light up platforms

the signs as festival trends
  • aries: the offensive cultural appropriated feathered headdress
  • taurus: high waisted shorts
  • gemini: pizza nipple pasties
  • cancer: holographic choker
  • leo: glitter gel "space paste/jam" all over their scalp, shoulders, cheek bones, and nose
  • virgo: bedazzled bras
  • libra: fitted neon onesie
  • scorpio: leather cutout bikini thong piece
  • sagittarius: light up platform sneakers
  • capricorn: pleated see-through skirt
  • aquarius: sticker jewels
  • pisces: goddess headband

anonymous asked:

How do you style a pleated tennis skirt lol like I don't know how ???? I know nothing about fashion lmao

tops: simple b/w striped shirt, graphic tee (avocado, peach, etc), basic pastel tees, patterned crop tops, camisole, tank with a cute cardigan

shoes: sneakers (literally anything, converse, keds, vans, “light up shoes”) platform sandals, also patterned/sheer socks !