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Be My Valentine Living Set - Collab with @taylortheferret | Sims 4

Taylor and I have been working on this for awhile! I wanted to do a collab for a very long time and was finally able to! This is my part of the set! (Yes, I know the carpet is going through the wall… shhhhh) They are all base game! P.S. You can find her set here.

Couch - 15 swatches
Rug - 15 swatches
Coffee Table - 9 swatches
Candles - 8 swatches
Tea Set - 2 swatches


anonymous asked:

Hi! So I have dark brown wooden furniture in my room and the floor tiles are of bright musturd and dull orange color. Lately, I been thinking of renovating my room. But because of the color of furniture and floor it feels hard to think of anything I can do to make my room look beautiful. Please help me by suggesting some ideas and color schemes. Thanks! :)

Ugh these are my favorite asks! Yes yes yes!

For that sort of color scheme, I would recommend looking to implement some purple and white in your room. Purple and yellow look amazing together because they’re contrasting colors. White looks good on everything. EVERYTHING.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Plants. Always plants. For your color scheme, I’d suggest purchasing some tall leafy plants. Like some of these. Get nice white pots if possible.

2. Get any pictures/posters hanging on your walls good white frames. Hopefully this will help alleviate some of the brown in that room.

3. If you’re somewhat handy, install a new light bulb in your room. 

4. Similarly, I would recommend painting any doors in your room to match the color scheme. Paint them either pale violet or light orange. I’m talking the back of your bedroom door and/or your closet door.

5. Bedspread: Keep it simple. White comforters are obnoxious to clean, so I would recommend looking for something in the purple/pale yellow family. Amazon has you covered.

6. If you have any bookshelves, get yourself some white bookends. Intersperse books with cool things. Glass jars with LED lights, little plants, pictures in frames, etc.

7. Throw some command hooks on your door to hang any purses, jackets, hats, etc.

8. Try to keep your windows open as much as possible. Get some light into that room! If you absolutely can’t stand having them open 24/7, get some light filtering shades.

9. I don’t know how big your budget is, but these lamps would look incredible in your room.

10. I would recommend you leave any desk/wardrobe space as clear from clutter as possible. I think a minimalistic look would look amazing with this color scheme. Tuck pencils, paperwork, and beauty products away.

Good luck! And if you do any of these changes, please send a picture!

What we learn about Pidge from her room

1(gold)-pidge still sleeps with stuffed animals, and her own may even be homemade.

2(light green) - she kept some of the junkyard creatures after all, and some of the paladins may not even know.

3(blue) - matt doesn’t seem at all surprised, just disappointed. The only reason Pidge ever had a clean room back on earth is because her perants personally nagging her to clean her own room.

4(light purple) - Pidge hides things under her pillow, it might even be her diary as she could be trying to hide it from the others as Hunk told them all (except Allura and Coran) that she had a diary. She may be worried that they will go to looking for it.

5(red) - she has not only got more pillows then the other paladins, but also has one to go with her team colour. The fact she has more then one pillow shows she likes to be as comfy as possible when asleep.

6(yellow) - she has a junkyard Lance in her room from season two, ‘across the universe’. She may be making something from it, or maybe she actually likes Lance, like, like like him. Perhaps she is considering making it into a robot considering it already has a robot like appearance.

7(pink) - these may be conspiracy theorys, looking at how they are laid out. They may have been old theorys on matt, or her dad, or maybe new designs that we may see in the future episodes.

8(dark purple) - Pidge probably keeps juice boxes in her room because she may be slightly unsociable. She probably hangs out in her room all day, so the paladins probably don’t see much of her.

9(cream) - Pidge doesn’t seem to care about the mess, she just doesn’t give a damn. She’s fine with hopping over all her clutter and is perfectly used it.


So @squidpop is a really great artist, but recently they have been called Luke Ross. Now, there are reasons in which they are actually Luke Ross just catfishing as this “Gray” character.
1 . ) Freckles. They both have freckles in which they share openly, giving them both cute features.
2 . ) Baby face. Coincidence ?? I think not. I could squish both their faces for eternity.
3 . ) The humor. They both share a humor in which is awkward but sincere at the same time, giving a light feel to the room.
4 . ) They’re both adorable. No matter the age, they are cute and will be forever.
5 . ) Attitude. They both have some sassy attitude, honestly.
6 . ) Did I mention that they both have brown hair because they both have brown hair.
Now don’t tell me “Gray” isn’t Luke Ross, because they are.
They’re probably Luke Ross kin.

10 reasons to love harry styles

1. his hair

2. his alter ego Marcel is equally as adorable

3. and again… his hair

4. his smile lights up every room

4. his weird faces

5. fetus harry is the best harry

6. he could make you drop to your knees in a single look

7. his dancing got you like

8. when he works out / his tattoos

9. he is always in his own little world

10. and his smile… oh his smile

10 reasons why I love Ashton Irwin

1. His heart is bigger than the sun

2. His smile is bigger than the universe

3. His personality lights up the room

4. His eyes are so warm and loving

5. His hands are big, too hold you tight

6. He gives us meaning, he gives us his gratitude

7. His laugh is life itself

8. He makes us feel like we are worth it. Like we deserve better because we are better

9. His humour can cure our broken hearts

10. His voice is an angel spreading it’s love across the world

1.There were no windows, no light peeked through and got to touch his sad skin, so he had me do it instead as we sat on his carpeted floor. He hated himself so much that I could even feel it radiating in his bones. The walls were grey and it felt like a jail cell in which he was a prisoner and the warden. He seemed like a ghost, because even in front of me he kept disappearing, I should of known it wouldn’t have been too long until he faded away and never came back.
2. It was light blue and his bed was barely big enough to fit us both. When ever he had me lay in it with him he had to hold me really tight to keep me from slipping away. Part of me wanted to stay there forever under his satin bed sheets, but I was too scared that eventually he’d grow tired of holding me close and that he’d let me fall out and crash into something much harder than his bedroom floor, but the cold unforgiving pit of heartache. So I walked away and slammed his wooden door.
3. It was really cluttered and there was lots of beautiful art on the walls. It looked like what I imagined his mind to be. Gorgeous but an absolute fucking mess. He was always losing things and it wasn’t long after I realized it, he lost me.
4. It smelt like burnt out cigarettes and I never got to see it with the fucking lights on.
—  The rooms of 4 boys I loved but just not enough to stay (H.S)