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Products to help you beat the heat.

As a beauty writer, I’m familiar with a fair share of long-wearing products. But when I found out I was going to a June wedding in Georgia, I realized I’d need an extra kick to hold up a full-face look in the state’s infamous humidity. With a trusty stash of setters, sealers, and sprays, I set off to the South with a beauty arsenal that kept me fresh-faced and sweatproof all weekend long. Below, I’ve listed my best recommendations. KELLEY HOFFMAN


NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder
With an easy swipe of this translucent powder over my foundation, my face stayed shine-free for the entire evening. Infused with Photochromic Technology, it adjusted to look flattering in different lights—from the sun setting to flashing bulbs.
Tip: Since it comes in a mirrored compact, it was super handy for under-the-radar touch-ups and checking on my look during the meal (i.e., making sure I had no food in my teeth).


To lock my look in place from vows to the all-night rager, I used this setting spray. It not only sealed everything in with a radiant, finishing touch, it gave me the confidence to go all out on the dance floor, with no worries of my face sliding all over the place.
Tip: I sprayed the formula on a cotton swab and ran it over my eyeliner to give it extra staying power.

I wore my hair up to keep heat off my neck, but these blotting papers in Cooling Mint came in handy anyway to wipe away the inevitable, occasional sweat beads around my hairline.
Tip: The individual papers also work great as lipstick blotters.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat
I’m a sucker for vows, so I knew my favorite mascara (sadly, not waterproof) wouldn’t hold up against humidity and tears. I applied a coat of this over my lashes and didn’t blink at my worries for the rest of the night.
Tip: I wiped off the excess formula and used the spool to brush up my brows for an extra-groomed look.

Because I was wearing a pale yellow dress, I really didn’t want to sweat. I used these super-strong antiperspirant wipes to help my body stay dry—and like magic, they sure did.
Tip: I gave a few packets to my date—because I knew his long-sleeve shirt and toast-giving anxiety wasn’t making the situation any easier.


CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir
When I woke up with a well-deserved hangover, this mist was my savior. It gave me an energizing dose of essential oils and helped set my natural look for the how-is-it-already-this-hot-this-early outdoor brunch.
Tip: It’s also a must-have for flying. With a lack of fresh air on a five-hour plane ride across the country, it helped keep me hydrated all the way home.


allegiance-to-nyc  asked:

do you have any good recommendations for undereye setting powders? thanks! x

Personally I love using translucent powder to set under the eyes! It’s super silky so it never looks dry or cakey and since it’s colorless it lets my light concealer show through keeping my under eye bright. Any translucent powder will do really, they all work relatively the same. However translucent powder under the eyes can look a little ghostly in flash photography if you apply too much so I use translucent powder on more of an every day basis and not so much for special occasions.

If you don’t want to use a translucent powder try a tinted loose powder or a brightening face powder. A slightly luminous face powder works great for setting the under eyes because it keeps them bright. A powder too matte or chalky will settle into fine lines, cling onto dry spots and just overall look a cakey mess. 

  • Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder (slightly beige tinted, not stark white)
  • NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder (slightly illuminating/brightening, make a pressed and loose version)
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light (pale yellow shade is brightening, slight luminous effect)
  • Loreal Hydra Perfecte Light Diffusing Powder (using the translucent or one of the tinted shades)
  • Wet n Wild Reserve Your Cabana (a slightly luminous, pale powder)