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Yo grim! Don't think we've chatted before but I'm on night shift and you seem friendly enough to make this dark 'n dingy place less scary :3 call me DS, btw

* hey there, DS - nice gettin’ the chance to talk to you. oof, i feel you on that night shift life - i used to work one hell of a fair share of my own back Underground… but hey, y’know what always worked for me when my damn mind fixated too much on those dark turns ‘n hallways ‘n all that?

* imagine a cat high on catnip wanderin’ around with christmas lights tangled around it all cute ‘n dumb. bumpin’ into walls before flopping over for a few delighted minutes, ‘n the sound of the Pina Colada song trailin’ with it.

* … granted, in my case, that cat was my boss who was trippin’ balls, but damn if it doesn’t do the trick.

I just really really wanted to write out this chat log by @randomcreativitybursts

I hope it’s okay

The long, ornately decorated room was hung with portraits, with tapestries and gilt light fixtures all around. A grandfather clock ticked sedately, the only constant noise aside from the occasional tink and clatter of silverware on fine china. Only three people sat at the very end of a rather long dining table that hadn’t seen guests in years. The tension between them was palpable.

Draco carefully set his utensils aside and took a fortifying sip of wine before he spoke, “Father,” he paused until his father glanced up at him, “I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” Lucius said stiffly, his hand tightening around his fork ever so slightly.

Draco cleared his throat absently, “Well, you see, Potter a-”

“NOT AGAIN!” Lucius shouted, his fist hitting the table so all the dishes jumped and rattled.

Both Draco and Narcissa jumped at the sudden noise.

“One meal without talking about Potter-” He pointed his fork at Draco, “-ONE. That’s all I’m asking, Draco-”

Draco stiffened,“Father-”

“How the hell did I raise you into this!” He gestured to Draco broadly, his face going pink with rage.

Narcissa frowned, “Dear, please-”

“All you talk about is Potter-” he spits the name, “-nothing but Potter.” He threw his fork onto his plate with a clatter.

Narcissa sighed and reached over to pat Draco’s hand.

“WHY?” Lucius groaned, digging his hands into his hair, “Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter,” he muttered mockingly, “Why don’t you just fucking marry him.”

Draco looked over at his mother in surprise. He glanced back at Lucius and smirked faintly.

“Draco, you mustn’t,” Narcissa said gently.

Draco’s smirk grew. He took the silver band from his pocket and slipped it back onto his ring finger with great care before resting his hand on the fine linen table cloth. 

“So we have your blessing then?” Draco asked casually, picking up his wine glass again, the ring chiming faintly against the crystal stem.

Lucius’ face had lost all colour. He slowly pushed himself up from the table and left the room in complete silence.

Narcissa sighed and flicked her wand to summon a house elf.

“Yes, Mistress?” the elf asked daintily.

“Please follow my husband and tell me where he ends up,” Narcissa said.

The elf bowed and disappeared.

“I think that went well,” Draco said with a self-satisfied smile.

Narcissa swirled her wine absent-mindedly, “I think it was entirely unnecessary, Draco.”

“I have mentioned we were dating before,” Draco said.

Narcissa sighed again, “Yes… I’m beginning to think your father stops listening most of the time when you bring up Harry.”

“That’s hardly my fault.”

Narcissa looked at her son flatly.

The house elf reappeared with a crack, “Master is in the wine cellar.”

“Drinking?” Narcissa asked, concern edging her voice.

The house elf nodded, “And smashing.”

“Oh dear,” Narcissa sighed, “Please retrieve Draco’s wine before he destroys it.”

The elf bowed and disappeared.

“My wine?” Draco raised an eyebrow, “I haven’t left any wine here, have I?”

Before Narcissa could respond the elf was back holding an old bottle with a small tag around the neck. She took it from the house elf, “Thank you, please go keep an eye on Lucius.” She turned in her seat and held the bottle out, “Here.”

Draco took the bottle and slowly turning it in his hands.

“We bought it when you were born, to give you when you got married,” Narcissa said quietly, “It would make me very happy if you would share it with Harry at your wedding.”

Draco set the bottle down on the table to take his mother’s hand, “Thank you, mother.”

Narcissa smiled and squeezed his hand. “Now, I’m going to go talk to your father,” she pushed her chair back and stood, taking a moment to straighten her robes before she turned to the door, “Invite Harry to come next week. I do so enjoy seeing him.”

Draco smiled fondly and relaxed back into his chair, “I will.”

Fifth house;

Having spent much time in deep and introspective 4th house contemplations, this is where we open the curtains to ourselves. We let long arrows of light illuminate the inner world, exposing the brilliance of our identity while also allowing us to see how stunning the outside world can be.

The fifth house symbolizes our creative light, ruling over all matters that materialize Love’s creative powers, from which all rich and lively things derive. Sunny and inspiring, it describes artistic ideas, romanticized dreams and how the creative expression of the self takes place, while also ruling over the most creative endeavour: the ability to wholeheartedly interact with children. Here is our playful, imaginative self.

Conditions of this house reflect how one fantasizes about being admired and recognized and how to obtain that recognition and sparkling applause. This is the reason behind this house’s association to sports, recreational activities, romantic affairs and sexuality. All of these things reinforce human identity and uniqueness, infusing the conscious mind with feelings of confidence, pride and dignity for one’s own unique way of being. This is the kind of stage where we’d like to stand and extend our personal light to all living things around us, much like what the Sun does when generously presenting us with his loving beams of gold.

This is where we look within to find a dazzling star, a recreation of the same fiery love that created us.

Sun in the 5th house: an athlete marches honourably, wearing golden laurel wreaths that gleam under the Sun’s many spotlights; admirers follow happily. This is a symbol for one’s own stunning experiences with one’s own self, as the Sun’s influence here draws lively attention to one’s own personal light. A proud and noble self-expression of the self is favoured here, for the individual may be in a tender love with their own identity. Such fiery love is radiating, also favouring the development of a generosity that wishes to see people shine brightly too. This Sun adores being admired, and so it tends to enjoy engaging in artistic, athletic and romantic activities that may provide him with the applause he so passionately desires. This must be what is like to be a god.

Moon in the 5th house: children play cheerfully, dancing in circles as they sing innocent songs of a pure and bountiful world. Spontaneous and passionate, feelings here are easily expressed through art in a unique, charming expression of the self. On the 5th house’s theatre stage, the Moon overflows with emotional waterfalls twinkling under crystal moonlight; the emotional expression is dramatic, theatrical and often tragic. There is an emotional need to indulge in feelings of admiration and comfort, and the individual may find dealing with mundane responsibilities rather tiring or tedious. Nurturing abilities here are specially tender and kind, as they are entwined with a sunny idea of how love should be: pure, passionate and fantastic. These inner traits fluctuate languidly to the outside and become remarkably hypnotizing.

Mercury in the 5th house: a composer listens as their masterpiece is performed in a most famous theatre, dreaming of their own greatness. Comical and mischievous, Mercury loves being recognized and admired for the brilliance of his mind. Artistic expression is highly favoured here, especially through writing. This is a symbol of an exceptionally creative mind, as people with this placement excel at drawing new realities through the use of their communicative abilities, with which they express their fantastic and rich inner mind to illuminate others.

Venus in the 5th house: a beautiful figure takes a sweet nap on a long couch; long, translucent curtains rise and fall serenely, filtrating pointy spears of sunlight through the windows cracking under the summer heat. Venus here adores being praised for her greatness and she also loves identifying her greatness outside of herself; that’s why she indulges lavishly in divine forms of comfort. A supreme symbol of a remarkable appreciation of the Arts, this placement paints a wonderful outside world. This Venus usually finds an immense and fulfilling happiness in being alive in this planet, and she’s intimately in contact with all rich and cheerful aspects of life. Relationships here are passionate, but feel very fresh and exciting.

Mars in the 5th house: young students play tag on a football field, laughing excitedly as they run; the Sun has descended to play in their hair too. People with this placement best express their drive and assertiveness during games, sports, artistic performances and romantic interactions with others. They usually express themselves as quite fierce, competitive and courageous, as their internal light is somehow connected to the way they express their aggressiveness and work actively towards their goals. Mars here is proud and dignified through the strength of his independent nature.

Jupiter in the 5th house: an individual considers an old photograph with a smile: they’re seen laughing in the centre of a large group of joyful friends; fireworks shower in the sky. Here, the great benefic amplifies a happiest part of life, symbolizing the cultivation of inspiring ideals about the joy of being alive. The world here is wonderful, and so is the creative expression of the self, which becomes embedded in a sparkling, inspiring kind of faith and optimism towards life in general. It is natural that the individual cultivates these concepts through indulging in their favourite hobbies and romantic relationships, which can be many and quite fulfilling if the individual is in touch with their own greatness.

Saturn in the 5th house: the windows of a magnificent manor remain shut, letting only a faint golden glow pass through heavy crimson curtains; whatever’s inside cannot be seen in its absolute greatness. The archetype of fear and abandonment here kidnaps the inner child, locking them up in an imaginary dungeon filled with the most terrifying creatures. This is often a symbol of an upbringing that somehow caused one’s internal light to dim, making it hard for them to express their true potential and to feel true happiness and pride in being their essential selves. Saturn here indicates that one will most likely achieve contentment as they rebuild the image of their own selves through a self-love that is reliable and consistent.

Uranus in the 5th house: a curious portrait hangs at the end of the hall of an old museum, haunting its cold corridor with its defying gaze. The fifth house is accustomed to the Sun’s golden rays, shining constantly in its warming light. However, here we have a light that is striking, sudden, hard-shaped and unconventional. People with this placement usually express themselves emphasizing how different they can be from everyone else through their tastes, romantic interests and creative expression overall. They have a different approach to life’s pleasures and this is a reflection of their unique inner nature. There’s a need to stay true to oneself and to be completely independent in one’s own self-worth. The artistic expression here is eccentric and tends to be rather revealing, as if it shattered old patterns of reality.

Neptune in the 5th house: a mysterious figure blows thick curtains of silver from the cigarette they’re smoking, making it impossible for their identity to be clearly determined. People with this placement seek to surrender themselves to life’s pleasures and artistic themes. One’s own personal light is mystified among twinkling clouds, painting the creative identity with fantastic and surreal pastel tones, which are in turn reflected on the outside. It may be difficult for others to pinpoint this individual’s role as an actual individual, and this is because one’s individuality is dissolved in the universe’s consciousness. For this, people with this placement tend to express a pure, unconditional kind of love, and they may also build immense imaginary castles in which they can live their romantic fantasies; it’s rather easy to get lost in there. Artistic expression occurs mainly through themes of mystery, fantasy, love, surrender, magic and destiny.

Pluto in the 5th house: far below, at the ocean’s end, an enchanted jewel waits for it to be found; it’s true power is dormant, sleeping in the form of an incredible potential. The artistic expression is extreme and transforming, since the expression of the self is constantly sending impulses from the Soul’s original desires. There’s an incredible opportunity for approaching themes that are rarely explored in society, provoking strong emotional and unconscious responses in people. Constantly sending messages from the Soul, Pluto here may produce an obsessive or dedicated behaviour towards 5th house themes and activities.

Detail: François Lemoyne, “La vierge en gloire”; 1731-32.

My pal sent me this which is apparently official art from comic con

Some highlights:
- the best time to wEAR A STRIPED SWEATER
- that pic in the top right of Kevin doing a suggestive pose in his underwear
- that absolutely dorky picture of Kevin skiing
- the iconic mirror with all the lights around it
- a picture of his car of course
- I don’t think you understand look at hOW DORKY THAT SKIING PICTURE IS

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im not too involved with the voltron fandom, mainly because it is so poisonous, but the writing for lance does seem very inconsistant, and it feels like every time they have some character development for him, he reverts back to his season 1 behaviour.

i mean if by season 1 behavior you mean him acting like a goofball, him flirting with girls, him talking himself up like he’s the coolest thing since sliced bread….that’s who he is. that’s his personality. that’s not something he grows out of and that’s not something he reverts back to like he’s regressed as a character. 

lance season 1 is us getting a taste of who he is on the surface. he’s a loud mouth who talks a lot. he flirts with girls constantly, so much so that he’ll botch a mission if one successfully distracts him. he makes jokes to lighten the mood (self-deprecating jokes where keith is concerned bc hello imaginary rivalry). and he’s all around light hearted and meant to add some comic relief to the show. 

as we got further in the show, especially when we got to seasons 2-3, we got to see a deeper side of him. he’s got insecurities that sort of make him wonder where his place on this team is. he misses home terribly. he’s able to learn to put aside his own desire for glory for the good of the team. he’s able to quit the stupid rivalry with keith in favor of supporting him as their new leader and helping him where he sees he needs it.

all that development doesn’t go away because lance decides to act like a little playboy during season 4. that doesn’t go away because he has a comedic scene with kaltenecker, allura, and coran. that doesn’t go away because he’s signing autographs and flirting with girls and being funny. that doesn’t go away because he spends an entire vlog talking about his crush on allura and meeting other girls. 

everything i mentioned above – his goofiness, his leadership skills, his flirting, his unending support for his teammates – that’s lance. he’s not reverting and he’s not regressing. he’s showing us multiple sides of him. that’s what you call a well rounded character. lance especially is nice because you can appreciate him from a comedic standpoint as well as value him for the way he’s grown as a voltron paladin. 

there’s nothing inconsistent about his writing. likely what people are annoyed about is that his development is not being highlighted in every single episode. to which i say – there are 5 other main characters that need screen time and need development and lance can’t be the center of it all. 

character development doesn’t always mean “i’ve become a totally different person.” sometimes it means “i’ve become a multi-faceted person with different sides and depths to me.” 

Valentine’s Day with the Peaky Blinders

Wah, I didnt know there are so many people that still liked this fandom nvn

I’m so happy my first imagine of this show got so much love and support, thank you guys and also have a happy Valentine’s Day even if I’ll be at work and then come back home and cry alone with a box of chocolate and strawberries.

Enjoy~! <3 

Thomas Shelby

Lips pressed against your temple, fingers laced together while you two cuddled in bed, enjoying each other’s warmth and company.

Valentine’s day was today and Tommy decided to make it romantic, kicking everyone out of the house and made it a day only for you two to spend together.

Candles lighted up all around the room, rose petals sprawled everywhere while a big heart that was drawn out of them in the middle of the bed.

When you had came home and found that there, you thought it was a joke but finding Tommy sitting in the middle of the rose petals heart with a champagne in one hand and two glasses in his free hand, you knew it wasnt’ a joke.

When it comes to romance or dates, Tommy would do anything to please you, even becoming a hopeless romantic to please his woman.

Arthur Shelby

We all know that Arthur was never one for romance, all this mushy things that would make your knees week and your heart throb, but when it came to you, it all changes.

You found him home, pacing around the room before he noticed you, rushing to your side, spinning you around in his arms before having a giant boquet or roses shoved in your face while his eyes averted somewhere else with a simple mumble of ‘I love you and all that shit and I know you like roses, so here’ .

The gesture was something to make you break into a smile since Arthur tried to become a better man and quit his fighting and drinking habits thought a little glance at the table told you that he already drank half a bottle of wine, probably to man up and give you the flowers.

John Shelby

John always surprised you with something, from flowers, to chocolate and even skipping work so he could take you out and see the pictures.

Today was special and for such a special occasion, he had reserved the theatre for you guys all evening, letting you enjoy the movies you adore and keep sharing deep and passionate kisses once in a while, holding hands and fighting with popcorn when the movie got too cheesy.

When the evening was over and you guys left the pictures, you had asked him why he keeps loving you so much, him pausing in helping you get your coat back on only to press a loving kiss to your neck and smirk.

“Can’t a husband love his wife and the mother of his children?"He simply replied only to laugh at the red color surfacing on your cheeks.

Michael Gray

Michael had decided since it was Valentine’s day, to take you out and what better way then with a picnic in the park nearby the house you two shared.

Basket in one hand while his free one held yours, fingers laced together while your cheek pressed against his forearm (since you barely reached his shoulders) and enjoying the silent walk you two had.

Once at the park, he had set down a red blanket with dark lines and yellow flowers designs making you snicker at his choice of blanket only to sit down, letting him take out the sandwiches and drinks he had bought before a red box caught your eye making you open your mouth to ask the male what is that only to gasp, hand moving to press against your open mouth while you stared in shock at Michael getting on one knee and showing you the content of the box.

"I know it’s cheesy being Valentines Day and everything..but would you do the honors of being Miss Gray from now on?"He asked with a gentle smile.

Finn Shelby

When Finn wasn’t taking his drugs and copying his brothers, he was quite gentle and shy when it come to romance and you were sure he had asked his bigger brothers for tips since right now you were on your way to the circus that you always wanted to see since you were a child. Excitement being evident on your face while you kept shifting in your chair like a hyper child.

"You know this circus comes only once every three years?"You asked, licking your dry lips only to lean and peck the male’s cheek, giggling when they became a dark red while Finn glanced at you and then back at the road, mumbling he knew that only to add he will even take you backstage so you can meet the performers after the show.

That just made you squeal out in happiness, hands wrapping around Finn’s neck to give him a giant hug only to chirp he was the best boyfriend before you leaned back, letting the male keep driving while cooing over his rosy cheeks and how he kept unbuttoning the collar of his shirt to cool down.

Isaiah Jesus

Isaiah loved to treat you like a princess and with everything he did or does, he wants to make it be seen by his close group of friends and even the guys that dear to go against the Peaky Blinders.

During Valentines Day, he had came early at your job, wrapping his arms around your waist while placing open mouth kisses on your neck, squeezing you closer before placing a wrapped up box with a bow in your hands, mumbling he had bought you that expensive Belgian chocolate you craved for weeks.

"I knew you wanted it, so I bought it. Only the finest for my girl."He would mumble, nibbled your earlobe while you unwrapped the box and smile at the chocolate inside, picking one up and press it against Isaiah’s lips only to blush when he bit down on it and lick his lips before he leaned to kiss you, grunting when you tried to pry his lips open so you could take the chocolate for yourself.

Alfred ‘Alfie’ Solomons

Since Alfie owned a bakery, he always made you the best treats in town and since it was Valentines Day, it was a much more special day then the others.

Coming home and finding all those freshly baked sweets on your kitchen table only to make you raise an eyebrow hearing thumbs from upstairs making a smile break on your lips.

Once upstairs, you found Alfie cussing while kicking the side of your bed, mumbling more profanaties only to pause when he heard your giggles making him turn around and give you a gentle glare.

”[Y/N], you’re home earlier…I wanted to wrap your stupid mutt up in ribbons and have him bring the sweets to you but he bit me and then I—“His words were cut off by your lips pressed against his, gripping the front of his jacket to keep him closer and hum, leaning back and snicker that he was being an idiot right now.

"Boxer will never let you touch him..We both know he started hating you the moment he walked on us having sex..I think we scarred my dog for life."You laughed, combing your fingers through Alfie’s hair only to press a gentle kiss to his neck and whisper for him to go downstairs and get the sweets and then come back and close the door.

"Lock it too..I want to eat those sweets off your body."You cooed while watching Alfie with dark eyes and smirk when he walked to the door only to hiss when you slapped his bottom and wave at him from your bed.

Ride Me Baby *Part Two* (Harry Styles Mature Mini Series)

Originally posted by tmlnsn

Hiya guys, so a lot of you have been requesting a part 2 of this story and wanting to know where it goes from there, so I decided to start this as a mini series, but ill let you guys give me the feedback first before I continue on. This is going to be a very explicit series so you have been warned. But without further of due, lets get into it! I hope you guys enjoy it, -K

Word Count: 2,978

Harry’s POV
Its coming up to mine and Y/N’s 3 year anniversary, and I have decided to surprise her with a holiday away to Bora Bora for a week or so, I’m so excited to tell her what I have planned. She has always wanted to go there and with me making Dunkirk and writing my solo album we didn’t have time to do anything for our anniversary last year. So to make up for last year I think this will be perfect!
I was sitting in our newly furnished kitchen at the island trying to figure out what I wanna order us for dinner. Y/N Is so indecisive when it comes to anything let alone food so its so hard to know what she wants to eat. Maybe ill wait until she comes home. Just as that thought came through my head I heard the creak of the front door opening and her heels clicking against the tiled floor. “Harry?” “Kitchen” As I heard her set her purse on the side table I heard her enter the kitchen making me look up. “Baby girl” “Hey” Her face started to blush as she made her way over to me. I love the way she blushes every single time I call her that. She is my baby girl. “How was your press day?” She is promoting a new campaign with PETA, ‘I Would Rather Be Naked Than Wear Fur’ which is an amazing organisation that makes people aware of animals being killed for fashion. I’m so proud of her for making her fame into something to raise awareness for, one of the main reasons I love her. “Yeah it was good, just going over the same questions over and over and over, gets very boring but I’m glad its over” She sighed as she took off her cardigan, folding it neatly to put on top of the island. “Im proud of you baby, press days are always the worst though” Giving her a tiny pout. She giggled a little at my facial expression and walked over to the sink. “Where is my kiss hello?” “Sorry I was thirsty” She again giggled as she made her way over to me. I took her hand pulling her towards me, opening my legs for her to stand between them. “Missed you today” She whispered as she inched closer for a quick peck. “Well your home now” kissing her on her forehead I looked at her in awe. “So I have something for you” “Okay…” She replied with hesitation in her voice. “So you know the way its our anniversary next week?” “Yeah” I pushed her a little for me to get up, making my way over to my coat. “Well last years anniversary was a bust, you know that. So what better way to celebrate basically two years this year than to do something amazing” I took the envelope out of my coat pocket and made my way over to her. “Here, happy anniversary baby” I handed her the envelope and giving her a kiss. “Harry thank you” Her hand grasped the envelope looking down at it. “What is it?” “Well open it and see” Her fingers quickly ripped open the paper to find two plane tickets. “What.. This isn’t.. No way Harry!” Her face immediately lights up towards mine with the biggest beautiful smile that I know and love. “Were staying in Bora Bora for a week, you deserve it” “Oh my god Harry this is too much” Her hands started to shake, so cute. “Y/N your deserve everything and more. You’ve been so understanding this last year when I wasn’t around much and finding it so stressful and hard. But you made it so much better and being there for me when I needed you, and putting your life on hold for me, that really means a lot” I said looking down at her. “I love you so much Harry you have no idea” She draped her arms around my shoulders playing with my curls at the nape of my neck. Her hands then pulled my face into hers, kissing her so deeply, so passionate. “I love you so much” I whispered as I pulled away. I started kissing all over her face and she began to laugh uncontrollably. I pulled her waist into mine as she started to get weak in the knees with her laughter. My favourite sound. “So shall we go pack?”

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too good at goodbyes

a/n: inspired by too good at goodbyes by sam smith. this is such an incredible song, and i highly recommend listening to it if you haven’t already. i’m actually kinda proud of this, so i hope you guys love it just as much as i loved writing it

warning: this is 2,960 words of 110% angst, you’ve been warned. the ending’s kinda shitty so beware of that too lmaoo


Things haven’t been the same between you and Shawn lately; you wish you had another reason to blame, but you knew the only person at fault was you. The two of you had been dating four nine months now, and although Shawn never rushed you into the relationship, both of you knew that the relationship was stuck at a dead end.

It wasn’t Shawn’s fault though – in fact, if it weren’t for his persistence, you don’t know where the two of you would stand today. Not only was he extremely patient with you knowing how fragile your heart had become from your past relationships that didn’t work out, but he also fought for the the two of you. He’d be on the other side of the world, yet his thoughts would only be on you. Even at 3am in the morning after a show, Shawn’s mind would make him pick up his phone and press on your contact to tell you how the concert went. He’d always buy you a small gift from every place he stopped by on tour, and always made an effort to see you as much as possible. You insisted that having Shawn as your boyfriend  was all you needed and the amount of gifts he spoiled you with was unnecessary, but you eventually gave up protesting. You hated throwing the word around, but Shawn truly was a perfect boyfriend to you. 

You must think that I’m stupid
You must think that I’m a fool
You must think that I’m new to this
But I have seen this all before

You weren’t sure when it had happened, but everything was quick to fall out. You weren’t going to lie – you were beyond scared of being so in love with someone, but you were even more scared of having your heart broken. Your past relationships always left you hurt, and you weren’t sure if you could take another hit. 

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Tonight’s Summer of Mutual Pining mood is: drinking parties with the Yutopia regulars.

  • Drunk giggling middle-aged men dragging the Nishigori triplets across the tatami on cushions.
  • Drunk giggling middle-aged men playing doubles ping-pong with Yuuri and Victor. “He’s so serious, isn’t he?” they say to Victor, gesturing to Yuuri (who is out for blood). “Tell him to go easy, won’t you?” Victor doesn’t fully understand the Japanese, but gets the gist.
  • Victor bonding with Yuuko over discussion of women’s singles.
  • Victor bonding with Mari over women’s hockey.
  • Toshiya trying to coax his son into a drunk karaoke duet, which he flatly refuses.
  • (”Don’t worry,” Toshiya says to Victor with a wink, “we’ll get him next time.”)
  • Katsuki Hiroko’s IRON ALCOHOL TOLERANCE.
  • Victor is counting up the empties gathering at her side with a healthy amount of respect and fear.
  • Emotional Drunk Nishigori Takeshi.
  • “I’M JUST SO HAPPY THAT YOU’RE HAPPY,” he sobs directly into Yuuri’s stomach.
  • Around 1am, Hiroko brings out the sparklers, and everyone goes around back to light them.
  • Yuuri twirls and tosses them until there are little highways of light all around him. (”Phichit and I used to do this when we were bored,” he had said, when they’d done this out on the beach with Yurio. He was still a little self-conscious then. He doesn’t look self-conscious now.)
  • One of the regulars leans in beside Victor as he’s watching Yuuri and mutters something, sly and amused. Victor doesn’t fully understand the Japanese. But he gets the gist.
let's try it • zach dempsey

a/n: someone pls get me all of the holy water in the world

warnings: the beginning is major fluff, and then sin, siN, S I N

you look in the mirror, giving yourself a final once over and twirling. today was your 2 year anniversary with your boyfriend, zach dempsey, and he was taking you out for the night. 

 you’re still posing in your mirror when you hear the doorbell ring. the excitement rises in your chest as you bolt down the stairs. 

 "i’ll get it!“ you yell on the top of your lungs, but your mother has already opened the door.

 "hi zachary, you look very handsome tonight. have my daughter home by 2 am.” she says with a wink. your mother loves zach, and she knows how much you love him. 

 you stand next to her and playfully roll your eyes, feeling your face heat up from her embarrassing you.

 "thank you, ms. y/l/n.“ zach blushes before he pulls a bouquet of your favorite flowers from behind his back and holds them forward to you.

 "for me? you shouldn’t have!” your mom says to zach, laughing before taking the flowers to go put in water. 

 you giggle at her actions and zach pulls you in to a hug, kissing you on the forehead. 

 "you look so beautiful.“ he says while intertwining his fingers with yours. you swing your hands back and forth and smile.

 "and you look beautiful, too.” you say to him while giggling. he rolls his eyes and laughs, squeezing your side to make you laugh too.

 "bye mom, we’re heading out!“ you say, almost out the door. 

 "wait! let me get a few pictures first!” she exclaims from the kitchen. you groan and turn to pose with zach while your mom snaps pictures and random candids of you guys.

 "ok now get out of here lovebirds, i’ve had enough of you two.“ your mom says with a smirk. she kisses you on the cheek and you guys head out to zach’s audi.

 he opens your door for you, and then closes it once you get in, jogging to his side of the car.

 zach starts the car and drives you guys to your destination. the ride is mostly quiet, nothing but the soft music playing from the radio. he holds your hand the whole way there, and you admire him while he drives. 

 when you get to your destination, he stops the car, turns it off, and hands you a blind fold.

 "zach, what is this for?” you question him, feeling kind of worried. “just trust me, it’s a surprise. i promise i won’t let you get hurt baby.” he tells you. 

 he guides you along your way until he gets to the final place. you remove the blind fold from your eyes to find that you’re in the park. there’s a table set up in the gazebo with fairy lights all around. zach is holding a picnic basket and your heart starts swelling. it’s cute and thoughtful, and you stand there wondering what you did to deserve this angelic boy. 

 when zach realizes that you haven’t reacted yet, he becomes nervous. 

 "i’m sorry if you don’t like it, i- i can always take you to rosie’s an-“ he begins to ramble, but you throw your arms around him into a tight hug. "like it? i love it! how can i not? this is so sweet, zach.” you say, feeling yourself tear up. you were overjoyed. 

 "don’t cry baby, we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet!“ zach tells you, trying to make you smile. 

 you laugh and sniffle, walking to the table with him. he pulls out your chair for you and then pushes you in, making sure you’re all set before he sits down. 

 zach opens the picnic basket before pausing.

"i’m sorry, i’m not a chef baby, and the fact that my mom & sister are out of town didn’t help, so, we’re eating sandwiches, the dempsey special.” he says. 

 "i’m fine with dempsey special, you know i love your sandwiches, baby.“ you say to him with a big smile. 

 zach starts to dig in and you guys talk about anything, and everything. there’s never a dull moment around him. he can always brighten your day. 

 you guys get up from the table after eating to take a walk around the pond. it’s a beautiful sight. the moon is shining on the water, and there are little pink flower petals falling off of the trees and scattering everywhere. zach stops, holding your hand in his while staring into your eyes. 

 "i’m so in love with you.” he says. “you know that, right?” you squeeze zach’s hand. 

“and i’m in love with you.” you say to him while grinning. 

 he pulls a long velvet box out of his pocket. you gasp and cover your mouth as he reveals what’s inside. there’s a silver charm bracelet with 2 charms already on it. the letter ‘z’, and a rose. 

 "zach, it’s beautiful!“ you exclaim.

 "only the best for my baby.” he tells you with a cocky grin. he puts it on your wrist and you guys walk to the car, ready to end your night. 

once you arrive to zach’s house, you run out of the car and then open the front door, laughing wildly and hiding from him in the dark. 

 he comes in and calls out to you. “y/n? baby? where are you?” he asks. 

you walk over to where he’s standing, only being able to see his silhouette due to the street lights streaming in though the windows. you pull him closer by his collar and plant a firm kiss to his lips. he lifts you up, pushing you against the wall as he groans into the kiss. you tangle your hands in his hair and tug on his roots, eliciting a growl from his throat. 

 he breaks the kiss for air and leans down to trail kisses down your neck, causing you to moan. he makes his way towards the couch and sits down, still holding you. you place your legs on either side of his hips. you place your hands on his chest while grinding down teasingly on his growing erection. 

 zach grips your hips and presses you down harder on his crotch, causing you to gasp and then moan against his neck. being in this position sparked an idea inside of you. 

you kissed zach on the lips. “i want to try something new, baby.” you say innocently, looking him in the eyes. the streetlights stream in and you can see his expression flash into a curious one. 

 "oh yeah?“ he smirks. "what is it?” you bite down on your lip and stand up. 

 "let me show you.“ you say, taking off your shoes and underwear slowly. you walk over to him, pulling your dress over your head. as you got closer, zach parted his legs slightly, moving closer to the edge of the couch with anticipation, making you smirk. 

 you sit down, placing your legs on either side of his thigh, moaning and throwing your head back when you feeling your exposed clit come in contact with the denim. 

 you place your hands on zach’s shoulders, rocking yourself back and forth slowly, your arousal seeping onto his jeans. 

 "oh my fucking god.” zach breathes out, watching you with lust blown eyes. you smile and roll your hips faster, creating a delicious friction that brings you closer to your orgasm. 

 he admires you, the glint of the thin layer of sweat on your skin illuminated by the streetlights. the little sounds you make, the pants and gasps as you use him to get yourself off.  he flexes his thigh and it sends a jolt to your core, causing you to cry out. 

zach reaches out to knead your left breast in one hand, and guide your hips on his thigh faster with the other. 

 "baby, don’t stop.“ you tell him as you begin to palm him. zach moans and flexes again, making you cry out, coming undone on his thigh. your legs shake as you ride out your high.

"that. was. so. hot.” zach says as you attempt to stand up to get off his thigh. you smirk, but it quickly turns into a frown once you see the mess that you’ve made.

 "i ruined your jeans.“ you say with a pout. zach turns to you and places a kiss on your lips. 

 "baby, you can ruin all of my jeans if you’re going to do it like that. now where were we?” he says as he picks you up, carrying you to his bedroom to finish the night full of fun ahead of you. 

 a/n: i’m sorry for leaving y'all in the DUST, i just didn’t have any good ideas for the requests u guys sent me, and i wanted to write to the best of my ability instead of just throwing something out there. i promise i’ll try better to write more often 💞

bkfstclubmember  asked:

Would you consider writing wolfstar for #19 in 100 Ways to Say I Love You? I love your little drabbles.

Can I hold your hand?

The five times Sirius asks to hold Remus’ hand, and the one time he doesn’t have to.


Remus wakes shivering, every part of him covered in sweat, and freezing. He sits up too quickly, breath escaping shakily out of his lungs. For a moment, though his eyes are open, he can’t see the room at all, or what had woken him. All he can feel is fur, all he can smell is blood and foul breath, all he can hear is sick, sick laughter. He flinches against nothing, trying to rid himself of the feeling, presses the heels of his hands into his eyes.

One, two, three, four, he says in his head, one, two, three, four, onetwothreefouronetwothreefouronetwo-

“Um. Remus?”

Remus freezes, counting ending at two, and looks up. He doesn’t have time to be embarrassed by the tears in his eyes before there is a face clouding his vision, all soft, sleepy eyes, frown etched with concern. It’s the boy, Sirius, the one he had met on the train that day, sitting on his bed, criss-cross and worried. His hand is outstretched, lightly resting on Remus’ knee, and Remus realizes what had waken him.

“Hey. It’s alright, I get them too.”

Nightmares, Remus thinks.

Sirius offers him a loopy grin, “Only yours probably aren’t of your mother, right?”

Remus blinks, startled by the comment and how calmly it had come out of Sirius’ mouth, “Oh. Um, no. Not my mother.” He hates the way his voice hitches with the tears in his throat.

Sirius nods, pressing his lips together and to the side, thinking. After a few moments, he, very tentatively, holds out his hand, “Can I…” He bites his lip, then sticks his palm out more insistently, “Can I hold your hand?”

Remus just blinks at it.

Sirius inches it closer to Remus’ hand that is clenched around his sheets, “It’s just that… Whenever my little brother has nightmares I always hold his hand. Or he holds mine. It just, I dunno, helps. To know someone is there.”

Remus feels tears pricking his eyes again, for an entirely new reason. He can’t remember the last time someone asked to comfort him, to be near him, much less hold his hand.

Sirius reached forward a little more, the tips of his fingers touching Remus’ knuckles, “’s okay, you know…”

And Remus bit his lip, taking, for the first time, the hand that would be there for him for years to come.


Remus sort of hated Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts. The sentiment was okay enough (it would probably have been better if he himself had someone to direct his sentiment towards), but he could do without the flowery scented charm hearts floating around the halls and popping directly in front of the recipient’s face. It caused many a giggle and a far too strong scent to linger about. It was frankly annoying. Although, and he’d never admit this, he wouldn’t be opposed to receive one himself, something that he never expected to happen.

That’s why he found himself choking on his pumpkin juice when, at lunch, he received a burst of flowery scent and a slightly translucent bubble heart zooming towards him from outside the great hall and popping directly in front of his face. He blinked, blinked again, choked a bit, and when he opened his eyes, Sirius was right there, grinning mischievously at him.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Moonykins.”

Remus rolled his eyes, pressing his palm to Sirius’ wiggling eyebrows and causing him to let out a loud laugh, James smirking beside them, watching the exchange.

“Fuck off, Pads.”

Sirius pressed a hand to his chest, right above his heart, feigning hurt, “What?” He reached that same hand out, palm up, “You’re not gonna hold my hand, woo me back? I did send you a heart, you know.”

Remus just rolled his eyes again, looking at Sirius with a bit back smile, chest aching a little. He pushed down his wish that Sirius wasn’t joking, that he was sending him a heart because Remus actually had his heart… Sirius’ certainly had his. He gave a dramatic sigh, dropping his hand in Sirius’ and squeezing, causing Sirius to let out a triumphant woop. He managed to hold their hands up above their heads for a second before Remus was shoving his shoulder and letting their hands drop. He swore his palm stayed warm all through the day.


Remus was breathing hard through his nose by the time he got to the top of the astronomy tower. Whether it was from the stairs, or from the effort to keep the tears at bay, he didn’t know. He pressed his palms to the railing, letting the cool, spring wind ruffle through his hair, calming his nerves. Embarrassment burned through his chest, leaving him even more breathless. He’d never drink anything again, ever, if he could help it. Not after tonight. He pressed a hand over his mouth, feeling slightly sick, and slightly like he could run a mile. His lips still tingled from when he’d leaned forward, without much warning, and pressed them to Sirius’. Why, why had he done that?

“Merlin.” He breathed, letting his hand drop to the railing, his head following, forehead resting on the backs of his hands. He wanted to disappear, he hoped desperately Sirius hadn’t followed-


Remus closed his eyes. He had nothing to say. No excuse, no reason, except the truth, and he definitely wasn’t about to say that.

Hey Pads, I love you. I have for four years now. Did you know?

“Remus, what the fuck, why’d you- you can’t just run out like- I mean, not after…” He sounded just as breathless as Remus felt, but not angry. Remus thanked god for that. Not angry, “Hey, would you look at me?”

Remus sighed, “Must I?”

Yes.” He felt a hand on his shoulder and jerked around, eyes stinging.

“You don’t have to pretend- I didn’t-“ Remus ran a hand over his face in frustration, embarrassment. Heartache, “We don’t have to talk about this, please, let’s just forget it, I’m sorry-“

“Shut up, Remus!”

Remus blinked, mouth closing abruptly. Now Sirius sounded angry. He took a step back to the railing, feeling the metal dig into his lower back.

Sirius sighed, stepping forward, palms out in surrender, “Sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t… You just, you didn’t even- you don’t even know what I think. You didn’t exactly stay long enough to find out.”

Remus’ heart pumped faster, unsure, but starting to mingle with the tiniest bit of hope all the same, “I- Oh.”

Sirius took another step forward, the smallest of smiles finding his face, “Yeah, oh.”

Remus tilted his head slightly, hope simmering just under the surface now, threatening to appear in a smile of his own.

Sirius was so close now that their chests were brushing, and Remus felt tentative fingertips brush his wrist, “Can I hold your hand?”

The smile broke through on Remus’ face. Although the first time had been asked in all seriousness, ever since that Valentine’s Day it had become a bit of a running joke, “You want to hold my hand?”

Sirius pressed their foreheads together suddenly, like he just couldn’t help himself for another second. Remus politely ignored, and secretly adored, how he had to press up on his toes to do it, “Yes. Yes, Re. I want to hold your hand.” Then quieter, as he laced their fingers together, he added, “I want to kiss you again.”

And Remus let Sirius part his lips with his own, let their fingers twine together. They didn’t let go for a long while after that.


Remus was terrified. He was trying to be strong but he was terrified. The light of spells flashed all around him, freezing him in place and telling him to move all at once. He crouched, dust and stone all around him, filling his nostrils and the cracks in his lips. His eyes stung, his lungs burned, his hands shook, making his casts unsteady. After he’d misfired more than once, he’d took to hiding for a moment, trying to gather his strength.

“Hey-“ Remus jumped, head turning sharply towards the voice, “No, shh. It’s me, Re.” Sirius’ voice quickly slowed Remus’ picked up heart, and he felt his muscles start to relax. Sirius crouched next to him, both of them hidden, just for a moment, behind a large piece of rubble, and brought his hand to the back of Remus’ neck, thumb rubbing softly. Remus let his eyes slip closed at the familiar feeling, “Moons…”

Remus looked at him again, hand coming up to wrap around Sirius’ wrist, “I’m fine. I just- I needed a moment.” Sirius nodded, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to the corner of Remus’ mouth. Remus sighed into it, turning his head to kiss Sirius full on for a moment, letting it calm his nerves. Then, “We should go back.”

Sirius stayed still,, nose brushing against Remus’ softly, before retrieving his hand and holding it out, “Take my hand?”

Remus did, smiling as he did so. And they went to win this battle.


Remus didn’t know how to act in the beginning. Seeing Sirius standing there in the doorway of his parent’s house, ready to hide for… who knows how long. Looking older, thinner, sadder. Looking like he didn’t know what he was, what Remus was…what they were. Remus didn’t have the first clue what to say. So, as usual, Sirius took the lead.

“Missed me, Moony?”

Remus looked up from where he’d been studying the too loose folds of Sirius’ clothes, and his heart ached. Sirius’ mouth was doing that thing, twisting in a way that meant he was trying to smile over a too-powerful frown. His eyes were desperate and sad, and said please say yes.

And Remus suddenly found he could barely breathe, much less speak. His throat swelled and he tried to clear it, hanging his head for a moment. When he looked back up there were tears in his eyes, and they darted around the room, anywhere but Sirius’, embarrassed.

“What a stupid fucking question.” He rasped out.

Sirius stepped through the doorway, long fingers looking bony against the dark wood, but familiar. Remus’ suddenly ached to have them in his.

Ask ask ask. Please ask.

Sirius’ smile was real though, so real, as he stepped right in front of Remus. Still shorter, Remus noted. It was all so much, so familiar.

“I’m glad…”

Remus stared at him for a moment, eyes raking over his face, remembering, re-memorizing, wanting, but unsure if he was still allowed to want. He cleared his throat, “Do you want some tea? Food? Are you hungry?” Sirius had a little smile over his face, but didn’t respond. Remus needed to do something, anything, to occupy himself, “I have biscuits. Dinner is still cooking but it will be ready soon. I made your favorite, blueberry pie, too. I mean, if that’s still your favorite, I don’t know.” Remus waited a few more beats and then sighed, “Pads, please, let me do something for you-“

“Can I hold your hand?”

He smiled, eyes slightly melancholy, as he said it. And Remus’ chest seized, his heart broke, and then everything fell back into place. Just like that. He blinked and suddenly his cheeks were wet. He let out a breath and suddenly he was breathing again.

“Yes- God, yes-“

Sirius’ fingers captured his own at the same instant as his lips did the same.


Remus knees hit the ground in front of the veiled archway, the sound of bone against stone echoing in the now empty chamber. His lungs. He couldn’t get air. He clutched at his throat, his chest, desperate for oxygen. But all he could feel was his heart, aching, threatening to stop after each terrible, terrible beat. Remus wasn’t sure he’d complain if it did.

When the first sob broke through, he wished his heart would just give up already. It was too much. He squeezed his eyes shut.

Can I hold your hand?

He bowed his head against the tears racking his body. That first night, that very first night, the first time Sirius had managed to take all the pain away. Every ounce. And he’d done it again, the night on the astronomy tower, the night that changed everything, everything. Remus longed for that night now.

Take my hand?

Remus saw the grin, the light in Sirius’ face, the strong fingers wrap around his own-

“Yes.” His eyes flashed open. The veil, it was still there, “Yes, come on. Sirius-” Remus sobbed. He thrust his hand out, his voice cracking and barely there, “You don’t have to ask, you never had to ask. Take my hand now.” Remus fell forward with the effort to keep his hand out, just barely keeping from collapsing, “Just take my hand. I’ll pull you back, I need you back. Take it. Take it… Take…”


Take my hand.
I’ll teach you to dance.
I’ll spin you around.
Won’t let you fall down.

- He Is We

Over the Garden Wall Analysis: The Beast

So I’m planning to post a few of these. I’ve gone through and watched the miniseries several times now and me and my friends have been talking about pretty frequently in the past month or so. We have a lot of ideas of symbolism and what do certain aspects of the shows represent.

This one in particular however I have to give credit to my friend Sydney because it took her one watch to crack this baby open. I hadn’t even thought of it and I haven’t seen one person to take this conclusion away even after multiple re-watches. Looking back on it though, it seems fairly obvious. 

It has to do with the beast and the idea of just what the heck is it?

The most common fan interpretation going around is that the beast resembles the devil, or something along those lines. A monster that feeds on dying souls. However, as a few of my friends pointed out, that interpretation doesn’t really make much sense. 

If The Unknown is the Afterlife, then how would dying be of any real concern? Are you double dead at that point? Does your soul cease to exist? Double Dying is not a particularly novel idea and it does provide stakes to a story, but why does the Beast feed indiscriminately on children? And how does the Woodsman’s daughter come back at the end. There are some missing elements. 

However, when we start to consider other elements of the show, the beast’s true identity becomes clear. 

First things first, let’s take a look at an element nobody seems to be able to make sense of. That being the turtles. 

The Black Turtles are all over this show and most people who’ve tried to interpret them can’t really say that they are much more than a motif. But we know that isn’t true considering what they do to Beatrice’s Dog.

Beatrice’s Dog, smelling the candy Greg put on a turtle, eats it and then becomes a hideous monster with glowing eyes, hellbent on chasing the boys and devouring the entirety of Greg’s candy. The monster it becomes is terrifying and comes pretty close to ripping Greg and Wirt to shreds. So we know without a doubt the turtles have some kind of evil magic. 

Without the turtle, Beatrice’s dog is just a sweet puppy who even helps get Greg out of the river. The turtles make him malicious, and interestingly enough, obsessed with a thing he did when he ate the turtle in the first place. Getting all of Greg’s candy is all it cares about, to the point it jumps off of a house. 

The next time we see the Turtles is in The Ringing of the Bell, when Greg and Wirt encounter bunches of them kept in barrels. This is where people get confused about the turtles because we see Auntie Whispers eat them but without going through any kind of transformation. We assume Auntie Whispers initially is evil but later discover she’s a kind old woman just trying to protect Lorna, and she even warns the boys about Adelaide. However there is one character in the show who is corrupted by evil. 

We don’t know if Lorna ate a turtle or not, but it is interesting she’s another good person turned crazy after being in close proximity to them. I’m going to say she didn’t eat them though, as when Wirt commands the spirit to leave, Lorna isn’t coughing up any black turtles. Auntie Wither’s also mentions it’s Greg and Wirt’s influence that has made her wicked again. But what does Lorna affectionately refer to them as? Her turtles. They are a corrupting force just like the turtles, something Lorna would know, and they corrupt her in the same way the turtles corrupt Beatrice’s Dog. Why then does Auntie Whisper’s have all these turtles? Well, we know Auntie Whisper’s is a good woman, if a bit strange looking, and also has magical abilities. Perhaps she’s eating the turtles as a way of disposing of them to keep them from hurting other people, and over the years it’s taken its toll on her physical appearance.

Either way, this is sort of where we begin to see how evil corrupts souls in The Unknown. Unlike Beatrice’s Dog, the spirit possessing Lorna is a lot more conniving of an evil monster. It uses her voice to speak to Greg and Wirt to try and convince them to let her eat them. It’s a bit more plotting. 

So now let’s look at the beast. A strange monster running around in the woods lying and manipulating people into keeping its lantern lit. However, interestingly enough, we have no idea how long the Beast has been around. It could be generations, or it could be a few months. We have no idea. The woodsman and the tavern people let us know what the Beast does, but it could be the Beast has only been doing it for a few weeks. The warning would be the same either way. 

Let’s say a person, or rather a child, curiously wandered out into the woods and got lost in the dark. Frightened, they ran out of oil for the lamp, and were caught wandering blindly through the forest. Now let’s say that person somehow wound up eating a turtle, or maybe, considering their oily appearance, tried to use the turtle as lantern fuel. 

Of course that’s just a theory, but the give away that the Beast has eaten a turtle comes when Wirt proposes that the Lantern actually contains the Beast’s soul. The Beast immediately evaporates all the light around him, and Wirt frightened, looks into the dark, but then notices the Beast’s eyes.

They’re the same beautiful eyes of Beatrice’s Dog when it ate a turtle and became a monster. Wirt then get’s a look on his face as if he understands something, and he realizes the Beast has no power, and that he can just take Greg and go. 

So if this was the case, then who was the Beast before it ate the turtle? From it’s appearance, it looks distinctly like a tree from the forest. But what I always notice is the Beast’s cape that he wears almost like a shawl. The Beast also has an interesting connection with the Woodsman too. Since the Woodsman carries the Beast’s lantern. But the Beast knows interesting details about the Woodsman’s life, like the fact the Woodsman strayed from his cabin because he couldn’t stand coming home to find it empty. The Woodsman in turn seems to be the person in the wood to know the most about the Beast having wrestled the lantern away from it. They both share a motif connection with tree’s as the Woodsman chops them down for Lumber, and the Beast creates the trees out of souls. 

Who then is the Beast?

The Beast is not lying when it says the soul of the Woodsman’s daughter is in the lantern, because the Beast is the woodsman’s daughter. The black shawl, the connection with trees, the fact that in the series opener, it is spring and she’s looking curiously off into the woods, as if wondering what exists out there. 

When the Woodsman blows out the lantern once and for all, the next time we see him he is home at his cabin, not going inside because we know he can’t stand to see it empty, and who should come out to greet him but his daughter.

She’s even carrying a candle to symbolize the lantern. We don’t see any of the other people the Beast turned into tree’s reappear, so why then does the daughter survive. Because she was the beast.

In the very next cut too, we see the fish in the rowboat from episode 8, which we know was in the same area as the Beast since by that pond is where Wirt begins to turn into an Edelwood tree. And what is the fish pulling out of the pond?

A black turtle. Presumably the one the Woodsman’s daughter ate.

My theory then is this, the Woodsman’s daughter wandered out into the woods, got lost in the dark and had her lantern go out. She tried to use a turtle as fuel and as a result, became the Beast. 

TL;DR: The Beast is the woodsman daughter because she ate/used a turtle as lantern fuel. 

The Hades and Persephone AU no one asked for! 

Iron Flowers

The wards in the Underworld are starting to weaken and Alec has to find the reborn Persephone before it’s too late and Valentine gets out.
But when at-first-glance-mortal Magnus turns out to be the personification of spring itself who doesn’t know his true powers it gets a little more complicated than just restoring the wards in a flash.

Read it on AO3 


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Either/Or: Single II


Previously on Single

The apartment was decked in all of the holiday spirit. Lights on every surface, sloppy snowflakes cut and taped on the windows, stockings hung with care and construction paper and cotton ball snowmen on the walls. The tree itself was modest in girth, but laden with ornaments, all kinds of handmade, hot glue gunned and glitter bespeckled entities.

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