What’s the average black girl?
Is it the girl who smacks her gum?
Or is it the girl who gives a bad attitude, whose voice is louder than a drum?
Is it the girls who roll their necks, or the girls with fake hair? 
Or is it the girl who's judged and joked on, even when no ones there?
Is it the girl you call ‘ghetto’ because she was raised in the poor hood?
Or is it the girl who’s angry all the time, whose reputation is never good?
You tell me to bleach my skin, to look pretty & light.
You make me do impossible things with my hair, so it matches the hair of the girl who’s white.
You tell me 'You talk so white because you talk so smart!’
Correction. It’s 'speak’. I 'speak smartly’, but I still, to this day, take that phrase to heart.
You say 'You’re not ugly, you’re pretty for a girl who’s black!’
But how can I be pretty to you if it’s my race that you attack?
Black girls ask why boys deny them because of their skin.
But I tell them, you’re beautiful, you’re melanin. 
Your skin, so smooth and sweet like chocolate melted in the sun.
Or so lightly brown, like a sweet toasted cinnamon bun.
And for the dark girls, whose skin matches a sweet plum;
your beauty is something to indulge and get drunk on, like a sweet dark rum.
To the black girls who weren’t born 'girls’, you get just as much praise and love. Let no one diminish you, damn the insults from those who you soar above.
To the black girls who like other girls, you are blessed. Let no one tell you worry you, or get you stressed. 
And to all the black girls, who sit and read this:
If anyone tells you you’re not perfect, tell them to kiss your ass and drink piss

My rendition of “The Average Black Girl” by Ernestine Johnson


Enough is enough

We cannot continue to raise our generation with the ideals of “Black people don’t do that.” Because that’s destroying the what ifs in us black girls. Countless times I’ve thought about taking my piercings out, covering my tattoos and taming my hair in hopes they’ll stop talking about me… That I’ll be accepted.

We gotta stop telling black girls who are alternative that they’re trying to be white or make assumptions of their sexuality because of their stretched ears and piercings. We gotta stop telling black girls with natural hair that their hair is too nappy or they don’t know how to do their hair and need a perm. We gotta stop telling the black girls with a sleeve of tattoos that they’re trying to be white and no man would want them covered in ink. We gotta stop sexualizing young black girls and telling them not to dress comfortably because of men around them, stop demonizing black children and start questioning the male family members and friends that stare inappropriately. Your child isn’t grown the person staring is a pervert and needs to stay from your kids.

Its honestly frustrating when other races tries to keep black people is a status quo beneath them, but it breaks my fucking heart… It brings tears in my eyes as I’m writing this that my own people would rather put me in a box and tell me I’m not worthy of my own race than let me flourish and be myself but and would rather tear me down to their “normalcy” to make them comfortable.

We cannot continue to raise our generation with the ideals of “Black people don’t do that.” BECAUSE BLACK PEOPLE CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT.


Light skinned problems

Light Skin Girl Rant

If you believe all light skin black women live privileged lives please unfollow me. I mean have u seen my life? TF.  If I say “we are all black” you say i’m ignoring my privilege. I’m saying “we are all black” and i’m living a black womans life. Where is my privilege…more brain washed fk boys wanting to hump me than they do u? I’m not even being rude because this is what I see yall using as examples…black men like light skin girls more than dark skin girls. This is what I see yall saying everyday….But who is checking for these brain washed calcified fk boys? I been with my man for like 7 years. Its a revolution going on outside….real men are not still only looking at “redbones”. The ones that do are zombies and no one should b offended or hurt by a zombie….a soulless body. Ijs my hair gets kinky and nappy like urs….i’m in the hood with u…..i need to make sure my son gets to live a full life like u….i worry when my man leaves the house like u do….why do you want me to be an outcast? I cant fit in with the whites….i’m not white. Im black. WTF is wrong with yall….how can we get passed the “glorification” of light skin females if yall dont want to accept “we are all black”?

Recently Jidenna went on the breakfast club and briefly spoke about his views on being a Lightskin Nigerian. He spoke about how Africans want to be white and that’s why they value light skin. Which is true, the fact is that all over Africa and in the Caribbeans bleaching is very high and popular. It’s the sad true, our people don’t see the value of having dark skin. Self hate is a disease that’s killing us and people. Modern day Africa have a neo-colonist mind set. Claim Africa, Activate ya Melanin
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I grew up being told i was "dark as shit" and "a piece of burnt black shit" girls didn't talk to me, niggas picked on me n called me ugly. I begin to hate myself and my melanin. I grew up thinking i never want my kids to experience this. I began to only pay attention to mariah carey lightskin girls. Im not saying its right. Im not justifying anything. But growing up being bullied about my skin color hit me hard. Last year i just started loving myself. I realized all black is beautiful.

I realized all black is beautiful.

this one is for all of the little mixed kids, the ones who had to learn the in-between spaces early on, the ones who had to deal with not feeling like they were accepted fully in any race community, the ones who dealt with parents who had no fucking clue how to deal with their curly hair, the ones who were told that they were “lucky to not get the {race trait}”, the ones who were erased for having too many friends of one race, the ones who’s parents faced unthinkable adversity for being together, the ones who had to deal with racist comments from friends, only to be shut down for being “not {race} enough”. I love you, I am you, and you are valid.