light red over black

Mark Rothko, Light Red Over Black, Oil on canvas, 1957



Pics 1&2: Female red dalmatian crested gecko.  AC Reptiles Lines.  Red and black spots, very vibrant base color.  28g.  $200

Pic 3: Older hatchling gargoyle gecko, from my yellow female Poppy and my red male Ramses.  Great eater, should have a lot of yellow and grey like mom (already a VERY yellow baby). 4g.  $85

Pic 4: Younger hatchling gargoyle gecko, full sibling to Pic. 3.  Also coloring up well, becoming more yellow daily. 4g. $70

Pics 5 & 6: Female red dalmatian crested gecko.  Produced by Crestopia Reptiles, Sugar x Haven.  Pretty light red base and big black ink spots all over, especially on the head.  25g.  $225

Pic 7: Red juvenile crested gecko. Unknown lineage.  Like its sister, this one has continued turning a pretty red shade.  May eventually have some low yellow harlequin markings.  9g.  $50

Not pictured: high yellow adult female leopard gecko.  Unknown genetics.  Has a partially regenerated tail, but it’s healed very well.  FREE ADOPTION with price of shipping and proof of setup.


Mandy quietly shut the door to her apartment, being careful not to wake the other currently sleeping in the room over. Her eyes darted over to the clock, red lights barely lit up over the small black screen reading two-thirty am. Kicking off her shoes slightly Mandy cautiously crept through the dark house but found herself taken back when she found that the other was still very much awake. There the brunette stood slightly dumbfounded drenched in someone else’s blood. “Look I can explain everything but I have to shower first.. Why are you awake?” She paused for a moment before continuing on. “You were supposed to be asleep right now. I usually have time to clean up but- shit happened. I really didn’t want you to see me like this, ever.” Simply Mandy never mentioned  her job for the reason that it wasn’t legal, she always covered it up with working part time at an auto body shop. Shoving the bathroom door wide open, the girl walked inside letting out a groan as she slid the curtain back beginning to strip her messy clothes off waiting for a reaction from the other.