light psd for icons


↳ Under the cut you will find #118 gif icons of GRACE PHIPPS as KAITLIN in the movie SOME KIND OF HATE. All of them were made from scratch, so please don’t claim them as your own and don’t redistribute them. A LIKE/REBLOG is always appreciated if they were useful!

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i  figured  out  the  corner  thing  with  photoshop  :”D

Almost everyone in my fandom is using the same icon psd with the rounded corners, light grey border, and washed-out coloration. I’m disinclined to follow anyone who uses this icon psd because 99.9% of the time, they care more about aesthetics than their writing, they write purpose prose that’s impossible to understand, they have blank pages, they’re in a “popular clique”, or they drop their blog a week after making it. I make exceptions for standouts, but it’s annoying to find those standouts.