Ok so I just saw Netflix’s Death Note trailer and frankly I’m pissed. Not only is it completely white washing a legendary anime and misrepresenting the characters, but it is trending on YouTube right now with 114k likes. As Netflix is extremely popular in pop culture, this means millions of people will see Death Note as the misrepresented piece of garbage Netflix is showing.

Netflix done fucked up with the Death Note movie. Like I like Nat Wolff but it’s a fucking Japanese show/ manga. There are PLENTY of talented Japanese actors/actresses. I mean if you didn’t white wash the film it would save you the trouble of having to change the characters’ names. Light Turner??? Come on. Jesus. Although… Ryuk’s thing looked cool. However, his name probs won’t be Ryuk in the movie. Probably I’ll be something like Rance or Robert. And he probs won’t be referred to as a Shinigami. Way to fuck it up Netflix.

The Death Note trailer irritates me to no end. I mean Light is Japanese, everybody knows that, the boy in the trailer reminds me of Tate from American Horror Story, not a boy who desires to be God. L, I personally always imagined as being foreign, and not being from Japan, and the rest of the cast should be Japanese, except for Near, he reminds me of somewhat American. The trailer is so mediocre and all it looks like they’re trying to do is be edgy. If you’re going to remake an anime, you’ve gotta make it appealing, that trailer was not at all appealing in anyway.

Me with any anime
  • Me: Oh, ouran high school host club looks stupid
  • Me *a week later*: KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE
  • Me: Free!? Me watch that? No thanks
  • Me a week later: *Is reading readerX rei ryugazaki fan fics*
  • Me: Ugh, I dont understand why Yuri on Ice is so popular
  • Me a week later: VICTURI
  • Me: Deathnote is too weird for me.
  • Me a week later: L, Light, and Matsuda are my children