannah to be his girlfriend, and here we are today. “What’s going on over here?” I hear Tony ask, Hannah, Clay, and I all letting go of each other. “Hey Tony.” I smile, a hint of sadness in my voice. Tony sits across from us, drinking from a can of Coca Cola. “Thinking about Jeff again, aren’t you?” Tony questions, Hannah and Clay looking at me. “No.” I lie, but the three of them see right through it. “Yes.” I sigh, after Hannah gives me a look. “I don’t know why you just don’t speak to him, and tell him your feelings.” Clay says. I glare at him, Hannah gives him a “I know you’re not talking” look, while Tony just shakes his head and sighs. “What?” Clay asks confused. “I know you’re not talking, considering how you ended up with Hannah. Hell, you even had a damn coach to talk to her so hush.” I explain, Hannah and Tony laughing, while Clay turns redder than Tony’s mustang. “(Y/N)!” I hear my name being called, the voice coming from Miranda. “Be right back, guys.” I say to the trio, walking off to see what Miranda wants. “Hey, what’s up.” I greet her, a cup of punch in her hand. “How you liking prom? Happy I brought you?” Miranda smiles, taking a sip from her cup. If you mean, dragging me out of my house, and kidnapping me to go to a dance with no date, just to leave me by myself hidden in a corner, then yes. I love that you brought me here. I think in my head, but say a simple yeah. “Well, where’s Jeff? You two were pretty comfortable on the dance floor.” I say, not knowing what to say or do. “(Y/N), please. I honestly don’t know or care, matter of fact. He’s yet to put a ring on my finger, claiming we should wait till after school ends.” Miranda rolls her eyes, me internally choking her. “Like how much time does one person need to feel ready for marriage? It’s not like I’m gonna stay afterwards. Hell, I might sign the prenup as he’s getting down on one knee.” She shrugs her shoulders, taking another sip of her drink. “Seriously, Miranda? You do realize he actually loves you right?” I say, not being able to hide my disgust, but like everything else I say or do, Miranda doesn’t notice. “That just gives me more leverage. If he would propose already, that scholarship would be mine too. It’d be my way out of this boring shit hole, now that Bryce is gone.” Miranda whines. “What the hell are you talking about Bryce for?” I say utterly confused, my eyebrows knit together. “(Y/N), you honestly think I was fucking Jeff for a relationship?” Miranda snorts. “Bryce is my actual boyfriend, Jeff is just a side piece.” Before I could even reply to that, I hear someone scoff. I look behind me, met with Jeff. “Are you fucking kidding me, Miranda?” Jeff’s voice is thick with anger, while Miranda stands there in shock. “Baby, that was all a prank, you know I lov—” Miranda tries to grab him, but Jeff yanks his arm back with a shake of his head. “Stay away from me.” With that, Jeff walks out of the dancehall. I go to follow him, but Miranda pulls me back. “Where are you going?” She questions, tears in her eyes. “Fuck you Miranda. Jeff should’ve never even gave you the time of day, and neither should I.” I yank my arm away from her, running after Jeff. I see Jeff get in an elevator, before running towards him. I get in the elevator just in time, Jeff sighing. “(Y/N), what do you want?” His voice is weary, his eyes closed as he leans against the wall of the elevator. Something comes over me, causing me to kiss Jeff. After awhile of him not kissing back, I pull away and start to apologize. He just stares at me as I continue to ramble, before grabbing my face in his hands and kissing me. I kiss back, the kiss turning into a make out session. Jeff picks me up, pushing me against the wall he used to lean against. His lips move down to my neck, nipping and sucking all over it. “You mind being a rebound for tonight?” Jeff asks, against my neck. A small amount of pain pokes my heart, but his lips make it all disappear. “No.” My answer comes out breathy, my fingers tangling in his hair. The doors to the elevator open, Jeff taking us to his room. He holds me up with one arm, his other hand unlocking the door for us. He walks us in, closing the door with his foot before slamming me against it. I moan low, Jeff kissing my neck and grabbing at my ass. I hear the sound of a lock, Jeff bringing us to the bed. He drops me on the bed, before we both strip. Jeff drops to his knees in front of me, spreading my legs. “We’re gonna play a little game, alright?” Jeff looks up at me, his hands placed on my knees. “I’m gonna write a letter, and you have to guess it. Get it right, we go on to the next one. Get it wrong, you get punished and try again. Understood?” “But, Jeff—” I get cut off quickly. “It’s daddy, baby girl, daddy.” He smirks, before licking a long stripe up my heat. I moan loudly, covering my mouth instantly. “Baby girl, don’t.” Jeff pulls my hand away from my mouth. “I wanna hear you.” I nod, Jeff going back to his letters. He does two half circles, after doing the line again. “B-b.” I stutter, my stomach clenching at the feel of Jeff’s tongue against me. “Correct.” He does the next one, but I can’t think of it so I guess. “R?” I ask, hoping I’m right. A hard slap against my thigh, makes me jump from the bed with a slight shriek. “Try again, baby.” Jeff does the same thing, but I still don’t know. “M?” This time I feel his fingers pinch my clit, my body shivering as I cum at the touch of pain and pleasure. “Wrong again, baby girl, and you came without permission.” Jeff shakes his head and sighs, I bite my lip. “One last time, or else it’s over.” He does it again, my mind finally getting it. “N?” Jeff nodding, gently rubbing my thigh. “Good girl.” He kisses my inner thigh. By the time we’re done with the alphabet, I’ve came 6 times altogether. I close my eyes, my pussy sensitive at this point. “Baby girl, you think I’m done?” Jeff asks, a smirk clear in his voice. I look up at him, his body hovering over mine. I slightly nod, my body still going through the motions. “I’m sorry to say baby girl, but we’re just getting started.” The biggest smirk is planted onto his face, before he lays down next to me. “Show daddy what you can do.” I find the energy to get up, and line myself with him. I slowly slide down his cock, the stretch bringing tears to my eyes. Big is an understatement, as Jeff completely fills me. “Holy shit.” He grunts, while I try my best not to cum right here on the spot. I lay my hands on his chest, lightly scratching him as I get used to his size. Once I’ve got used to him in me, I start to bounce up and down, Jeff’s hands grabbing a hold of my hips tightly. I can feel the bruises growing under his fingertips, but the enormous amount of pleasure I’m in surpasses the thought of it. Jeff starts to buck his hips up, putting me in shock for a second, as I squirt all over him and the comforter. We both look at each other in shock, going harder and faster. Jeff flips us over, his strokes slow but deep. I feel every of inch of his cock in me, my nails creating patterns of scratches up and down his back, but that just makes Jeff go harder. He puts my right leg on his left shoulder, wrapping my left leg on his right hip. The change in angle has me screaming so loud, my throat starts to hurt. A thrust harder than the last, brings me over the edge, me squirting for the second time in my life. Jeff keeps going, kissing me on the lips and neck again. Jeff pulls out, turning me on my stomach. He pulls my butt up, pushing my head down slightly, me arching my back to help him out. He slams into me, my hands clawing at the sheets, my moans and screams muffled by one of the many pillows. “You’re on the pill, right?” Jeff grunts, me answering with a yes. In a blink of an eye, Jeff shoots his load in me, me squirting all over again. Jeff pulls out before falling down on to the bed next to me. After a minute or so, Jeff gets up, getting a towel from the bathroom to clean us up. I get up, pulling the comforter off the bed, thankful the sheets underneath are still dry. I get under the sheets, Jeff laying behind me, wrapping his arm around my waist. “If being your rebound gets me this, oh I’ll be waiting for your next break up.” I joke, the rumble of Jeff’s chest because of his laughter, vibrating my back. “Or…” Jeff trails off, making me turn around to face him. “You just get it any time, by being my girl.” He kisses me. “I’d like that.” I smile, kissing him.

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TMNT x Reader

Imagine having a bad day and your favorite turtle comforting you. Each turtle has his own way of comforting his S.O. but each is just as sweet.

Leonardo knows that he can’t always change the world. He can fight an alien invasion and stop crazed scientist from taking over the world but he can’t fight the little things.
He tries though.
He makes you tea, just the way you like it, and stays with you. He mediates as you read, sipping on your tea. Opening his eyes, he looks at you, smiling softly.
“What are you reading?”
“The Princess Saves Herself in This One. It’ s a poetry collection.”
He climbs into bed with you, pulling you close to him.
Sometimes, it not saying or doing anything grand. Sometimes, it’s just doing something small. Like making a cup of tea and holding someone you love and assuring them that it’s okay to be sad. And that you’ll be right there when it’s over.

Raphael understands that, when you’re having a bad day, you might feel like you need to get away from it all.
He knows that he often does.
So he sneaks out and takes you on a midnight bike ride, out of the city. He drives until it’s quiet and there’s not a single soul around. He tosses a blanket onto the grass and you both lay down, staring up at the sky. And you rant.
You rant on and on until there is nothing more to say except for thank you.
“You always seem to figure me out, Raph. You know just what I need.”
“I’d do anything for ya, tiger.”
And he would too. He most definitely would.

Donatello can be a bit awkward when it comes to emotions but he’s not completely hopeless.
He know what you like and don’t like and he knows what comforts you, even on the worst of days. After all, he is your beloved boyfriend.
“Welcome home, Y/N.”
He has strung fairy lights all around, neon purple filling the room. A playlist of all your favorite songs is playing softly and best of all: him. He’s locked up his lab for the night (and gave Leo the key) and is prepared to do whatever you want.
“Can we just cuddle?” you ask.
“Of course we can, darling. Whatever you want.”
Donatello can sometimes space out and, yeah, he doesn’t always make the right move. But he has his moments and they are amazing.

Michelangelo goes all out.
He wishes He could make the world perfect and wonderful and full of only good people, just for you. But he knows that can never happen (a turtle can dream though, right?) So he makes up for it.
He has pizza, popcorn, and ice cream (your three comfort foods). He has your favorite movies and the biggest blanket fort in the entire city, built by yours truly.
“Just tell me what you need, babydoll, anything!”
“Disney movies and cuddling?” you ask.
“And as many kisses as my lady desires. We got Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid…”
He continues to list the movies and you can’t help but smile. All of these things are totally awesome but in the end…you’re happiest that you have your favorite ninja with you.

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Hi! Im a huge fan of your work and your writing in incredible! I think it would be a funny fic to have bughead having a heavy smutty makeout and with all the hormones jug gets a little, "excited" if you know what I mean, so when the group barges in and betty gets off his lap they (arch, v etc) see his hard on and make fun of him - i just think that it would be really funny to see the whole group not taking the relationship too seriously and having a good laugh :) thanks !

Here you go! I’ve gotten a few messages wanting me to write various versions of this particular request, so hopefully this will satisfy those anons as well. It also is a continuation (although not really) of the “Jughead shirtless at a construction site” fic lol. You can read that one here.

A/N: Things get a little steamy, but nothing tooooo sinful happens so I’ll say it’s smutty-ish?? lol ;)

**This got kind of long, so I had to add a “keep reading” cut, so if you’re reading on mobile the story unfortunately gets cut off. Sorry about that!**

Betty set her French book on the thin blanket she had spread out on her front lawn, glancing up at the threatening clouds rolling in across the horizon as she heard the booming clap of thunder in the distance.

“No!” Betty shrieked, already reaching for the notebooks and textbooks surrounding her as the first few raindrops began to fall onto her forehead. “Crap, crap, crap!”

Before she could react, the skies opened up and the rain started pounding violently atop everything around her, completely drenching her books and soaking her clothes.

“Seriously, we were in a drought a week ago and you choose this moment to open the flood gates?” Betty cursed mother nature for her dreadful timing, her wet hair whipping around to smack her in the face as she frantically grasped for the flyaway papers rolling across the lawn.


Betty spun around to find Jughead leaning against Archie Andrews’ front porch, watching amusedly as Betty flew across the grass, the rain coming down even harder the quicker she collected her belongings.

“What do you say? Be the Debbie Reynolds to my Gene Kelly?” Jughead raised a playful eyebrow, referencing one of her favorite movies, Singin’ in the Rain.

“Ha ha, very funny,” Betty shot back, squinting through the rain to glare helplessly in his direction. “Now, are you going to help me or are you going to let an entire week’s worth of homework get ruined by this monsoon?”

“Alright, but you owe me,” Jughead sighed, pulling his jacket tightly around his body as he stepped out into the rain. “I actually conditioned my hair this morning and it’s gonna be ruined by my valiant act of heroism.”

“Just get over here,” Betty yelled, not having the energy to point out that he was wearing the same beanie that he always wore over his conditioned hair, making his point completely moot.

Jughead jogged over to the Coopers’ yard, already scooping up papers and books as he made his way to Betty.

“Last chance to bust out in song and dance,” Jughead pointed out once he had picked up the last piece of homework from the front step of Betty’s house.


“Suit yourself,” Jughead shrugged. “But I can totally rock a mean shuffle-ball-change so I would say you were really missing out on-”

“Inside, Juggie, go!” Betty pushed Jughead forward as he fumbled to open the door, nearly knocking him to the ground as they stumbled over the threshold.

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Breathe in the warm night air and feel the presence gazing back at you from the shadows between the streetlamps. It lurks out of sight not because of fear or need, but by choice. It waits for the time it can slither into your arms and feel safe and protected. In the meantime, it needs to build your trust, letting you get comfortable in the dark. Slowly, it’s been dimming all the lights around you. soon it will be dark. Then, it can be safe.

We traded our hearts in between the ridges of the pages of a book. Our hands were on fire where they were connected to each other as we exchanged our burning hearts. And when we placed them in each others chest, the fire spread down to our toes in a hazy rush. Afterwards, we could hear our hearts beating through the flesh to the same rhythm as their counterparts. And so, with our eyes closed and ears wide open, we took turns getting lost in the steady thrum of our hearts.

A few kisses and I swallowed your soul and let it flow through my veins. For a moment we were one and the same, but then I let it out from the tips of my fingers. And it drifted through the air - beautiful and broken - touching skin and bones; igniting them from within. And the imprints of your touch shone like little suns, escaping from the surface and lighting everything all around, and suddenly, the world was a beacon of light, and it was wonderful and at that moment, I didn’t mind being alive.

You watched, as one after the other, the stars died; their actual light fading from them as an artificial one took their place. You don’t tell them (me) that their lights were sacrificed to grant the wishes of the greedy and desperate. You didn’t say that that’s how you kill a star. You didn’t speak of the sadness you felt as your brothers and sisters disappeared one after the other - it makes my heart ache for the loneliness embedded in your soul - until only you remained; a single flame within this cold, dark world. You smiled - countless tales of melancholy warping the edges of your lips - and told me that you’ll grant me any wish I desire and I grinned - mouth full of pleasure and teeth sharpened with bliss - because I had a secret you didn’t know. I tilt my head up and kiss you and make my wish.

You are a fire that I harbor within my bones. Your presence is strongest in the stark white of my rib cage which envelopes your heart in my chest. Sometimes, I still feel your soul in my bloodstream - little specks like dust motes flying to your own rhythm. When I cut myself - paper cuts frequent my fingers - the blood that flows out glitters like sunspots and I know that it is you that I see. They call me crazy when I tell them that there are stars in the sky; they don’t believe in what they can’t see, you see. Sometimes, it makes me cry because I see you - I’ve always seen you, I will always see you - and they can’t. It makes me almost believe that they are right. Almost. But I miss you. And I’ve felt you - loved you - too clearly - too dearly - to think you an illusion. I feel your heart beat in my chest everyday and I reaffirm your existence with every thump that drums out. I am alive. You are alive.

I find Neverland in your eyes. We are surrounded by all that is gone, dead. There is no light here except yours; I do not need any light that is not yours. We remain unchanged and undisturbed while encompassed in the nothing for centuries and I don’t find that disconcerting at all. Sometimes, I think I even prefer this to before - before we got here, before when you existed within me and not beside me. Your brothers and sisters are here with us but their lights are still out. But we can feel their presence as easily as they can feel ours. Here, you are happy without abandon. Your light twinkles and titters like a mellowed out version of fireworks. You remind me of a child. I love you like this. I think I will love you whichever, however, whenever. I want to stay here forever even though I know that cannot be. But I do not fret, because I know that when I wake again, I will wake alone, without any knowledge of your existence, but knowing that I will always find Neverland in your eyes. And somehow, that’s enough.

—  when you swallow a star // oscarsins

@kaylareigns23 said: Can I get an imagine where the reader is dating Jeff and it’s the night of Jessica’s party and she’s in the car with him when he crashes and they both die or not (your choice) & like they’re on the other side together. Sorry for bothering lol I just really love your writing xoxo

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Jeff X Reader

“Babe. The party is in need of sustenance. Lets go on a beer run.”

Your conversation with your friends trails off as you turn towards the sound of Jeff’s voice, raising an eyebrow at his glassy eyes and lazy smile. “What do you mean we? How much have you had to drink?”

He scoffs. “Two beers two hours ago.” Your gaze darts down to the red solo cup in his hand and he rolls his eyes with a laugh. “It’s Coke. Chill out.”

“Uh huh. Hand over the keys, Sparky. Unlike you, I haven’t had an ounce of alcohol. I’ll drive and you grab the beer since you’re the one with the ID.”

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Everything is fine

Pairing: IvarxReader
Rating: Explicit
Words: 4584
Warning: Smut, very short masturbation, (fluff?), (insecure Ivar?)

Notes: There it is! I always wanted to write something about a very insecure Ivar wanting to pleasure his lady but being completely lost. I don’t know about the fluff tho, not enough fluff? Too much fluff? Is that even fluff?? I’m lost. (I imagined Ivar with longer hair than in the gif, but it is the main reason I came up with this. Seriously, this gif is killing me.) Sorry for any mistakes. I hope you will like it, enjoy heathens! 

“Y/N!” You jumped at the sudden scream that tore you from your deep thoughts. 

You turned your head towards the one who screamed. “Ubbe! You don’t need to shout like that, you scared me.” You giggled. Hvitserk was with him, a devilish smile on his face.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to. You need to follow us.” You eyed them suspiciously, they both looked at you with that damned Ragnarssons signature smirk that you knew too well. Usually, it meant that they were up to no good.

“Why?” It’s not that you didn’t trust them but the sun was already down and their smile gave you the creeps.

“It’s a surprise.” Hvitserk winked.

“Where is Ivar? I haven’t seen him since last night.” You felt a little uncomfortable under their heavy gaze and our body language betrayed that; your arms were firmly crossed against your chest.

“All we can tell you is that he is where we are taking you.” Ubbe spoke softly, noticing your shyness.

That was all you needed to know. Ivar left in the morning before you woke up, it was unusual and you wondered all day about what he was up to.

“Alright, I’ll come.” Their smile only grew wider at your words.

“Good.” Hvitserk winked again and took your arm, guiding you towards the hill.

You knew very well where they were taking you now; to their hunting hut. You couldn’t see why they leaded you there but you kept your wonders to yourself and patiently waited to get there. A light irradiated from the windows, indicating that Ivar was indeed in here.

They stopped you before the hut. “Here you go, Y/N. It’s time for us to leave. Have a goodnight.” Ubbe smiled, a cheerful light in his eyes.

“Yes, goodnight Y/N. And enjoy!” They both laughed loudly as they walked back to the town.

Enjoy? Your mind was working at full speed, trying to understand what he meant by that. Deciding that it would be best to see it for yourself, you slowly opened the door and stepped inside. The warmth of the fire burning in the corner warmed you instantly but what you saw warmed you even more. Candles had been lighted all around the room, giving it an appeasing felling. The two-place bed was covered in long beautiful furs that looked soft. A delightful smell of honey filled your nose. You inhaled deeply and frowned, searching for the origin of it.

Ivar laughed lightly, “Here.” He said, showing the cup he held in his hand. “It’s honey, I fetched it myself this morning. I know it’s your favorite thing to eat.” He smiled awkwardly, eyeing you carefully to see your reaction.

He was sitting at the edge of the bed, barefoot, wearing only a long tunic and his pants. The flames of the candles danced on his skin, making it glow.

“You… You prepared all this?” You were a little shocked; Ivar was not exactly the romantic guy.

He took a deep breath, “Yes, you don’t like it?” His voice sounded like a disappointed child, making your heart melt.

You sat next to him, “Of course I like it Ivar, it’s beautiful. And you brought honey, how could I think otherwise?” He exhaled, relieved. “But, I don’t really understand why you did it.”

It was a lie. The second you entered the hut, you knew exactly why he did it. You’ve been with Ivar for a couple months but you never made love. Every time your hand tried to reach for his pants, he stopped and looked at you with apologetic eyes. You understood he was insecure and you knew about his first attempt; you didn’t mind to wait until he was ready to open to you entirely, even if you had to control yourself to not rip his clothes whenever you were with him.

“I will tell you why after you have tasted this honey. I dragged my crippled body to fetch it, you’d better like it.”

You grinned, enjoying the special attention.

“Open your mouth.” He commanded. It would be a lie to say that this tone didn’t spread a heat right between your legs.

You obeyed happily, opening your mouth wide for him. He took some of the nectar with his two fingers and brought it to you. You closed your lips around him and hummed in pleasure at the sweetness invading your taste. Ivar inhaled sharply, clearly aroused by the sensation of your tongue sucking his fingers clean.

“More?” He asked, practically out of breath.

“Yes, please.” You licked your lips, a movement Ivar didn’t miss; his eyes never left your mouth as he dove his fingers once again in the cup and brought them to you.

You repeated your actions and sucked his fingers harder; enjoying the reaction you pulled out from him.

“Do you want some honey too, my love?”

He shook his head, “No, I prefer to taste it from your mouth.” He murmured before capturing your lips. You opened your mouth instantly, letting his tongue wander around.

You pulled away, breathless. “Can you tell me what this is all about?”

He lost his smile and tried to hide his shyness as much as he could, but you could clearly see that he was feeling uncomfortable now.

“I- I want to try, with you.” His eyes looked everywhere but at you. “If you want of course! If you don’t, I’ll understand perfectly and I’ll never bother you with it again.” He hurried to clarify himself.

You couldn’t help but find his uncertainness cute and you just wanted to reassure him. You stroked his cheek and forced him to look at you.

“Don’t even think for a second that I don’t, Ivar. I want to make love with you; in fact, I desperately want to do it with you since the first time you kissed me.” You let out a small laugh before leaned for a kiss.

That was something you were experts at; kissing each other. It was the only physically thing he allowed. He knew your mouth by heart, knew when to suck and when to bit your lips, always rewarded by a soft moan from you.

This time was no different. You grew eager and hungry for him every time your tongues brushed. Breaking the kiss, you quickly lifted your dress and straddled him. His hands found your hips and yours roamed his thick hair.

“Please, touch me Ivar.” You moaned against his lips.

He pulled away and looked at you with wide lost puppy eyes.

“Y/N, I don’t- I’m not sure-” He stuttered, deeply ashamed. 

You smiled gently at him, and scratched his scalp in order to ease him.

“Shhh, that’s ok, my love. Listen to me; I don’t care how inexperienced you are. I’m not a expert either, I only had one man in my life before you.” At the mention of your former lover, Ivar tightened his grip around your hips, his nails digging in your flesh.

“Don’t remind me of it.” He hissed.

You pecked his lips quickly, “I only meant to remind you that I too was not very experienced. I will tell you a secret, it doesn’t matter how experienced a man is because every women is different. Sex is about discovering each other body. A man has to find out what makes his woman shake and moan, with her help if necessary. To be a good lover, you need to be attentive at the reaction of your partner. You’re very perceptive Ivar, I’m certain you will learn very quickly. And I can show you what makes me feel good and together we will find out what you like the most. Will you let me teach you?”

His eyes stared at yours, drinking every word you said. He nodded firmly, determination written all over his face. “Yes, yes show me. I want to know everything about your body.”

“Then touch me, anywhere you want. Let your hands feel my skin, I’m aching for your touch for so long Ivar, please.” You moaned softly.

Your words awoke something in him, something predatory. His pupils slowly swallowed the blue of his iris as he looked at you like a prey. His lips crashed on yours, hungrily slipping his tongue in your mouth. His hands slid under you dress, stroking your legs until you felt them slowly going to your ass. You whined when you felt him squeezing it, the sensation even better than what you had been dreaming. You gripped the hem of his tunic and took it off; the urge to see and touch his naked chest was too strong. Your hips began to grind on his on their own. Suddenly, he pulled back and stopped you.

“What if- What if it doesn’t work like it supposed to?” He murmured; you could practically see all his determination fade in his eyes.

“If it doesn’t work then we will use other ways.” Your eyes were fixed on his but your hands roamed his strong chest, his skin soft and warm under your fingers.

He frowned, “What do you mean?”

“Well, you have fingers, you have lips and you have a tongue. It’s enough to please me.” You smirked, thinking about how his mouth would feel between your legs.

“My brothers told me about it, but they said it only serves to make the women ready for the men’s cock.”

“It’s not entirely false, it does make a woman wet enough to take a man. But to say it’s the only purpose is not true. A woman can climax several times with a man’s mouth and fingers, and it feels so, so good. Now, I don’t want you to worry about if it will work or not. Don’t think too much and let yourself enjoy this.” You whispered the last sentence in his ear and you could feel him shudder at the tone you took.

You began to trace a trail of kisses from his cheek to his neck, nipping and licking his glorious skin.

“I still don’t understand why you are so eager to give yourself to a man like me, to a inexperienced cripple.” He muttered sadly.

You sighed deeply in annoyance and pulled back, giving him a stern look. “Have you not listened to what I said?”

“Yes, but… how? How can you be attracted to me when you could easily have someone else, with a more attractive body.” He looked so lost and sad it broke your heart.

“You have no idea what your body does to me, what you do to me. If my words are not convincing enough, maybe my body will be.” You took his hand and guided it between your legs, gripping his index to slide it between your folds. “Feel it. Feel how wet I am for you.”

His eyes widen in pure shock at your wetness. He stared at his finger as if he could see it through your dress. Your breath accelerated at the sensation of his finger exploring you. You pressed your forehead on his.

“Do you believe me now?” You murmured.

He withdrew his finger and contemplated it as if he didn’t believe he had just touched your most intimate place. He furrowed his brows and brought it to his mouth, tasting you.

You gasped at the sight and whined, “I swear to Odin, Ivar, you’re driving me crazy. Do you want to know what I love about your body?” You decided that praising his body and describing what you loved about it was the best way to shut down his insecurity once for all.

“Yes, tell me.” He growled.

His voice fueled the fire in your stomach. Standing up, you pushed him roughly, “Lie down.”

He executed quickly, dragging his body up on the furs until his head rested on the pillows. You straddled him and let your hands stroke his hair. You have spent a lot of time admiring him from afar, and now was the moment you would let all your frustration fall of your mouth, without bother to form coherent sentences.  

“First, I love your hair. They’re so silky and thick and long, I could touch it all day and I wish you would let me braid it.” Your hands moved to his cheeks, cupping them. “Your face Ivar, your fucking face. It’s so sculpted; I could cut myself with your jaw and those cheekbones. You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve never seen, so blue and so expressive… Your lips, so kissable, so full and pink, it makes me want to bite it, hard. Even your nose…” You patted his nose with your finger. “So pretty, pretty nose. And your smile Ivar, when you show me those glorious teeth, so white and perfectly lined up, I swear my heart stops every time.”

Ivar tried to talk but you cut him up. “Let me finish.” Your hands grabbed his arms and pinned them above his head. “You have magnificent broad shoulders. Your arms are so strong, when you hold me against you I feel completely safe and relaxed. And your hands, they’re so huge and always warm, I wish their only job were to caress my body. And please, can we talk about your chest? Because I swear Ivar, you have the most well-defined chest I’ve ever seen.” You traced his abs with you nails, scratching him. “Your stomach is so strong and hard. And here, you even have muscles between your hips, forming a perfect v-shape. You are more than attractive my love, only you don’t see it. I know you fear that your legs will repulse me, but the truth is that couldn’t care less about it because I like them that way. The gods have crafted you like this, and there is a reason. You don’t see it now, but I’m sure your legs have somehow given you a strength.“

He was speechless, eyes wide and mouth opening and closing, trying to choose the right answer to your declaration.

“You don’t have to say anything. Just make love to me. I need you.” You whispered, grinding your hips to emphasize your eagerness.

His face darken at your movement, his hands found the laces of your dress, trying to undo them as fast as he could. “I want to see your naked body.” He mumbled breathlessly, knitting his brows together in frustration when he struggled to untie a knot.

He growled deeply in annoyance before grabbing the sides of it and yanked it violently, tearing the front of the dress apart, revealing your chest and stomach.

You gasped and slapped his hands. “Ivar! My dress! I don’t have many.”

He completely ignored your statement and moved quickly, his movements needy and rough. He pulled at the fabric, “Take it off.”

You couldn’t deny him, not in the state he was; panting, face red and lustful eyes. The moment you liberate yourself from the dress, Ivar flipped you, hovering over you as he stared at your naked body.

“Perfect…” He whispered to himself.

Ivar took an initiative; he had memorized what his brothers did to their women. He carefully cupped your right breast and teased your nipple with his thumb, caressing it gently. He watched in awe as your body reacted to his touch, your nipple hardening before him. His hands got down your body, rubbing your skin so kindly like he feared he would break you. You sighed softly at the feeling of his warm palms, encouraging him.

“You’re doing well, my love. But I’m not made of glass, you can go harder and faster, I won’t break.” You teased him, pinching his hip.

“I want to try something.” He murmured.

You grinned, relaxing your entire body and put your hands above your head in sign of submission. “My body is all yours, do anything you want with it.”

The determinate look came back as his mouth crooked in a mischievous smile. “Are you sure is it what you want? I’ve got so many ideas running through my mind for your glorious body, some of them could be… dangerous.” His eyes turned to yours, eyeing your reaction.

“I’m ready to try all your wicked ideas.” You smirked, biting your lips.

He kissed you, clearly pleased with your answer. “It will have to wait for the next time, tonight I just want to discover your body.” He talked between kisses.

You moaned in response, wrapping your arms around his neck. He began to trace a trail of open mouth kisses, taking his time to suck your neck and your breast, sucking even harder when your soft moans rang out in his ears. When he passed your stomach, you understood his intention, automatically opening your legs for him. He wrapped his arms around your thighs and stared at your womanhood. You blushed and wondered if something was wrong with this part of your body, his heavy stare seemed shocked.

“Ivar…” He looked up at you, completely lost and worried, his eyes pleading you to guide him.

You brushed his hair in an attempt to calm him. Then, you brought your hand between your legs as his eyes followed your every move.

“The first thing you must know is that everything is highly sensible here, so no biting.” You wanted to specify it; Ivar had a tendency to bite every part of you his mouth could reach. “Everything you will touch will bring me pleasure, but there’s a magic spot, a spot some men often forget. If you know how to treat it properly, I’ll certainly scream in a short amount of time.”

Ivar bit your inner thigh, eager to learn. “Show me where is that magic spot.”

You slid your hand between your folds, spreading them. Your finger slithered over your clit, making you sighed. “Right there.” You moaned.

Ivar watched, amazed. “Touch yourself.” He commanded, “I want to see how you do it.”

You brought another finger to your clit and began to move them in circle motion. His face was so close; you could feel his hot breath fanning over your entrance. You stared at his lips, wet and swollen, wishing he would just remove your hand and feast on you. But you had to be patient and it was harder and harder to be. He brought two fingers slowly to the area you just showed him and pushed your hand as he started rubbing your nub, copying your movement.

“Yes, just here. Can you feel it?” Your breath became more and more erratic.

He nodded and frowned in concentration as he rubbed it quicker to see your reaction.

Your head flew back, a moan leaving your throat, “Yes, that’s it, that’s the magic spot. It feels so good Ivar…”

You gasped loudly when a sudden wet sensation hit your clit. You lifted your head to see Ivar, eyes closed, working his tongue on you. Your hips rose immediately, desperately searching for more friction. He grunted and stopped, making you whine. He gripped your hips roughly, and pinned you to the mattress.

“Let me do my work, woman.” He grunted at you before turning his attention back between your legs.

He was greedy; his tongue lapping your entrance like he was starving, his lips sucking your folds and your clit. It wasn’t long before you felt that warm familiar feeling growing in your lower stomach. You couldn’t control your moans anymore; they filled the room, growing louder with every stroke of his tongue. You clung to his hair, applying pressure to press his face even closer. You were scared that he would stop before you reached your climax.

“Don’t stop, please, you’re doing so good, you’re going to make me come so hard, Ivar.” You wailed out of breath, your eyes fixed on him.

He purred in response, sending delicious vibrations right to your core. You wrapped your legs around his head as they began to shake.

“Your fingers, add your fingers. Curl them into me.” You instructed.

He brought two fingers to your opening, sliding them easily in you thanks to your wetness. He slowly pulled them in and out a few times before curling them, applying pressure in different spot, searching for the right place. A guttural moan escaped your mouth and you pulled his hair.

“Yes, yes, right here!” It was impossible not to move now, your back rose from the mattress and your heels dug in his back.

It was all too much, his tongue still working on your clit and his fingers brushing that delicious spot in you. You came hard, pleasure running over your entire body as you cried out his name.

He rode out your orgasm until you pushed his head away from you. He frowned at your sudden movement.

“Too… sensible.” You managed to say between raspy breaths.

He nodded and crawled up your body, using his arms to hold himself above you, eyeing you carefully as you still quivered.

“Did you like it?” He asked, uncertain.

You laughed at him, “What do you think?”

He grinned darkly, clearly proud of himself. You grabbed his neck and pulled him to you, kissing him hard.

Your hands caressed his bare chest, heading for his breeches. As you undid the laces, Ivar broke the kiss and close his eyes, lowering his head. He seemed to fight with himself, one side of him screaming that he should stop you and the other begging to let you take his pants off.

“Ivar.” You called softly, sending him a loving smile when his eyes opened. “Everything is fine. Trust me.” You murmured.

He bit his lip in worry and nodded.

You cupped his cheek, rubbing it with your thumb. “Get on your back.”

He landed next to you heavily and took a deep breath, trying to calm the pace of his heart. You sat next to him, removing the last knot and pulled his pants down his legs carefully. You heard him exhale sharply. His legs were bony and his skin seemed very thin but you didn’t find them repulsive at all and that’s not what caught your attention. His cock rested on his toned stomach, thick and hard, begging to be touched and you had to hold yourself back from wrapping your hand around it. Looking up, you saw his handsome face twisted in fear, eyes closed tightly. You wanted to make him comfortable so badly, you wanted him to forget his fear. So you did the first thing that came up in your mind; you kissed both his legs, beginning from his calf and going up until his hip. You felt him tense when your mouth touched his delicate skin but he relaxed with every kiss as he contemplated you in admiration.

“I don’t find them repulsive.” You whispered against his thigh. “And look,” You pointed his shaft with your chin, “It works perfectly fine.”

His face lit up, melting your heart. You wanted to taste him but you knew that he probably wouldn’t last long and wouldn’t be able to refrain his orgasm. This will have to wait for the next time. Ivar stared at you, waiting for your next move. You crept up his chest on all four and kissed him.

“Next time, I will take you in my mouth. But now, I’m aching; I just want to feel you inside me. Is that ok?” You muttered.

“Yes. Let me be on top, please.” He almost begged, surprising you. You never heard him using this tone and you found out that you liked it very much.

“Of course, anything for my prince.” You smiled cheekily and rolled over.

Ivar placed his body between your legs and gripped the headboard to help him support his weight as one of his hands took his cock and lined it at your entrance. He looked in your eyes, searching for your approbation.

You gave him another reassurance smile, “Please.” You shivered in anticipation; his slowness was really driving you crazy.

And then you finally felt him, slowly stretching your walls as you welcomed him entirely. Your mouth opened wide at the feeling you’ve been craving for so long. Ivar sucked in a breath, staring at your face as his mouth copied yours. Once he reached the very end of you, he froze, eyes closed.

“So warm and tight…” He whispered.

“I swear to Odin, if you keep going that slow I’m going to lose my mind. Please, move.” You moaned helplessly, trying to buck your hips against his to gain some friction, but his body was pinning you to the mattress.

His eyes flew open; wildness slowly taking over his shyness. He rumbled and withdrew from you only to bury himself once more in a hard thrust.

“Yes, just like this!” You encircled his hips with your legs, pushing him closer.

There was nothing to stop him then, his pace increased after your encouraging words, only giving you deep and rough thrusts. He couldn’t contain his raspy moans, getting louder. Yours matched his; high-pitched cries came out every time he managed to angle himself just right. His features were twisted in deep pleasure, it became your favorite expression on him; mouth open, eyes shut, brows furrowed and hair locks falling on his face. You brought your hand to his neck and pushed his head towards yours. Your lips crashed in a sloppy kiss but Ivar was too far in his pleasure to focus on kissing you properly. Suddenly, he ripped away and looked at you, panicked, without stopping his delicious movements. He tried to talk but only incomprehensible sounds came out. But you understood what he meant; you felt and saw every muscle in him tense.

“You can let go, my love. Everything is fine.” You soothed him with your most gentle smile, softly scratching his scalp.

His biceps contracted when he dove his fingers in the sheets, bending his head as a loud growl roared from his throat. You felt him spill inside you, his seed dripping out of your womanhood. He dropped on you, trapping your body below his. His weight crushed you but you didn’t care. His skin was burning and shone with sweat. His face laid on your breast, eyed closed as he tried to control his breath still unsteady. You stroked his back with one hand while the other fondled his hair.

“I’m-I’m sorry. You didn’t even come.” He stuttered quietly, ashamed.

“There is no reason to be sorry, Ivar. It’s normal. With practice you’ll be able to hold it longer. And you’re wrong; I came, thanks to your mouth and fingers. I told you, it is enough to make me satisfied.” You kissed the top of his head.

He turned his head to look at you and kissed his way to your mouth. “Next time, I’ll make you scream even louder, and I’ll make you come for me a countless times.” He said boldly.

You laughed at his sudden assurance, “A countless times? I’ll probably pass out before we reach four.”

“That’s something I want to do; how many times can I make you come before you faint?” He smiled deviously and you shivered at the thought.

You murmured against his lips, “Yes, that’s something we can do.”

Ivar always came up with wicked ideas, his fascination for blood and control was very well known, and you were sure that he would use his wit to push your boundaries in bed. And you couldn’t wait for it.

Stuck in the Middle (With You)

Winchester sister imagine

A/n: based off of episode 12 that aired last night so spoilers

Warnings: blood, language, the usual.

Forever tag list: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @dean-baby-Winchester @straightasdeanwinchester@animexchocolate

“Crowley’s right,” piercing blue eyes starred into your own. “You should go.” A loud pain filled grunt filled the air around the rotting angel.

“Cas, come on.” Your oldest brother, Dean, wore a set of swollen eyes. Trying their best to soak up the tears daring to escape from their green captors.

The whole time you stayed crouched directly to his right side. Locking your left hand with his own right.

“No, you listen to me.” His voice cracked slightly as another grown escape his chapped lips. “You-look, thank you. Knowing you, it…it’s been the best part of my life.”

“Cas…” you’d only whispered it, but he heard your hushed and broken tone speaking to the right of him.

“The things…the things we’ve shared together. They’ve changed me.” The pain in his body soared up to his eyes, jumping to yours as his eyes locked to you for a split moment before looking to the rest of the family.

“You’re my family. I love you.” At the last part, the two of you shared a solid moment of eye contact. The grip he had on your hand tightened for a split second before he continued. “I love all of you.”

Your head shook at his words. This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be happening.

“This sounds an awful like a goodbye speech to me.” The sadness you’d tried your best to contain flooded like a broken dam out of your eyes as you spoke.

“Your story doesn’t end here, Castiel.” Mary, your mother, had a certain kind of look to her. She wore a coat of guilt, but why? You all helped people- other hunters. “This is my fault.” When she directed the blame directly to herself, a cold chill went tingling up your spin as fresh goosebumps danced along your exposed arms and neck.

“Just please…please, don’t make my final moments be spent watching you die.” Judging by the look in his eyes, he wouldn’t gotten up and shoved you all out the door if he had the strength. “Just run. Save yourselves. And I will hold Ramiel off as long as I can.” With all his strength he tried to push his body upward, but only fumbled back down with a cough.

A care filled and loving smile spread on your lips. Salty tears fell down your cheeks and over your split bottom lip. Stinging the open wound more than smiling did. Reaching forward with your right hand, you Bentley caressed the side of his head where the rotting hadn’t yet spread. Your fingers getting tangled up in his messy hair.

“Cas, no.” Your voice barley broke through the tears.

“Yes.” He inhaled sharply.

“There is no way in hell I’m leaving you here. If you’re staying, I’m staying right here with you.” No longer was your hand intertwined with his hair. Instead it rested on top of yours which still held on tightly to his left hand.

A sharp and rough sigh came from his rotting body.

Why must you be so pig headed, Y/n?” His body repositioned to what seemed to be a more comfortable position for him to rest in.

A short laugh came from your still sore body. “Nobody told you to love me, Feathers.”

“You need to keep fighting.” Frustration took over his look of pain. He was no longer talking just to you.

“We are fighting.” Sam exhaled sharply. “We’re fighting for you, Cas.” His eyebrows were bunched together as the three lines of wrinkles took over the middle of his forehead.

“And like you said, you’re family.” Dean chimed in. “And we don’t leave family behind.”

Your angels head rested backwards in defeat. There was no way any of you were leaving him, and he knew that.

Sam called for your mother to follow him to talk. Dean trailed behind the two of them while you stayed next to Cas. Locking your fingers even tighter with his.

“I won’t let you leave me.” After a few seconds of silence between you two, you’d finally broken it.

“Y/n,” there was no doubt he was about to protest with what could very well have been his final breath, but you wouldn’t let him.

“No, Cas. Why would you ever…ever think I would leave you?” Part of you felt disappointed. Not in him, but in yourself. “Regardless of circumstances.”

He let out a grown before he responded. “Because… the last thing I want to leave this world seeing is the person I love the most being slaughtered in front of me while I’m left- unable to do anything.” It was getting harder for him to speak. Grunts and groans came from him in between words.

His eyes closed for a moment as a deep and held in groan came from his body. Up the left side of his face grew a splitting black crack. The rotting was getting worse.

Baby…” your hands reached out, fingers just barley touching his face.

A loud banging sound followed by a deep shout came from outside. Somewhat close to your brothers, a giant human side hole was created as a body was thrown through. Crowley.

Seemed not siding with you guys hadn’t worked so well in his favor. Or had he chosen to help in a different way?

Hidden behind the walls came a sharp, fine tuned whistling. A man stepped through and the grip Castiel had on your hand tried its best to get stronger. As if he was protecting you. Telling you to stay out and not do something stupid to get yourself killed as well.

Ramiel and the rest of your family began to speak back and forth, but you were more concerned with how fast the rot was growing.

Your brothers carried on with the Prince. All of your attention was on Cas, who was completely focused on what was happening with the rest of the Winchesters. Knowing you were somewhat safe beside him.

Suddenly, the prince reached behind him and pulled out a lance. The one Crowley had mentioned. The moment it’s base hit the ground powerfully, a gust of strong wind came in your direction. Every direction really. Your family went flying in every direction, while Cas did his best to help anchor you down to prevent you from going too. Then the battle begun.

For a few moments you sat there, watching from a short distance. Until you realized it would take all the power possible to stop him.

Your body stood up. But something stopped you from continuing forward to the fight. A hand which was grabbed lordly onto the bottom of your newly ripped jeans. Cas. This was his way of telling you to stay. Reluctantly you did. Ignoring every fiber of your body pulling towards the rest of your family.

Finally, your brothers had managed to get him into a vulnerable position as the lance was drove deeply into his chest. It was over. Be at the same time it was just beginning.

A dark black substance began pouring from the angels lips. “Guys.” Your voice was almost barley heard, but it was just enough to get their attention.

It was almost as if he was having a seizure. His body began shaking at one point and it was almost too much to watch. Slowly you lifted a very shaky hand to your mouth, covering your lips in disbelief. The air you so desperately needed began to slip away from you as breathing became harder.

From behind, your mother approached and held the back of your head into her chest, her arms wrapping around your shoulders.

“Hey, we’re right here Cas.” There was nothing anybody could do but comfort him. Dean could barley speak himself.

The oozing began to worsen. This was how he would die. His eyes were blank regardless of the fact they were open. Like he was checked out into a painful land.

“We’re right here buddy.” Sam added in.

Just as you thought the end was approaching, a bright blue light took over the room around you. It’s source radiating from behind you all. The light wrapped around Cas, taking him into its warm glow.

When it was all over you took in the sight before you. An angel. No wounds. No rot.

“Cas!” Your arms laced together around his neck, still being careful not to hurt him. Just in case.

Everybody’s heads turned around to be greeted with a sight nobody thought they’d ever see. Before you all stood a very fine Crowley.

“The magic’s in the craftsmanship.” Just before he left he turned and finished. “Oh, you’re welcome.” And just like that the Boy King was gone.

The five of you left, but there was something off. Something you couldn’t shake. A feeling of being lied to, wronged. And you didn’t understand it.


Everybody had gone back to the hotel, except your mother. Who had been staying at a different one.

Both of your brothers were driving in Baby, Mary in a separate car, while you drove the truck and Cas rode shotgun.

Of course you were questioned when you strayed from the route to the hotel.

“Y/n, where are we going?” Cas was speaking normally again, but with that bit of confusion in his voice. It was understood.

“I’ve just- you trust me?” You figured you knew the answer, but still.

“Of course, always.” His face was turned towards yours, which was focused on the road ahead.

Without warning you accelerated, not wanting to loose Mary’s car which had turned into a parking lot.

The two of you sat in the truck, from an unseen distance of course. She was talking to someone. He looked familiar. The moment you saw something- something you thought had been long lost, you hopped out of the truck and began storming into the building.

The door swung open, the little bell resting on the inside ringing violently.

“Y/n!” She must’ve been surprised to see you. Cas was right behind you, sharing an equally surprised and disappointed look.

“Cas?” All it took was his name being spoken from your lips.

He walked forward, placing a hand on the Colt and taking it into his grasp. The man you had no trust for didn’t try a thing. Seen your hand on the gun hidden from sight. Without another word you stormed out of the diner and back to the truck.

“Y/n!” A voice called from behind you, but you simply ignored it. “Y/n, wait!”

A scoff came from you.

Wait? Wait for what? To hear some bullshit story as to why you nearly got us all killed so you could steal something for that prick in there?” This was what Ramiel had said was his. And she just stood there, prepared to let you all die for it.

“Please, I can explain.” An unamused and sarcastic smile was on your lips as she spoke her words.

“Yeah well you might want to make it quick.” You swallowed hard, trying to down the lump in your throat.

“I lied. About helping Wally.” You wanted to interrupt badly, yell, but you waited for a reason. “For them. The British- I’ve been working for them for awhile now. And we’ve saved a lot of people.”

With everything in your body you clenched the power into your fists. Trying to stop yourself from blowing up on her.

“I knew if I said it was for me there’d be questions. Questions I couldn’t answer.” A sympathetic look was being held in her eyes, but you couldn’t care less.

“So then what? You lie? To get us on some suicide mission? You almost- Cas was on the brink of death. We were all being threatened and had no way to defend ourselves whatsoever. Nothing, mom.” A sharp exhale of breathe left your shaking body before you continued. “When he said to give it to him, you should’ve.”

“I couldn’t loose it for them. You have to understand that, Y/n.” Her hand reached forward to touch your cheek but you only pushed it away.

“Understand what? How you chose some half assed deal over your kids?” The lump in your throat only grew, making it harder to speak.

“Sometimes, you have to do what’s necessary…” you’d heard enough.

Every muscle in your body lunged forward as your right fist connected with the side of her face. Your ring cutting her cheek. Before you you could swing again two masculine arms wrapped around your body in a bear hug.

“It’s over, Y/n. Walk away.” Castiel held on tightly, your rage made you stronger than you’d ever been.

Your own mother had betrayed you. All of you. But this was far from over. It was just beginning.