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Arashiyama (嵐山) in Autumn in Kyoto (京都) Japan by TOTORORO.RORO


Nakameguro District (中目黒) in Tokyo Japan by TOTORORO.RORO

Space related starters

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  • “Which star is that?”
  • “This trip would be better with more aliens.”
  • “Which is your favorite planet?”
  • “We can’t breath in space.”
  • “How many planets are in this system?”
  • “I love this space ship!”
  • “Is that an alien?”
  • “We should go deeper into space.”
  • “How many stars are in this galaxy?”
  • “Mission control, are you there?”
  • “How is light speed travel even possible?”
  • “Don’t forget to put a space suit on before going outside.”
  • “How far away is that planet?”
  • “Hand me the laser pistol!”
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Pairing: Owen Grady x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 2271

Author’s Note: So, @im-an-octopus have blessed me with someone’s prompt for Mr. Grady and I think I took it different than what they asked and I apologize, but it’s still adorable. *cough* princess of fluff *cough*. As always, I want to thank @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me!!

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gostgs  asked:

Just how gay are you?

Ok so if you could hop on a spaceship right now, that could go the speed of light, and travel trough space a the speed of lite for ten years, by the time you got back to earth, it would have been one hundred years in for earth yet only ten years for you. And you happened to find my house. You’d gag because even years after I’m dead you’ll be able to feel the gay I’ve left there. If that makes sense.

The Ethics of Meat Eating

by Saṃsāran 

This piece is not intended to be a condemnation of the eating of meat. I am only looking to the ethical basis for the practice. The eating of meat requires killing. It requires doing violence to another living creature. Animals feel pain. Animals feel terror. Animals want to live as much as any human does. I know. I have slaughtered hundreds of animals when I was a rancher, a hunter, and a trapper. I am not a bleeding heart. I do, however, recognize suffering when I see it.

Rationales behind the eating of meat:

  • It is natural i.e.  animals eat other animals in nature.
  • Humans are superior creatures to animals
  • Humans evolved to eat meat
  • Meat is healthy food

It is true that in nature animals eat other animals. This is the nature of raw nature and many animals have evolved as carnivores. Arguably man is one of them. We are omnivores. We would have never survived the ice ages had we not evolved to eat meat. In nature, outside of the tropics, plant foods are seasonal. With no means of transport, human beings would have had to rely on meat to survive. Moreover, lean meat in limited quantities is an excellent food maybe the best food available to our ancestors.

Now, having said this I will note that we no longer live in the state of nature. We live in an organized society which universally acknowledges that cruelty to animals is wrong. We would never beat a dog or drown a sack full of kittens but when it comes to the brutal killing and dismemberment of food animals we hypocritically turn a blind eye.

People today eat so much meat, and fatty meat besides, that we are beset with diseases like stroke and cardiovascular disease which is a major contributor to those diseases. We now have access to foods which are far healthier and do not require killing. The state of nature was a cruel one and we have evolved past that now.

We are superior creatures. Imagine this scenario. 60,000 years ago an alien race came to the Earth. They needed a reliable food supply for their interstellar near light speed travels. They use bioengineering to make a food animal which is clever, versatile and with no fur, claws or fangs and so easy to slaughter and make into food. Humans. They come back. Since they are traveling at near light speeds 60,000 years has passed on Earth but to them, because of Einstein’s theory of relativity, only a decade or so has passed aboard ship. They are highly advanced and far more intelligent than we.

They land and start harvesting their human herds storing up food for the next journey. Our attempts to stop them are the equivalent of tribesmen tossing spears at an M1 Battle tank. They simply go through the cities, grab the humans they see, strip them, gut them and then process them into food. They are pleased with their crop. They see us as inferior beings and we are. They can claim that they created us as food and so they have the right to eat us. Why should they care about us. After all we kill each other by the millions and let all that food go to waste. Besides they note that we do precisely the same thing to other creatures on the planet so what right do we have to complain?

๑ Samsaran ๑