light year anniversary

Neon Lights: a one year anniversary special

January 21st, 8pm CST ( 6pm PST / 9pm EST )
Mist, ward 07 - plot 31

Come celebrate our performance manager’s one year anniversary with us by partaking in the theme that started her career with Gilded Pony! A lot has happened to us since then - including getting our own place, upsizing, and some format changes - but we like to remember fondly where we started!

This will be a burlesque performance - NC-17 content! Never full nudity. ♥

Special shout out to @crescent-ffxiv - this time last year we were still doing our shows out of their basement!


50.Years Light by Emre Hanoğlu
Via Flickr:

Inktober day 7.  It’s so cute how Ladybug and Chat Noir do a fist bump after defeating and cleansing each akuma so with that idea in mind but wanting to try something different I drew them interlacing their fingers and giving a little celebratory jump.  I’ve wanted to try drawing a couple jumping up in the air for a while and this was a perfect opportunity to do it.

I drew this and inked it in traditionally with a red Sharpie fine point permanent marker and Papermate Flair Medium felt tip pen. But I colored their skin, eyes, (I love how Chat’s eyes came out, omg I love his beautiful green eyes! >w<) Chat Noir’s hair and the hearts, music notes, and lines of noise (I think that’s what they’re called?) digitally in PS plus I used Hue and Saturation to bring out the color in Ladybug’s suit and Chat Noir’s bell.

I’m soo grateful to… for their references for Ladybug and Chat Noir’s suits! I wanted to make sure I was accurate with their suits when drawing this so this tumblr blog is a great help. :)

Chance the Rapper & Donnie Trumpet Release “The First Time” In Light of ‘Surf’ One Year Anniversary

Last night, while most of the Western half of the world was asleep, Chance the Rapper, Donnie Trumpet and the rest of The Social Experiment celebrated the one year anniversary of their group’s debut album, Surf. The critically acclaimed project, which was released for free on iTunes was downloaded a whopping 618K times, and amassing over 10M downloads in its first week. As we all know by now, Chance is a true champion for the people, and is keen on making major changes in how music is delivered, even co-signing a fan-created petition to push the GRAMMYs into possibly recognizing and awarding music released on most platforms for free. To commemorate the one year occasion, Chance & Donnie dug into a vault of “unused Surf pieces” recorded during the original sessions. The result is a nearly 11-minute epic composition titled “The First Time” which features Chance The Rapper, Ady Suleiman, J.P. Floyd, Dustin Green and Cam Obi.

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Attack The Light One Year Anniversary!

This weekend marks the One Year Anniversary of Attack The Light’s release! Wow!!

Looking back, we never anticipated our humble little RPG would be met with so much support and success. We are so so grateful to all our players and fans – all the kindness and enthusiasm we’ve experienced this past year have been the most incredible motivator to do bigger and even better things. Thank you so much to you all, from our entire team! (And of course, a huge huge thank you to our good friends at CN, and the lovely and brilliant SU team for making it all possible!)

Now that we’ve released our newest game, Powerpuff Girls: Flipped Out!, we’ve got s'more very exciting things in the works, including another new 2016 game release to announce in the next few weeks (yes, *already*! –- told ya we’ve been busy!), and then yet another project after that that’s currently in pre-production and willl certainly make ATL fans very excited! Can’t wait to tell you more!

Cheers, all!

~ Team Grumpy

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Happy three years of enjoying life together to the three most important people in the entire solar system, Beau, Lights, and Rocket Bokan. May they continue to float through time and space together for the rest of their unknown amount of time on earth.♥