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To Hilly:

Today I want to curtsy until my knees go weak, I want to bow so deep that my head touches the floor. I want to cry until I’m out of tears, I want to applaud you until my hands are blistered, I want to scream until my throat is sore. Cause, I love you! Because of you, I am happy. I want to feel like this, rejoice like this, all day every day for the rest of my existence. I will treasure this, be grateful for YOU, for all eternity, Always! ROD- DAMN is echoing in my head. Cause girl, you’re amazing. Keep on keeping on. Thank you, from now until infinity and beyond. I want to bear hug you like there’s no tomorrow. But most importantly, I need you to know: your words of encouragement heal me like nothing else, your smile lights up the world. Your laugh would make an atheists believe. You make us all want to be better. Because: my darling, you are LOVE! So Hillary, thank you! Thank you for being you. I thank you from now until.. my last breath!

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Jensen looking at me like this while we hold hands… How did I ever survive this moment?

That smile, with his tongue poking out a little between his teeth, and those eye crinkles! The gentle way he kept looking at me and holding my hand even while he tugged me along to the right place at the centre of the screen, because I pretty much froze where I was the moment he took my hand. That he didn’t let go of me during that still makes my heart beat faster and makes me smile every time I think about it.

I love to relive this moment <3

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John and Sherlock both mutually agree to not have any Big Plans for Valentine’s Day. This is a relief for both of them- each case they’ve been on the for past week has been some Valentine-themed gimmick, and Sherlock thinks he’ll scream if he sees one more heart shaped box of chocolates. “The chocolates are poisoned. Jealous ex posing as a secret admirer. Really. Stop looking at me like that, if you dare give this a stupid title, I’ll-”

So, they go to bed with the promise that the most eventful thing happening the following day will be a massive takeaway, the extra portions the only hint that it’s a special occasion.

Except, when Sherlock wakes, John is not there. He stretches and rolls into John’s spot in bed- still warm. Can’t have wandered far then. He rolls back over to his side, and that’s when his head brushes against something on his pillow, a slight rustling sound. 

Sherlock frowns and sits up. Lying on his pillow is a small brown envelope, just the word Sherlock written on it with a ballpoint pen. Sherlock smiles at how the r and l loop together into a smudge, the ink not sympathetic to John being left-handed. 

He picks up the envelope and turns it over. And then, on the back, is written one last thing: S.W.A.L.K. It rings some sort of bell, and Sherlock thinks for a moment, before it comes to him:





Sherlock’s stomach gives a pleasant little jolt, and while Sherlock does indeed know that John is very much a romantic, sometimes it still takes him by surprise. He breathes in and opens the envelope.

But, instead of a card, it’s a sheaf of papers, diligently folded over and over again so they could fit inside. Slowly, Sherlock unfolds them:

Dear Sherlock,

         Hello there. Thought you’d be a bit sick of the sight of cards after All That (sorry-can’t deny the public a pun in the blog title). So. I thought I’d try something different. 

I love you. And I’m going to tell you that, today, and tomorrow and every day to come. But here’s when I wanted to say it. Before.

God, I am actually really nervous about this. I hope it’s not- too much. Anyway. You’re sleeping like a log right now. Read this and then we can maybe get breakfast from the café?



Feeling a little light-headed, Sherlock turns the page over. And here, here are more words, a whole wonderful screed:

When I thought ‘I love you’ but didn’t say it (I’m sorry)

We’re laughing against the wall and it’s the best night of my life, and you smile with your eyes lighting up the whole world and tell me “Says the man at the door.”

When you opened that fortune cookie and it landed in your drink and I pretended not to notice.

When you thought no-one was watching and you helped that little girl who’d lost her parents during rush hour. (I was watching you from the window). 

When you didn’t run at the pool.

When you stole that ashtray.

The words blur on the page and Sherlock has to stop reading. He blinks and blinks and doesn’t mind if the occasional stray tear falls, not really. He knows, God how he knows John finds these sorts of things ‘difficult’ and the fact that he pushed past it all, and poured out… everything. It- it means- he can’t quite-

Sherlock’s fingers trace over John’s words, taking their time. “Me too,” Sherlock whispers. “I love you.”

He carefully sets the papers down, ready to find his John, ready to seal the start of the day with a very loving kiss of his own indeed.

boys: it’s okay to love him. it’s okay to want to hold his hand when you walk home together and it’s okay to want to kiss him hard against the tree in his front yard and it’s okay to want soft cuddles in the morning. it’s okay to feel like he lights up your world every time he smiles and it’s okay to kiss that smile off his face and then dissolve into laughter when he falls back onto the bed. love him, it’s okay

“Mother has been poisoned !” - Batfam x Reader (batmom)

Ok, Imma translate @laetitia-prst​‘s request (my fellow French person yo), so, basically : 

SUMMARY : Batmom has been poisoned by a new villain who wants to get known by killing the famous Bruce Wayne’s wife/partner. The batfamily is on edge, they gotta save her, because they’d be nothing without her…And then laetitia-prst talks about the ending and important plot points but hey, no fun if I translate that too right ? So here for poisoned bat mom,I feel like maybe it’s going a bit fast ? I didn’t really wanna make more than one part for this story so it’s long, and I’m afraid I might have rushed some things up…I hope you’ll still like it :s :  

My masterlist by the way :


You were with Damian, asking some mango juice at the bar for him (the barman was being a dick, and refused to serve your son because “he was too young”, even though he didn’t want an alcoholic drink, so your quite annoyed self went to get it for him), when things went south. 

-Mother ? Mother are you alright ?! MOM !

You don’t really know what happened. You felt a painful prick on your thigh, where your fancy dress was opening slightly, as if you just got stung by a wasp, and all of a sudden…Everything went blurry. Next thing you know, your youngest son is trying to catch you before you hit the floor, and his arms are holding you with all his strength, as if afraid you’d disappear. 

-Father, father ! Dad ! DAD !! 

You can feel Damian shake, but you can’t see properly the line of his face…his distress is making your heart tighten, and you have to reassure him but when you try to raise a hand to cup his cheek and stroke it gently, nothing happen.

You hear more than you see Bruce falling on his knees next to you. You feel his hands taking you away from Damian, you feel your son resisting a bit, reluctant of letting you go, you feel yourself raising from the floor…But you don’t get it. 

What is happening ? 

Your vision is even more blurry than a few minutes before, and the last thing you hear before drifting into total darkness is Bruce saying : 

-What the Hell happened ? 

Everything goes dark as you fell unconscious. Your husband feels you go limp in his arms, but before he can really react, a man in the assistance, wearing a gaz mask and khakis stands on a table and, with his best evil laugh, says : 

-My names is Mutagen, and you can bet that by the end of this week, I’ll be the most famous criminal in all Gotham. Spread the word, especially to Batman.  

Jason almost catch him on the spot, but the man jumps out the window and disappears…Who the hell was he ? 

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You and I against the world - Justin Foley

Anon: Can you write an imagine about okay fighting with Justin Foley? 

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You stared at your window as Justin came through it. You hadn’t seen him for days. He wasn’t answering your texts or your calls, he didn’t go to class, he wasn’t at his house or his friend’s house…And there he was now.

“Hey babe” He said. You were speechless.

“Really? That’s it?” You asked shocked, feeling angry at him for not letting you know about him and then showing up like nothing happened.

“What’s wrong?”

“You were gone for three days! I called you, I looked for you….I was worried Justin” He looked down in shame and regret but you couldn’t stop. “You could’ve sent a message at least. And now you show up here like nothing happened. What the hell Justin?!”

“I can explain” But he didn’t. He started biting his lips and he wasn’t looking you in the eye, so you could tell he was nervous.

“If you’re gonna give me an explanation, do it. If not, leave my house.” You said in a tough tone.  

“It’s not easy okay!” He screamed.

“Don’t you dare scream at me Foley”

He apologized and sat on your bed. As you saw that sad and devastating look in his eyes you understood something was wrong.  

“Did something happen?” You asked starting to get worried.

“I wanted to come to you but I-I just…” He muttered. And then he was silent for a while. “I was scared. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I just didn’t feel ready to talk about it” His voice trembled and his hands started to shiver.  “I was crying for help y/n and she just stood there looking at me and did nothing…She let him beat me up. Again.”

Justin started crying and you went to sit next to him, hugging him and trying to comfort him. His mother’s boyfriend had always treated him like shit but he didn’t deserve that. You wanted to go talk to him, tell him not to lay a hand on your boyfriend ever again or he will face you…But he was dangerous.

“I’m sorry about it. You don’t deserve that, J” You kissed his forehead.

It was devastating having him crying on your shoulder, he was so young but so broken…You couldn’t bear to see him like this. You just wanted him to be happy, that’s what he deserved.

“You know what we’re gonna do?” You said smiling “We’re taking a ride around and the city and we’ll buy lots of ice cream as dinner. Then you’ll sleep here, for the whole week. We can stop by your house and get all the stuff you need”

He nodded, drying off his tears and looking at you with a shy smile on his face.

“You’ll always have me Justin. We’ll get through this together. And someday we’ll be far away from this town, having the life we’ve always wanted. You and I against the world, that’s forever” Your boyfriend’s face lighted up and he kissed you, softly and deeply.

“I love you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me”

That was my first imagine so I hope you liked it :) 

Dating Harrison Osterfield Would Include.....

Requested. @tanovic54321

  • Dealing with the intense bromance between Harrison and Tom
  • But never really minding because you adore Tom. 
  • Getting a little jealous though.
  • Harrison finding it cute that you become jealous over his best mate.
  • “Jealous, eh? Don’t be, love.” 
  • Him kissing your forehead. 
  • All the time, actually.
  • Oh, and knuckle kisses. 
  • Whenever he holds your hand, it’s just instinctive for him to kiss your fingers.. 
  • Getting into little arguments about who loves who more. 
  • Said arguments always ending in kisses. 
  • Going out to dinner with his family.
  • Them loving the absolute daylights out of you.
  • His sister looking up to you and begging to have a sleepover so you two can stay up all night hanging out. 
  • His parents telling him that you’re a keeper and keep you close. 
  • Harrison always responding with, “Don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere. Not on my watch.” 
  • His mother always inviting you to her nail appointments to bond. 
  • His father learning what memes are and starting a meme war with you. 
  • Loving every minute you spend with Osterfield’s. 
  • Harrison also enjoying every minute he spends with your family.
  • Your parents approving a hundred percent.
  • Finding out that the reason why Harrison cancelled on your scheduled Monday movie night was because he was spending time with your dad.
  • Being mad at first but getting over it when you see them walk through the door laughing.
  • Realizing that this is what the rest of your life will be. 
  • Being terrified whenever Harrison offers to drive.
  • “Please no.” 
  • “What? I’m a fantastic driver, [Y/N].”
  • “Um….when?” 
  • “I can’t believe this, my own girlfriend is scared to be in a car with me being behind the wheel. What rubbish.” 
  • “Tom, please drive.” 
  • Having lazy days filled with all kinds of movies.
  • Cuddling during said lazy days. 
  • Binge watching every kind of television show.
  • Getting irritated when Harrison doesn’t pay attention to the movies or shows.
  • “Haz, pay attention!”
  • “I am, I am.”
  • “No you’re not.” 
  • “You’re awfully cute when you pout, love.” 
  • “I hate you.”
  • “I don’t think you do.” 
  • Going on long walks with Harrison and Monty. 
  • Taking selfie after selfie with Monty. 
  • Harrison getting jealous when you focus all your attention on the puppers. 
  • Kissing him to shut him up. 
  • Walking in the piss pouring rain because you love it.
  • “Bloody Hell, we’re going to get sick.” 
  • “I don’t care.” 
  • Harrison sticking it out because he loves you.
  • Him always having an extra pair of rain boots and rain coats in his car for himself if he’s with you and for you at his place in case it ever decides to rain. 
  • Waking up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise.
  • Harrison getting grumpy but loving it when he’s holding you while the sun lights up the world. 
  • Always whispering sweet nothings in your ear at random times.
  • “You’re the one, the only one I want.”
  • “You look absolutely beautiful tonight.” 
  • “I want you alone.”
  • “I love the way you love me.” 
  • “I wish you could see what goes on in my mind when you wear the dress.” 
  • “Should we take this somewhere else?” 
  • “I feel a little…naughty.” 
  • All of them driving you insane. 
  • Harrison being such a damn tease. 
  • But, you also being one too.
  • Begging Harrison for piggyback rides.
  • Eating all the ice cream you possibly can before getting regrettably sick. 
  • Harrison surprising you with movie premiere tickets.
  • “What?! You’re taking me?! Oh my gosh, Haz! I’m so excited, but wait…’re always Tom’s date to these things.” 
  • “You sure know how to ruin a moment….”
  • Harrison also surprising you by taking you dress shopping. 
  • Him spoiling you because you’re his queen. 
  • Feeling bad that he’s spent all this money.
  • Harrison reassuring you that he wants to. 
  • Feeling satisfied until next time. 
  • Getting the luxury of going where ever Harrison goes.
  • Buying a map of the world and placing a pin on every place you’ve been to together.
  • Promising to visit at least 75 percent of the world. 
  • Going on camping and hiking adventures.
  • Harrison trying to teach you how to surf. 
  • Failing miserably. 
  • Forcing him to tell you things he shouldn’t be telling you while he’s with Tom during Spiderman. 
  • Threatening to give him the silent treatment otherwise.
  • Harrison always giving in and telling you.
  • But always leaving out the most important details.
  • Punching him when you finally watch the movie and what he didn’t tell you happens.
  • Sneaking flattering and unflattering pictures of him.
  • Them always being on snapchat.
  • Fans knowing your snapchat and saving them for the world to relive over and over again. 
  • Laughing your ass off when Harrison finds them all over twitter.
  • “You’ve got to be kidding me….really? You had to post that one?!” 
  • But, don’t you worry, Harrison always always gets his revenge. 
  • It becomes a war to place the most unflattering snapchat filtered picture on each other’s stories. 
  • In the end, Harrison retreats with the cutest Instagram post on the planet. 
  • It’s the two of you kissing under a waterfall from a trip you took by yourselves for an anniversary/getaway trip.  
  • The caption, “She is my world, my everything. The reason I live, breathe, and walk this earth.” 
Every day is a new day. Get out there and light up the world with your light.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Fire Sign Venus- Love of Action

Fire Sign Venus- Passionate, wild, vivacious.

Venus In Aries- My Smoldering Heart- People with this placement will adore individuality and excitement, approaching love and friendship with the utmost enthusiasm. The planet of love in action orientated Aries may even result in a love of quarreling, strengthening their bond or adding a hint of passion that may have been vacant before. While they may not appreciate “sweet” or classically romantic gestures, if they are taken in adventures past their wildest dreams, you are likely to make a drastic impression. Heart pumping and adrenaline flowing, this is how you capture people with this placement, although they are likely to have a fierce stance on protecting their freedom. Never ones to love in halves, these people will light up your world and spread the ashes.

Venus In Leo- My Adoring Heart- People with this placement love to adore and be adored in return, treating friendship and romance with the utmost loyalty. They may have a love of theatricality and drama, so don’t go in expecting an easy ride, but these people love with all the power of the sun and expect you to love with just as much vitality. So roll out the red carpet, treat them to extravagance and thrones, and expect them to love for eternity once you’ve proven how much they mean to you. Whatever you do, do not damage their ego, for hell hath no fury like Venusian Leo betrayed, but treat them like a King or Queen and you are likely to capture this regal soul’s heart. 

Venus In Sagittarius- My Freedom Loving Heart- People with this placement love all things nomadic in life, and love to broaden their horizons and expand with the people they meet. Adventures and Learning are very much dear to these people, and friendships and Romance may be a byproduct of this, for they may stray away from formal commitment and may be more prone to meeting people while exercising their Independence. Be prepared to discover together, engage in philosophy and travel with these free spirit’s, and refrain from trying to put your relationship into a tight little box. Live, laugh, love and enjoy the forest fire that will likely spread in all the places you discover together on your journey of vitality.