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lil things i love about firebringer

this accidentally became rly long. lmao sorry

• molag’s turtle shell shoulder pads

• lauren i think is singing alto parts in a lot of the songs? and she is usually a soprano right? we got an alto lead kids i’m v happy

• when they go to use a modern-day idiom but they stop halfway through because a word in the idiom wasn’t a word yet (“i don’t wanna be around when the shit hits the … i don’t even know what”)

• tiblyn bowing down and dancing & stuff with her arms still in the air

• “keeri JUST invented dancing”

• EMBERLY’S HAIR that must have taken forever to brush out

• chorn can only SAY chorn but it can SING other words

• “it’s not yet been scientifically proven how big the turtle we live on top of really is”

• jemilla’s freakout when she finds out the duck isn’t a god

• keeri just fucken gnawing on a rock in the background

• meredith cutting off the band to change them to another musical theme

• keeri copying zazzalil’s movements


• at the end of welcome to the stone age “chorn!” “ha, yes!”

• “it’s happening!!” “what a lion is befriending a little baby pig and now they’re hanging out ??”

• schwoopsie’s squirrel tie and dandelion microphone

• emberly’s really frantic body motions all the time she literally can’t calm down

• “you know how sometimes there’ll be a pack of coyotes feasting on a rabbit, and there’s one small coyote who’s being kept from the meal?” “yeah,” “I’m like the rabbit”


• ducker’s face when tiblyn puts her arms down and the sky doesn’t fall

• “she is the spirit of the river! i know this because i saw her standing by a river once”

• “don’t be mean to lauren!”

• smelly balls dancing alone onstage at the beginning of the night belongs to snarl

• sexual tension between keeri and zazzalil JESUS



• the “light that flame” sequence

• the one guy in the band who has two vital lines in the show “time is frozen now” and “did you see that spark upon the wall”

• when smelly balls looks at the flame and says “what is that, a man?”

• in the night belongs to us when jemilla sings “I” while the tribe sings “we”

• choreography in climate change omg omg

• lauren’s super sassy flirty dancing throughout the whole show

• keeri’s supreme love of animals

• jemilla & zazzalil’s two completely different reactions to clark wrapping his arms around them

• “it’s grunt to see you too, grant!!”

• the slide noise when grunt holds up his self portrait

• when grunt asks emberly if he can paint her and it’s the most pure thing in the whole world wtf

• emberly’s lil dance in paint me aw

• “we TRUSTED YOU ZAZZALIL!!!” “who the fuck are you?”

• chorn & smelly balls brotp for life

• “emberly, you just shat out a fire.”

• “well, well, well, look who was wrong!!!”

• clark preaching from the band

• the whole song “together” jfc sorry it’s so gay & pure and i love everything about it

• ba-dum ch everytime schwoopsie says her own name

• when they’re petting snarl and the band starts playing the night belongs to snarl but in a major key

• snarl saying “tell my wife trunkell i love her” as he dies

• chorn’s weird body suit

• how much do u wanna bet they were having a “who can make the ugliest face” contest when chorn taps their foreheads. lauren & brian won


• those high notes jamie hits in chorn!!! get it!!!

• jemilla’s line “they need you as much as me” which could be interpreted as “they need you as much as they need me” or “they need you as much as i need you”

• jemilla & zazzalil proposing at the same time and then ducker marrying them seconds later

Give me a nice, Wholesome AU™ where Vlad ~somehow~ stops being a super-creep and agrees to mentor Danny– not because he wants to marry his mom and make him his son, but because he genuinely just wants to help another halfa out since HE didn’t have help way back when.

(Also for angst you could throw in a bit of “plus I feel responsible, because without the research we did in college, your parents would never have made their portal in the first place” or “I feel responsible because I kiiiinda pissed off a bunch of ghosts and all they know is ‘the halfa did it’ so that maaaybe why you’ve been seeing more ghost activity, idk lol.”)

Anyways give me an AU where we’ve got Vlad and Danny training in the basement at 1 am and Vlad’s trying to incorporate Danny’s school curriculum into the training because GOD KNOWS when he’d actually find time for THAT.

“Wait, can I try again? Just one more! One more run through…” Danny says, looking at Vlad with scorch marks on his face that have already begun to heal.

“Daniel, we’ve been at this for hours,” Vlad says, running a hand through his messy, singed hair. “I think that’s as good as it’s going to get tonight.”

“No!” says Danny, but quickly checks his volume, “No. Please, I… but I worked so hard on this power…if I could just–”

“And I know you did.” Vlad says, walking over to him, “I’m proud of how far you’ve come Daniel, but even halfas get exhausted.” He places his hands on Danny’s shoulders and the boy seems to consider this for a moment. But in the end…

“Just one more.”

Vlad sighs.

“You’re gonna be on all those business trips, we won’t meet up again for a month!”

“Fine.” Vlad relents, “Just one more drill. But after that you’ll need your rest.”

Vlad starts up the machines again as Danny gets into a ready position.

“Remember to breathe.” says Vlad as the starting lights blink down in sequence. He uses his own power to bring up a noise-reducing barrier around the training area.




The first target pops out of the wall, close to the ceiling, and Danny flies up to meet it with an ecto-energized punch. The next one appears from the floor, so Danny blasts it with a basic beam. Once Vlad feels he’s got a rhythm he starts the study session again.

“What is the smallest group of biological classification?” He asks, watching his form carefully. Danny rolls out of the way of a hostile drone but still is able to answer.


“And the largest?” Vlad observes Danny blasting the drone.



“How many chromosomes does an individual human have?” Vlad continues. Danny goes intangible to avoid some debris.

“46.” He’s not missing a beat.

“What are the three major parts of a cell?” Two more hostile drones join the fray, and the young halfa starts to falter.

“The membrane, the, uh, cytoplasm, and the nucleus.”

“Is the cell membrane nonpermeable?”

“No,” Danny takes a couple heavy breaths, “It’s semipermeable.”

Vlad pauses upon reading the next one.

“What are the physical or chemical factors in genetic mutations called?”

“M… Mutagens.” Danny swallows dryly, his gaze shifting to the portal at the end of the room.

“What is the phase most cells spend the majority of their time in?”

“Crud, uh…” A drone explodes too close to Danny and he throws up his arms, forgetting to go intangible. The smoke makes his throat burn.

“… Interphase?” He finally coughs out.

“Correct. Pay attention now…”

Seven smaller drones appear from all directions, intent on overwhelming the young halfa. Danny flies up and ecto-punches through the highest one, then grabs it, somersaults, and throws it into the one directly below.

“Good!” Vlad says, standing up in his excitement. They both notice the other 5 drones coming in fast.

“What is the functional unit of heredity?”

“What’s the what of what?!?” Danny blurts out between blasting with one hand and swinging a panicked punch with the other.

“Get higher, try splitting!” Vlad says, abandoning the study guide and moving closer to the battlefield should his assistance be required.

Danny flies almost as high as he can go without phasing through the ceiling. He manages to get some distance between himself and the three remaining drones, but they are close behind.

Quickly he closes his eyes and grits his teeth, trying with all his might to imagine himself splitting into two entities.

“Okay, one more try.” he says to himself, “Kinda like Mitosis…” Somewhere in the back of his mind he can hear Vlad saying something, but he forces that away to keep his focus on the task at hand. Slowly Danny begins to feel what he can only describe as a peeling sensation– as if his “cells” were dividing in such a way that reminded him of when he would peel glue off his skin in elementary school– starting from his wispy tail, creeping up to where his legs should be…

Suddenly, a drone’s blast hits him squarely in the chest. Danny’s eyes snap open, all concentration lost. Belatedly he realizes his tail had reformed after having been split into two. A familiar pink beam takes out the offending drones.

“Danny!” Vlad says, eyes still glowing red, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” Danny says as he floats down sullenly, “I’ll heal.” Vlad reaches out to guide him towards the spare workbench they use as a first aid station.

“Better put the salve on it just to be safe.” Vlad says. Danny sits down and watches Vlad take out the special formula he made in his own lab back in Wisconsin, then tosses himself back to lay on the bench.

“ARGH! I was SO close! Right? Was I close? Because it felt like I was close…”

“You were.” says Vlad, “But I think you should stick to the exercises I showed you while I’m gone.” He transforms and makes a few duplications to demonstrate, starting slow but getting faster with each iteration.

“Who knows, by the time I get back you may be splitting in circles around me.” Danny looks up and realizes all the Vlads are literally standing around him in a circle and laughs.

“Ha! So you’re making the jokes now?” He says as Vlad pulls it together.

“Believe it or not, my wit may be used to humor us both.”

“Pfft. Some wit. That was real 'cheesy’, Wisconsin Ghost.” Danny snickers at his own quip and Vlad rolls his eyes.

“You’re never going to let that go, are you?”

“Nope!” Danny says, “Say, what was that last question? On the guide?”

“The functional unity of heredity.”

“Geez that’s a lot of syllables for one thing.”

“Do you know the answer?”

“Uh…” Danny thinks for only a moment. Without the distraction of the fight, he quickly grasps the question.

“Oh! It’s genes!”

“Correct again, Little Badger.” Vlad says, handing off the small salve tin. “I think you will do well on the test tomorrow.”

“Thanks.” Danny says, detransforming. He yawns as his exhaustion catches up with him. Courteously, Vlad lends him a hand.

“Come, I’ll fly you upstairs before I go.”

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Favorite moments of Samurai Jack S5 so far?


  • the backgrounds
  • jack’s hair. jack’s beard. jack’s big ol eyes. just jack
  • that one shot at the very beginning of episode one where jack’s about to run over those beetle droid things and it zooms in on the back wheel of the motorcycle just as spikes come out and the music’s doing this cool thing and
  • ASHI
  • every time jack does the :< face
  • the scotman’s army of beautiful thicc daughters
  • episode 2. just episode 2. everything about it was perfect. best episode of the season so far imho
  • aku being way too relatable
  • jack and his wolf friend
  • ashi: [screams about how she’s gonna kill jack] jack: “you are very troubled”
  • jack making an outfit out of pieces from a giant green bug thing and wearing it like gucci
  • ashi smiling and finally being happy in episode 5
  • the animation!!!
  • that scene in episode 4 that’s all purples, blues, and pinks that was just a really pretty scene
  • the fact that the show actually grew up with it’s audience
  • the balance between heavy themes and comedy/lighthearted moments
  • the scotsman spending his last moments on earth roasting the shit out of aku
  • then coming back as a ghost with CELTIC MAGIC
  • making me cry over ladybugs
  • “there is beautiful light” J ACK
  • the fight sequences 
  • the torn mini skirt, armor, and knee high boots look in episode 2
  • cult of aku: worships him like he’s an all powerful, all mysterious deity who cannot be touched by humans 
  • scaramouche: casually calls up aku on his iphone
  • “au revoir. that’s french for YOU’RE DEAD BABE”
  • backpack ashi
  • jack’s bedtime story in episode 5

my one least favourite moment:


25 Days of Outlander - Dec 18 - Scene That Really Surprised Me
Fuck the King.

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scenario with tsukki, kuroo, iwai, yams and suga aNGST where they get into a really really heated fight with their s/o and she like storms out and then it starts to get later and later in the day and soon its really dark and v v late and no one can find her and the guys start like lowkey freaking out or just how they would handle the situation? :333 sorry f thats too many characters!

mmm yeah, 4 is my limit (although it’s a little ambiguous in the rules, so i’ll fix that) so i’m gonna drop someone. i currently have a lot of tsukishima requests, so i’ll break it up a little bit and drop him for this one. you can always send in another request for him later!

i accidentally made this college!au 


From: Kozume Kenma

To: Kuroo Tetsurou

Sent: 12:24 AM

Message: I’d never seen him before.


When Kenma had first texted him about you that night, Kuroo assumed you had found your way to Kenma’s dorm. He’d find you there, safe and sound, with a game controller in your hands. It would be a tense few moments, but you would stand up and thank Kenma for letting you stay with him so late into the night. Kuroo would walk you back to your place, the first minute or so of the trip also tense. Eventually, one of you would pipe up and quietly work it out under the light of a streetlamp. Then, you would walk home hand-in-hand and give him a kiss goodnight. That’s how it had always been.

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Long Theory: The “Evolution” of Gems

Alright, folks. I know I haven’t been as active as I’ve promised. Truth is, especially since Steven Universe has become so monstrously popular, it’s hard to hold up a blog devoted to pushing theories that I haven’t seen anywhere else, since I tend to see most decent theories everywhere at this point. Perhaps it’s time for a rethinking of that premise, but I still don’t think my work would be anything other than redundant if all I ever did was parrot and repost already-popular theories. That, and tumblr’s frequent technical errors and hurtles on my end, can be very disheartening.

That said, today I have something a little out of the ordinary for you all. Rather than a “theory” in the strictest sense– taking an educated guess at the intentions of the showrunners– this is going to be a bit of a diversion into self-indulgent territory, to inspire me to at least contribute something after all these months.

I’ve always been very fond of science fiction, especially the creative field of speculative biology– the hypothesizing of organisms as they might exist in ecosystems alternate to our own. As such, I’ve decided to write a speculative look at the Gem Homeworld, and a sort of hypothetical natural history of how a group of entities like Gems could arise in our own universe.

If that’s not what you’re here for, then keep on scrolling. If that sounds interesting to you, though, please enjoy.

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Theory behind Flight Log: Departure

In the beginning, the boys are having fun in the car and most likely going on a roadtrip. You see Jackson filming his friends, and the time on the camcorder is still running at 16:01:59:15. The boys are conversing with Jinyoung and you can see a small blue parakeet sitting on the steering wheel as JB is driving. Jinyoung is falling asleep and you can see a drawing of the blue parakeet on his window. This drawing is pretty significant later on in the trailer.

The parakeet in the beginning sequence is light blue, which represents peace and spirituality. Usually, parakeets symbolize a messenger or “closeness to God”, which in this case, revolves around the life of the boys. The parakeet foreshadows what happens to the boys next: a car accident that ends up killing all the boys except Jinyoung.

After Jinyoung falls asleep, the screen turns bright. You then see him running out of what looks like fog in the middle of the road. But it was sunny mere seconds ago. So why would there be fog? This might represent Jinyoung falling unconscious when the accident happens: he’s lost and afraid and everything around him is cold and dark. He seems to be looking for someone, or searching for the other members.

Another possibility for this scene is that it is what happened in reality: the “fog” in the background is actually smoke from the accident. It could be that Jinyoung, as the only survivor, is running from the wreckage and searching for help. This explains the look of fear and desperation on his face.

When he wakes up in his room, the other boys aren’t really there with him. Jinyoung is hallucinating. The scene is bright, insinuating that he is, indeed, alive. He is wearing the same clothes as the time of the accident, possibly alluding to the idea that he was rescued from the accident unharmed (but unconscious) and brought home. The boys are also wearing the same clothes, and the reason that I was initially convinced that they actually died is because the camcorder is stuck at 16:03:20:59 the entire time Jackson films in Jinyoung’s room. Remember how it was timer was running normally before? The stopped timer is shown intentionally. 

The parakeet from before is always seen either on JB’s hand or near him. In the room scene, You can see Jackson joining the others in a group picture, without JB. Jackson is shown flying later on in the trailer after Youngjae, but you can see in this scene from the stopped camcorder that he dies at 16:03:20:59, which is one minute after the scene with the boys in the car. So the other boys die a much earlier than JB, who still has the bird (his metaphorical life) with him. Jackson films himself and the other boys on the couch without JB, because JB hasn’t joined them yet. When Jinyoung is waking up, the other boys are already dead, except JB, who is in the process of dying.

In the later sequence, you see that Jinyoung is still in the car. The brightness of the scene shows that it’s a flashback to when Jinyoung fell asleep in the car, prior to the accident. The car with the blue parakeet still shown on the window symbolizes the barrier between life and death. The parakeet is the gateway between living and dying. The six other boys are outside the car, which represents that their lives are no longer protected. Here, the camcorder is stopped. Jinyoung, who is still alive, watches as his friends, one by one, begin to die.

The order that the boys learn to fly, or “get their wings”, represents the order that they die following the accident. Youngjae is the first one to fly, followed by Jackson, Bambam, then Yugyeom, and finally Mark, meaning that Youngjae dies first, then Jackson, Bambam, Yugyeom, then Mark. In the flashback, you see that the first instance the camcorder timer stops moving is when Jackson begins to fly, showing the time that he dies in the accident.

Finally, after you see the rest of the boys flying, you see JB being “lifted” into the air from the bed. This shows that he’s drifting slowly into death, unlike the others, who most likely died immediately from impact. He’s the only one who flies while not being awake, showing that he is approaching death while he is still unconscious, compared to the others who were awake when they began to fly.   The scene also shows the blue parakeet trapped in a cage, representing that he no longer is connected to his life. In the shot where he floats up, you see that the cage is now empty and the parakeet is replaced with five other (now white) parakeets now circling around JB, which represents the five other deceased boys accompanying their friend as he dies. White, in most Asian cultures, is known widely to be the colour symbolizing death, contrasting with the previous light blue.

You then see the boys flying higher and higher, eventually reaching the clouds, which is most likely representing their spirits going to heaven.

The scene goes back to Jinyoung standing at the edge of a building. This either happens on the same day as the accident, since he’s wearing the same clothes, or much later on, where Jinyoung still hasn’t bothered to change his clothes due to being ridden with depression. After realizing that his friends are dead, he wants to join them. He wants to fly with them. In the final cut, Jinyoung, wanting to be reunited with his friends, jumps from the building.

A second semi-theory I have to go with the above is that Jinyoung is also nearing his death, where he experienced severe injuries from the accident and is in a coma. The room scene and the scene where the others are outside the car, Jinyoung’s subconscious is wordlessly and motionlessly watching them. This can also explain why they are all wearing the same clothes throughout the trailer. The timer on the camcorder could represent how he is “frozen in time" when entering a comatose state after the accident takes place. The ending scene where he falls off the edge of the building may symbolize his decision of either holding on to his life and remaining in a coma, or letting go of his life to be with his friends. He chooses to fly with them, and finally decides to jump.

Edit: I had no idea what the whole roller coaster thing was supposed to represent, but it showed up quite a few times so I thought it must have some meaning behind it. I looked back on the first roller coaster scene. You first see it moving along the track: the background is dark, the music becomes eerie, and the roller coaster, which is usually associated with thrill and happiness, has a seemingly ominous presence. I believe that this explains the accident. In a later scene, you see the train gaining speed and heading towards Youngjae, the first one who dies in the accident. This might hint that the cause of the accident was a speeding car or a train, since it is running on a track and front of the roller coaster cart looks like the smokestack of a train. When the impact occurs, the vehicle’s first victim is Youngjae.


So, there are my full theories on GOT7′s trailer. I watched the video countless times, and every time, there’s something about it that really haunts me. Bravo, JYP. Bravo.