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Hot and bothered

Lewin: He will grin at you and ask you the most embarrassing, and way too personal, questions in a normal speaking voice which had you hissing at him to whisper or stop it altogether as a furious blush crept from your neck up to your hairline. There would be small but teasing gesture to get you even hotter and you pray that none of your colleagues catch up to what’s going on.

Mephisto: He’s all here for that shit. Seriously, if the big meeting wasn’t extremely important for his masterplan there’s a huge chance that he will just use his powers to fuck you in front of everyone without them noticing.

Shiro: He’ll put a hand on your knee to still any movements - whether to ease the itching in your core or to turn him on too - and tell you that he will gladly help you once this is finished. Tho be careful, he will tease you throughout the whole meeting and expect you to be quiet.

cold coffee. (m)

pairing: jungkook | reader

genre: smut

word count: 4,564

description: “I wasn’t referring to verbal truth. I was referring to,” and then there was a brief pause that was followed by a light press to the center of your stomach. Your back laid flat against the wooden bench before the predatory loom of his figure appeared overhead, “Candor of the body. Which you, my love, are the absolute queen of.”


With an exchanged swipe, taste forthcoming as the two of you had intended. Too sweet, muttered against your lips – lips that curved into ones of amusement at his feigned disfavor for your particular arrangement of the poison. Too bitter, slipped past your teeth in retort, the air of the syllables brushing against his breath; a dance of icy exhales in a burning winter night. His mouth twitched at that, following your suit into similar enjoyment of the playful critique.

“Maybe not my coffee, but sweet in other aspects, no?” He spoke in a devilish dialect of insinuation and lust; one that, before encountering him, was unfamiliar to you. Adoration, it managed to claw at your chest with great vigor each and every time he glanced down at you through darkened tufts of raven hair. His words wrapping their way around you entirely until they sounded of music. The notes gliding across your bones as his voice conducted your motions.

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if jooheon was your boyfriend

my first request :’’)))) tysm, I’m sorry if this is bad or generic, but I had a lot of fun doing it- I’ll gladly do it as a series, so please tell me what member you’d want next :))

  • squishy squish what a cutie 
  • basically your best friend but a little more intimate 
  • probably awkward when he asks you out but then quickly gets comfortable (like as soon as you say ok he’s already whisking you away bridal style) 
  • clingy and touchy i can just imagine it 
  • doesn’t mind a little pda 
  • wants everyone to know that you’re his and is proud about it 
  • knows when to give you space but may as well be glued to you all day since he never leaves your side 
  • dimples galore 
  • will get jealous if you prefer other boygroups 
  • but then he’d turn around and be the biggest girl group stan smh double standards 
  • good luck trying to stop him from learning all the dances to g friend and twice
  • those eYEs ohmygod you’ll melt everytime 
  • ^ gets what he wants from you, always 
  • funny af (obviously) 
  • he’d have you laughing so much everyday that you start tearing up 
  • randomly breaking out into a dance and rapping to try and make you laugh / cheer you up 
  • pouty jooheon is so cute 
  • he’d be upset if you accidentally ate something of his that he was looking forward to eating 
  • wouldn’t really be mad at you because he thinks you’re cute 
  • but he’d probably bring it back up one of those days when he wants you to buy a treat for him while you’re on a date together 
  • ^ it probably happens a lot 
  • betting each other on who will pay for a meal out by showing the best aegyo 
  • he always wins 
  • omg your poor wallet 
  • but he’s a gentleman,, he’ll probably pay last minute when you’re not looking 
  • or make up for not paying by buying small things over time 
  • absolutely spOILS you on your birthday 
  • likes to order takeout with you and just binge watch netflix together 
  • but if he cooks he really tries his best 
  • best, but unexpected, food combos like omg why haven’t you thought of eating this together before??? 
  • distracted easily but it’s a cute and dorky trait 
  • texting you his random thoughts and the occasional joke or meme 
  • will ask you for advice when it comes to decision making 
  • you wear the pants in the relationship most of the time 
  • he likes to be controlled by you ;))) 
  • energetic, so can go on for rounds and rounds 
  • dating him will be tiring, but such a fun experience 
  • he’s your cute lil puppy who just loves to give cuddles and kisses all the time
  • constantly reminding you that he loves you 
  • has a strong hold on you when you sleep 
  • whispering how much you mean to him in your ear before kissing you goodnight 
  • would be so afraid to lose you,, pls protect him

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Hyungwon Light Brown/Blonde Hair

Hope you like it :D

Judging you Admin LD

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it’s so funny that people dedicate so much of their time trying to bring down twice like listen sis,, they could release a full album of just them sneezing and South Korea will still eat that shit up because that’s just how much their success is engraved into the kpop industry. even if you don’t like their music, you’ll never be able to take their success away from them and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. they’ve worked so hard to get where they are, just like your faves have too so maybe instead of trying to drag them down you should focus on your faves and let twice breathe for a minute instead of jumping on a hate bandwagon just because you think it’s cool or because you’re jealous at how fast they’ve shot to the top. :)

˗ˏˋwe will dance in the neon light

 ⠀⠀on our journey through the nightˊˎ˗

the Acid Test Graduation party, a celebration organized by Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters, in 1966. Photo by Ted Streshinsky

Kim Seokjin

That’s it. That’s all I had to say.

Tour Bus Fun *Smut*

Shawn Mendes
Words; 1,200 
Warnings; ‘Smut’ (Thigh Riding and a disappointing start to a handie) + some shitty dirty talk 

Request;  Could you write a smut or fluff (either or) of Shawn and the reader being alone on his tour bus after a big show and Shawn is tired and they’re cuddling in his bed? Could end in a smut or fluff way.. Ps.. I LOVE you’re writing!! :)
Note; this ended up being way longer than intended, but I think it came out alright, apart from the questionable dirty talk, I have no idea which part of my brain that came from 😄

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“Shawn, you’re too big! You’re not going to fit!” I laughed as he tried to squeeze into my bunk. There was barely room on the bloody things to begin with, let alone for two people. The only time we somewhat managed to successfully to fit both of us on a bed it nearly ended in a trip to A&E on my behalf.

“I’ve had a long day and want to cuddle.” He huffed, pulling himself up and into my bunk without doing too much damage. It was a very snug fit, with my back pressed against the wall of the bus and our bodies flush together. Even with us both fully dressed, I could feel everything.

“Hi,” I giggled when his nose bumped against mine, “This would be a lot easier if we were on the couch.”

“I’m here now,” He shrugged while awkwardly shifting so one arm was resting under my pillow, using his other to tuck my hair behind my ear. His voice was low as he spoke, his warm breath beating down against my lips, “You’re so pretty.”

I felt my face flare up to the colour of a tomato. My first instinct was to hide, but that was pretty much impossible. So, I just laid there, blushing like an idiot as his hand fell to my check, tracing along my jaw, neck, shoulder, until he found the bare strip of skin of my waist. Travelling along the edge of my shorts, the soft touches of his fingers sending shivers running up and down my back.

A smug smirk played lazily on his lips. He somehow found enough space to slip his leg between mine, our lips brushing as mine parted with a small gasp.

“I thought you wanted to cuddle?” My words were cut off by a pathetic excuse for a moan as he gripped my hips, pulling me ever so slightly against him. Even the smallest of movements sent sparks shooting through my body.

“I never said it had to be innocent.” Before I could say anything he distracted me, his lips barely brushing against mine, teasing me in a way that made me want to kiss him and also push him off the bed.

Every time I went to deepen the kiss him, he would move away or kiss my cheek or chin or anywhere that wasn’t my lips where I really craved his tough. His fingers dug deeper into my skin as he guided my movements on his thigh. And while it felt good, the awkward position wasn’t really helping.

With each movement, more and more heart flooded through my body. By some miracle on this Earth, I managed to flip Shawn onto his back and climb on top of him without either of us falling off the bunk or giving us a concussion. Stunned, he hardly had time to respond before I hungrily found his mouth. He didn’t seem to mind though, slipping his hand out from under the pillow to grip my hips, having full control over my movements. With one hand resting on his stomach for support, the other found his hair.  

Breathy gasps and whimpers broke the kiss, my head falling onto his shoulder, leaving pecks along his burning skin. Each time I moaned, I purposely did it just loud enough so only he could hear. This seemed to spur him on more, his hands moving to my butt, rocking me faster against him. The added friction of my shorts and his sweatpants making it a thousand times better.

“Do you like this, Baby?” He whispered, kissing the sensitive skin behind my ear. The words shocked me, but the husky sound of his voice and almost desperate tone made me forget about the embarrassment, “Look at you, fucking my thigh. Are you gonna cum?”

“Yes.” I manged to choke out through breathy pants. His leg shifted, adding more pressure against my heat. That was enough to send me over, squeezing my eyes shut, my legs shaking as they clamped around his. I bit down on my lip, holding in some of the louder moans, only for a few smaller whimpers to escape. All the while, Shawn carried on whispering dirty words and thoughts to me until I finally fell limp against him.

He didn’t even try to hide how proud he was, his cheeky smile clearly evident as he brought our lips together lazily. Pulling away, he chuckled while pushing back the hair clinging to my sweaty forehead, which I like to point out was mainly due to how hot the bus got in the middle of summer.

“You’re the hottest tomato I’ve ever seen.” Rolling my eyes, we both laughed as I smacked his chest weakly. I went to climb off him, but he pulled me closer, my head resting on his chest as his fingers trailed under my shirt, running up and down the length of my back. It would have been a sweet moment, if I couldn’t feel the raging problem under his joggers pressing against my stomach.

An evil thought popped into my mind.

My hand moved to his stomach, innocently toyed with the hem of his shirt, giggling as he squirmed when I brushed against the sensitive skin around his V-line. I planted a kiss against his jaw, playfully biting as I hiked up his shirt just enough to reveal a small section of his tanned tummy. His eyes remained closed, even when I followed the subtle patch of hair below his waistband.

“Shit.” His eyes shot open as my hand met his length through the thin material of his boxers, his fingers automatically digging into the skin of my back. I continued with the light touches, enjoying Shawn’s reaction whenever I brushed close to the top. And he was doing well at holding in his moans, until I broke past the barrier, slipping my hand into his boxers.

“Seriously, you guys couldn’t wait an hour until we got to the hotel?” Geoff’s annoyed complaint caught me off guard, making me up, my head smacking harshly off the bunk above. My hand flew to the sore spot, only slightly grossed out when I realised where it had just been. No one was on the bus when I originally came on after the concert. They must have come on during our little fun time. Just the idea of someone perennially catching sent my heart off racing, a mixture of embarrassment, amusement and adrenaline fluttered around my stomach like butterflies. 

“Shut up, dude! Just because you can’t get laid!” Shawn called back teasingly. In the distance, I heard Geoff mumble a reply using a few choice words before the bus door slammed shut. Without another word, I hurried to straighten my clothes and hair to a somewhat presentable level before opening the curtain. I laughed at Shawn childish whine, his hands reaching out for me while I jumped off the bed.

“You can do it yourself, or you can wait until later,” I flashed him a sweet smile, pressing a kiss on his cheek, quickly jumping back and closing the curtain before he had a chance to do anything else. As I walked the small corridor, I came face to face with Brain who was struggling to hide his amusement.

“Have a nice ride?” He was in full blown hysterics when I told him to shut up before locking myself away in the tiny tour bus bathroom to clean up.

When We Collide (Part 18)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“I heard your date wasn’t even close to a success?”

Looking over your shoulder to see Ashton stand in the door frame to your office you smiled brightly by his presence. He was standing with a bouquet of lilies in his hands and knocked twice on your door frame just for fun.

“You have no idea. Come in.” You giggled and nodded your head in confirm, his contagious giggle filling the room once he walked fully inside.

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Amaimon: He will look at you weirdly and actually poke you, probably where you’re having the cramps

Arthur: Depending on how you take the cramps, he may stay home for you. Yes, he is a workaholic, partly because he wants to stay a Paladdin as long as possible, but he is also your boyfriend and wants to take care of you. So in the end it’s up to you. 

Igor: When he knows that you’re having cramps, and believe me he will know, and can’t stay with you, he will call you multiple time throughout the day and will bring your favorite takeout home with him.

Lewin: He will first off make some jokes on how you’re only saying that so he’ll cuddle with you but will later have all of your comfort foods ready without even being asked.

Lucifer: Given his busy schedule he will ask you if you need something or if you can handle it on yourself. Don’t play on him, he will get mad if you play it down instead of telling him the truth.

Mephisto: He is very tempted to tell you to get your shit together but will at one point sit down and let you cuddle him