I’m so irritated that Amara La Negra’s light skin friends saw her crying about the treatment she received from Young Hollywood and then started flirting with him.

This is the exact reason darkskin women are so weary. Light skin people will see the pain we are in because of colorism but will still cozy up to that source of pain.

Even more annoying it will be the same people who have no patience for white people failing their way to anti-racism who casually perpetuate colorism.

Please have that same energy you have towards white people when it comes to your own shenanigans.

Raise your hand if…

  • You have ever experienced, witnessed, felt Colorism in the African American community
  • You have ever been picked last in comparison to your light skinned counter parts
  • You are brown skin or dark skin and have family members or friends who are light skinned
  • Any of the people mentioned above receive preferential treatment in some way based SOLELY on the fact they are lighter: better job opportunities, love interests, friends, etc.
  • You think Colorism, on both sides of the spectrum are real.
  • You are tired of people pretending it’s not a thing and ignoring it


(This is NOTHING, against my lighter brother’s and sister, I love you ALL, but I feel this needs some light shed onto it for those over privileged few who think because they haven’t seen or witnessed it, it doesn’t exist.)