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A summary of the G4 toy line

2010: They’re so…small???

2011: Only one pose but we get lots of different characters. This will go on through the whole line…right?

2012: Pony wedding. Finally a boy pony and a castle but…what’s with his hair?

2013: Twilight gets wings so we’re all forced to buy more brushables of her. We all thought we were getting crystal ponies but they just switched their eye shape a little. wow.

2014: Rainbow Power= fling chunks of tinsel in everyone’s hair. Cardboard in playsets.

2015: Slap cutie marks all over everything but at least give em a nice castle.

2016: Explore Equestria= Everything is see-through and lights up.

Never Let Me Go // Ponyboy Curtis

For mixydewanddaoutsiderboys , It is kind of shit, but I hope you like it love <3

You decided to go for a walk, after not seeing Ponyboy for what felt like ages, you were a mess. You walked around town aimlessly and decided to sit  under a tree by the field you used to watch the gang play football. 

You sat down with your back against the harsh bark of the tree, when you heard a bunch of boys walking to the field, it sounded like the gang but a lot more dull. You looked up to see your gang, but something had changed, there were two missing, Johnny and Dally. But then you saw Ponyboy.

“Pony!” You got up and yelled running towards him and he placed his hands on your cheeks and pulled you in for a long kiss. He engulfed you in his arms tighter than ever. 
“Let’s leave them alone” Two suggested as the gang walked away to play football.
“Mix! I’ve been trying to call you forever, where have you been” He said in your hair.
“Where have I been? Where have you been? Hey, where are Johnny and Dal’?” You asked, Pony turned around and scratched the nape of his neck, you could see his green eyes begin to dull.
“Johnny and Dallas, they’re uh- They’re dead” He confessed as tears slipped from his eyes.
“WHAT?” You fell to the ground and couldn’t help but sob, they were like your brothers, how couldn’t of you known. he sat down next you and pulled you on his lap where he explained what happened.
“Oh, Pony, I-why? How could that happen! They don’t deserve that! They should be out there playing football” You couldn’t help but let out another sob.
“I don’t know doll, all I know is I’m here, and your here, and we can move on” He placed a kiss on your forehead.

You stayed there for a while, and by while I mean till it got dark, you two talked about everything. What happened when he left, how they died, what he was thinking, the newspaper ads that were claiming Pony was a hero, which you already knew. 

You two were sprawled out on the grass looking up at the dark sky whith the stars and moon lighting it up. “Hey Pony” You asked quietly in your soft voice.
“yea darlin’” He asked
“Never let me go” You turned around into his chest as he placed his arm around your waist.
“Never Mix, I will never let you go” and one thing you knew for sure, is that when Ponyboy Michael Curtis made a promise, he kept that promise.