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S/o falling more and more to Gabriels trao without even realizing it pwz qwq

It hurt his heart a little to see you like this. The people who had once surrounded you with their noise and disgustingly overly familiar touches had diminished from a crowd to a handful, and now, at last, you sat alone in a corner of the cafeteria. You looked around from time to time, only poking listlessly at your food. Now was absolutely a good time to move in, to offer his company so that you would perk back up.

He didn’t miss how you brightened as you noticed his approach. Confusion turned to hope and blossomed into delight as he took a seat across from you, savoring the light in your eyes as you greeted him excitedly. His heart swelled, this just reaffirmed what he knew. He’d done what was best for you, for the two of you.

You didn’t even hesitate when he suggested you go out for coffee some time, his words a little more sure than before, his smile less awkward when fueled by the realization that you understood that you needed him. You only gushed that that was your favorite café, unaware that he knew that. Gabriel knew all of your favorite things in life.

He was determined to be your most favorite.


In my darkest of evenings, you shined the most.
You were the first burst of firework on New Year’s Eve…
and every sigh, every heartbeat, every fallen lash
That followed that ethereal night
were mere aftershocks.

You blinded me, you stunned me,
You left me in awe for a very long time.
I bathed in your light willingly,
Savoring the feast you shared with my senses.
From your countless colors
to your resonating call, I was captivated.

You were beautiful, clear and brilliant,
It’s such a shame that you were gone so soon
but that makes you more precious…

You touched my life once,
Yet I’ll remember you forever.


a/n: it’s been so long since I posted prose poetry on this blog and I usually get inspired during new year’s eve. find more here.

breath and astral time

stephanie w.
unfound other, you have sought
knelt before a dreamlike word
respite foaming from sick ash
to cure another, as forsaken
blindly struck – still, tragic one
fragrant, a moan we’d soon forget
cold prepositions biding me
beyond all good, the pantomime
believe, we would untangle here
stiff nexus of her savored light
decaying quiet, chaos weary
piano wilderness, a shadow
bedecked in silken keys, ago
supernal visions you would follow
breath and astral time, to weave
cremated pallor, gem’s delight
abscess a wither that I’d fall
verbs plastered, under, to my stone
creating tongues from prayer,
worth pressed, stricken, to a
smothered Lamb
my suicide, still swift, and yearned
breaking strong spells of dark,
fast welt
another abbess, strung, though swollen

Standards of Living


“What?” Will asked. He rubbed a hand over his eyes, certain that he had heard wrong. It was still early. 

Hannibal was seated across from him at their breakfast table. His hair was dry but unstyled, and the shawl collar of his dark robe splayed open enough that Will could see the first three buttons of the white shirt he wore underneath. 

Will pushed away from the table and leaned back in his chair, scratching his belly for a few moments. When he opened his eyes again, Hannibal was still watching him. 

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You settle like salt
on my tongue,
I savor you whole,
your crystalline
jagged edges
are rough,
but you melt
so quickly
inside me.
I bring you closer,
the prisms
of your eyes
shine a different light,
You have never
been tasted
like this

And then as I dissolve you in me,
Like water and salt of the sea
we are one.

© SoulReserve 2016