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25 Days of Outlander - Dec 18 - Scene That Really Surprised Me
Fuck the King.


Title sequence for Bright Lights. 

An intimate portrait of Hollywood royalty featuring Debbie Reynolds, Todd Fisher, and Carrie Fisher.

Directors: Alexis Bloom, Fisher Stevens.


Person of Interest’s Director of Photography Teodoro Maniaci’s highlights from Season 1

Which As They Kiss, Consume

Which As They Kiss, Consume

Word Count: 5,217
Rating: T
Genres: fluff and a sprinkle of angst
Warnings: language; very brief mention of alcohol

Synopsis: Dan’s an aspiring actor, and Phil’s so over studying Romeo and Juliet.

Not real; read more here. Don’t reblog and tag Dan or Phil, cheers.

Phil’s stomach rumbled, loudly, and he glanced around the little lighting area, embarrassed that someone might have heard. Thankfully the other technician had his headphones on, frowning as he tried to match light sequences with music changes, something Phil did not envy.

He was just in charge of pressing buttons and sliding slidey things, which suited him just fine. He had no desires to be here, but all of the Technology A-Level students had been drafted in to help out with the latest drama production, for a reason Phil was still unaware of, and he’d managed to escape set design, or worse, costumes, so he supposed he should count himself lucky.

It was hard to feel lucky at half six on a Friday night though, when most of the teachers had even gone home.

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Theory behind Flight Log: Departure

In the beginning, the boys are having fun in the car and most likely going on a roadtrip. You see Jackson filming his friends, and the time on the camcorder is still running at 16:01:59:15. The boys are conversing with Jinyoung and you can see a small blue parakeet sitting on the steering wheel as JB is driving. Jinyoung is falling asleep and you can see a drawing of the blue parakeet on his window. This drawing is pretty significant later on in the trailer.

The parakeet in the beginning sequence is light blue, which represents peace and spirituality. Usually, parakeets symbolize a messenger or “closeness to God”, which in this case, revolves around the life of the boys. The parakeet foreshadows what happens to the boys next: a car accident that ends up killing all the boys except Jinyoung.

After Jinyoung falls asleep, the screen turns bright. You then see him running out of what looks like fog in the middle of the road. But it was sunny mere seconds ago. So why would there be fog? This might represent Jinyoung falling unconscious when the accident happens: he’s lost and afraid and everything around him is cold and dark. He seems to be looking for someone, or searching for the other members.

Another possibility for this scene is that it is what happened in reality: the “fog” in the background is actually smoke from the accident. It could be that Jinyoung, as the only survivor, is running from the wreckage and searching for help. This explains the look of fear and desperation on his face.

When he wakes up in his room, the other boys aren’t really there with him. Jinyoung is hallucinating. The scene is bright, insinuating that he is, indeed, alive. He is wearing the same clothes as the time of the accident, possibly alluding to the idea that he was rescued from the accident unharmed (but unconscious) and brought home. The boys are also wearing the same clothes, and the reason that I was initially convinced that they actually died is because the camcorder is stuck at 16:03:20:59 the entire time Jackson films in Jinyoung’s room. Remember how it was timer was running normally before? The stopped timer is shown intentionally. 

The parakeet from before is always seen either on JB’s hand or near him. In the room scene, You can see Jackson joining the others in a group picture, without JB. Jackson is shown flying later on in the trailer after Youngjae, but you can see in this scene from the stopped camcorder that he dies at 16:03:20:59, which is one minute after the scene with the boys in the car. So the other boys die a much earlier than JB, who still has the bird (his metaphorical life) with him. Jackson films himself and the other boys on the couch without JB, because JB hasn’t joined them yet. When Jinyoung is waking up, the other boys are already dead, except JB, who is in the process of dying.

In the later sequence, you see that Jinyoung is still in the car. The brightness of the scene shows that it’s a flashback to when Jinyoung fell asleep in the car, prior to the accident. The car with the blue parakeet still shown on the window symbolizes the barrier between life and death. The parakeet is the gateway between living and dying. The six other boys are outside the car, which represents that their lives are no longer protected. Here, the camcorder is stopped. Jinyoung, who is still alive, watches as his friends, one by one, begin to die.

The order that the boys learn to fly, or “get their wings”, represents the order that they die following the accident. Youngjae is the first one to fly, followed by Jackson, Bambam, then Yugyeom, and finally Mark, meaning that Youngjae dies first, then Jackson, Bambam, Yugyeom, then Mark. In the flashback, you see that the first instance the camcorder timer stops moving is when Jackson begins to fly, showing the time that he dies in the accident.

Finally, after you see the rest of the boys flying, you see JB being “lifted” into the air from the bed. This shows that he’s drifting slowly into death, unlike the others, who most likely died immediately from impact. He’s the only one who flies while not being awake, showing that he is approaching death while he is still unconscious, compared to the others who were awake when they began to fly.   The scene also shows the blue parakeet trapped in a cage, representing that he no longer is connected to his life. In the shot where he floats up, you see that the cage is now empty and the parakeet is replaced with five other (now white) parakeets now circling around JB, which represents the five other deceased boys accompanying their friend as he dies. White, in most Asian cultures, is known widely to be the colour symbolizing death, contrasting with the previous light blue.

You then see the boys flying higher and higher, eventually reaching the clouds, which is most likely representing their spirits going to heaven.

The scene goes back to Jinyoung standing at the edge of a building. This either happens on the same day as the accident, since he’s wearing the same clothes, or much later on, where Jinyoung still hasn’t bothered to change his clothes due to being ridden with depression. After realizing that his friends are dead, he wants to join them. He wants to fly with them. In the final cut, Jinyoung, wanting to be reunited with his friends, jumps from the building.

A second semi-theory I have to go with the above is that Jinyoung is also nearing his death, where he experienced severe injuries from the accident and is in a coma. The room scene and the scene where the others are outside the car, Jinyoung’s subconscious is wordlessly and motionlessly watching them. This can also explain why they are all wearing the same clothes throughout the trailer. The timer on the camcorder could represent how he is “frozen in time" when entering a comatose state after the accident takes place. The ending scene where he falls off the edge of the building may symbolize his decision of either holding on to his life and remaining in a coma, or letting go of his life to be with his friends. He chooses to fly with them, and finally decides to jump.

Edit: I had no idea what the whole roller coaster thing was supposed to represent, but it showed up quite a few times so I thought it must have some meaning behind it. I looked back on the first roller coaster scene. You first see it moving along the track: the background is dark, the music becomes eerie, and the roller coaster, which is usually associated with thrill and happiness, has a seemingly ominous presence. I believe that this explains the accident. In a later scene, you see the train gaining speed and heading towards Youngjae, the first one who dies in the accident. This might hint that the cause of the accident was a speeding car or a train, since it is running on a track and front of the roller coaster cart looks like the smokestack of a train. When the impact occurs, the vehicle’s first victim is Youngjae.


So, there are my full theories on GOT7′s trailer. I watched the video countless times, and every time, there’s something about it that really haunts me. Bravo, JYP. Bravo.

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This weekend is your last chance to catch Junie B. Jones at @orlandorep ! Get your tickets quick, y'all. // This is the final bows sequence, lighting design by Ryan Mueller. Bonus points if you can figure out where in there we blew a lamp. #memoirsofastagemanager #smblr #juniebjones #tya #momentsthatmatter #shouldthatbeblinkingjack (at Orlando Repertory Theatre)

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Weirdmageddon Trashbill (who is a total beautiful asshole that you want dead) singing “You’ll Be Back” to an uncooperative, chained Ford with choreographed mock-dancing and light torture.

Key sequences:

* dancing and spinning Ford whose legs get tangled in his chains and he hits the ground, HARD
* Trashbill seductively sliding down Ford’s front with a sneer at ‘you say our love is draining and you can’t go on~’
* 'fully armed battalion’ being the Henchmaniacs
* conjuring his cane and hitting Ford with it to the first, borderline round of DA DA DAs. In rhythm.
* 'Everybody!’ cues the stone throne o’ humans to start singing along with glowing yellow eyes