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No Longer Forgotten

Fandom: Marvel (Thor’s movies)

Summary: Based on: “Imagine baking Loki his favourite Midgardian cake for his birthday, and him being deeply surprised because he told you when his birthday is just once and yet you’re the only one that remembered it and made him celebrate it after many years” by @imaginemarveluniverse

Word count: 1,573


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A gentle humming was lighting up the kitchen bathed in the soft sunlight. You checked the oven, looking proudly at the growing cake you had made by yourself. It seemed to be all right, but you got cautious after your previous attempt at baking, which is cooling down on one of the kitchen counters, completely burnt and inedible.

You sat on one of the chairs, trying to avoid looking at the ungodly mess you have made in the process of baking. Flour was covering the floor with a thin layer that you couldn’t get rid of with the broom. You should probably wash it, but you felt weak at the mere thought of it. You were so tired that you could fall asleep standing. Actually, a quick (but normal) nap was a very tempting thought – your sore legs would rest, and your eyes, which you have rubbed with a dirty hand, almost burning them with flavouring…

No! No rest before you finish. You wouldn’t survive another round of starting everything from scratch. Of course, you would certainly give up after another defeat if the cake was meant just for you, but it wasn’t this time. You had a very special occasion and wanted to make everything perfect…

A knock on the door was as surprising as unusual. You have barely any close friends and none of them lived nearby, so there was no chance they would randomly decide to visit you before speaking to you first. And this couldn’t be the mailman, because you had a letter-box on the other side of the building. No one was visiting you like that. Maybe someone got lost or one of your neighbours wanted to ask you something?

You flattened your hair which you had no time to even brush today, but gave up on trying to cover your war with the kitchen – the only thing that could help your clothes get back to socially acceptable standards was a solid wash.

You opened the door with a light smile to greet…


You said none of your friends would visit you unexpectedly? Well, you have forgotten about the one, now standing right in front of you – the only one that you would be more than happy to see every other day but today – and the one that was supposed to come tomorrow. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if you weren’t preparing him a birthday cake. A kind of surprise. And a present. Which you were supposed to give him on his bloody birthday.

And now he got suspicious. He probably had the right to be, since you froze in the doorway, with your thoughts literally screaming and your heart racing.

“Is everything okay…?” Loki asked slowly, furrowing his eyebrows and peeking in over your shoulder. Your lack of words had worried him.

“Of course!” you said with a totally unnatural, high-pitched voice. And there goes your cover…

“So… May I come in?”

“Yea-… I mean… Nothing is-… Maybe tomorrow, you said tomorrow? Of course I didn’t forget about our tomorrow meeting and neither did you, right?” you rambled, feeling smaller and smaller.

Green eyes looked at you appraisingly.

“If you have a guest, you can just tell me. I just appeared to be around and thought that I may come in, but there is no need to…”

“No! No, no, no!” you almost shouted, but quickly calmed down. The longer you were postponing it, the worse it was becoming. You took a deep breath, moving to the side. “No one is here, I just… had a bad day. Kind of. You are welcome anytime.”

Loki hesitated a bit, but entered your home, looking around suspiciously. He was clearly searching for any signs of what was bothering you, but besides the ungodly mess in the kitchen, nothing has caught his attention. He knew your house well enough to catch any change given the amount of time you two hang out up with there.

“Well, now  at least I think I understand why you didn’t want me to see all this,” Loki gestured to the pile of dirty dishes completely covering the sink.

You shrugged, standing at the doorframe. You had to admit that the tall man in a visibly expensive suit in no way fitted in that room. You were actually surprised that he came inside of it, not afraid of omnipresent mess. Thank God that Loki was your friend and wouldn’t get mad over some stains on his clothes that you were almost sure would appear out of nowhere. Or at least you thought he would. It wasn’t your fault you’d spilled some things. A few times. Because you happened to be a little bit too enthusiastic.

“You still seem to be stressed,” Loki noticed, making himself sit comfortable on one of the chairs. He crossed his long legs, piercing you with his gaze that you had no way to avoid.

“I’ve just had a bad day,” you carefully selected your words, knowing that you were treading on thin ice. You could almost hear it breaking as Loki was working you out openly. “Nothing serious. Tried to keep my mind away from everything, and well, you see what happened.”

“You mean this burning… thing?”

“Yeah, I kind of forgot about it for a bit too long, got distracted. I’ll have to throw it away…”

“I meant the one burning right now.”

“Wha-…? Oh, shit-…!” you rushed to the oven, almost breaking your legs on the way.

You didn’t even bother to look for a dishcloth, hissing over the sting of pain when the temperature kissed your palms. And almost destroyed your cake, apparently. You put it on the table, between empty packages and a sugar container. It didn’t smell that bad, but the obvious black spots on the sides were ruthless. And you were so close… But, after putting some icing that would easily cover them, a very thin layer of icing, maybe of different colours, who knows…

Loki observed the race of emotions on your face. You were like an open book for him after all those years of knowing each other. He had a sarcastic comment on the tip of his tongue, but let it go, seeing how downcast you were.

The man cleared his throat.

“I bet it tastes better than it looks like.”

“It doesn’t look bad. Look there – this is a burnt cake. This one is… just slightly more crispy.”

“Who have you made this for?” Loki asked curiously.

“No one,” you answered a little too quickly for him not to notice.

He smirked wolfishly. You felt a rock forming in your throat. You knew that grin – it meant that Loki would never drop the subject that sparked his interest before getting to know every detail.

“So I may have a piece after it cools down?” he asked innocently.

“No, you can’t,” you said firmly.


“Because I have to decorate it first.”

“Oh, come on,” Loki smirked. “One piece won’t ruin your very necessary decorations.”

“Yes, it will, because this has to be perfect.”

“But you just said you made it for yourself. Since when do you care over the look and not the taste…? It’s so uncommon of you, I am starting to worry about you, you know?”

You groaned loudly, accepting your defeat. He would never stop, and you were too tired to argue with him for hours.

“I hate you,” you muttered, resting your head on the table.

“And you still didn’t answer my…”

“Because it’s for your birthday, maybe?! Okay, I know it’s not today, but you were supposed to come tomorrow. That’s why everything is a mess and I’m completely not prepared… Loki, why are you so pale? I mean, more pale than usual. Is everything okay?”

Loki was indeed frozen, with pure disbelief on his face.

“You did… what? How did you know about my birthday?” he uttered, suddenly in loss for words.

“You told me.”

“But that was ages ago!”

“And I’ve got this thing called a calendar. I just made a note, Loki. There is no need to act so surprised. Besides, you scare me and I’m not sure if you are okay or not… I tried, okay? I’ve just always been a disaster in the kitchen, that’s why I screwed it up…”

“Am I okay?” He repeated your words with raised eyebrows. “Are you actually asking me if I’m okay with my first birthday present in years? Do I look like I hate receiving goods? I’m a god, I love all of them, let’s be honest…”

You stopped him.

“Wait, so you’re saying that no one has celebrated your birthday in…?”

“Exactly. And now let’s move on to the main course, because the more I look at it, the happier I feel,” Loki licked his lips, which earned him a small laugh from you. It was another great thing about that day and it was still early.

He had almost forgotten how enjoyable birthdays could be when celebrated with someone close. He smiled to himself when you were looking for a plates.


One shot CaptainSwan fic. Killian is back from Neverland and his nightmares have returned. He needs help getting through the night. Angst and sex. Just like I like it 😏Rated M for smut.

Killian could smell smoke. It was acrid and so thick it permeated the skin of all those near it. He could hear the crying of those trapped down in the underworld with him and covered his ears in a pathetic attempt to drown them out. Not even the cries of the Lost Boys compared to the cries of the tortured souls Hades kept locked here. He closed his eyes but could still see the dank, cement walls of his cell. The moisture that collected there called out to him, begging him to quench his thirst, but he knew that if he did, it would scorch his tongue.  It hurt to breathe and the beating he’d just taken at Hades command left him with at least one broken rib. It was dark and so hot and damp he had chills dimpling his flesh. He heard something coming closer to him. It sounded like hooves hitting concrete. He felt hot breath hit the back of his neck and knew someone or something was behind him. Too terrified to move he stood there, eyes closed praying it goes away. When he opens them, he is on the Jolly Roger. He takes a deep breath, relaxing instantly. The wheel beneath his hands, he can see his crew scurrying about performing their duties. The sky is bright and the sun is blinding in its glow. He turns his face to the sun letting it soak into his body. Suddenly he is standing in the middle of Main St in Storybrooke. It’s dark and raining, and the street lights are making the raindrops glow. He sees David and Henry standing under the lamps, Henry clutching his grandfather’s side.  He turns and sees Emma face to face with a hooded figure. He tries to call out to her, to warn her, but he only manages to distracts he and the figure pushes a sword through her stomach. Killian cries out in anguish and runs toward her. He is crying, tears leaving hot tracks down his face. As he reaches down to pick her up, she disappears like a mist between his fingers. Looking around desperately for help he sees Rumpelstiltskin, skin golden, standing in front of his shop, grinning. Help me crocodile Killian pleads with him. And why would I do that dearie? If I help you it would surely come with a price, one you wouldn’t want to pay. You need to wake up…Killian…wake up!

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this week’s hotel picky tokky room was voted… 3!!! and the theme is lava lamp! room specific amenities include a split light-up bath, a fire place (also with its own funky lighting settings), an incense station with a bunch of diff calmin scents like jasmine n sandalwood , and a wiggly water bed !! 

what room will we reserve next week? ( ^o ^)o besides 3 n 8, there are still rooms from 1-12, so let’s choose a number!

for when you’re tired/sad/anxious
  • drink tea! green tea always seem to do the job for me. you’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed plus, it’s healthy and rlly good for you! here are some tea facts if ya wanna know more hehe
  • take a bath. a long long loooong warm bath. bring out your bath bombs too! just relax and free yourself from all the stuff going on. you’ll feel good and energized after!
  • and before you take a bath, light up your favorite scented candle. fresh cinnamon rolls, fresh linens, or vanilla; it’s up to you! when you get out of your bath, your room will smell like your favorite scent and you’ll feel extra calm!
  • read a book. reading books is one way to escape reality! pick your all time favorite or maybe read a new book that intrigues you and let yourself get lost in in it.
  • not a reader? watch your favorite movie or tv series! most of the people I know say that Friends is the best comedy show out there. but personally, pixar/disney movies are my go to for when im feeling sad!
  • EAT EAT EAT. order yourself a whole box of pizza. maybe a box of 20 mcnuggets will do the trick! who cares how much calories are in that bowl of mac n cheese? oh you want bacon fries too? then just do it!! do it for yourself and eat your heart out til you feel okay
  • play with your pet/s! walk your dog out, get some new toys for your bunnies, feed your turtle! caring for your pets is a good way to de-stress yourself as well
  • talk it out with someone. doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend, your sibling, your parent, or your teacher; just choose someone who you trust and will listen to you! don’t hold anything back and just let it all out
  • if you don’t feel comfortable talking it out with someone then write it down. get a journal and write how your day went. in detail. write about the man you rode the train with today. describe how bright the sun shined, how strong the rain was or how beautiful this stranger’s eyes looked like in the sun. write about how you felt and why you felt that way. you’ll feel liberated after doing so.
  • if you’re not good with words, then draw it out! make a painting, a drawing, a quick sketch, heck, a doodle is fine too.
  • take a short walk! you’ll be able to sneak in a bit of exercise too!
  • drown yourself in music. get on your favorite band’s cd or your favorite playlist, turn up the volume and sing your heart out! this technique honestly works on me like magic, I feel sooo good afterwards!
  • get some sleep! take a 30 minute nap or maybe sleep for 14 hours straight! sleeping is my last resort when i’m having one of those days. maybe you’re just too caught up with everything that is happening in your life and ya need to take a quick break from all of it!
  • but most importantly, take time. don’t force yourself to be okay or happy right away. work on yourself to become the best version that you can be! :~)
Ereri Fic Recs List Part 2

I’m back with yet more ereri fic recs! Be sure to check these fics out; all of them are awesome!

Title: Street Brat

Author: Monsoon 

Rating: M

Status: WIP

Summary: Having been on the streets with his sister from a young age, Eren is used to skirting around the law to get by. He’d long since discarded any childhood dreams of joining the Survey Corps; his focus now was to help provide for and protect Mikasa, her son, and the secret that could very well get them killed. He was doing just fine after joining a street gang, until of course fate decided to literally fling him straight into the line of sight of the one man with a reputation for hunting down criminals like himself; Captain Levi of the Survey Corps.

An AU where Eren is a street rat and Levi is the young Survey Corps Captain who is intrigued by the bright-eyed boy with a secret…

Title: The Thug

Author: Dressed_In_Darkness 

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Summary:  Eren Yeager is on an errand when he comes across a girl in the underground city who is being held captive by two men. Putting his life at risk, Eren does anything to save her, relying on nothing but his determination and unwillingness to see her hurt. As they’re backed into a corner, they are suddenly saved by none other than Levi Ackerman, the strongest thug in the underground. Eren can’t help but feel drawn to him, but will his feelings for this famous criminal wind up getting him hurt?

Title: The Strange and the Usual

Author: lalazee 

Rating: E

Status: WIP

Summary:  When Eren finds himself stuck in what is essentially a halfway house for supernaturally inclined misfits, there’s no stopping the veritable shopping list of events that leave him pushed closer and closer to ex-exorcist, Levi. But when is it ever that simple?

Title: Perspective

Author: shittyfoureyes 

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Summary:  Watching Eren’s confidence and determination gradually deteriorate as he feels the weight of endless death and failure is the catalyst to a sudden change in Levi’s perspective on freedom and the future of humanity. There may be no turning back, but you must make the decision that you’ll regret the least.

Title: Not The Monster You Wished For

Author: JustAWritist

Rating: M

Status: WIP

Summary:  Eren never thought he needed group therapy. Eren never wanted group therapy. Even getting him into physical therapy was tough. But now, one car accident and two worried friends later, Eren finds himself thrust into the world of group therapy for people like him. People with PTSD, the wounded veterans. Little did he know that this group would be made up of the people who haunt him in his nightmares. Including, but not limited to, the man who he blames for the loss of his lower leg. The man who led him into battle. Corporal Levi.

Title: Heart of Ink

Author: OneWhoSitsWithTurtles

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Summary:  Shortly after his mother passed away, Eren decides he wants to get a tattoo to remember her by. The problem is that Levi, the short, snarky tattoo artist Eren goes to refuses to tattoo anyone under 18 without parental approval. Eren hadn’t been planning on sharing his sob story with anyone, but he refuses to leave the hole-in-the-wall tattoo parlour until he gets what he came for.

Title: By the Light of the Moon

Author: kirakiracats

Rating: M

Status: WIP

Summary:  Growing up, Eren’s mother had told him he couldn’t go outside Shiganshina because his village was different from the rest of the world. She said the world wouldn’t understand him because he was special, and that made it dangerous. But Eren wanted to see what lies beyond the only place he’s ever known. He could never have imagined that one day his mother’s warning would be proved right in the most horrifying way, showing him the darkest side of the human world. Is Eren fated to spend his life as a caged animal?

Title:  Büsker Dü’s and Don'ts

Author: shulkie

Rating: M

Status: WIP

Summary:  Prickly, recently single, graphic designer Levi has just started at a new office when a Manic Pixie Dream Boy busker named Eren sets up his bucket drum outside his office and throws his whole life into orbit.
Levi was blessed with every sound a bucket could make. The Cup Song with a bucket? Levi had heard it. Any drum solo from Rush? Levi heard it a dozen times over. Hot For Teacher? Check. Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin? Check. Since The Jägermeister didn’t have a cymbal he made little whippish noises with his mouth. He also didn’t sing anything, just shouted out enough lyrics at full volume so his audience got the idea. He made up poems (if you could call them that) on the spot about the people walking by. “Hot soccer mom looking hot doing soccer!” He also shouted random phrases like a drum major issuing commands. “I’m a cymballer, rimshot caller!” was one of Levi’s personal favorites.

Title: Steered Straight

Author: kylar

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Summary:  Levi is a military Captain with the US Marine Corps in charge of a very small, elite reconnaissance force responsible for surveying enemy territory before the military formally makes its move. Eren is a rebellious trouble maker who shuffles in and out of lock-up until his twenty-first birthday when the judge offers him a choice between military service or prison time. Little does he know that his decision, and the unapproachable captain he’s stuck with, will change his life.

Title: Duty And Sacrifice

Author:  FearTheKeira

Rating: E

Status: WIP

Summary:  To secure funding to support the Survey Corps for a further two years, Levi and Erwin must agree to arranged marriages to two of Shiganshina’s finest Omegas. Yet neither Eren nor Armin are what the two Alphas expected and life with their new husbands is shaping up to be far more challenging than any of them bargained for.

Title: Misread

Author:  sciencefictioness

Rating: E

Status: WIP

Summary: After watching his father brutally murder his mother, barely escaping with his life, Eren Jaeger moved from one foster house to another, never really finding a place to call home. Now that he is grown, he lives with Mikasa and Armin in a dilapidated old house, but all is not well. The loss of his mother at his father’s hands, along with the brutal treatment he received for his sexuality, as well as repeated failures in all aspects of his life have left him hollow and broken. Though he had tried before to end his life and failed, with a fistful of pills and the knowledge that his friends are gone for the weekend, Eren was sure that this time he would succeed. At the last moment he hesitated. His only regrets would be leaving Mikasa and Armin behind, and never confessing his feelings to the owner of the bookstore he works at. After realizing he had nothing to lose, he decided to tell Levi how he feels before ridding the world of himself for good. Even if Levi rejects him, it doesn’t matter. What’s he gonna do?

Kill himself?

Title:  Your Soul on my Skin

Author:  Ladycarathis

Rating: G

Status: WIP

Summary:  Eren was just stretching his aching back when suddenly a silver light shone up, bathing the cozy common room in an unusual light. He nearly jumped out of his chair when he caught sight of the patronus in front of him. His breath hitched and for a moment there he just stared at it blankly, not even realizing that this patronus might actually be here for him.

Because there’s not nearly enough good Harry Potter AUs for this fandom and I desperately needed some magic and soulmates.

Title: Vergissmeinnicht

Author:  shittyfoureyes

Rating: E

Status: WIP

Summary:  Levi and Eren are reunited after 2,000 years to find out what has changed, and what might always stay the same.

Title:  Forest Boy

Author:  ryuusea

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Summary:  Eren loves the outdoors, but he does not quite remember when he developed this habit. There is something wonderful about touching himself out in the open like this that really gets him off.

Title:  The Stag in the Dark

Author:  shulkie

Rating: T

Status: WIP

Summary:  After a high school hazing prank goes awry, Eren is forced to work at local “witch” Levi’s knitting shop.

Title:  Crimson

Author:  WishingSebastianStanwasmyman

Rating: M

Status: WIP

Summary: Eren Yeager is young man who lives in the village in the outskirts of The Forest of Giant Trees. One day while venturing out to visit his grandmother, he finds himself under attack by the wolves living in the forest that he had always been warned about.

Luckily, he’s saved by Levi- who is a werewolf and heir to the position of pack leader, a Prince by human standards. Upon saving Eren, he finds that he and the human are mates- which could spell disaster for Levi’s ascension into pack leader as humans are rarely trusted by wolves and many think Eren to be evil incarnate.

Title: Concerto in D Minor

Author:  kylar

Rating: E

Status: WIP

Summary:  Levi is a world renowned violinist with a tortured past. He battles with severe depression and in order to feel the passion needed to play, he must self harm. He’s done a perfect job of keeping this dark side of himself hidden from the public eye, but when he meets a young up-and-coming violinist, it’s only a matter of time before the boy discovers what’s hidden behind Levi’s perfectly constructed mask.

That’s all for now. I’ll be making more ereri fic rec lists like this in the future, though. :)