light in darkness

Seeing the Light

@weblenaweek WebLena Week Day 3 Light/Darkness

Shadow. Witch. Spy. Lena was all these things, and Magicka never let her forget that. In the dark abyss that had been her world for all these years – and Lena hated that her entire existence could be summed up so succinctly.

Every day, her Aunt Magicka reminded her of her bleak future. She was taunted daily that her freedom – which was already an empty dream anyway – was only obtainable if she helped her aunt destroy Scrooge McDuck.

Then she met Webby. Wonderful, naïve, stupid Webby – with her bow and her optimism and her surprisingly thorough kung fu training. Webby caught her joke bottles one day and flying tackled her way right into Lena’s heart.

This was made worse by the fact that Lena now had a legitimate way into McDuck Manor, so she was forced to use the only friend she had ever had.

And “friend” was a term used lightly. The rate at which Lena found herself emotionally attached to the younger girl was frightening. Feelings that Lena didn’t even know she could have rose to the forefront against her will.

Every time they hung out, Lena was left breathless by the amazing girl who decided to be her friend. And every time her heart broke knowing they could never grow old together. That they could never be together.

It was a dark existence, being a shadow. And yet…

Every time she got to Webby, she left feeling like she was glowing.

[Google how to draw faster and not have to cut corners on things]

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