light red over black

Mark Rothko, Light Red Over Black, Oil on canvas, 1957

CEO!YOONGI   ▊ ▏I Have Listened To Every Lie : Chapter 2

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The oak doors to Yoongi’s office are pulled open, the heavy wood making a soft shoop-ing sound against the dark blue herringbone tiles. Yoongi stands courteously as Jin strolls in, but forgoes the formal bow given that Jin’s such a familiar face. Doesn’t he usually have briefcase? Yoongi thinks. He gives the man a brief smile and leads him towards the sitting area. His assistant pours them both some herbal tea.

“Jin, thanks for coming.” They are way past honorifics at this point. “No briefcase, I see.”

Jin rolls his eyes and kicks up a foot on the table. “I heard through the grapevine that you’ve done something incredibly stupid once again, and I was prepared to haul your ass out of whatever hole you’ve dug yourself long before you asked for me.”

“I guess this ‘grapevine’ goes by the name Kim Namjoon?”

Jin laughs, and unbuttons his suit jacket. “Of course.” Then his face grows serious and he takes his leg off the table.

“What’s this I hear about you divorcing Nara?”

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Meeting the family

Fandom: Harry Potter
Character(s): Reader, Charlie, Arthur, Molly, Fred, George, Ginny and Ron 
Warning(s): None
Requested by: Anon-Can I request a Charlie Weasley reader insert where Charlie introduces Reader (Moody’s niece) to his family? Maybe them telling his family that they’re engaged?
Writer: Asteria
Word count:1,106
A/N: Hope you like it.

You have no idea why you’re feeling so nervous all of a sudden, after all the Weasleys were so nice from what Charlie had told you, you had been excited to meet his family a week ago but now that you were actually going to meet them you were so nervous. 

“Will you stop fretting?” Charlie whispered in your ear as he took a hold of your shaking hand firmly “I’m just nervous” you whispered back to him “you have nothing to be nervous about” he replied and pushed the door of his childhood home open to find that everyone was running and calling things out to each other, Molly his mother stopped as soon as the door opened up and smiled warmly at the two of you, waiting for Charlie to close the door behind himself. 

“Charlie, we weren’t expecting you and your friend until tomorrow” she said waving her arms about as she pulled Charlie into a nice tight warm hug, Charlie chuckled and returned the hug “[Y/N] isn’t my friend mother” he stated you smiled at her and gave a shy wave a small red blush coating your cheeks “girlfriend then” Molly said with a grin letting Charlie out of her grip “it’s nice to meet you [Y/N] I’m Molly” she greeted her voice sounded so motherly and this time pulled you into a warm hug too, just as tight as the hug she gave to Charlie, you returned the hug. 

Molly pulled back and held you at arms length and gave you a quick once over from your neatly brushed [Y/H/C] hair to your light blue spaghetti top that had a red and black button up over it, dark blue jeans and knee high black boots, making you feel just a little concerned for the way you looked before she beamed a smile your way and dropped one hand from your arm “come, come were all just about to sit down for dinner” Charlie laughed and grabbed your hand in his once his mother left the room.

“See, that wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be to meet my mum was it?” he questioned you shook your head and gripped Charlies hand tightly as he pulled you towards the kitchen where everyone seemed to be talking all at once, until you and Charlie stepped through the door “hey Charlie didn’t know you would be here today” Ron said, you stood next to Charlie awkwardly looking around the nearly packed room that was a little cluttered “it was a last minute thing” he replied out stretching his hand that was holding yours, leaning into you he whispered to you “the two seats that’s between mum and dad” you nodded your head and headed to the chairs, where there was two plates, you shuffled passed the others, still keeping a hold of Charlies hand.

“Everyone this is [Y/N]” Charlie spoke up, you knew that Charlie told his family everything about you, well nearly everything about you that is, the one thing you haven’t done yet before getting engaged was meeting his family, now it was to fault of Charlies, the two of you had somethings to take care of before you actually got around to meeting them, but it’s better late than never you thought to yourself “hi” you said quietly raising your left hand a little. 

“[Y/N] this is my dad” Charlie said Arthur held his hand out and gently took it “Arthur, pleasure to meet you finally” you smiled at him “like wise” you replied “the twins Fred and George next to George is Ron” Charlie told you pointing to the twins as he says their names, each of them giving you a cheesy grin and a nod of their head, Ron raised his hand and smiled, you returned each smile “the girl next to my mum is Ginny” Ginny said hello to which you responded with a quick hello. 

It wasn’t long until everyone dug into the food that was spread across the table, you and Ginny leaned over the table every so often to talk to each other and George and Fred managed to tell a really cringe worthy story of Charlie that you couldn’t help but laugh at, Ron on the other hand was squinting at you but you just ignored it the best you could, you and Molly got on like a house on fire and Arthur was telling you all about his job which you actually found quite interesting.

“Me and [Y/N] have to tell you something” Charlie spoke up over the noise, leaning his elbows on the table, everyone turning their heads to look at you, the laughter slowly dying down, Molly and Arthur looked rather intrigued “well?” Molly asked brushing a bit of her hair off of her face “me and Charlie are engaged” you told them, you were after feeling much less nervous and more at home than anything after you told them there was a chorus of “congratulations”, “where’s the ring”, “when is it” and finally “have you started to plan it yet”. 

Charlie only laughed and replied back with “thank you, and we haven’t decided when it’s happening and no we haven’t started planning it yet” you took the sterling silver ring that had white diamonds surrounding the cubic Amethyst and three little white diamonds on the ‘shoulders’ of the ring off of your finger and passed it around the table for everyone to see. 

“Oh this is a beautiful ring” Molly said you smiled and took Charlies hand in yours once more “are by any chance related to Mad eye moody?” Ron asked suddenly, you looked over at him and then around at the table, everyone went silent as soon as he spoke “what….what makes you think that?” you asked nervously squeezing Charlies’ hand with yours, to which he returned with a gentle reassuring one “it’s just that you have his dark eyes” Ron mentioned, shrugging his shoulders, pushing some mashed potatoes around the plate.

“I’m his niece, so yes I am related to him” you answered quietly “that’s odd, Moody never mentioned that he had a niece” Arthur commented you gulped and looked over at him “he’s very protective of me, that’s probably why” you said an awkwardness settled over the table and you took a sip of the water “well” Molly started breaking the silence that had also fallen upon the table “we’re happy that you and Charlie found each other and we welcome you to the Weasley family” Molly reached over Charlie and handed you the ring back, patting your arm “thank you” you replied back.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I would like to request for a sad Kai imagine where you are pregnant and you intend to surprise him with the news, but catch him cheating! Happy ending pleasee thank you!!! :)

of course! hopefully I can pull this scenario off haha. thank you so much for requesting bb ♡♡ p.s since i’m such a lazy ass i didn’t proof-read this either. probably never will omg.

“Biggest Regret”


📌 Genre : Angst / Fluff 

📖 Word Count : 2903

👩 Admin : Raven

Your hand gripped the stick tightly, your palms breaking out into a sweat as you wondered whether or not you were dreaming. You stared blankly at the two lines that appeared on the screen, not fully realizing what they meant.

Pregnant I I

Tears stung the back of your eyes as you let out a joyful sigh, clutching the test against your chest in disbelief. I’m pregnant. A sob broke out from between your lips as you let out a shaky laugh. Jongin is going to be ecstatic. 

But how do I tell him?

Fear ripped through your body, what if he isn’t ready for a child? Swallowing deeply, you ran a hand through your hair and breathed in deeply. A glance at the clock told you that Jongin was going to come home in about 20 minutes. Smiling to yourself, you nodded determinedly.

I’ll tell him when he gets back.

How foolish of you to think that he was going to show up that night alone.

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So, I just started writing this! I’m not very good with writing, I always make it really short and I rarely ever finish. But I like this, so I was hoping someone could tell me how it is? Where can I add details would be especially helpful! Thanks in advance!


It happened within the span of thirty seconds, a fast motion, a splash of dark red blood, pain. Ladybug -Marinette- froze, touching her fingertips to her chest and then staring at the blood that coated her fingers. She screamed as she fell backwards, losing her transformation, and her consciousness. Chat Noir didn’t see her get hit, too focused on the Akumatized victim or else he would have happily dove in front of her. At her scream, he turned to her and leaped towards her as the red light of her transformation shown bright in his eyes.  

“Ladybug!” He yelled before the light died down. As it did, though, a small red Kwami floated around the civilian form of Ladybug frantically. Chat couldn’t bring himself to say the name of the girl in front of him, frozen in shock and disbelief. His Lady was…? 

“Marinette!” The Kwami, Tikki, screamed in her high pitched voice. Chat still couldn’t bring himself to move.  

Sweet, innocent Marinette…my princess, my…my Lady, Chat thought. 

Release the transformation, Adrien. That was Plagg, and so Chat did just that, reversing his transformation back to Adrien.  

“Tikki!” His black cat Kwami screamed as he flew towards Ladybug’s Kwami. Tikki was still rushing around Marinette frantically, but at the sound of Plaggs voice, she stopped, flew straight into his arms, and began crying. Meanwhile, Adrien fell to his knees, scooping the girl in front of him into his arms, careful of her injury. The Akumatized victim was long gone. 

“M-Marinette,” Adrien whispered, his voice breaking, “Hold on princess, you’ll be okay, I promise.” Although he merely whispered it, Marinette stirred in his arms, opening her eyes with a gasp.  

“C-Chat?” She asked as she began to squirm and groan in pain. She hadn’t looked at Adrien clearly, too focused on the pain she felt. For a second, Adrien wasn’t sure how to answer. Then he placed a soft kiss on Marinette’s forehead.

“Yes princess, it’s me,” and with that Marinette finally looked up at him. She was shocked for a second, but then she rolled her eyes, wincing in pain as she did. 

“Alya was right,” she mumbled to herself. The crying Kwami then noticed that Marinette was awake, and flew over to the pair, tears still running down her small head.  

“Marinette! Im sorry! Im so sorry! I,” she paused looking over at Plagg, “We should have never made you guys do this! You’re just kids and we have put you in so much trouble!” With the little strength she possessed, Marinette reached her hand up, stroking Tikki’s face.  

“You didn’t do anything wrong Tikki, I enjoy being Ladybug,” Marinette said weakly with a smile. Tikki shook her head. Plagg flew forward.  

“She’s right kid. This is too dangerous for you, for both of you,” he said, directing the last part towards Adrien. 

“What? Plagg, no!” Adrien started, but the black Kwami merely shook his head.  
“We’re sorry. You too can no longer be Ladybug and Chat Noir. We’ll fix this, we’ll fix you Marinette, trust me,” Tikki said sadly. Marinette placed all her effort into sitting up. 

“No! Look I’m fine!” Marinette lied. Although the wound was not deep, it was long and stretched from her right hip to just over her heart. It would definitely need stitches before she lost too much blood, and it would most likely leave a scar. What worried Tikki the most, though, was how close the weapon had come to puncturing Marinette’s heart and killing her instantly. 

“Don’t lie Marinette! I know you better than anyone! You can’t change our mind, neither can you Adrien! We have to do this before Marinette losing too much blood!” Tikki shrieked at the pair, surprising Plagg and Marinette who had never seen her so worked up. 

Never had a hero almost die on us though, thought Plagg to himself. Adrien, who had his head downcast in thought, looked up towards the small ladybug Kwami. 

“Will this help her?” He asked quietly. Marinette turned to her partner in shock, knowing what he was thinking. 

“No! Chat! A-Adrien! I’ll be fine, I promise! Please…please don’t do this,” although she started out strong, she whispered the last part, slowly losing any remaining strength she had.  

“Will this help her?” Adrien repeated. It had been only five minutes since she had been hit, but her blood covered his arms and he couldn’t stand it.  
I couldn’t protect her. 

“It will,” Tikki replied. Adrien nodded. He stood up, holding Marinette in his arms. She hung lifelessly, having passed out again a minute ago.  

“Then whatever you’re planning…do it. Save her, please,” Adrien whispered looking down at the girl in his arms.  

She was always right behind him. He couldn’t believe it. Her smiling face entered his mind and tears slowly filled his eyes. Turning his attention to the Kwami’s, he watched as they flew over to the item Ladybug had summoned with her lucky charm: a red and black spotted boomerang. It had been during the summoning of her lucky charm that she had been struck, and so the item had fallen, forgotten on the floor. Together, Tikki and Plagg threw it into the air as Ladybug frequently did, but the words that left their mouths were different. 

“Miraculous Forget!” The two yelled and similar to Miraculous Cure, a red and black light erupted from the item, fixing the damage that was caused by the Akuma. The red and black light swam over the pair of heroes, and when it dissipated, Marinette was gone. Then a black and green light appeared, after the first one, and as it surrounded Adrien, his eyes closed and he blacked out.  
Goodbye, my Lady, was his last thought.  


It made nearly dying well worth it. That’s how I feel now.


Mandy quietly shut the door to her apartment, being careful not to wake the other currently sleeping in the room over. Her eyes darted over to the clock, red lights barely lit up over the small black screen reading two-thirty am. Kicking off her shoes slightly Mandy cautiously crept through the dark house but found herself taken back when she found that the other was still very much awake. There the brunette stood slightly dumbfounded drenched in someone else’s blood. “Look I can explain everything but I have to shower first.. Why are you awake?” She paused for a moment before continuing on. “You were supposed to be asleep right now. I usually have time to clean up but- shit happened. I really didn’t want you to see me like this, ever.” Simply Mandy never mentioned  her job for the reason that it wasn’t legal, she always covered it up with working part time at an auto body shop. Shoving the bathroom door wide open, the girl walked inside letting out a groan as she slid the curtain back beginning to strip her messy clothes off waiting for a reaction from the other.