A possible timeline of my memories

(Tw for brief mention of wing injury)
Based on what I’ve collected of them in the past half-year, this is what I seem to remember
In my original world, everyone had a specific purpose and it was heavily frowned upon to deviate from that purpose. I don’t remember what mine was for certain, and the only memory of the part of my life where I was in my original world is a bright light, people singing all around, me singing with them and crying while being overwhelmed with a feeling I can’t quite describe
Eventually I wanted to do more than my designated purpose, I wanted to explore. But this wasn’t allowed. So I had to try and flee.
//wing injury stuff is here//
I was caught by two angels in gold armour and we fought a bit but I was easily overwhelmed and they got a good cut on my left wing (the middle one, that hurt to remember) and I remember collapsing and being left for dead.
//now it’s done yay//
This next part involves a bit of extrapolation on my part so it may not be entirely accurate but it’s the best I’ve got so far
I think I was taken in by a caretaker of the library I came to call home and I ended up working for her. I don’t remember her name but I call her Angel Mom as a placeholder because one of my headmates did as a joke and it stuck
I don’t think I ever went back to my original home but I did eventually get the courage to go out there and explore the many worlds and all they had to offer
I’m not sure what the whole deal was with the light and the sing-crying though, it’s the only clue I have about that time in my life


I write these little poems
To appease this little beast
Inside of me
Gnawing at my foot.
I have no patience for this
Arms stretched out
I will cut it off
And will look back at my toes
That never could run so far
And from my fingers
Stained with my own blood
Sprout in its place
Little feathers
Little black feathers
Absorbing selfishly
All the light around it
And i will fly off
Farther than i have ever gone
Writing my little soul out
—  Jenn Satsune // Nov 30th

in every world, in every realm, in every version of the story, neal and emma find their way to one another.


Jolyne: As a floridian, ofcourse I have to put lights up the palm tree

..Even though dad hated the idea of having decorations all over the house due to attracting attention, I think its better to look like an ordinary festive folk.

Jotaro: I’m more surprised on how fast you were able to put all those lights up around the house with your stand. 

Jolyne: You just gotta be festive enough to do it.

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i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit early for Christmas decorations?” Albus asks dubiously, surveying the golden swirls of light Scorpius is trailing all over their bit of the dorm. 

“It’s the beginning of December,” Scorpius says without looking round from his work. “Christmas is in December. If we don’t get our acts together, Christmas will have come and gone without any festive cheer. Here, come and hold these baubles.” 

With a sigh, Albus drops his bag on the ground and walks across to help him. It only takes about thirty seconds for him to be swept up by Scorpius’s enthusiasm, and soon the pair of them are trailing tinsel and holly and lights and baubles all around the dorm. They make the whole place glitter and sparkle, and by the time they’re done, Albus thinks Christmas can’t possibly come soon enough. 

Art by @plati-arts, words by @torestoreamends

im really so so tired of the way tumblr categorizes people as “woke” or not and those who fall in the latter category are not even worth socializing with. idgaf lmao 

i cant believe la vie en rose was playing during the failed dinner

“and when you kiss me heaven sighs” 

ya, real subtle ozzie

i want to smoke weed and watch pornography until i pass out, and i want to hallucinate neon rays of light and sparkles floating all around me in the air while the Drive Soundtrack is playing as i shove christmas cookies into my mouth wondering how its come to this… 

i wasted 5 years of my life running this blog, i ruined every relationship i’ve ever had, i think im addicted to cocaine, i’m not even going to talk to my family this christmas, im just going to blast electronic music and do drugs and watch porno then do more drugs and watch christmas movies and made for tv movies about christmas, theres this christmas movie with The Brady Bunch that I like, like the brady kids are adults and they all come home and then later the dad gets trapped in a mine or something, idk, i’ll watch that and eat junk food and wear my $200 sunglasses in the dark and indoors, have skype sex with this girl in Florida that wants me really badly, ejaculate all over myself, and wonder why i let myself become this monstrosity, this grotesque uncaring monster shell of a person that once had dreams of working in air conditioning repair and owning a solar panel installation business but has settled for working at a pizza hut express inside of a target and turned down every promotion offer to avoid taking on any responsibility that would hinder leisure time to do drugs and masturbate… idk, i wondered how i became this way, then i realized… 

i did it for the 90s.
Winter Song - Chapter 13 - by proantagonist
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80k+ Words. Victor/Yuuri. Explicit. Canon compliant. Slow build. Switching. Fills in the gaps between episodes 7-12. (And beyond.)

The hotel room was dark save for the muted glow coming through the enormous window on the far wall. The endless sky was beginning to brighten and change colors. Yuuri blinked and looked up, his attention drawn by a silhouette.

Victor was perched there on the sill of the window, sideways with his legs extended in front of him. His left shoulder, knee, and head rested against the glass, and though he was still dressed in the clothes he’d hastily put on after their argument, his feet were bare. With half-lidded eyes, he gazed at the city lights, which sparkled all around him like diamonds.

The sky in the distance was dusty purple, painting Victor in soft, somber tones. He looked very young … and so beautiful that for the span of several heartbeats, Yuuri found himself unable to do anything but stare.

“Hi.” Yuuri’s bag slipped off his shoulder, and he lowered it to the ground. The door closed behind him.

It took him a second, but Victor eventually turned his head to acknowledge the greeting.

He wasn’t smiling.

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Person A and B are looking up at the sky from a balcony one night. They live in a crowded city area at the moment so there are no stars due to smog, pollution, city lights, etc. Person B tells Person A that they dream of seeing a sky full of stars one day…
Person B comes home from work/school one night, and Person A says they have surprise for them. Person A leads them out to the balcony, their hands over their eyes. Once they uncover them, Person B is astonished. The whole balcony is covered in little paper lanterns and tiny lights are hung all around. “Its…. beautiful” says person B, breathless. Person A pulls Person B into an embrace, looking into their eyes. They finally kiss, right there, underneath the stars.


I honestly did not expect to reach this much in such a short amount of time to be quite honest!!

I so happy to take another chance to come back to the Final Fantasy fandom because tbh I grew up with FF and it had been a staple in my life for the longest time~

I’m so happy that me and my Light son have been greeted with open arms and you are all so kind and welcoming!

I hope you all get chicken nuggets and find money on the ground you beautiful beans!

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An Unexpected Surprise

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 5.2K

Summary: Saddened at the idea of having to spend Christmas alone, you return to your apartment to find an unexpected surprise in the form of your very cute, sexy and adorable boyfriend Namjoon. 

Snowflakes floated gracefully down to the pavement as you walked through the bustling city streets. Lights were strung up all around you, twinkling beautifully in a whole spectrum of colours and the gorgeous scent of mulled wine and cinnamon lingered in the air. Everything about the place was simply magical, children wearing thick coats and knitted scarves weaved in and out of market stalls laughing gleefully as their parents chased behind them, the whole atmosphere of the place was just…good.

And yet despite the magnificence of everything, you found it hard to smile, you found it challenging to even care enough the admire the scene taking place all around you. Because for the first time in years you would be spending Christmas alone. The very thought of this made the vibrant reds and greens seem duller, the delicious scents made you feel nauseous and all the hanging lights gave you a painful headache.

You dragged your feet against the pavement until finally you reached the entrance to your apartment building. With numb fingers, you pulled out your key and turned it in the lock of the main entrance. Reluctantly, you wandered into the building, the warmth from inside instantly hitting your body and thawing your frozen skin.

The lobby area was quiet, painfully so, most of the residents had gone to see their family and loved ones over the holidays leaving the hallways deserted and silent, it was almost eerie. Your parents had gone to visit some friends of theirs in another country and despite their invitation for you to join them you hadn’t wanted to intrude on their gathering so you’d assured them you would spend the Christmas with your boyfriend Namjoon. At the time you hadn’t been lying, you really had thought the two of you would be able to spend Christmas together, but sadly he’d ended up having to work right the way through until New Year’s Eve.

You’d understood of course, work came first. Namjoon was the heir to a highly prestigious company, his father being the manager of it, you knew that if he wanted to take over one day, he couldn’t afford to take much time off. He had to show that he was determined, dependable and focused, and so, when he’d announced with a sullen face that he couldn’t be with you on Christmas, you’d simply nodded, even managing a small smile.

It was just one Christmas after all. Sure, the sheer feeling of isolation was going to be pretty miserable but…it was just one Christmas.

You traipsed through to the elevator, pressing the correct button to get to your floor, the Christmas music playing on the speakers cruelly mocking you with its sickly sweet melody, one that left a bitter taste in your mouth. You supposed you should feel grateful, to spend your Christmas in such a luxurious apartment, something that was all thanks to Namjoon and his hard work, but it was hard to see the value of expensive items  when you had no one to share them with.

You worked hard too of course, but working as a waitress didn’t exactly bring in the same paycheck as the ridiculous amounts of money your boyfriend made. Nonetheless, you would insist on buying most things for yourself as much as he wanted to spoil you, you never let him buy you clothes or technology or other kinds luxurious presents, the only exceptions being your birthday or Christmas.

When you reached the door of your apartment, you pulled out another key from the key ring and turned it in the lock in one smooth action, you pulled the handle down so the door swung open. In the darkness, you stumbled towards the light switches and flicked them on individually until the room was thoroughly illuminated, , your books were still scattered across the coffee table and a small Christmas tree stood pathetically by the couch. You had half a mind to take it down right now and pretend that Christmas wasn’t happening.

Just as you were about to collapse on the couch you heard a strange clattering noise coming from the kitchen. The first time, you decided to simply ignore it, you couldn’t muster the energy to go and check the source of the noise. However, after a few seconds the noise occurred again, over and over, becoming more and more impossible to ignore.

You weren’t scared for some reason, as you moved towards the kitchen, not even considering the possibility that someone could have broken in, perhaps you were just too blue to care. But as you swung the door open you were met with a sight you certainly had not expected.

Your boyfriend was standing amongst a heap of pots and pans, something was steaming in the corner and the plates were piled a mile high in the sink, the oven was on, the microwave was on, the kettle was on, just about everything was on and the room had a rather odd smell to it, like a mixture of hundreds of different varieties of food. 

Yet despite the disastrous surroundings, a feeling of blissful joy ran through your veins at the sight of him and without even a second thought, you found your feet moving and your body throwing itself into his unexpecting one.

“Y/N! You’re home” he exclaimed happily once he was over the initial shock of basically being tackled into a hug. His skin was so warm against your cold cheek and  you gripped him even more tightly. Your body must have still been quite cold because you felt him shiver, but he made no complaint as he wrapped his long arms around you.

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