Me with any anime
  • Me: Oh, ouran high school host club looks stupid
  • Me *a week later*: KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE
  • Me: Free!? Me watch that? No thanks
  • Me a week later: *Is reading readerX rei ryugazaki fan fics*
  • Me: Ugh, I dont understand why Yuri on Ice is so popular
  • Me a week later: VICTURI
  • Me: Deathnote is too weird for me.
  • Me a week later: L, Light, and Matsuda are my children

Ok so I just saw Netflix’s Death Note trailer and frankly I’m pissed. Not only is it completely white washing a legendary anime and misrepresenting the characters, but it is trending on YouTube right now with 114k likes. As Netflix is extremely popular in pop culture, this means millions of people will see Death Note as the misrepresented piece of garbage Netflix is showing.