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So close, but so far… by Brett Kiger
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Walt Disney World | Magic Kingdom | Transportation and Ticket Center


Word Count: 943
Author’s Note: This started as a ficlet and then got away on me and turned into an imagine. Enjoy ;)

You leaned your head back against the hard wall, the ache at the small of your back pinching worse than usual. Even the slow, even breaths you were forcing yourself to draw in and out weren’t helping this time. As a doctor, you knew the continued deterioration of your vertebrae had the potential to be permanent if you weren’t treated soon. As a patient, you were nervous and uncomfortable.

You sighed and tried to get more comfortable, eventually giving up and pushing yourself to your feet and pacing around the small cell.

Six months.

It had been six months since you’d been kidnapped from your medical outpost, and brought to the Klingon prison planet as the sole medic for the Federation prisoners being held. When you resisted, you’d been beaten, and the rudimentary tools they’d given you to manage the health of the other prisoners had obviously been salvaged from one of the first ships to leave Earth, it was so ancient. There was no way for you to treat your back, and very few injuries worse than the most basic that you were able to manage.

“Doctor.” One of the Klingon guards approached your cell. “You are needed to assess new prisoners.” He opened your cell and gestured for you to follow him. You nodded.

“I’m moving slowly today, Krell,” you explained as you trailed behind him. He grunted indifferently but slowed his pace. He led you to an area of the prison that you’d never seen before, and to a brightly lit cell. On the floor of the cell lay a man, his gold uniform in tatters. His back was oozing blood slowly, and from where you stood on the opposite side of the cell glass, you thought he may have been whipped. It wouldn’t surprise you. If he’d had any fight in him, he would have been beaten just as you had.

Krell pushed you into the cell and you moved, haltingly, to the man. You knelt beside him and he barely moved when your hand touched his forehead.

“Don’t -” he started, but you hushed him, taking in the rank at his wrist.

“Captain, please,” you murmured. “Allow me to treat your wounds.” He groaned again and turned his head to the side. One eye opened and you were shocked by the blue of it.

“You’re human,” he managed. You nodded.

“Please let me treat you,” you pleaded. “This kit is, well, practically medieval, but I can patch you up.”

“You sound like Bones,” he laughed. “Do your worst.” You smiled and set to work cleaning his wounds.

He said his name was Jim. He didn’t tell you anything else, just that you could call him Jim. Given the state of his back, he’d been laying in the damp cell for at least a few days when you’d been called upon to treat him. Infection was already setting in, which complicated his recovery, and forced the Klingons to allow you to stay in his cell.

“Tell me your story, doctor.” Jim demanded. You sighed.

“I was in the humanitarian division, and was on a mission doing routine vaccination and immunizations when the Klingons attacked. When they realized I was a doctor, they decided I had more value alive. I think they often ransom prisoners, or something,” you explained.

“Bones says only the bleeding hearts and incompetents work humanitarian missions,” he laughed. “I guess you’re a bleeding heart?” You couldn’t help yourself, you laughed.

“Your wounds are slowly healing, I hope that’s a sign of competence.”

A loud noise startled you and phaser fire crossed through the cell, causing Jim to push you to the floor and cover you with his body.

“The captain!” You heard. “Scotty, we’ve found him!”

“I can’t get a reading! Get out of there!” The response came, obviously from a communicator. Jim was pulling you to your feet and tugging you after him, suddenly full of energy. Your back screamed against the movement, but you forced yourself to keep up. As Jim dragged you to the surface of the planet, the gold light that indicated the transporter suddenly wrapped around you both and you found yourself reappearing on the transporter pad of a ship.

“Jim!” A man clad in science blue strode forward. Jim deflected him to you.

“She’s got something wrong with her back, she’s the priority, Bones,” Jim headed to the door. “You’ll find me on the bridge when she’s stable.”

You were laying in a regen unit, bored to tears, staring at the ceiling because there was nowhere else to look. The pain in your back was decreasing, and you finally felt safe and comfortable enough to close your eyes.

“Y/N.” A voice roused you. You looked over at the captain and smiled.

“You didn’t mention you were the notorious Captain Kirk,” you chastised. He smiled, both blue eyes bright, his skin finally free of bruising. “But here I am, on the Enterprise. Under the care of the equally famed Doctor McCoy?”

“Notorious?” He laughed. “Not famous?”

“I’m class of ‘60, Just Jim. The word is notorious,” you countered.

“And here I was, coming to ask you to dinner,” he smirked. Doctor McCoy interrupted, looking up from his PADD.

“Jim, do you remember me telling you about the cadet who threw away everything after the Narada in order to volunteer on New Vulcan?”

“The one you said would give me a run for the money because of the trail of broken hearts and torn undergarments?” Jim replied. McCoy smirked.

“Meet Doctor Y/N Y/L/N. I’m pretty sure you’ve now met your match,” McCoy winked. “Enjoy your dinner date.”

Hayley Kiyoko at the Constellation Room, 3/2/17

Written by Raenna Caguioa, photos by Caitlin Ison

On March 2nd, 2017, Hayley Kiyoko performed in a sold-out Constellation Room at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA. DJ Cait and I were fortunate enough to interview Hayley before her show, which will be featured soon on our radio show and Soundcloud.

If you get a chance to go to see Hayley Kiyoko, even if you have to drive, fly, take a magic carpet, or mario-kart your way on Rainbow Road, do it.

First of all, I have to talk about the visuals. The audience was engulfed in smoke and pastel lights that just transported all of us into a dream-like state. I truly believe lighting can set the mood for any concert and let me tell you, the mood was definitely set for when Kiyoko came out. During other songs where the bass was more intense, the pastel colors would become bold reds and blues and sometimes white, illuminating Kiyoko in an angelic glow.

We were all in for a treat when she performed her newest single, “Sleepover.” It emphasizes the bittersweet-ness of unrequited love and how sometimes one can just be happy with the fantasies they have in their mind. I did not have enough time to memorize lyrics to sing along with her, but there were some audible voices coming from the audience who had already known the words to the song she had released just earlier that day.

Pulling a song from one of her older EPS, “A Belle To Remember,” Hayley Kiyoko began singing “Rich Youth” and the crowd, sang along loud and proud. It was evident that this sold-out show was bought out by dedicated fans who have followed Hayley for a very long time. A fan even yelled out “Velma” at one point, referring to her role as the smartest member of the Mystery Gang in Scooby Doo: The Mystery Begins. There was never a dull moment with Kiyoko on the stage. In between songs, she would talk to the crowd and answer “I love you too” to fans who shouted their own I-love-yous to her. She really glowed on stage and was always uttering her appreciation and gratefulness for the fans.


1931 Bugatti by Thad Zajdowicz

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<br />The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California

Word Count: 3122
Author’s Note: I had two Scotty requests come in nearly back to back. One was for ‘Scotty lovin’, and the other, from @hesgonnalovethis requested a fic where the reader was younger than Scotty, and had to convince him the age difference wasn’t a terrible thing. I hope I’ve met both these requests in this fic. Enjoy!
P.S. Ensign Stabby is not my original idea. I saw one of the many ‘humans are the scariest aliens’ posts a while ago that referenced Ensign Stabby, and thought it was exactly the kind of shenanigans they would get up to in Engineering. So please know that I totally borrowed that, and credit belongs elsewhere!!!

The Enterprise was the most coveted assignment in the entire fleet, and you’d managed to pull an assignment on the ship as your very first out of the Academy. You couldn’t have been more thrilled. Or at least, you thought you couldn’t be more thrilled. Then you met your supervisor, and you were even more excited. Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott was a rising star in Starfleet, and was approaching living legend status, just as most of the other senior crew were.

You reported to Engineering and were astonished to discover the man himself waiting to welcome you.

“Ensign Y/L/N?” He asked, as you walked into Engineering. You nodded. “Welcome to the Enterprise. I expect you’ll want to settle into your quarters? Follow me.”

He led you to your room, firing off random information about the ship as the fixtures in the halls prompted him. He keyed in the authorization to open your quarters, and showed you in.

“These are your quarters. Keenser’s are on your left and Kevin’s are on your right. You’ll learn to not mind Kevin, he has a thing against pants. Your replicator has standard programming, but I’m sure you figured out how to rig them in your first year at the Academy. If you’re having problems with getting it set for your preferences, I can give you a hand,” he rambled. He almost seemed nervous. “Laundry and housekeeping bots come through on odd days. Keep an eye out for Ensign Stabby.”

“Ensign Stabby?” You echoed.

“It’s a floor cleaning robot, and a group of junior engineers thought it would be amusing to equip it with a blade,” Scotty explained, lifting the cuff of his pants slightly. There was a sharp tear in the leather of his boot.

“And you call it Ensign Stabby?” You wrinkled your brow.

“He’s a right ornery wee bastard, too,” Scotty nodded. You shook your head and sighed. It seemed the Enterprise wasn’t that much different that the Engineering dorms at the Academy.

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star trek: voyager (1995-2001)

Transported 75,000 light years from Earth by a mysterious accident while chasing Maquis rebels in dangerous space, the crew of the newest Federation starship Voyager must form an uneasy truce with the Maquis in order to find what - or who - it was that rocketed them to the farthest corner of the galaxy. With the differences between them rendered meaningless by time and distance, the Federation and Maquis crews unite aboard Voyager. Together, they embark on their new mission: to boldly go - home.