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I drew the @warriorsredux ’s Scourge bc I absolutely adore their writing and what they’re doing with the series. Please do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven’t already.

I drew him as an albino cornish rex here and gave him a collar with hearts on it (it fits I have my reasons). And then I gave him a belly scar because he had to learn his battle moves from somewhere,,

me, waking up at 4am in a cold sweat: what if there was a serial killer who took old spinny carnival rides and made them into a human microwave and played pop goes the weasel as he baked people hire me Criminal M—

Here Kitty Kitty

This was probably the worst Saturday night she’s ever had.

Alright, not the worst one she’s had, but it’s pretty high up there.

All of her friends were out of town, going to a concert in the next city over, a concert which she now regrets not going to. It wasn’t as if she didn’t want to go, she really did, but she had already made plans to go out on a date with a guy she met on Tinder. He seemed really sweet whenever they talked over the phone, and he had suggested a really nice mom and pop restaurant for their first date.

The date that she just got stood up on. She could understand being a few minutes late, maybe even half an hour if there had been any traffic to be caught in. But she waited around for two hours; texted the guy 12 times with no response whatsoever. By the time she had had enough, the staff felt so bad for her that they put her bill on the house. What’s even worse was that her car got keyed up while she was waiting around inside for the ass to never show.

After everything tonight, Allura just wanted to get home and curl up on her couch and try and forget this awful night.

As she got into her car, she heard a loud banging come from nearby the parking lot. She looks around, hoping to see maybe some kids just screwing around or some explanation for the sound, but didn’t see anything. Slowly, she gets back into her car ready to just get it of here, but she hears the banging again and much closer this time.

Allura gets out of her car and takes a good look around the mostly empty parking lot, and that’s when she sees what’s been making all the racket. A few boys run around the corner, chasing something while banging trash can lids and pots against each other. It wasn’t until they got closer that Allura actually saw what they were chasing.

It was one of those hybrid people that Allura has seen now and again. While they aren’t uncommon, especially in the city, they are quite a minority. Many of them are well educated and working class, Allura even works with a few, but it’s not uncommon for many to get a much harsher treatment from others. And it seems like this one has gotten the short stick in life. Allura isn’t one to let something like this happen right in front of her, just because she was having a shoddy night, doesn’t mean she’s going to let someone else have one either.

“Hey!!” She yells at the kids, stalking over to them and the cowering hybrid who had unfortunately tripped when Allura had yelled. She puts herself between the group and the poor thing and turns her back to the young man cowering in the ground to the children, who each look like they got caught doing something wrong.


“What on earth do you think you’re doing?! Chasing around this poor man as if he’s done something against you lot. Do your parents know that you’re out here, because I’m sure they’d love to know where you are right about now.” Allura didn’t need to say anymore as she watched the boys turn hightail and run off the way they came. Allura gives a resounding nod to herself before turning her attention back to the poorboy still cowering behind her, which she can now see is a type of cat hybrid. Slowly, Allura sits down on the pavement, trying to appear as nonthreatening as possible.

“Are you alright? They didn’t hurt you did they?” Allura keeps her voice as calm and even as she can, not wanting to startle him anymore than he already is. Allura holds out her hand towards him, letting him take his time to smell it if he’d like. Once it looks like he’s calmed down some, Allura asks him a question that she believes she already knows the answer, “do you have anywhere to go? A home?” When he shakes his head no, Allura’s heart breaks just a bit more. “Well, I can’t just leave you out here….how about we get you to my place and get you some food. How does that sound?” The look of pure awe she got only strengthened Allura’s decision.

Picking up the young feline was way too easy for Allura’s conscience, but the fact that he seemed to be all height instead of bulk didn’t make the travel to the car any easier for her, especially when it seems that the feline boy was scared of getting into the car.

But once she finally got him settled (with both her sweatshirt and the emergency blanket that she kept in the trunk cocooning him) she made her way home, a little less mad than she was before.

Maybe this Saturday night isn’t a complete train wreck like she thought.

And that ends part 1! If you guys really liked it let me know and I’ll do some more! I’ve just seen so many cat boy fics with klance and Shance, and I just sorta thought about how it would be with Allurance! If you guys have any suggestions for other chapters, don’t be afraid to send them in!

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Kara talking to Cat about who is on the ship, but instead of saying that Mon-El is her boyfriend and Lena her best friend, Lena is her gf.

“So who’s up there?”

Kara’s stomach churns, because Cat always knows. How the hell does Cat always know?

“Oh please, we both know that Winslow is not capable of keeping his mouth shut,” Cat solves the mystery, and Kara’s stomach somersaults.

“It’s a good friend of mine.” She pauses and she keeps her arms crossed and she prays to Rao that this won’t be as scary as she’d imagined it to be. “And my girlfriend.”

She doesn’t look at her. Instead, she looks up at the sky. Toward Lena.

She can’t see Cat’s face, but she can hear her heartbeat skip. She can hear her heart rate speed up.

She plows into talking more, because she still can’t look at her. Still can’t, can’t, can’t. She sighs and she tosses her arms up.

“Maybe Alex and the president are right. Maybe it’s Supergirl’s responsibility to protect everyone. But all I can think about is the fact that the woman I love is trapped on that ship, and if we destroy it – “ 

Her voice falters and she prays for just a fraction of the strength Maggie had demonstrated when Alex was kidnapped.

“ – then she’s destroyed too, and that… that would break my heart.”

She sighs and she turns and she tries not to throw up, and she still refuses to look at Cat.

“It’s selfish.”

Cat objects – gently, gently, a slight tremor in her voice that Kara can’t quite place – before the word even finishes breathing its way out of her lips.

“No, no, it’s not selfish, Supergirl. It’s human.”

Kara turns to her, now, because Cat always knows – always knows exactly what’s wrong – and Kara wonders if she knows now, too, that Kara is struggling because if she were human, truly human, maybe Lena wouldn’t be in this mess, maybe – 

“You’ve fallen in love, Supergirl, and that… that, as much as anything you’ve done, as much as any of the buildings or planes or people you’ve saved, means you belong here. You didn’t bring this fight here, Supergirl, and you certainly didn’t put your girlfriend up on that ship.”

“I could have stopped them from taking her – “

“I highly doubt there was anything you could have done. In my experience, Kara Danvers, when you want something done, if it’s at all possible, it gets done.”

“Kara Da – what – Ms. Grant, what are you – “

“You’re spluttering, dear, do mind that you don’t misplace your eyes if they pop any farther out of your head.”

“But – how did you – why would you – “

“Because I know you, Supergirl. I know you in all your forms. And I know that when you put your mind, your heart, behind something, you’re going to achieve it. You want to save your girlfriend?”

There’s a long, long pause, and Kara almost gathers the courage to look at Cat. Almost.

“Then she is the luckiest person on this planet, because she will be saved, and by the most heroic knight of our generation, no less. I will claim some credit, of course, both for grooming you and for this rousing pep talk.”

Kara can’t help but smile and Cat can’t help but return it, even if it’s a little sad on the edges.

“How’s Carter?” Kara blurts suddenly, because she realizes that the question’s been buzzing in the back of her mind for a while now, since she got his last letter and hadn’t had the time or energy to respond.

Since Alex.

“Well, you know, he enjoyed his time away with his mother, but I think we’re both ready to come back and expand our horizons right in the place we started.”

Kara’s eyes light up and Cat shakes her head softly.

“Another time, Supergirl. Chop chop. You have a woman to save. Not to mention a planet.”

Kara chuckles, almost more to herself than anyone else, and her voice is low, almost husky, when she turns to her and tells her, “I really missed your advice, Ms. Grant.”

Cat almost smiles. Almost indulges. Almost.

“And I’ve really missed giving it. Now shoo. Up up and away, no time to lose.”

Kara smiles, exhales hard, and uncrosses her arms, and Cat watches as she reaches them to the sky and positively soars.

She leans back on her hands and watches, watches, shaking her head and sighing to herself.

“That is still so hot,” she whispers, and she wonders if Supergirl’s superhearing can pick that up, and she wonders how she lived a single day without… this.

Michael has more than just weed socks ok- he’s like socko from Icarly. I’m talking light up socks, meme socks, cat socks, president socks? Gamer socks, comic book socks. He even has a pair of old Abraham Lincoln socks that looks more like John Cena with a beard and top hat

“Kara hears Cat say go get em Supergirl” from @onesliceofcheese  @goldeneyesandbrightblueskies “Cat’s thought process of knowing Kara=Supergirl” and “Kara’s reaction to hearing Cat saying “go get ‘em, Supergirl” from @bathtimefunduck and @pittyyyy “Cat/Kara hug or acknowledgement of her being supergirl? Thank you!!!”

Alex is going to kill her.

Well, not really.

Alex’s own girlfriend had figured it out. 

And that wasn’t Kara’s fault.

Neither was Ms. Grant knowing. 




Kara stumbles when her superhearing picks up Cat’s words, faltering in her stride almost as much as she’d wavered in her flight path when she’d heard Cat very nearly call her – call Supergirl – “hot” last night.

Was it just last night?


She gulps and she adjusts her glasses and she knows – chop chop, places to be, people to save – but if Cat knows now, then Rao, she’s known this entire time.

This entire time she pretended not to.

This entire time, insisting that Kara realize how incredible she is, insisting that Kara believe in herself.

Asking her star reporter if her star superhero was ready to single-handedly save the planet.

And really, asking Kara.

Asking Kara if she was ready to single-handedly fight for her planet. Her people.

Her family.

Which included the Queen of All Media, if they were being honest.

And Cat Grant is clearly in the mood to be honest.

She hadn’t breathed a word. Not a scent, not a sound, not a sight, about who her star assistant, her star reporter, really is.

Though it would win her another Women in Media award, for sure.

Because Cat would never do that.

So Kara stumbles and she stops and she gulps and she adjusts her glasses and she marches right back into Cat’s office.

“Ms. Grant, what did you just say?”

She tries to sound assertive and she tries to sound authoritative, but she sounds absolutely nothing of the sort.

Cat scoffs softly and waves her hand, loose at her wrist, in Kara’s general direction.

“Oh Kiera dear, I think we’ve both kept up this charade more than long enough, don’t you? I told you that I saw the hero within you. And I was talking about you, Kara.” 

Her voice sounds almost lazy, but her eyes are blazing, and Kara starts to sweat.

“I was talking about you, of course, with those inexcusable cardigans and belts from your sister’s girlfriend’s closet. But I was also talking about the woman you don’t want everyone else to see. The woman you think no one can see behind those glasses, but really, Kiera dear, you couldn’t hide those eyes if you tried.”

“Ms. Grant, I – “

“Don’t you have some fires to put out?”

Cat stands, rooted to the spot, before launching herself softly, carefully, controlled, into Cat’s arms.

Cat doesn’t freeze, not even for a moment, before hugging Kara back solid and steady and maybe just a little too tightly, a little too needy.

She sniffs almost daintily and adjusts Kara’s collar as they pull apart after a long, long moment.

“Chop chop, heaven knows those firemen aren’t going to save themselves, Supergirl.”

Her smile could light up the planet – and Cat thinks it just might do that – as she glances around for witnesses and, finding none, soars right out of Cat’s window, hoping that maybe she’ll hear her call her hot – … cool – again.

She plugs Alex into her earpiece on the way.

“Alex, I’m en route to that fire – “

“Don’t you need to get some rest, Supergirl? I’m sure the fire department can – “

“Alex. Ms. Grant knows.”


“That I’m Supergirl.”


Kara flinches from the pitch of Alex’s voice, even as Alex repeats “Cat Grant knows she’s Supergirl” to someone off the line.

She grins and shakes her head as she hears Maggie’s whoop and shout of “Boom! You owe me that flash grenade, Danvers!”

And she flies faster, lighter.


A Lovely Night - One Shot

After a long and tiring day of job hunting, Marinette is comforted by Chat Noir. He wasn’t exactly the person she wanted to see at first, but there was something in the night sky and things sparked between them. 

La La Land AU - A Lovely Night

Rating: General

Author’s Note: Wellp. I wrote this and I actually love it. I adore this movie and I just had to make a Miraculous Ladybug AU with it! Marichat fit so perfectly. I changed many things to sort of give it my own twist, but yeah, mostly based off La La Land. Definitely my favourite scene in the movie.

I hope you guys like it :) <3

Here is the song and a clip of the scene for those who didn’t see it:

A Lovely Night


A Lovely Night

Marinette ran her fingers through her thick dark hair, allowing them to pull out the small knots, and let her hand drop to her side. She released a heavy sigh as she walked slowly on the sidewalk. Her arms swung slightly from side to side, her purse swaying from her actions in her hand. Her day had been incredibly long; she’s been up since six in the morning. The back of her shoes left a bubbled blister on her skin and it hurt with every step – well that, and the fact that her feet have been arched all day from her high heels.

The summer day was beautiful. The weather had been good for once and the sky was finally cleared from the gray dismal clouds to let the hot sun shine through. A cool evening breeze whipped around Marinette as the sky turned into a uniquely ombre gradient from a deep orange to a dark royal purple. Some stars had begun to light up and twinkle in the duskiest parts of the sky. The vibrant ginger colour shone behind the buildings, making them look like black construction paper cut-outs.

The roads were seemingly empty – everyone was enjoying the rare heat. The season hadn’t been that great for the city of Paris in terms of actually feeling like summer. Unfortunately, Marinette spent the day running around handing out her designs and resume, from a small fashion blog to Gabriel Agreste’s grand company. She believed going to these places in person would mark her as an eager candidate, applying online as well if it was required of her. She went everywhere - even if they weren’t interested; knowing full well that they would probably chuck out her hard work. But it was worth a shot. She was just desperate to start her career; she loved fashion with every fibre in her body, and was motivated to get the ball rolling, despite being fresh out of university.

However, the light in Marinette had dimmed throughout the day from the numerous dismissals and she was ready to head home. She was in need to recharge with a warm bath and a good long sleep before she headed to work the next day.

She turned onto Le Pont Alexandre III, her heels clicking on the pavement. Another gust of wind blew over a few strands of Marinette’s dark hair in front of her eyes. Too tired to bring her hand up, she puffed the hairs away.

Marinette suddenly heard a faint whistling that seemed to get louder. The familiar thud and clink of her partner’s baton landed in the groove between two posts on the side of the bridge. Chat Noir came flying up in the air and landed softly on the thick cement balustrade. The sun was setting behind him, making him nothing more than a dark silhouette from the young girl’s point of view.

He looked at Marinette and raised his eyebrows at her as he continued to whistle. Marinette, not being in the mood, rolled her eyes and continued walking.  He wasn’t exactly the person she wanted to see.

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y’all i went with my sister to her work tonight (she’s kennel staff at a vet clinic) and as she was doing her stuff, she sent me to play with kittens who were currently looking for homes.

They were so sweet!! and loving!!! my heart broke in two when i had to leave them!!! they we’re rubbing all up in my face and purring so loud. and snuggling. they just wanted love!! !!!!!!