light up your world

Just say it and let her know what you feel towards her. Don’t let what ifs and regrets haunt you. Tell her that her smiles light up your world. Tell her that her eyes are the kindest you’ve ever seen and it’s your favorite among others. Tell her that whenever she laughs after you cracked a joke, it gives you a heavenly feeling. Tell her that whenever it rains, you remember her name and every stardust she made. Tell her that her simple gestures brighten up your gloomy day. Tell her that you are ready to paint her empty canvas with colors she haven’t seen before. Tell her you adore her and you’re ready to walk your entire lifetime with her. Tell her that she’s the reason why you have stopped counting your years. Tell her every single star in your chest, you adore her. And she’s the reason why you’re happy now.
—  E.J. Cenita
the signs and pretty 5sos lyrics
  • Aries: "Leaves fall from the tallest trees. Even mountains crumble into the sea."
  • Taurus: "Runaways; we're the long lost children. Running to the edge of the world."
  • Gemini: "Your eyes, your smile can light up the night. Embers and neon signs paint up our sky."
  • Cancer: "Nothing like the rain when you're in outerspace."
  • Leo: "All my life, I've been waiting for moments to come. When I catch fire and wash over you like the sun."
  • Virgo: "I don't wanna let it burn in the city lights and make the same mistakes."
  • Libra: "Drove into infinity, I held you 'til you fell asleep."
  • Scorpio: "Does it have to be this tragedy. The endless lost parade of castle, other side of make-believe?"
  • Sagittarius: "All your screaming whispers slip right through my fingers. But these memories linger on."
  • Capricorn: "Carry on, outlast the ignorance. Moving on, survive the innocence."
  • Aquarius: "I wanna take my heart to the end of the world; and fly away, fly away tonight."
  • Pisces: "The darkest night never felt so bright with you by my side."
I will love you forever. You will move on and so will I, the seasons will change and the days will pass. But, although I do not hear your voice at the other end of the phone anymore, and although your smile does not light up my world now, I will always love you. Amongst the beautiful days spent with you, I loved you with everything I had, and I cannot take it all back. That fragile love is yours, and although you don’t knock on my door anymore, I am sure of one thing: you will forever have my love.
—  // b.k.
Just a reminder that you don’t need a reason for not letting negative people back into your life, even if they say they’ve changed. Chances are you’ve changed too. Into a stronger, better person who deserves only the best. Do not let that negativity back in. Shine like the star you are. Be your own sun. Light up your own world.

boys: it’s okay to love him. it’s okay to want to hold his hand when you walk home together and it’s okay to want to kiss him hard against the tree in his front yard and it’s okay to want soft cuddles in the morning. it’s okay to feel like he lights up your world every time he smiles and it’s okay to kiss that smile off his face and then dissolve into laughter when he falls back onto the bed. love him, it’s okay

Every day is a new day. Get out there and light up the world with your light.
Feels/Scary things from the Heroes of Olympus
  • Percy: You have no idea what Tartarus did to me.
  • I've been burdened with power and responsibility I can't handle.
  • I've been through hell, darling, and I've seen to many people die.
  • Scars are from more than just knife fights.
  • Goddamn right you should be scared of me.
  • Annabeth: Don't you think you can get out of this
  • My life was hell from the moment I was born
  • The disgusting bastard child
  • And then I went through hell itself...
  • I've seen to much by now
  • I know what you're thinking.
  • It's going to be the death of you.
  • Leo: I could light up your world with destruction;
  • You don't know what I've been though.
  • I could destroy everything you love
  • And I could do it
  • Jason: I'm not allowed to choose -
  • Stuck behind a title;
  • One of these days, it's going to make me snap...
  • And when that happens,
  • A lot of people are going to die.
  • Piper: Not after money, fame, attention, beauty, but I got it goddamn anyway.
  • Don't make me mad.
  • Love can kill.
  • And I can call myself Love.
  • Don't judge me by my appearances.
  • I can rip out your heart in more than one way.
  • Frank: Mad. It's mad.
  • I'm a living war. A million creatures.
  • I hope you can see what I'm planning.
  • There's no easy way out of a bear trap.
  • Hazel: I've breathed more than once -
  • Death is lonely.
  • Don't make me hurt you.
  • The weapon is inside me.
  • Death is my friend.
  • Oh god, I may look darling but I can truly drive you insane in the space of three seconds.
  • Nico: And if this was easy,
  • And the way was lit up,
  • I'd still have my scars, my experiences -
  • I want to kill you, so don't take to hiding.
  • There's no way you can hide in darkness when the darkness serves ME.
  • Reyna: No life is truly easy, but some are harder than others -
  • Get out your guns and try to shoot me.
  • You won't hit me.
  • I'm so full of bullets they've become my source of strength.
  • I am not who you think I am and I will never lose again.

And for god’s sake, don’t call me beautiful. I don’t care if you argue and yell and try to screw it deep into my brain, because I am not and I won’t waste time pretending to believe you. Let me be as I am. Let my appearance be that randomization of genes that it is. I am not pretty. I am not gorgeous. My looks don’t light up the world. My skin won’t take your breath.

I am average or below or I don’t care where in that area, and I will not care just because you try to make me.

Don’t call me beautiful. I’m not, haven’t been, won’t be.

If you do want to get your breath stolen, ask about my mind.

I have no friends.

But in the morning after I wake up I talk to the sun.
I tell her about you and how your love lights up my whole world.

I have no friends.

But at noon I talk to the clouds.
Asking them about conspiracies about storms, typhoons, and hurricanes.
Asking which one of them carried the most hydrogen.
Asking them what ozone layer is the best to live in.

I have no friends.

But in the afternoon I talk to the birds.
Asking them where they came from.
Asking them if they have a destination.
Asking them who their moms and dads are.

I have no friends.

But in the evening I talk to the moon.
I tell him about you and how your love lights up my whole world.
Especially when my whole world is dark.

—  Juansen Dizon // Heavenly Friends
Types as Things I Love

INFP: the stories my granddad used to tell me about fairies who lived in the flowers that we had to walk past on the way to school

ISFP: when there’s a really soft and slightly cool breeze but bright, warm sunshine

INTJ: fresh, soft sheets, fresh out the drier and still smelling of soap

ENFP: that kind of laughter where you are very close to physical pain but you don’t care because nothing has ever been this funny

ESFP: that kind of laughter where something brilliant happens and your eyes light up and the whole world feels like sunlight

ENTJ: telling yourself that you will get all the things you need to do done, and actually finishing it all quickly and properly

INFJ: the sound of a thunderstorm outside but being curled up in bed with a book and a cup of tea

ISFJ: those days you spend with people you love, just sitting around and occasionally talking but maybe just feeling the sun through the window as you watch a film together

ESFJ: hearing the people you love laugh like they don’t have a worry in the world

ENFJ: when a cat or a dog walks up to you and asks for cuddles when you didn’t have to beg them to

ESTP: that super tingly feeling of adrenaline when something goes right after you were afraid and you feel like you could so absolutely anything

ESTJ: nailing something first time after people told you that it was too difficult

INTP: when you tell somebody a little interesting fact you learnt and they tell you that they find it interesting too and are genuinely enthused about the thing you wanted to share with them

ISTP: when you stand on top of a hill or near a cliff or by the ocean and everything just comes to a standstill in the most thrilling and vibrant way

ISTJ: that kind of weather where it looks like it’s maybe going to rain but the air feels dry and the clouds are grey and moody and everything just feels so strong and you are so empowered by the slight chill in your bones but so at peace with the world around you

ENTP: when something has been baffling you for a long time but then someone explains it but changes one word and suddenly it clicks and you just GET it and you can’t believe you hadn’t until then

My Boyfriend Wonho

“What’s your boyfriend like?”

His smile lights up my world

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He’s funny

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A ball of energy

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Huge, HUGE, tease

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His lip bites can drive any girl crazy

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He looks good in glasses

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He has a twin?

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He loves to make me blush

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The way he looks at me makes me weak

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I’m so grateful to have him in my life

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“He sounds perfect”

“He is”


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