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Kara talking to Cat about who is on the ship, but instead of saying that Mon-El is her boyfriend and Lena her best friend, Lena is her gf.

“So who’s up there?”

Kara’s stomach churns, because Cat always knows. How the hell does Cat always know?

“Oh please, we both know that Winslow is not capable of keeping his mouth shut,” Cat solves the mystery, and Kara’s stomach somersaults.

“It’s a good friend of mine.” She pauses and she keeps her arms crossed and she prays to Rao that this won’t be as scary as she’d imagined it to be. “And my girlfriend.”

She doesn’t look at her. Instead, she looks up at the sky. Toward Lena.

She can’t see Cat’s face, but she can hear her heartbeat skip. She can hear her heart rate speed up.

She plows into talking more, because she still can’t look at her. Still can’t, can’t, can’t. She sighs and she tosses her arms up.

“Maybe Alex and the president are right. Maybe it’s Supergirl’s responsibility to protect everyone. But all I can think about is the fact that the woman I love is trapped on that ship, and if we destroy it – “ 

Her voice falters and she prays for just a fraction of the strength Maggie had demonstrated when Alex was kidnapped.

“ – then she’s destroyed too, and that… that would break my heart.”

She sighs and she turns and she tries not to throw up, and she still refuses to look at Cat.

“It’s selfish.”

Cat objects – gently, gently, a slight tremor in her voice that Kara can’t quite place – before the word even finishes breathing its way out of her lips.

“No, no, it’s not selfish, Supergirl. It’s human.”

Kara turns to her, now, because Cat always knows – always knows exactly what’s wrong – and Kara wonders if she knows now, too, that Kara is struggling because if she were human, truly human, maybe Lena wouldn’t be in this mess, maybe – 

“You’ve fallen in love, Supergirl, and that… that, as much as anything you’ve done, as much as any of the buildings or planes or people you’ve saved, means you belong here. You didn’t bring this fight here, Supergirl, and you certainly didn’t put your girlfriend up on that ship.”

“I could have stopped them from taking her – “

“I highly doubt there was anything you could have done. In my experience, Kara Danvers, when you want something done, if it’s at all possible, it gets done.”

“Kara Da – what – Ms. Grant, what are you – “

“You’re spluttering, dear, do mind that you don’t misplace your eyes if they pop any farther out of your head.”

“But – how did you – why would you – “

“Because I know you, Supergirl. I know you in all your forms. And I know that when you put your mind, your heart, behind something, you’re going to achieve it. You want to save your girlfriend?”

There’s a long, long pause, and Kara almost gathers the courage to look at Cat. Almost.

“Then she is the luckiest person on this planet, because she will be saved, and by the most heroic knight of our generation, no less. I will claim some credit, of course, both for grooming you and for this rousing pep talk.”

Kara can’t help but smile and Cat can’t help but return it, even if it’s a little sad on the edges.

“How’s Carter?” Kara blurts suddenly, because she realizes that the question’s been buzzing in the back of her mind for a while now, since she got his last letter and hadn’t had the time or energy to respond.

Since Alex.

“Well, you know, he enjoyed his time away with his mother, but I think we’re both ready to come back and expand our horizons right in the place we started.”

Kara’s eyes light up and Cat shakes her head softly.

“Another time, Supergirl. Chop chop. You have a woman to save. Not to mention a planet.”

Kara chuckles, almost more to herself than anyone else, and her voice is low, almost husky, when she turns to her and tells her, “I really missed your advice, Ms. Grant.”

Cat almost smiles. Almost indulges. Almost.

“And I’ve really missed giving it. Now shoo. Up up and away, no time to lose.”

Kara smiles, exhales hard, and uncrosses her arms, and Cat watches as she reaches them to the sky and positively soars.

She leans back on her hands and watches, watches, shaking her head and sighing to herself.

“That is still so hot,” she whispers, and she wonders if Supergirl’s superhearing can pick that up, and she wonders how she lived a single day without… this.

Michael has more than just weed socks ok- he’s like socko from Icarly. I’m talking light up socks, meme socks, cat socks, president socks? Gamer socks, comic book socks. He even has a pair of old Abraham Lincoln socks that looks more like John Cena with a beard and top hat

“Kara hears Cat say go get em Supergirl” from @onesliceofcheese  @goldeneyesandbrightblueskies “Cat’s thought process of knowing Kara=Supergirl” and “Kara’s reaction to hearing Cat saying “go get ‘em, Supergirl” from @bathtimefunduck and @pittyyyy “Cat/Kara hug or acknowledgement of her being supergirl? Thank you!!!”

Alex is going to kill her.

Well, not really.

Alex’s own girlfriend had figured it out. 

And that wasn’t Kara’s fault.

Neither was Ms. Grant knowing. 




Kara stumbles when her superhearing picks up Cat’s words, faltering in her stride almost as much as she’d wavered in her flight path when she’d heard Cat very nearly call her – call Supergirl – “hot” last night.

Was it just last night?


She gulps and she adjusts her glasses and she knows – chop chop, places to be, people to save – but if Cat knows now, then Rao, she’s known this entire time.

This entire time she pretended not to.

This entire time, insisting that Kara realize how incredible she is, insisting that Kara believe in herself.

Asking her star reporter if her star superhero was ready to single-handedly save the planet.

And really, asking Kara.

Asking Kara if she was ready to single-handedly fight for her planet. Her people.

Her family.

Which included the Queen of All Media, if they were being honest.

And Cat Grant is clearly in the mood to be honest.

She hadn’t breathed a word. Not a scent, not a sound, not a sight, about who her star assistant, her star reporter, really is.

Though it would win her another Women in Media award, for sure.

Because Cat would never do that.

So Kara stumbles and she stops and she gulps and she adjusts her glasses and she marches right back into Cat’s office.

“Ms. Grant, what did you just say?”

She tries to sound assertive and she tries to sound authoritative, but she sounds absolutely nothing of the sort.

Cat scoffs softly and waves her hand, loose at her wrist, in Kara’s general direction.

“Oh Kiera dear, I think we’ve both kept up this charade more than long enough, don’t you? I told you that I saw the hero within you. And I was talking about you, Kara.” 

Her voice sounds almost lazy, but her eyes are blazing, and Kara starts to sweat.

“I was talking about you, of course, with those inexcusable cardigans and belts from your sister’s girlfriend’s closet. But I was also talking about the woman you don’t want everyone else to see. The woman you think no one can see behind those glasses, but really, Kiera dear, you couldn’t hide those eyes if you tried.”

“Ms. Grant, I – “

“Don’t you have some fires to put out?”

Cat stands, rooted to the spot, before launching herself softly, carefully, controlled, into Cat’s arms.

Cat doesn’t freeze, not even for a moment, before hugging Kara back solid and steady and maybe just a little too tightly, a little too needy.

She sniffs almost daintily and adjusts Kara’s collar as they pull apart after a long, long moment.

“Chop chop, heaven knows those firemen aren’t going to save themselves, Supergirl.”

Her smile could light up the planet – and Cat thinks it just might do that – as she glances around for witnesses and, finding none, soars right out of Cat’s window, hoping that maybe she’ll hear her call her hot – … cool – again.

She plugs Alex into her earpiece on the way.

“Alex, I’m en route to that fire – “

“Don’t you need to get some rest, Supergirl? I’m sure the fire department can – “

“Alex. Ms. Grant knows.”


“That I’m Supergirl.”


Kara flinches from the pitch of Alex’s voice, even as Alex repeats “Cat Grant knows she’s Supergirl” to someone off the line.

She grins and shakes her head as she hears Maggie’s whoop and shout of “Boom! You owe me that flash grenade, Danvers!”

And she flies faster, lighter.


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What if we are "too loud" normally for aliens. As in we are high volume all the time so we have to speak quietly for their normal hearing, but they are way too soft.

These are the next intergalactic fashion.

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Possibly with built-in translators. there are, of course, much smaller, unobtrusive earbud-type things made for a variety of lifeforms. All kinds function with soundwave-sensitive sponge-like materials that can be programmed depending on the individual’s sound tolerance and the parts you can see are purely decorative. However, old fashioned headphone-types are very popular among the species whose bodies allow them to be worn. In addition to Denny’s-style breadphones like the above, also popular are ones that include decorative ears of non-sapient creatures like cats. Light-up ears are especially popular among teens and young adults. Imitating the ears of sapient creature is pretty rude.

The Honey House, Chapter 26

Everything and Nothing


Daryl left Rae with a map that would lead her back to Alexandria and she walked the final stretch of her journey, arriving home in the cover of darkness. She didn’t tell her people the whole truth of where she had been. Partly because she didn’t know the whole truth but mostly because she wanted more time. All she told them was not to talk to Negan’s men and not to let them inside the walls but everyone knew something wasn’t right. She could see it in the fear that began to live in their eyes and hear it in the hushed whispers that began to spread around the gardens.

Rae’s hesitation to tell Tim that Rick had been outright lying about Negan was all it took for him to believe Negan was everything he suspected and more. She thought he would say something to the others but he didn’t and for that she was grateful.

Now it was the day of Negan’s arrival, or at least the day he’d said he would arrive and Rae stood watch on the platform above the gate, worrying the wooden walkway as she paced. He’d promised her a visit in a week but that didn’t mean he would arrive on time, like all people good or bad a promise was much easier to make than it was to keep.

Tim spotted him first, “over there,” he whispered, his finger pointing to where Negan strolled through the long grass. He had Lucille on one shoulder, a shiny red gift box in his hand and he smiled when their eyes met. Rae waved, the gesture limp before she almost fell down the ladders to meet him at the gate. Her heart was pounding, fight or flight mode kicking in as she wondered if signalling for the gate to be opened was the wisest idea. It was too late. The gate cracked open and she stood on the threshold, unsure of how to hold the expression on her face as he finished the rest of his journey with a huge grin and a spring in his step.

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