light up headboard

as you lay in bed with michael, the only thing bringing light in the comfortable room being the fairy lights strung up around the headboard for christmas decorations, you could see michael send a tweet then lock his phone. he drops it down on the soft down comforter and has a tiny smile on his face as he closes his eyes gently before rolling over to you and throwing his arms around your waist and buried his head in your neck, causing you to wiggle and drop your own phone down to look at him and say “what’s got you so smiley?” and you are answered by nothing but a content hum. a moment of silence follows before he says, “nothing, i’m just really at peace right now, ya know? like this year has been so good. with the band, with my family, with myself, like i have really become comfortable with myself, we started dating this year… i mean i could go on forever. i’m just really happy with life right now.” you smiled to yourself as michael got lost in thought. you leaned down to kiss his hair as you snuggled in to the comforter and put your arms around michael.