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Pluto in the 3rd House - The Ghost Writer

Everything is experienced below the ocean with Pluto in the 3rd house. Daily life becomes a well of symbolism rich and dewy from the unconscious. Third house telephone wires become magnets that contact psychic worlds, the school is a cemetery ground, and circulating media is free from corruption and deceit. Knowledge is power to Pluto in the 3rd. The mind is an infinite tomb of wisdom, drawn from unconscious and concealed layers, coded with lost language, and capable of transmitting revered information from hidden holy lands. To learn is an honor, and the intuition for unconscious psychology is profound. Curiosity is insatiable and the individual typically loses hours and days, dwelling in solitude and intensely studying topics of interest. There can be a paralytic experience in the mind, a peak of swelling knowledge and received divinity, profound bursts of expansion, something orgasmic, and then faintness and exhaustion and burn out. The individual knows how to extract truth and spirit.

People with Pluto in the 3rd house have a sort of prophetic clarity. The individual can easily perceive if information is valid or propaganda. Everything is approached with penetrating vision and slicing examination. There can be heightened suspicions, paranoid reactions, ghost and medium activity - especially through auditory input, and telepathic exchanges with the underworld. Language can plunge the individual into unknown oblivion, and they revere the command of words and education. The mental experience can become shadowy with Pluto in the 3rd, like draping a curtain of twilight on the surrounding world, jumping at movement, hyper vigilant, depressions, and isolation. When they detour from the soul purpose, the light becomes dimmed. As scribes for Hades, the Pluto in the 3rd house person’s awakening power lies in their ability to transmit the word. Sentences or books or lessons they leave the world with live on for centuries, burning up pages, absorbing curses, conveying wisdom. The mind hunts for knowledge that is concealed, potentially dangerous, and satiating for the curiosity. Through information, they transform. A new perspective can draw a new person. As a child, the individual may have become fearful of their own thoughts. Eerie life events, often reflecting their thinking leads the child to believe their thoughts manifest. It’s magic. But the young child can become fearful of this power wielded.

The individual with Pluto in the 3rd house may be reserved in conversation, unwilling to divulge secrets, and seductively hypnotic. They are intimate with the darkness, they speak to the ghosts, they approach everyone with reticence because their dusk is so easily seen. There is a hypersensitivity and arousal with words. The feeling, potion, emotion, sense, and vision behind words can be bought to life, felt under the skin, known to the soul. There can be a verbal symphony when their eyes scan the words on a page. The physical weight of words can drown the individual, forcing them to abruptly tumble out with severely pressured speech. The feeling of being misunderstood, particularly within society and siblings can force the individual into their own world, threatened by murky hallucination and fear.  There is skill for soothing the disturbed through language. Ethereal healing particles can be transmuted through communication. In the entombed library where Pluto and Gemini play, here is the mystic alchemists of language. Lost sacred spells are unconvered behind the dust of words in books bought back to life, reincarnating knowledge lost beyond the borders of oblivion.


[art: jasmine beckett-griffith]

A light scribe Warframe idea… he’s covered in long strips of paper with runes on them and his powers involve writing in Tennobet with energy in the air (with his mind) and also wrapping up enemies in even longer strips of paper. Maybe he also has a book or… an iPad, whatever you future kids use to write on lol

His animation stances would be old man looking. fight me

even now i’ll sit back sometimes (like.., today) and reflect on the fact that alphys - the exact sort of non-protag whose narrative would 9 times out of 10 shaft or diminish her or carelessly impinge on realizing her potential bc she’s not ~The Right Type for that - not only got a sympathetic portrayal that alternated between funny and sweet and sad and thoroughly gut-wrenching, it’s also super easy to make the “meatiest and best-written character in the whole damn game” argument for her

like. i’m so used to characters like alphys being relegated to joke and plot device status and yet here she is in ut, being complex and fleshed-out and integral and getting the girl holy shit. she’s not let down by her narrative and that still makes me ridiculously happy

like. “try as you might, you continue to be yourself”. it’s something you can get early in the game, though in terms of actually seeing it it’s more of an easter egg, and it has a. ring of subtle negative to it, of self-deprecation. and the first part frames it as a matter of one’s own efforts (chara was that…. supposed to be self-commentary too…….. oh honey)

but then - and p much everyone will see this - much much later on: “despite everything, it’s still you.” it’s a mirror of the first, but now it’s a quiet positive. an affirmative. the first part changes the angle a bit: in spite of what you’ve endured, what you’ve been through, you remain yourself. which is to say, being You through it all is vital (which imo when taking the rest of the game into account is to further imply: even if that You has a lot to work on)

ghostecutioner  asked:

LIGHT YOUR SHIRT DESIGN IS SERIOUSLY LOOKING SO GOOD omg. im wondering,through, what are the brush settings on your lineart???? i totally need to try that out

I’M REALLY GLAD thanks a bunch!!! :DE and here ya go:

i really like this brush since it’s a lot like a happy medium between ink and pencil (with a dash of charcoal thrown in for good measure). using it in eraser mode is just as nifty too!

i fiddled with the Density and Spread&Noise settings here and there for the shirt - to smooth and tone down the blobby/scratchiness - but what i have capped here is how i roll most of the time ouo

their first halloween post-sburb, terezi and john have their own costumes planned out. completely separate. this is what john believes for the approx. 45 seconds it takes before terezi saunters out in the exact fucking candy corn vampire getup he was going to wear. as in, his literal outfit. what the hell???? because two can play at this game and there’s always room to up the ante (of course) john not only dons Ye Dragon Cape but decides fair enough then, he’ll just run around and pretend to be a huge morbid weirdo for a day!

terezi takes this tack - very happily - and kicks it up a notch: she is going to be the sincerest fucking john egbert mimic in all of pspace. john has no choice but to make sure his Be Terezi Pyrope game stays at its peak. cue 16+ hours of personality-swapped one upmanship

the weirdest thing about it isn’t how seriously they both take it, it’s not how they become good enough imitators of each other that it starts to wig everyone out, it’s the part towards the end where smack talk takes a sudden jackknife for the Earnest and it freaks them both out, out and into vacillating pale for all of 20 minutes before they swear to never speak of it + that moment where they may or may not have awkwardly hugged it out again (it’s sealed by john finally managing to nab terezi with a joybuzzer and terezi using the deliberate fall/distraction to finally pin a note to john’s back: “TH1S 1S 4 CORD14L 1NV1T4T1ON FOR 3V3RYON3 TO T4K3 TH31R SH4R3 OF TH1S POOR SCHMUCK’S C4NDY H4UL >:]”)

thinking on Relatable Brain Things: Terezi Pyrope Edition and what she said in the last update re: what draws her to vriska - vriska’s projection of certainty, of self-assurance; more implicitly the kindness she pays terezi (if nearly no one else)

and it’s clicking for me that of course. of course terezi latched so hard onto law and justice as conceits. it’s the moral code, having a structure she could reference again and again and again to give her actions grounding, because of the deep-down suspiscion that she couldn’t be left to her own devices. much the same applies to the insight she felt that her Mind powers lent, back before they endured their hardest testing

the common theme is this sort of. external validation, whether through something or someone, of what you’re doing and who you’re being, since try as you might you’ve never really managed to draw from that well of confidence yourself. and of course these ways of coping fall short anyway. terezi’s arc in act 6 has been all about lacking peace of mind - because how can you be at peace with choosing the lesser of two evils and making The Most Moral Decision when doing so felt like tearing out a piece of your own heart - and vriska… is a person. not a cure. people can help and lend a hand in curbing harm, but they can never be a comprehensive cure for the lies your brain tells you (and short of recognizing the lies terezi knows that, has maybe known that for a good while now. ugh)

i keep thinking about this bit (and the rest of their exchange, but this for focus) it just. really Gets To Me on a couple levels

one is seeing john nail something he’s frequently + characteristically scattershot at - being sensitive and empathetic! not for a lack of trying (he’s predisposed to friendliness @ the people he likes/is neutral towards, and the vast majority of his social gaffes are deeeffo unintentional lol) but y'know. still A Thing. so his picking up on jake’s source of discomfort and responding to it p much perfectly - all on the fly!! - made me smile a fuckton i’ll tell ya

and double the smiles because it was jake, this poor child who’s desperately deserving of this sort of sensitivity and honest consideration of his feelings. he got all of that in a short but kind exchange. kiddos……..

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You ever think about the fact that people explore the fuck out of Dave and Rose having trouble communicating their sibling issues with each other, but never John and Jade? And how John and Jade have problems, too? Like how they'd probably ignore the other one doing something they disagree with to avoid trouble until one explodes on the other? Where it's not that they have no problems, but it's that they have the opposite problem as their Derse counterparts?

/NODS VIGOROUSLY for real, like. i think a lot of people get sidetracked by the particular flavor of rose and dave’s banter (it’s so snarky!!! and semi-contentious, kinda sorta!!!! but it’s also goofy side-stepping nonsense more often than it’s Sad And Serious and HMMM oddly enough most people seem to forget that hmmmm). so on a surface level jade and john read as substantially more functional, what with how cheery and open they seem to be in most of their convos

but that’s also exactly it. like, they are never going to be mistaken for dave and rose’s brand of Tryhard vis-à-vis assuming facades that do no good at all at hiding nothin’ because they’re teenaged and so bad at this and leaking the contents of their true hearts all over the place. jade and john are perfectly happy to wear their hearts on their sleeves - most of the time. upbeat is their m.o. and comfort zone, while dealing with negative junk is… well. jade consciously tries to keep it all buttoned down for everyone else’s sake, regardless of the expense to herself, while john will displace it on a subconscious level and/or paper over it - both p ineffectually - until he’s bottled this stuff up to bursting point (more on this over here; cw for self-hate)

ergo you get the sort of scenario you talked about. like, they probably get into frequent snits about silly stuff because they’re different enough from each other for that, but they’re also in sync enough to make up p easily. but when a Big Problem turns up they just sort of skirt around it until it’s no longer possible and one of them lits into the other

there’s also how they kind of “blow up” in different directions. jade is more likely to get to the heart of the matter sooner i think, because she’s usually aware of the source of upset going in (and if not she’ll pinpoint it p quick). john might still displace junk though, even while being more visibly fed up about it than before, because he still hasn’t figured what he’s REALLY upset about and that he’s unconsciously fronting for that. until he becomes self-aware re: that it’s probably something he’d have to be walked/talked through

in short: EMOTIONAL CONSTIPATION TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE. someone please help them

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: dave strider in this year of our lord twenty fifteen confirmed for canon queer in a spectacular gush of red miles, holy fuck he's come so far i'm. elevated. i'm ascended. i'm so proud of him. but also someone please /please/ get john egbert a pamphlet on How To Talk To Your Queer Friends. prayer circle that that plus exposure to said friends brings him up to speed sooner rather than later bc i won't rest until it's done. god. someone help this poor sheltered well-meaning and frequently tactless child. i'm at work. i've been thinking about this all day. someone come save me