light shining through a window

This is fine


Draco rolled on his sheets, his skin warm because of the covers and the soft light shining through his bedside window.

It was good, those new sheets, that new bedroom. The purple curtains weren’t something he would’ve picked himself but being an eighth year came with its advantages and disadvantages.

He turned again, his eyes still closed. Having his own room at Hogwarts was something he would never have thought could be so great. The silence, the privacy, being able to come and go whenever he wanted. Well, not that he could wander around past curfew but even if he did no one would know.

Draco finally opened his eyes, the sunlight strangely bright for that time of-


Draco launched himself off the covers, his legs still tangled in the sheets making him tumble straight to the floor. He cursed again, louder this time, but who cares. He was alone in his room, no one to wake up and, oh well, no one to wake him up either.

So he was late, even though he was sure he’d set up his wand to wake him up.

Great, now his morning had everything to be even shinier than normal. He hated getting up late and had managed just fine to arrive to classes in time until now. He hated it because being late meant receiving unwanted attention from professors who already despised him and classmates who wanted him dead. Potter was usually the one to burst into classes after it’d already begun but all he always got for that were welcoming smiles and good mornings.

Draco grabbed the first pair of black trousers he spotted near his nightstand, putting them on while searching for his belt. He wrapped his green and silver tie loosely around his neck, his black shirt still completely unbuttoned. Draco cast a quick cleaning spell on his mouth, hurriedly heading for the door with shoes in one hand and bag in the other. The common room was most definitely empty so he would just finish getting ready-


A loud thud caught Draco’s attention, wand instantly in hand as an instinct. He should have expected, should have exhaled, turned on his heel and darted out of there because he knew he was just going to be even later now.

But how in Merlin’s name could he turn around on a Potter still in his boxers, black boxers and a Gryffindor tie hanging around his neck like the bloody corridor was an extension of his room. Potter looked up, his cheeks red and an apologetic smile on his face, something that only contributed to unbalance Draco more.

The blond was gaping, his own blood rushing to his cheeks because his eyes couldn’t stay on Potter’s ugly glasses, they had to aknowledge his shoulders, covered in tiny brown freckles; scan his chest and his stomach- fuck, Potter had abs, and his hips, Draco’s eyes could trace his V line…

He froze, closing his eyes like that was the only way he knew how to stop unashamedly maping the Gryffindor’s body.

He opened them when his breathing had evened out to find Potter doing the exact same thing he’d done.

'I- I’m late’ Draco blurted out, startling Potter who seemed to be unaware of what he was doing.

'Yeah, me too’ His green eyes fixed on something above Draco’s head.

'You’re always late, this isn’t- ’

'What happened to your hair?’ Potter took a step towards him, his shame of being half naked completely forgotten. Draco’s wand remained firmly secured in his hand, though he doubted he’d have the will to point it at Potter even if he had to.

Merlin, he was… hot. That was the word, there was no way he could lie about that. Draco was eighteen and gay and Potter was eighteen and hot and- and so Potter. He should turn around and run the fuck away from there, that corridor was too small for two people to stand at a safe distance and Potter didn’t seem to even want to stand at a safe distance.

He was still looking at Draco’s hair like it was made of gold.

'I didn’t have time to comb it’

Draco looked at Potter’s head, wondering for a second if the Gryffindor had ever brushed his hair.

The dark brown locks curled chaotically around the edges, falling on his forehead and almost covering the scar. His hair was longer than Draco had ever seen it, probably longer than when they were fourteen and Draco first experienced how it was like to develop a crush on someone.

When Potter lowered his eyes Draco could see only thin rings of green around dilated pupils.

'Why would you comb it?’

There, he knew Potter had never brushed his hair. That was be the best opportunity to mock him about it, Draco just needed to open his mouth and-

Warm fingers pushed Draco’s locks away from his eyes, his mouth already open but his mind suddenly blank. Potter was so close Draco had to tip his head slightly down to look at him. His fingers ran through the strands, pressing lightly against his scalp. Draco’s breathing became shallow, his whole body tingling with the sudden proximity.

'I- I need to go’ Draco’s hand reached for his bag as fast as he could. He darted past a surprised Potter on his way to the stairs, Potter’s fingers that were tangled in Draco’s hair falling to his pale neck, touching it lightly for a second.

He wanted to stay, fuck, all he wanted to do was stay. That was the main reason he should go immediately because if he felt Potter’s warmth against his skin for another minute he wouldn’t be able to hold back.

When Draco turned around to catch a last glimpse of Potter, green eyes met grey. He gulped, turning on his heel and heading towards their common room.

Despite being so late Draco decided to keep a slow pace. He closed his eyes for a second, trying to keep in his memory the feeling of Harry’s fingers against his neck.


Draco opened his eyes the next morning to find, fortunately, that he was on time.

He sighed, images of the previous day flashing through his mind. He got up, shaking that weird feeling away, and set out for his trunk.

This time Draco decided to go with his best green silk shirt and some tight black trousers - he was in a good mood after all - paired with a silver tie. He was about to grab his bag when Draco remembered he hadn’t combed his hair again, darting his eyes to the mirror hanging on his door.

It looked… messy, but maybe not in a bad way. He ran his fingers through it, pushing the strands back and watching as a few fell on his forehead. Okay, he could try that. His father would totally reprimand him if he knew but Draco decided to go for it anyway.

He closed the door behind him, his eyes already searching for that door opposite his. Potter’s room.

It was locked and no movement could be heard from outside.

Late again, he thought to himself, lingering on the first step of the circular stair. He looked back again, waiting for something he didn’t quite know. No sound, nothing.

He’s definitely going to be late.

Fuck, Draco looked at his pocket watch, confirming that if he turned around now he’d get exactly on time for his first class of the day.

He could knock, a small voice that sounded a lot like his mother’s resonated inside his head.

Draco looked around, checking if he was in fact alone before darting towards Potter’s door, knocking twice. He waited a bit, knocked again. No response.

Maybe he’s not in there, he thought.

Maybe he’s not feeling well, his other inner voice said.

Draco didn’t care, he should just go. But his hand was already on the door knob, twisting it. It clicked, easily letting Draco in despite a red alarm screaming inside his head.

'Potter?’ His voice was low but in the quiet room it sounded much louder to his ears.

The curtains of the only bed in the room were closed, but Draco could immediately tell Potter was there. His deep breathing told Draco that the Gryffindor was sound asleep, the sunrays making his silhouette distinguishable through the curtains.

The alarms were louder now but Draco couldn’t walk away anymore.

He pulled the curtains slowly.

'Potter, you’re- ’


Potter was on his back, a soft blanket covering one of his legs and his waist in a way Draco could see he had nothing beneath it. He was naked, completely naked under that thin layer of cotton.

Draco’s fingertips were tingling, his throat suddenly dry. He wanted to touch, but Merlin he couldn’t even afford to think that.

'Potter, wake up’ he spoke louder this time and Potter all but groaned in his sleep. Draco felt something boiling inside him, anger and lust mixed together.

'Potter, wake up!’ His hand reached for Potter’s shoulder, shaking him before he could stop himself.

A strong grip in his hand pulled him forward and before Draco knew what was happening he found shimself underneath Potter who had his wand pointed at Draco’s throat, a dangerous look on his face.

'Malfoy, what… Fuck, what are you doing here?’

Potter lowered his wand without a second thought, placing it on the nightstand, his expression turning into one of confusion.

Draco stood frozen, his mouth hanging open because the second Potter recognized him all the bastard did was relax, sitting on top of Draco’s thighs like that was the most obvious thing to do when you find your enemy inside your room.

And Draco could feel it. Feel it against his stomach even though the blanket was preventing him from actually seeing it. He darted his eyes up the moment he realized he was staring at it to find Potter already looking at him. He was blushing, green eyes wide open like he’d just realized the strange position they were in.

The thing was, Potter didn’t move, not off Draco at least.

'We’re late,’ Draco’s voice was hoarse when he spoke.

Potter rolled his eyes to what he judged useless information.

'Are those the only words you know?’

That ungrateful git. Draco tried to push him away, shifting his thighs in a way that forced Potter to grab onto something to avoid falling off his own bed. He obviously chose to grab onto Draco’s shirt, tearing up two buttons with the force of his grip. Draco gasped, anger boiling deep inside him. That was his abosolutely favorite shirt and now it was ruined. He was about to punch Potter when something poked him hard on his inner thigh, right beside his own crotch.

Something. Not only something, it seemed.

Draco’s eyes found Harry’s.

'Potter?’ His voice came weaker than he intended.

So Potter had an erection. He was hard, rocking hard right on top of Draco. And naked too. For Merlin’s sake, that wasn’t even the problem.

'Ah… Malfoy?’ Potter looked down and back up at Draco. He smirked, shifting again.

The problem was Draco was hard too.

Draco was hard with a very naked ass sitting on top of him to feel it.

Draco’s cheeks were on fire, his hands griping the sheets so hard his knuckles were white already.

This time he had no way out. Potter had that smirk all over his face and kept moving on top of him, like- like he was adjusting himself… Oh God, Potter’s cock was right there, heavy and hot against his stomach.

'Potter, I… we need to- Oh fuck’ Draco’s head hit the matress, his eyes shutting close as Potter thrust his hips forward.

'Do you really want to leave?’ He was panting, each thrust causing the blanket to slid even lower on his hips. Draco could see hair right below his navel now. Draco’s hands must have left the sheets at some point because now they were grabbing Potter’s thighs with the same intensity.

Leave? He couldn’t leave.

'I hate you’ Draco thrust back, the blanket finally sliding to the floor.

Potter moaned, his smirk turning into a grin. Merlin, he was so hot.

Potter’s hands slid from Draco’s torso to his biceps, forcing his arms above his head. He hold them there, something possessive shining in his eyes.

'Are you sure?’

One of his hands reached his wand and before Draco could even worry about it his clothes were gone. He moaned and Potter moaned, loud, needy.

Because the side of Draco’s cock was pressed against Harry’s ass, rubbing against his hole. It was too much, too suddenly.

'Potter… Fuck this is- ’

Draco flipped them, all his control gone. He stared Potter down, taking in all of it, from his swollen cock to his even messier than normal hair, his green eyes filled with lust and fixed on Draco, his hands, warm and strong roaming all over him.

'How did this happen?’ Potter whispered and Draco froze. Really, how did that happen? They were enemies, they hated each other. He was almost sure that Potter wasn’t gay and now they were there-

Potter smashed their mouths together, kissing hungrily like Draco had never been kissed before. They backed away for air, Draco resting his forehead on Potter’s.

'You don’t really hate me’ Potter said, still trying to control his breathing.

'I do’ Draco bit his shoulder, leaving a red mark there.

'You don’t’ Potter’s grip on his jaw was strong, forcing their eyes to meet again. Everything seemed to change, the atmosphere, the tension between them.

'You’re a nightmare’ Draco whispered against his lips.

'You’re a wet dream’ Harry said back, smirking.

Draco didn’t hate him. He had realized that only after the war but now he knew he probably had never hated Harry Potter.

When he bent down to press their lips together, it wasn’t rushed. They kissed slowly, tasting one another. It was sensual, deeper than before. Potter’s hands were on his hair, his fingers threading through the strands and pulling Draco towards him. They parted again but Potter kept placing soft kisses on Draco’s lips, again and again.

'Why do you do this?’ Draco’s eyes were still closed, his mouth brushing Potter’s as he spoke. Every nerve on his body was aware of it’s surroundings. Draco wanted to scream, stop the time because Potter made him feel like he was eleven all over again, powerless but a lot braver than he was now at eighteen.

Potter moved so he could speak into his ear, hands still on his hair.

'Draco, this is fine’ his words were softer than the ones ringing inside Draco’s head that sounded so much like his father’s. 'Scared, Malfoy?’

There it was, Malfoy and Potter, always Malfoy and Potter. Except Draco wanted this new thing now, because Potter was right. If he didn’t give a shit for the past Draco wouldn’t either.

'I don’t hate you’ he whispered, afraid the words would get stuck in his throat.

It was like an immense weight he didn’t know he was carrying was lifted from his shoulders.

'I don’t hate you, Harry’ he said it again, louder. They kissed one more time. 'Harry’ and again. 'I want to- ah, I want to fuck you, Harry’ the way the name rolled on his tongue was addictive. And everytime he said it, Harry Harry Harry, the boy beneath him would shudder, moan, kiss him again.

'Draco’ his fingers running through his hair. 'Draco’.

Draco backed away, turned Harry on his stomach and kissed his nape.

He kissed his shoulder blades, Draco kissed his spine.

Open mouthed kisses all the way down to his lower back, Harry arched to his touch.

His hands ran on Harry’s sides, one of them reaching Harry’s neck and holding him there possessively.

'You can… you can just…’ Harry turned his head to the side, his hands pushing Draco’s thighs towards him desperately.

'I need to- ’

'I did it yesterday’ Harry’s voice was hoarse and the words came out rushed. 'After we met, I…’

'You were thinking of me…’ Draco kissed the shell of his ear, his hips trembling with need.

'I want you inside, Draco’ Harry fingers dig in his thighs and Draco shuddered, a moan escaping his lips.

Draco reached for his wand, a quick spell smearing his fingers with lube. He found Harry’s hole, tried one finger and found it in fact loose already. Harry bucked against it underneath him. Fuck, he wanted to eat him up, take him hard. He smeared his swollen cock with the lube, aligning himself.

Harry arched his back again when Draco buried himself inside him, his hips hitting Harry’s ass.

'Draco- fuck, please… Draco please

It was so tight, fuck, so hot inside him and the sounds. Harry kept moaning, bucking against him, begging.

'You’re so… Harry, Harry fuck’ Harry was shaking beneath him, his head turning from side to side, eyes closed and mouth open. Draco pounded hard inside him, as fast as he could.

It was desperate, intense, too much. They were Malfoy and Potter and Draco and Harry. And Draco wanted all that, he needed Harry Potter to remember what it was like to feel that fire inside him.

Harry came with his ass up and face pressed against the pillow that muffled his scream. He came with Draco’s cum filling him up, Draco digging his nails on his sides and screaming his name.

When he let his body crash beside Harry, Draco felt different.

'Do you hate me?’ Harry’s playful tone was gone.


'Are you s-’

Draco pressed his hand on Harry’s mouth, shutting him up immediately.

'You’re a Gryffindor, an arrogant prick with a hero complex. You’re loud and impulsive. Still, I don’t hate you, okay?’

When Draco removed his hand Harry had a frown on his face.

'What does that even mean?’

Draco rolled his eyes, reaching out for Harry’s arm. He ran his fingers there, tracing invisible patterns as he spoke. He liked to touch Harry, he liked it quite a lot.

'It means this is fine, doesn’t it?’

Harry closed his eyes, a small smile playing on his lips.


There, that was why he felt different. Harry made his name sound like something… special.


'Will you wake me up tomorrow too?’

He snorted, hitting Harry with the pillow square in the face.


'What, why not?’ Harry gave him an indignant look that only made Draco laugh even harder.

'I can’t miss another class because of you’

Harry gave him a peck on the lips, startling him. It was so sweet he couldn’t help the blushing creeping up his face.

'Then I’ll wake up before you, Malfoy’ he gave him another peck, the well known challenging look in his eyes.

Draco smiled, realizing Malfoy and Potter could be as nice as Draco and Harry if he got to have him by his side.



Everything about his scene is so beautifully arranged.

The beds, so close to each other that they look like just one big bed. Yuri, peacefully sleeping, his ring visible and shining, the hand with the said ring closer to his face —and Yuri’s body turned to Victor’s bed, so we know he was facing Victor when they were both in bed. Then the sea, so vast, so full of possibilities, and Victor standing right there, facing it. Victor, who is looking at his own ring in the light of the sun; the same light that is making Yuri’s ring shine, entering through the window of their room.

I would say it’s the picture of the first day after a couple’s wedding, after the first night they spend together as a married couple.

A couple where they love each other so much, and feel so safe with each other. And, somehow, still overwhelmed by the reality of a love that feels so big, yet so natural.

It’s the coldest day of the year. Christmas is around the corner; you keep saying your gift is better than mine but that’s impossible. We’re snuggled up on the couch, I’m putting my cold feet against your legs to annoy you, but you don’t mind. We’re in a mountain of blankets. The only light is coming from the fire and the moon shining through the window outside. You nuzzle your face into my neck and I kiss the top of your head. How on earth did I manage to get so lucky?

Some Kind of Hero

 Author’s Note: A small Obauri drabble/fic. I wrote this in like 30 mins, its unbeta’d and kinda lame, but I love lame so bare with me.

Fandom: Yuri!! On Ice

Words: 621

Ship: Otabek/Yurio

Summary: Yakov’s summer camp is a great way to meet fellow skaters, not.

“Hey! Are you just going to leave?!” An angry voice echoed through the dark halls. It was past sunset and Otabek had stayed behind to practice, especially now that he had to prove his worth after being demoted to the novice class.  “Excuse me?” Otabek said in broken Russian. The figure moved closer to him, walking in a brisk pace. The hallways were dark, since it was well after the sun set, except for some light that were shining through the large, glass windows.

“Georgi, you promised to take me home. I told you that I’d tell Yakov that you’ve been playing with your girlfriend again instead of practicing, if you broke your promise. So why are you trying to lea…..Hey! You’re not Georgi.” The figure entered one of the rays of light from the window and Otabek recognized him. Yuri Plisetsky was in his novice class, but they had never really spoken before, rather neither of them really spoke to anyone. Otabek just looked at the younger boy blankly, not really responding since he trying to figure out what is say, and more accurately how to say it in the bits and pieces of Russian that he did know. Before he really had the chance to say something, Yuri already started to walk past him while grumbling.

Otabek watched the young blonde disappear through the dark hallway, his mind going into a slight daydream. The sound of rumbling thunder in the distance, broke Otabek’s line of concentration. “I should go home before the storm rolls in,” he muttered to himself, staring at the lights of St. Petersberg though the large windows.


A loud sneeze brought his attention to the shivering figure in front of him. Once again, Yuri Plisetsky was standing before him, but this time the boy didn’t talk to him. Otabek just walked passed the boy towards the bicycle stands. He unlocked his bicycle, a present from his father for this summer’s camp, and was about to get on it when he looked towards the doors of the building once more. Yuri was sitting on the steps by himself, as if he was waiting for someone, and Otabek recalled the one named Georgi had left with a girl earlier on. Otabek couldn’t really explain why he did what he did. It was possible that it might have been that he felt similar to Yuri when it came to the ice, or it might have been the strong flash of lightning, but whatever it was wasn’t important.

“Yuri, get on” Otabek said, hand held out with an extra helmet towards the ten-year-old. The blonde boy looked at Otabek and said, “What do you think you are? Some hero? I don’t need help from wierdos like you.”

“Come on it’ll rain soon, where do you need to go?” Otabek said, eyes never waving as he stared into Yuri’s eyes, almost like a battle of willpower.

Strong, like a soldier, Otabek thought to himself.

Otabek wasn’t sure how long Yuri was going to continue rejecting his offer, but the sound of thunder once more rumbled through the skies as Yuri’s determination wavered for a moment. “Near the train station.” Yuri mumbled as he forcefully yanked the helmet from Otabek’s hand.

A small smile graced his lips as Otabek patted the back of his bicycle. Yuri got on the back in one swift motion, and held the sides of the bars next to him. “Hold tight,” Otabek said grabbing Yuri’s arms and wrapping them around his waist. “T-t-thank you,” Yuri said, with a small smile and red ear tips while Otabek felt a small tug on his heart, returned the smile am started pedaling, feeling the warmth of Yuri on his back.  

In Beautiful Dreams

5k sad love story. Thank you to @darkmystress00 for reading it over for me.

A honest suggestion to listen to the song that inspired this all.

“In Dreams” by Roy Orbison

                     We’re together in dreams, in dreams

The black Impala pulled into the parking lot of a hospital, Dean’s eyes were locked forward not noticing the glance his brother sent him.

“St. Teresa Hospital? Why are we here, Dean?”

Dean parked the car, shut the ignition off and turned to Sam.

“I need to see someone. You can come with or stay,” Dean offered handing him the keys and getting out of the car without waiting for an answer.

Sam watched his older brother walk away from the classic car and head straight into the hospital. He sat in the Impala for a minute, going through all the endless places they had been in the past few years. Not able to place this city or hospital, Sam sighed and got out of the car.

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[Requested by Anon]



The sun rays tingled your skin, the light shining through the window, waking you from your slumber.

As your eyes adjusted to the light, you stretched the morning away. Feeling your body loosen.

Your movement made damon rustle in his sleep. Reaching his arm around you, pulling you in.

You couldn’t help but smile as you locked your gaze on the vampire next to you. He looked so peaceful. And you couldn’t believe that after all this time, you were here, in bed with him. It’s been nothing but months of arguing and keeping your feelings aside for each other until last night. You two had too many to drink and let’s just say, one thing lead to another.

You traced your fingers over his jaw line, gazing every part of his face.

His eyes began to flutter open slowly, making you jolt back a bit.

As he met your gaze, his lips curved up, making your stomach flutter. “Well good morning beautiful.” He smirked.

“Good morning handsome.” You chuckled.

You circled your thumb over his cheek, leaning into him and pressing your lips to his.

“Mm, I can get use to this.” He smiled.

“Me too.” You felt the blood rush up to your cheeks.

“Well I have to meet Stefan at the grill.” He yawned. He pulled the sheet off of him and pulled himself up.

But before he propped up on his feet, you gripped onto his wrist, and gently tugged. Catching his attention.

“Stay.” You whispered. “Please?”

He flashed a soft smirk and sighed. “I can’t Y/N. I told Stefan id meet him to help him with his whatever it was-” he leaned in. “I wasn’t really listening.” He winked.

As he turned you sat up. “But damon, when will we ever get to stay in bed all day?” You muttered.

You inched closer to him, his back still to you. Your hands began to travel along his torso, feeling every part of him until your reached down to his waist. His breathing became long and heavy. Staring at your hands.

“You naughty girl.” He whispered.

And just then, he was on top of you. His body against yours.

“You drive me crazy, you know that?” He smiled biting his lower lip.

You chuckled and shrugged. “I know. But you love me anyways.”

His lips met yours as his hand travelled down to your breast. Squeezing a bit, making a soft moan escape you.

He tore apart for a moment and turned over. Your eyes brows furrowed.

“Wh-what are you-”

“I’m just rescheduling with my brother.” He muttered staring intently at his phone as his thumbs sprawl across the screen.
He placed his phone down and returned his gaze back to you.

“Okay, where were we.” He smirked and rolled on top of you. “That’s right, I was about to have a little fun.”

Your hands tangled into his hair as he kissed you hard and passionately. Soft groans escaping your both as you lost yourselves into one another.

“God you’re amazing.” He brushed over your lips, feeling you all over.

You began to laugh as he brushed his hands over your sides. His eyes growing wide. “Are you ticklish?”

“What? No.” You lied.

He took that as a challenge and began at your sides. Watching you squirm in his grip and laughing out. He couldn’t help but be mesmerized by you.

“I love you, Y/N.” He muttered.

Your heart felt as if it skipped a beat. Your mouth partly opened as your stomach fluttered.

You felt yourself slowly smile at his words. “I love you too,Damon Salvatore.”

Too Many Clowns: Jokers Daughter Imagine pt. 4

@bitch-its-bigbang as always thank you for being such an incredible supporter and thank you to everyone for being patient with me sorry this took longer than usual


The Joker laughed wildly as he stabbed Batman in the chest. Blood went everywhere and Harley was giggling as she cracked his back with her bat. The Jokers daughter stepped out from the purple Lamborghini with a gun in her hand. She walked past her father who placed a kiss on her forehead and she pointed the pistol at batmans head and pulled the trigger. Her son ran into her arms and she picked him up and cuddled him. Alfred ran out of nowhere in a last ditch effort to stop them from taking the child and Harley jumped at him and knocked him to the ground. She turned around to see her family reunited and smiled.

Jay woke up from his dream. It was one of the few good ones out of all the nightmares. He sat in the room Bruce and Alfred had prepared for him. The only light was the moon shining through the window. He still wasn’t trusted enough not to leave so they would lock him in. He sat down on the floor and curled up in a ball and began to cry. He was too short to reach the windows and even if he could the fall was too far down it scared him. All he could do was wait.

 He missed his mother. He missed his grandparents. He missed laughing and feeling safe. He couldnt understand why the bat left him with these people. The worst part was what Bruce said, that in a few years he’d forget his family. That part made Jay cry the most. He loved them and didn’t want to forget. He wanted to fall asleep but he was scared. The nightmares of the bat hurting grandpa and stealing him away were too much for the little boy to take. When he had nightmares before he could always cuddle up in his mothers bedroom. But when the nightmares were about the stories he heard of batman, only the joker could make him feel better. Like tonight, the only way he could fall asleep was when his body ached from crying. 

 Bruce sat in the batcave typing non stop on his computer. He was going through all the files he had on the clown family. How could he miss this boy joining them? When he found out all those years ago that Harley was pregnant, he made it his mission over those nine months to prepare to rescue the child and he failed. Not only could he not give her a better life away from the criminal underworld, she didnt want one. He remembered when he first saw her as a child. It was the only time he had ever backed down from the Joker. 

Bruce had finally tracked down where the clown couple was living after what he did to Jason. He broke in, fought Harley, fought Joker as usual when he slammed his fist directly into the Jokers mouth knocking out his teeth. He was consumed with rage for losing his son, when he heard a child crying it stopped him dead in his tracks. He turned around and saw the little girl crying for her daddy. She ran right past him and into the clowns arms throwing her body over him as if trying to protect him. Bruce was hit with flashbacks both of his own parents and Jason. He likes to think he blacked out from grief and just woke up at home. The truth was he let joker go and the girl stay with him. He left and failed to avenge his son and rescue the girl.

The Joker, Harley, you and Frost were outside Wayne Manor grabbing their weapon and waiting in the van for the Joker to give the okay. He took a deep breath pressed his lips against Harley’s. She sank into him and hugged him. He pulled away and place his smile tattoo hand over her lips. He pulled you into their embrace and whispered to both of you “we finally will have our family back.” he let go of his sweethearts and kicked the van door open.

 Bruce’s thoughts were interrupted by loud crashing above in the mansion. He ran up out of the cave thinking it was Jay trying something. The Joker, Harley, Frost and you destroyed everything you saw. Wayne family portraits fell off the walls from gunfire, windows were smashed, each room was set ablaze when you couldnt find Jay in it. As you ran throughout the mansion your parents laughter echoed. You saw a door at the end of a long corridor which looked like it went to a basement, you darted towards it when Bruce jumped out and knocked you back. His strength for a rich boy surprised you and you called for help. Harley swung her mallet at him an he ducked, Frost went moved in to knife him but Bruce blocked it and punch him in the jaw sending him to the ground. You were so frustrated that this wasnt going well you went wild and started slashing and biting him and pulling his hair unhinged. When he finally broke free from you he turned back to the basement door. But your father stopped him dead in his tracks. He unleashed a purple smoke from a mock gun that knocked Bruce out cold. 

 He was covering his mouth and ran to pick you up before the smoke hit you. “Princess we wont have much time before the bastard wakes up. Go with your mother and Frost search every room.” He was digging his nails into your skin “dont stop until you find him.” You followed Frost and Harley up the stairs. You turned around to look at your father who was beating Bruce senseless with his bare fists.

 All the commotion had woken Jay up. He hid under his bed not knowing what was happening terrified it might be the bat. He buried his face in his hands waiting for it to be over. Until he heard a muffled voice getting closer. 

 "Jay! Jay!“ It was a mans voice but it didnt sound like Bruce. He went to the door to listen. "Sweetheart where are you!” A womans voiced called out. One he would recognize anywhere. 

 "Mommy!“ He screamed with all his might and tears started falling. The door was cracked open and you ran in swiping him off his little feet. Your knees went weak and you collapsed with him in your arms. He held on tight to you and you smothered him in kisses. "I found him lets go!” You called out to Harley and Frost. 

The four of you ran as fast as you could back down stairs. Your father was still wailing on Bruce. “Daddy I have him lets go home!” The Joker didnt seem to hear you. He just kept pounding his fists into the body that seemed lifeless. Blood was splattered all over him and he wouldnt stop. You handed Jay to Harley and snuck up behind your father. “Daddy! Daddy stop we have to go!” He kept punching so you grabbed fist and almost fell in the attempt through the slippery blood. The joker looked up at you stunned. “Please daddy come on we’re not sae yet.” He blinked rapidly as if trying to wake himself from a dream before he snapped back into action mode. 

He grabbed your wrist and you all ran for the door and jumped into the van and drove away from the broken down home and didnt stop driving under you saw the water. Your father took everyone to the house across the harbor. The place where little Jay was born. Your father didnt trust anywhere in the city at the moment. Jay never let go of you the whole way there except to share the affection with his grandfather. He didnt stop looking worried until everyone was out of sight in the home. He refused to look you or Jay in the eyes. 

 You and Jay layed on your bed just running your finger tips along each others faces. Your father eventually knocked on the door and crawled into bed with the two of you. 

 "Jay I have to talk to you and your mother about something serious do you understand?“ Jay shook his head yes. "A long time ago I made a promise to your mommy that I would protect her. I failed not once but now twice." 

 "Daddy you didnt you made everything right." 

 "Everything wont be right until the person who did this is dead. Just like the last person who hurt you.” Your father spat his words at you in a violent tone. You gave him a sour look and pulled Jay into you. The Joker dropped his jaw slightly realizing what he had done. His mood changed like a snap of the fingers and he wrapped his arms the two of you. “Princess im sorry..” he kissed your forehead and caressed Jays. “I wont yell just please hug me back.” The man you saw broken sitting on that carpet just a few days ago was back before you. You snuggled your face into his shoulder and put Jay in between the two of you. “Im just sick of people thinking they can take whats mine away from you. You two belong to me and I keep failing to protect you.” He growled into your ear. 

 "What are we going to do? Daddy I just want to stay here and be safe away from the world with you and mommy and Jay.“ 

 "You will be safe princess, but not away from the world. The world is going to be mine just like you guys.” His icy blue eyes stared you down. 

 "Grandpa will you protect me from batman i keep having nightmares.“ Jays soft voice smoothed over the tension in the room. The joker chuckled at the boy. 

"Of course I will. Not just that my heir, ill make sure he never takes another breath. I have been planning every second youve been gone." 

 "Are we gonna go back to the cave?” Jay asked him You and your father looked at each other, your hearts started pounding. Does he mean the cave? You shot up and propped him up on your lap. Your father cupped his face in both hands. 

 "What cave Jay tell me. Exactly.“

 "The cave batman took me too.” Jay looked at both of you “i made sure i remembered everything I saw for you papa." 

The joker laughed his old laugh, the one he did before this all happened. He wad back. "Oh I think my plans just took a very good turn.” The joker hissed and you joined him.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 

Ticket To Ride

Parring: Bucky X reader

word: 1286

warnings: me… just kidding, i’m not a warning! or am i?

Summary: Reader is leaving the tower after a fight with Bucky

A/N: Ticket to ride, because i was listening to it while writing this

Originally posted by gliceria

“where to Ms.? “The driver asked, looking at you in the mirror.

It was Thursday morning, it had only been two days since the incident, but you liked it that way. That it was spontaneous, God knows where you would end.

It was cold outside, but the air in the cab was warm, and your coat was tugged tight around you, your hat pulled down around your ears. You had thrown your bag into the car, and closed the door after you.

“the station” you said, and the car started moved.


“You’re not going after her? “

Light was shining through the windows, lightning up the room. Steve stood in the door, wearing his training clothes, looking at his friend. Bucky stood in the middle of the room, punching the bag. His hair was soaked with sweat, framing his face. He had clearly been there a long time.

“you should” Steve continued, when Bucky didn’t answer him. He took a few steps into the room, putting his bottle and towel down. “It’ll be a while before you see her again, it’s not the best idea to let… “

Steve got cut off by the bag falling, hitting the ground with a loud thump. Bucky stood a minute, staring at the bag. His chest rising and falling quickly.

“It’s for the best” Bucky said, breaking the silence. “I was holding her back, don’t pretend you don’t know that, Steve”

Steve let the room become quite again. Bucky was right after all, and he had known, just like everyone else he had felt it on her.

He had often though of her like the ocean. She wasn’t one to comfort others, she made them laugh. She loved to make them laugh, seeing them smiling because of her. But in the same time, she was longing for more than working there. She wanted to see the world, and Steve could easily imagine her on the top of a mountain, her eyes closed, arms thrown to the sides, wind in her hair, with the world under her. She deserved something big, a wild, adventurous life, and that was what she was going to get now.


You paid for the cab, and looked at the station. It rose above you, looked down at you, asking are you sure?

Yes! You though, as you walked into the station, quickly finding your ticket, looking around for your platform. You counted them, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9!

You smiled confident, and took a step towards it.


“You’re going to regret it, you know” Steve said, as Bucky found a new bag. “Who knows when she’ll get back? It could be years! Maybe she found someone knew then? “

“shut up! “Bucky said, as he turned around and looked at Steve. “I want to! Okay?! I want to, but I can’t! “

“why not? “Steve asked, taking a step towards Bucky.

You had had another fight, not that it was anything new, you often fought, it had just been an excuse. You were bored! You needed to get out, go on adventures, but Bucky tied you down. The fight wasn’t big, it wasn’t special, but you had used it as an excuse to get out. Bucky had asked you if it was your way to break up with him.

‘I don’t know’ you had answered. ‘I guess’.

Then you had left, leaving Bucky as shocked as the day you confessed your feelings for him.


The train left in 15 minutes, and you had nothing to do but wait. You couldn’t be in the tower any longer, memories of you and Him everywhere.

Of course you felt bad for leaving him like that, but you needed to get away, and you couldn’t do that to him either. Instead you blamed it on your fight and break up. It wasn’t because you didn’t love him, but it would be easier for him if he thought that. You couldn’t keep him waiting for a year, maybe more. You couldn’t do that to him, you would rather give him a chance to get over you, get a life without you. Because this couldn’t be the last time you left.


“just do it, man! “Steve said, walking over to Bucky. “Better tell her that you love her now, right? then she at least knows it! “

Bucky just looked at Steve, his eyes judging. What good would it do that he ran? You would surely be annoyed, telling him to stop and just go back, forget about you.

“you love her “Steve said, and Bucky nodded. “she loves you? “

Bucky didn’t answer, he just looked down. Honestly, he had doubted it sometimes. You had said it, that you loved it, but you seemed so distanced sometimes, and he wondered if he wasn’t enough for you.

“of course she does! “Steve said. Sometimes it had amazed him how stupid his friend could be, and he should be used to it by now. “now you run off, go find her, and tell her you love her! “

Bucky looked up at Steve, his friend’s eyes was calm and comforting. Bucky nodded slowly, before turning around, hurrying out of the building.


6 minutes.

You had read in your book, but now you couldn’t concentrate anymore. There were people all around you. People saying goodbye to their friends and family, nobody was alone, except you.

5 minutes.

You didn’t mind it, that you were alone. In your fantasies, you had always been alone. Never once had you your family, friends, or Bucky with you. And you had dreamt about it for a long time! Leaving everything you knew, travelling around the world.

4 minutes.

The train arrived, and you walked towards the door, not looking back as you walked in. you found your seat, and managed to get your luggage in, dumping into the seat, looking out of the window.

3 minutes.

You wondered what the others were doing back at the tower. They were probably eating breakfast right now. Steve was probably training, he often arrived late because of his training. That guy was obsessed, that was why you preferred to train with Bucky.

2 minutes.

It had been in these training session that you had fallen in love with the man, and also in one of them you had confessed it. You had never really understood why people didn’t just say it. Either the person felt the same, and you could be happy, or the person rejected you, and then you could just move on quickly, not bothering actually start loving them before they broke your heart.

1 minute.

People were starting to say the last goodbye’s, and walked inside the train. The platform became more empty, and you played with your left sleeve. You were excited, but just as nervous, you were on your own.

That was when you saw him. He was in the other end of the platform, pushing himself through the crowd. He wore training clothes, and you wondered a moment why, before you started to wonder why he had come. Bucky wasn’t one to do that.

The train started moving, and Bucky caught your eye. His steps became faster, and he tried to run on the platform. He was surrounded by people waving, but he didn’t sense them. The train moved quicker every moment, and it was only a matter of time, before Bucky couldn’t keep up with it.

He pushed people aside, some of them falling into others, but it didn’t seem like he cared. He continued, and so did the train. It speeded up, and soon left the platform. You could see the platform becoming smaller, and smaller, and you lost sight of it.

You Survived | {Brett Talbot Imagine}

You Survived | Brett Talbot x Reader

Summary: You have a panic attack in school after you have a class about the California earthquake in 2010 where you were injured and Brett calms you down.

Warnings: Panic Attack, Earthquake, Trigger Warning, Fluff.


A/N: Thank you for 700+ followers !!

Song Suggestion:

‘Control’ by Halsey


Brett eyes flicker open as he adjusted to the bright light shining through his window.

He looks over to find you sound asleep with your lips slightly parted and parts of your hair laying on your face.

He scans your body admiring all your curves and your smooth skin as he started moving his fingers along your side just to feel your soft skin.

You let out a small groan in response to him waking you from your sleep;

As he drags his fingers along the side of your stomach which your tank top revealed from being pushed up while sleeping,

He notices something,

A long faded scar across your stomach right next to your abs.

He stares confused at the scar,

He has never seen it before.

“Y/N” He says softly.

“Hmh?” You asked still half asleep.

“What is this scar from?”

“Nothing, Not for now.” You said as you opened your eyes and pulled your tank top down.

“It doesn’t look like nothing Y/N.”

“I know but not now okay?” You said dragging your fingers along his cheek looking into his crystal clear green eyes.

“Okay babe, get dressed cause we need to leave in 30 minutes.” He said giving you a soft kiss before getting out of bed.


You were sitting in geography, bored out of your mind.

You were drawing some random little doodles in your notebook,

You liked drawing, it was kind of like therapy for you.

They calmed you down.

Your teacher was going on and on about explosions underground and seismic waves and all that kind of shit.

You weren’t exactly listening until something caught your attention.

She was showing a video,

It showed an earthquake happening,

You saw the buildings moving and the world seemed as if it were tumbling down.

It looked familiar to you, too familiar.

You’ve seen this before,

But no, not on video or in a movie,

Not even a news report.

You saw it with your own two eyes, You lived it.

You felt your heart racing inside your chest, pounding in your ears,

Your stomach flipping,

Your airway closing up,

Your vision blurring,

It was all coming back to you,

Flashing in front of your eyes.

You quickly got up and raced towards the door without saying a word, not even to your teacher.

Brett noticed you running out and quickly got up to run after you.

You ran through the halls finally reaching the stairwell as you collapsed against the wall sliding down with your knees pressed against your chest as you sat on the stairs,

Your head in your hands and the tears strolling down your face.

You couldn’t catch your breath and your heart was pounding loudly in your ears.

All you saw was the moments flashing in your sight, the ceiling collapsing on to you, the search team yelling your name,

you screaming even though your lungs were burning and your chest was crushed by the pieces of your house laying onto you.

You suddenly felt a pair of strong as wrap against you hugging you tightly.

“Shh it’s okay..” Brett was holding you against his chest trying to calm you down.

“I-I can’t” You stuttered still trying to catch your breath.

“I-It was to much, It all came back to me.” You kept sobbing against him as he only held you tighter, stroking your back.

“It’s okay Y/N, listen to my heartbeat.”

You did as he asked and calmed down after a couple of minutes.

You pulled back from his chest and stay in front of him as he brought his hand up to dry your tears.

“Are you okay?” He asked with a small grin.

“Yeah, I am now. Thank you.” You gave him a weak smile, your eyes were thanking but there was a sadness in them.

“Good, What happened there? You know you can tell me everything.” He said moving his hand from your cheek to hold your hand.

“I never told you this about me, It was something I was hoping to forget but I can’t seem to ignore.”

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, you felt a choking lump coming back to your throat.

“Up until I was 11 I lived in California with my parents, I told you that right?”


“So um when I was 10 while I was with my mom at home a strong earthquake struck, the ceiling collapsed onto me and I was caught under it for 6 hours until the search team found me.”

The tears were strolling down and you stopped to take a breath as Bretts hand held you tighter in his.

“When they found me and I was admitted to the hospital I was put into surgery with  severe internal bleeding, I was unconscious for two days..

Thats how i got this.”

You lifted up your shirt showing your scar.

Brett quickly pulled you back against his chest in a tight hug as you hugged him back as if your life depended on it.

“Why didn’t you tell me this?” He looked down at you.

“I wanted to forget about it, as if it never happened.”

“Y/N, You went through something most people have never experienced.

You survived.

Don’t hide it, be proud of it.”

You looked up at him, You smiled.

Your eyes were now adoring and hopeful.

You cupped his cheeks pulling him into a loving but passionate kiss.

“I love you Brett.” You said in a soft voice while biting your lips.

“I love you too” He said stroking your cheek.

He stood up and helped you up as you two walked back to class.

You two stepped in as all the attention was brought to you,

Brett held your hand before you walked to your teacher to explain your previous actions.

After explaining you sat down next to Brett,

He put his hand on your thigh stroking it up and down as you shot him a small smile.


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Playboy (M)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 ||

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1870

She woke up in the late morning, squinting through the bright light shining from the magnificent window, which curtains had just been pulled apart. Sehun stood by the bed facing her, the sunlight seemed to illuminate his tall and toned body, casting shadows in all the right places. He looked almost angelic. But he was far from being an angel.

“Get up,” he said, picking up her clothes from the floor and tossing them by her side.

She blinked a few times, trying to comprehend the situation. “What? Why?” she asked.

“Because you’re in my bed,” replied Sehun, matter-of-factly. He reached for a bath robe that rested on the velvet sofa and slipped it on. “Get dressed and go.”

She looked down at her garments and crawled out from under the sheets. She slowly began redressing herself while Sehun checked the notifications on his phone, completely ignoring her. “I need a shower,” he said. He placed his phone down on the nearby mahogany table and made his way to the ensuite bathroom.

She strutted over to Sehun with confidence. “Did you want me to join you?” she asked in a sultry voice.

Sehun leant against the door frame and scanned her from head to toe. “Not really, no.”

“Did you want my number then?”

Sehun rolled his eyes and sighed, gripping the door handle and pushing it slightly. “Get your stuff and leave. Chester should be awake by now, he will drive you home.” He curled his lips into a fake smile, “It was nice meeting you!” he cooed before slamming the bathroom door in her face.

“You asshole!” she screamed. After grabbing her purse from the bedside table and collecting her shoes by the door, she stormed out of the bedroom in a hurt rage.


Bright lights, the heavy bass of EDM and the pungent stench of alcohol polluted the atmosphere of the nightclub, disorientating even the soberest of people. Black-lights cast a pale indigo glow over the sea of dancing bodies, further illuminating all the bright colours.

You stood to the side of the dance floor, back pressed against the wall, watching your friends grind onto random men. The club wasn’t usually your ideal place for a fun night out, but your friends managed to force you out of your dorm. Plus, you had recently bought a gorgeous black dress. The fabric perfectly wrapped around your figure, defined your curves and pushed your cleavage up a little. There were cut-outs on the sides, exposing the bare skin of your waist. You definitely felt more confident in this outfit. Or, maybe it was just the liquor.

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Lucy was jolted awake when she heard the window open. The breeze rushed in, bringing in the cold, late night air. She didn’t have time to ask what was going on before the window was shut and the covers lifted. 

She felt a warm presence shift under the blanket and curl up behind her. Her eyes drifted shut when she felt those strong arms wrap around her. The sound of sniffing filled the air before she heard him sigh. 

“Natsu?” Lucy asked in a whisper, already knowing it was the fire dragon slayer. “Are you okay?”

It was silent in her room now. She could barely hear her own breath, let alone his. Finally, she felt his chest against her back move. “Y-yeah,” he said, voice low and rough. 

She frowned at his tone. Lucy started moving, shifting until she was facing him. She could barely see him, the only light coming from the moon shining through her window. “Did you have a bad dream again?”

Natsu’s arms tightened around her, bringing her closer to his body. “Y-yes…”

She could hear the restraint in his voice. He was holding back unshed tears. She knew about his problem. Lately he’d been plagued with dreams of her dying in the war. The war was over, but it didn’t lessen the heartache he felt watching her die. 

Her face softened, eyes closing once again as she scooted closer to him. “You can sleep here tonight,” Lucy whispered, earning a sigh from the dragon slayer. 

“Thank you,” he whispered back, lips resting at the crown of her head. 

“Anytime,” Lucy murmured before slipping out of consciousness. His warmth and comfort were always enough to lull her to sleep. 

Natsu curled protectively around Lucy, making sure he could smell her scent and hear her breathing. He always did this when he had a bad dream, and she never made fun of him for it. 

He relaxed shortly after, muttering as he drifted asleep, “I love you, Luce.”

Little drabble I was thinking about this morning after having a nightmare. I’m sure this has been done before, but oh well. Hope you liked it. 

Hello.  This is just something and nothing inspired by Zayn’s reaction to the dinosaur jumper yesterday.  Bye.


Zayn’s in the middle of deep sleep when the vibration of the phone under his pillow wakes him.

Through the window and the blinds shine the lights of Manhattan which with the backlight of the phone as he pulls it out from underneath the pillow illuminate the room.

He glances at the phone, and even in his half asleep state, he smiles as he swipes it and murmurs

“What time do you call this babe?”

There’s silence at the other end for a moment, and Zayn wonders if maybe Liam’s dialled his number by mistake again after rolling onto it in his sleep, but then there’s the sound of a guitar and then Liam’s voice, low, deep and soft.

“His name was David, he was a diplodocus but then lost all his focus ‘cause he used his hocus pocus and now he’s eating locu-,”

Zayn sits up in bed then, he can’t stop the smile even as he scratches at his head. As he sits up, he can see his reflection in the mirror facing the bed that the more he scratches his head, the more his hair sticks out at wild angles.

Where Liam is, he imagines he’s exactly the same.

“Liam Payne, did you really just phone me up at 3.30am in the morning to sing me a song about a diplodocus eating locusts and what on earth were you going to do with the next line, nothing else rhymes.”

A heavy sigh follows then and Zayn is sure he hears Liam tut at him before his voice fills the line again.

“That’s where you’re wrong Quiffy, woke us, broke us, awoke us, provoke us, stroke us, soak us.”

The use of the nickname fills him with nostalgia, from days gone by and there’s a temptation to sink into sentimentality for a moment but he bites it back down.

“Are you just saying these words to annoy me Li, or is that the exact order of events next time I see you the minute you walk through the door?”

“I hate you, you know, I couldn’t sleep ‘cause of that blooming film and so I decided to create a little song for my man which takes note of the thing that he perked up most about in that interview, and instead you’re talking about me annoying you, ungrateful sod.” 

It’s quiet for just a second and then Liam’s voice is deeper, a little hint of husk in the tone of his voice, the deliberate way he lowers it, elongates words and teases the shit out of Zayn as he says them “Although, that order of events, well play your cards right babe, you may get some of the other words that rhyme too, slow kiss and hello kiss and…,”

There’s no point Zayn pretending he’s annoyed so he doesn’t, but he’s got a horrible feeling Liam’ll carry on finding words to rhyme that don’t even exist forever if he’s not careful.

"That song’s got potential like, could be the Bob the Builder or Tellietubbies song of the decade.”

“ORRRR, the surprise love song of the decade, you didn’t let me finish or expand on how Tommy the Tyrannosaurus Rex came into his life, ruined it, stole all his money and used just for se-.”

“Okay okay, that’s enough,” Zayn can’t keep the giggle that’s bubbling up within him though, he manages to say, “New hidden songwriting talents babe, very proud.”

He expects a response along the lines of there being no end to Liam’s hidden talents, and he’d be forced to agree except those other type of hidden talents aren’t exactly hidden or unexplored but no.

“No, I’m proud Zed, so proud, you killed it today, know how nervous you were but you sounded happy and so good, and you looked so good, and they loved you, couldn’t shut up about you after.”

Zayn doesn’t need to look at his own reflection to know his own eyes are crinkling in delight and and that his tongue is sticking out of his mouth slightly in that way he does when he feels so bloody happy, and its too early to feel like this, except its never too early and for a man who shies away from too much praise, makes him worry he’s up his own arse,  he can never be embarrassed and never tired of Liam showing him that love, telling him these things because it’s genuine, there’s nothing expected of him in return.

Just pure love.

“I love you,” he says “I know its only been a few days but can’t wait to see you again.”

“Me too, only a few more days, just make sure you don’t forget that thing from Tiffany’s for the girls, otherwise we’ll never hear the end of it, gonna let you sleep now, and I’m going to try and finish the dinosaur love story album of the decade that no one knew they ever needed.”

Zayn laughs then before a thought crosses his mind.

“Bet you can’t find a dinosaur that rhymes with psychiatry.”

He hears a swear word, well several and has to resist the urge to laugh again, even louder.

“Two years, two years Zayn Malik, and you bunch of sods still won’t let me live it down,  bet you I can find a word that rhymes with Zayn Malik was smothered with the dinosaur sweater his loving husband went and bought online today though.”

“You didn’t?”

“I did.”

“Never going to forget how lucky I am to have you babe.”

“Yeah and I won’t let you ever forget it, but same I guess, love you too I suppose.”

“Same here kinda.”


“Oh and Zayn, don’t go looking on google for dinosaurs that rhyme with psychiatry now.”

Liam knows him too well. 

Teasing Christmas Mornings

- Holiday Prompt Day Five - December 5th - 

kihyun x reader 


740 words

anon nymph wished– Christmas prompt #9 with kihyun : ) - 학생 anon.

Hello my 학생 anon! ^^ I do hope you like your gift! ^^ 


#9 Aww how sweet of you to make me breakfast on Christmas morning! Now move before you burn down the house.

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A Court of Pain and Dreams: Part 1

Hello everyone! This is a new fanfic that I have been working on and I don’t think I’ve been this excited about anything I’ve written in a long time! It’s post ACOWAR and this is the sort of intro chapter but I have so much planned for this story and all the characters in it!

@rickssick has helped me a lot on this and I want to thank her for all her support! 

I hope you all like it! :)


Light shined through the open window as the wind blew the thin curtains to the side. The beam of sunlight shown right into his eyes and forced him, very reluctantly, to wake up. Eyes opening, he noticed he wasn’t in his own room, but a room that was much more feminine. Rubbing his throbbing head, he looked to right of his own naked body, and saw a girl wrapped up in the sheets next to him. Suddenly a couple of memories from last night came crawling back, and he groaned at the thought that he allowed himself to get completely smashed.

Feeling terrible that he couldn’t even remember the female’s name, he slowly rose up from the mystery bed and started to realize the time. The sun was probably about half way up in the sky, which made it past sunrise and past the time he was supposed to meet with his parents.

“Shit!” While jumping up from his position and searching for his clothes urgently, the girl finally woke herself.

With a sleepy smile on her face and clutching the sheets to her chest she sleepily cooed, “hey you”. She obviously remembered more then he did.

Cringing as he faced away from her and  reaching for his pants, he got out a very awkward sounding, “hey…”

Finally finding his shoes, he sat back on the bed and started pulling them on one by one and then tying the laces. Feeling hands on his shoulders, he looks back at the girl, who was now on her knee’s pressed up against his bare back. Bare because he couldn’t find his shirt.

“Where do you think you are going?” The girl whispered in his ear. He usually didn’t sleep with random people, or at least didn’t sleep with people who he couldn’t even remember there names, but he was a guy after all, so when the girl licked and bit at his ear, he might have gotten a little turned on. When she started to slip a hand down his front almost making it to the front of his pants, he grabbed her hand to stop the progression.

He got up from where he was sitting to gain some space for his horny self, before he became even more late then he already was. Turning back toward her disappointed face he tried to apologize. “Look I’m sorry…”

Her disappointment turned to anger quickly when she realized that he didn’t remember her name. “Mae.”

Even after she said it, the name still didn’t ring a bell and without thinking the replied, “Are you sure?”

Her anger turned to fury and she started to frantically look around. Deciding to forget his shirt, he turned for the window, because he didn’t need to read Mae’s mind to know she was looking for something hard to throw at him.

“Well it was really great meeting you Mae and I wish I could stick around, but I’m very late.” With the short comment he climbed onto the window sill and looked out into the morning sky.

Needing the fresh air, and needing to get out of here, he jumped and started to free fall.

Hearing a scream from above, he turned in the air to look back at the scared face of the girl he apparently spent his night with. A smirk came to his face when he finally uncovered his Illyrian wings and watched as the women shocked face turn to anger once more.

He always seemed to have a way of making women angry, and he didn’t know why. His father had always said that it was because, like him, they were to beautiful for certain brains to comprehend. After that comment his mother promptly smacked him in the head and said it was because of the stupid smirk they both shared.

My parents are going to be so mad at me, he thought to himself as he flew through the sky. Usually he would take a second to take in his surroundings, to enjoy to the feel of the wind, and to think about how in the grand scheme of things he was just a small part of the world. These types of thought were what kept him, and his immense power, in check. Today he had no time for these thoughts, or even for enjoying the view of Velaris below him.

Finally, the House of Wind came into view, and on the balcony a figure was leaning against the railing.

Landing with a small thud, he looked up at his companion that had the largest grin on his face. The male had two large wings tucked in tight behind his back, and the rest of his body was just muscle. He was handsome, in a rugged and mysterious kind of way. He poured out confidence and control that people much older then him were still fighting to achieve. The Illyrian brought his hands together and started to slowly clap, which only made his grin intensify.

“Thank you for gracing us with your presence, and only 3 hours late.”

“Oh shut up Flynn. I’m sure you only got here a little before I did.”

Flynn put a hand to his chest, as if he had been hit. “That hurt friend. To just make you feel worse about yourself I’m going to tell you something. I was here on time, and guess who else was here on time? On time for the first time in all the years I’ve been a commander in training, which if I’m counting correctly is 6 years.”

Cringing, the very late male knew the answer, but didn’t want to say it out loud, so he let his friend take his silence as an invitation to reply to his own question.

Flynn was all to happy to answer. “Fucking Cassian beat you here, you lazy ass.”

A deep laugh erupted to the boys right. When they both saw a large hazel eyed male, with muscles that would make any male cower, but they saw the amusement in his eyes. Going toward Flynn and wrapping his arm around around his neck and ruffling his dark hair with his free hand, he looked all to happy that someone came late. 

“I see that you found our straggler. Good work son.”

Seeing the two next to each other in such a way, with large smiles on their faces, anyone could tell they were father and son. The only difference between the two, were the eyes. Flynn had been blessed with Nesta’s gray blue eyes. They were striking, and if someone didn’t see the muscles first, they saw the eyes.

“Why are you loitering outside. I know many people, in the house, that are waiting to see a certain someone.” Cassian looked to the late male with a vicious smirk on his face, like he had been patiently waiting for a rabbit to go into the lion’s den.

Laughing to themselves, the father and son turned to walk into the house, and silently the other male watched. He knew there would be no moments between him and his father today, that would even resemble Flynn and Cassian.

Not realizing how long he had been nervously standing there, he noticed that both of the men had turned around and were giving him a strange look.

Cassian was the one who said something, “don’t look so scared. You might as well just get it over with. Trust me your father couldn’t never stay mad at any of us if he tried.”

Noticing how truly nervous his friend was, Flynn detached from his father and came toward his best friend. “Come on Cal. It’s just your father.”

Just my father, Cal thought about the comment in his head, and he concluded that no one had ever said that his father was just anything.

Flynn turned with his father, and they both disappeared inside.

Giving himself a pep talk and starting to walk, Callum went slowly inside to gain the wrath of his parents, or in other words the High Lord and Lady of the Night Court.

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Home Comforts

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Breathing heavily I stumbled into the apartment, immediately locking the door behind me and taking a long shaky breath. My eyes darted around the hallway, how there was little light shining through the windows illuminating the dust that hung thick in the air and was visible on the floorboards. Slowly I traced the staircase, the soft fabric easing my skin as I tried to control my breathing and the intense beating of my heart as thoughts circulated my mind. 

Reaching the bedroom I flicked the light switch on, yet no one was there. I slumped down against the wall as the tears cascaded down my face causing what ever form of makeup I made an effort with this morning to melt away with the saltiness of my tears. The bitterness that they fell with my tears as all the thoughts that I allowed to circulate in my mind all day have reached a breaking point, unable to be held back. 

I picked up my phone and through the blurred layer of my vision I made out my bright background, causing a small sad smile to form on my face. Blinking rapidly the tears fell revealing the picture clearly, the two of us laughing whole heartedly before he left for tour. Searching through my contacts I hesitated as I clicked on his number, unsure whether or not to disturb him. I could never remember exactly where he would be or the time difference between the two of us, it seemed weird thinking about him elsewhere at times but he was living his dream. 

The shakes in my fingertips hit the call button without me realising until I heard a faint hello on the other end. Bringing my legs close to my chest I rested my head on my knees and placed my phone to my ear. I attempted to bring a smile to my face, convince myself that I was happy, just for him. “Hi.” It sounded fake, an over exaggerated tone of happiness, sickly sweet. 

A drawn out silence followed until I could no longer hold the lump in my throat. He muttered my name in a serious but loving tone and I broke down. “Hey, hey tell me what’s wrong. Something happen today?” Somehow he always found time to listen, even now I could hear the tiredness etched in his words. How his eyes are probably laced with sleep whilst the others had retired for the night, I was a disturbance. 

“Bad thoughts.” He understood what I meant. There was no need for me to expand on bad thoughts as he experienced it too, the constant stream of negativity over positivity that overwhelmed me on social media and all I am doing is being me. 

Movement could be heard and a light thud followed with a hushed apology. “I’ll go to the back of the bus hold on.” I felt like I had been paused, stuck. All I could do was stare at the framed photo of the five of us and the genuine smiles we all wore, the feeling that lingers around that photo is unchangeable. “Still there?” Blinking I was brought back to the phone call, mumbling a response as the tears stopped falling I heard a light strum of his acoustic guitar. “I know I can’t be with you now but you deserve a comfort. To me hearing your voice is the comfort I need, we’ll always be there for each other. Know that.” I promised in response as he began to play his guitar, strumming it lightly as he sang along to the tune. 

Closing my eyes as the song played I pictured the two of us sat in the back garden on a summer’s evening as he played the guitar. Everything would melt away at the sound of him singing, sometimes I’d dance and make him laugh. Everything was easier when we were together. “Thank you Luke.” I spoke with more confidence as I felt it disappear, the weight and tension that clung to my chest had loosened. The tight grip around my head was gone, or for now had eased. 

A gentle yawn came out of my mouth as I stood up in the dark room, even now it felt like he was here with me despite being on the other side of the world. “Do you want me to stay with you until you sleep?” He asked, as I slowly got into the fresh sheets everything felt easier, there was so much calmness around me even without him next to me. 

Glancing over to the empty side of the bed I heard him call my name, “Could you?” I asked feeling as if I were a nuisance, but he never said I was. He always told me how he treasured me, my flaws, my weird sense of humour and everything in between. 

He picked his guitar back up and starting strumming the tune that I first fell in love with, “She sleeps alone, my heart wants to come home. I wish I was, I wish I was, beside you.” 

Morning Shenanigans

Group/Member: BIGBANG/G-Dragon

Genre: Drabble, Smut

Word Count: 520+

Summary: 149) “I just need ten minutes.”

Requested: Yes! Anon requested: “Can I request G-Dragon smut for the Drabble game? 149, please?? ❤️”

Author’s Note: I felt a certain kind of pressure writing this because it’s GD smut, and GD is G freakin’ D. Buuuut, you wanted GD smut? So baby, you got it. 

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[Lyrics] Shinhwa - We

Ended a really long day
And I’m on my way to you
Although traffic’s slightly heavier
I’m even enjoying it
The melodies that flows through every street
Makes my heart flutter

This volume oh oh oh
Louder oh oh oh
We love, we love
We love, we love 2 party
Sing the song uh uh Till we leave the world
We love, we love
We love, we love 2 party

Rap) Volume up! And shake your body
Don’t stop, go with the flow
With the feeling of having a good time, start the engine, go
If we get together, wherever that is, it’s the hot place yo

When you feel alone
Turn around and just look at me (Just look at me)
Occasionally, when you feel down (Oh love)
You can call me anytime (anytime)
The light that shines through the window (shines through)
Is so glaring
That it lights us up (it lights us up)

This volume oh oh oh
Louder oh oh oh
We love, we love
We love, we love 2 party
Sing the song uh uh Till we leave the world
We love, we love
We love, we love 2 party

Rap) We love 2 party, let’s get it started
Be it the club or the bar
It’s more fun where we’re at
Fun, make it special,
Today’s star is
Us, me and you

Even if there’s a slight age gap
The way we hang out is the same
Always giving our all
Playing and business
Call your friends over
We love this party
365 days, we love
We love this party boy

Put your hands up oh oh
Everyone oh oh oh
We love, we love
We love, we love 2 party

This volume oh oh oh
Louder oh oh oh
We love, we love
We love, we love 2 party
Sing the song uh uh Till we leave the world
We love, we love
We love, we love 2 party