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Another Carter - Chapter 5

Summary : You’re Peggy Carters grand daughter, living as much as a normal life as you can with a giant secret weighing on your shoulders. What happens when you  ripped from your normal life, and thrown into the avengers hands?

Avengers x Reader (so far)

Warnings: Swearing , fluff, semi smut, nsfw gif 

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                                                    Chapter Five

  Avoiding Steve wasn’t as easy as you hoped  . Its been 2 days since the awkard situation in the gym, and you’ve barely managed to dodge him.

“ Go away !” you grunt as you roll face first into your pillow . Someone’s been incessantly pounding on your door for about 5 straight minutes. You aren’t feeling today , you just want to stay buried in your blankets all day .  The knocking stops, but you hear your door being opened.

“ Go away doesn’t mean come in.” you mumble . Who the hell would have enough balls to wake me up AND come In my room ?

 "Its time to get up Doll, you already missed training.“ Barnes .

You become slightly self conscious when you feel him lift the blanket from your body . You sleep in a baggy tee and cheeky underwear. 

” Dude!“ you scramble to grab the blanket only to see he already tossed it to the floor. He lets out a long whistle while his eyes roam from your ass down your bare legs.

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” Nice PJs dollface. “ he winks , making your blush even worse. Hes going to make me get up . I need to get him to let me stay in my damn bed.  You send him a sly smirk,

” You know Barnes, there’s room in my bed for one more .“ Please Work .

Bucky mirrors your smirk, he crawls his way up your bed, caging you with his hands on either side of your head. Oh God, I think this was the best idea I ever had.

” Ill have to take you up on that offer another time, Clint made blueberry pancakes & I know those are your favorites.  “ Damn it Bucky .

 His body moves away from you quickly, and before you know it your body is being thrown over his shoulder. You let out a squeak  as he leaves your room with you in tow.

” Buck I don’t have pants on ! “

” Youll be fine. I don’t think anyone will mind the view .“ you feel his shoulders shake as he laughs.

 You finally arrive in the kitchen, letting out a grumble as Bucky places you into a chair. He sends you a wink , then goes and grabs two plates of pancakes. He sits next to you , patting your thigh as he does.

” Don’t be grumpy doll, atleast you got out of training today . “

You sigh , you reach for the whipped cream infront of you and start drowning your pancakes in it , then do the same with the syrup  .

” Well goodmorning to you too Dear.“ Tony says from across the table . You were so busy being crabby you didn’t even notice the rest of the team sitting at the table.  

” Yeah , real good morning Tony.“

” Good morning Y/n.“ Steve says , you look up and see him seated directly across from him . Oh shit.

” Morning Steve. “ So much for trying to keep avoiding him .

 Breakfast goes quickly, small talk floats around the table but you mainly keep your focus on your food. Wanda volunteers to do the dishes, and you don’t think its possible to love her more  .  You kiss her and Clint on the cheeks, then go to leave the kitchen with everyone else, but Youre stopped by a hand around your wrist, you whip around , your eyes locking with Steves.

” Can we talk?“ No

” Sure.“   you follow him out to the tv area .  He drops down onto the couch, patting the open spot next to him .

” Id rather not get too comfortable, my beds waiting for me.“ You say with a laugh , he smiles back making the mood a little less weird.  

” Listen , about the other day  -“

” Steve , we don’t have to talk about It. “ you sigh ,  I really don’t want to do this now, or ever. 

” Obviously we do , you’ve been avoiding me . And don’t say you haven’t, I’m not blind Y/n .  I was just - I think I was just trying to deal with the breakup and in the moment I thought maybe you - “

” Maybe I what Steve?  Wanted to kiss my grandmothers, and cousins ex lover? I’m not that kind of girl .“ you scoff, turning to leave.

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” I’m not saying you are ! its just - theres something about you . I-“

” Steve, youre obviously upset about your breakup . But I’m not a rebound, hell, no offense but I will never see you as anything more than a friend  & team mate. It just wouldn’t feel right. My grandmother loved you , I know she loved my grandpa, but you were different for her. Her lost love. Being with you in any way other than friendly is wrong to me , seeing you and Sharon together was so fucking weird. “ you laugh , you sit next to him ,taking his hand in yours and placing them on his leg.

” You are a fantastic person Steve, anyone would be lucky to have you in their life. But just because I’m a Carter doesn’t mean we would be good together. I may be a lot like Peggy , but I’m not her.  I’m not going to be her replacement .“

 Steve sighs and squeezes your hand .

” You’re right , Peggy is just all ive ever known, ya know? She was the first woman to show any interested in me before I was Captain America. I see the same traits in you , the way you speak, your actions, I think I just got a hazed and thought maybe there was a chance  . Its hard , being in this world, in this decade, everything is different. I think being with Sharon, made me feel a little more familiar, and maybe I hoped you would magnify that feeling. “ His shoulders slump as his confession . You can see why Peggy loved him ,  you wish you didn’t feel like it was so wrong because you COULD see yourself with him ; hes just your type.

You lean in, kissing his cheek . ” I know this is different, and I cant imagine how you feel Steve. But I am here for you , growing up hearing all those stories about you; about how great, brave and sweet you are made you one of my heroes my entire life. I want to be close to you , be your friend and be here when you need me . “

” I think id like that.“ he replies with a smile,

” Good, because I wasn’t giving you a choice Rogers. “  The two of you laugh , when you stand you tug his hand so that hes standing infront of you . You throw your arms around his waist , hugging him tightly . He returns the embrace, leaving a quick kiss to your forehead before you part.

” Alright, I’m going back to bed" You send him a mock salute, “ Goodnight Captain.”

 " Y/n , its like noon !“ he shouts, but youre already on your way the elevator.  That wasn’t so bad afterall .

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 Being around Steve is easy , you fall into a quick friendship  and completely push aside the weird day in the gym . You’ve caught yourself thinking about being more than friends with him, but you always stop yourself to remind you that its not an option.  You train with him and Bucky in the mornings now, then after you shower you watch movies to try and help them catch up on what they missed. Some days its just you & Steve  when Bucky opts out to take a nap instead . Its never been just you and Buck  , until today .

 ” Cant you give the mission to someone else!?  We were going to start Boy meets world today!“ you whine . Steve chuckles, placing the last of his gear on .

” No can do , It should be a quick mission though , just watch something else and hopefully ill be back by tomorrow so we can start it  .“  you groan dramatically, making him let out  loud laugh .

” You’ll have fun without me.  " You follow behind him until you arrive at the hangar.

“ Be safe, alright?  ” you say quietly  .

“ And use a fucking parachute Punk.” Buckys voice appears from behind you.

Steve rolls his eyes, but pulls Bucky into a hug. How cute.  

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He pulls you in next, holding you tightly to his body .  You say another goodbye & watch as the jet takes off, then grab onto Buckys hand.  He always looks surprised when you grab his metal hand, like he cant believe you aren’t scared of it.

 " Lets go Sergeant, looks like we are starting Disney movies today .“  He doesn’t protest, just lets you drag him along until you guys reach the  communal Tv room.

 Bucky plops on the couch, watching while you flip over cushions and fling blankets around until you find the remote.

You finally find it , when you turn to sit on the couch though you see that Bucky manages to take up the entire thing.

” Move it or lose it Barnes. “ you warn playfully,

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” Doll theres another couch .“

” Yeah but this one is right in the center, best view of the TV!“ you argue back .

He shrugs and doesn’t move, Fine, you want to play it this way ?  You don’t think twice about it , as you move and sit yourself on top of him . He lets out a oompf sound as you adujust yourself on him.

” This is not comfy.“ he pouts.

You send him a ’ tough shit’ smile before scrolling through the movies on the screen . Bucky grabs onto your waist , moving himself so hes no longer laying down , but sitting up with you on his lap .   I win.

You move to sit next to him , but his grip on your waist tightens.

” Where do you think youre going?“ he asks, pulling your back to you back is resting against his chest. 

” To sit next to you?“ you question , trying once again to move off him.

” You started this, you’re staying right here Doll.“  his voice  is firm, but playful .  Why did that just slightly turn me on , is that weird?    You let out a sigh of defeat, letting your body relax against his , separating your legs so they rest on the sides of his. 

  You chose Cinderella to start the marathon, deciding that you don’t really want to watch them all in order . As the movie begins you start to squirm in Buckys lap .  His hands migrated from you hips, to resting on your thighs. Everytime you move even the tiniest bit, you can feel his fingers slightly dig into your bare thighs; and you love it.  You and the boys always want to be comfy during your movies, so you all wear your pajamas . Today you chose light pink shorts, and a baggy black tee ; Bucky went with comfy silver gym shorts and a white tee . No matter how simple the clothes, him and steve always manage to look like God in them and it drives you nuts.

  ” Buck this is so not comfy .“you whine, wiggling around  once again . His hands hold you in place , his fingers digging a little harder into your thighs and pulling a soft , unexpected( & unwanted) moan from you. oh balls, I hope he didn’t hear that.

You feel him shift behind you , then his breath hits your ear, ” That was a cute little moan there Doll. “  For fucks sake.  You look over your shoulder, catching the smirk on his face.   OH so we are playing that kinda game ?

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You send him a wicked grin, before experimentally grinding yourself slowly down on his lap.  You hear his breath hitch ,letting you know you got him.  You repeat your action again, this time placing your hands over his on your thighs, and slightly arching your back .

” Don’t start something you aren’t going to finish Y/n .“ he warns ,his lips back at your ear again . This time though, they graze against it, making you have to bite back a whimper. You can feel yourself getting more and more turned on as you disregard his warning and continue moving yourself against him. The way his hard bulge moves against you feels way to good; for the both of you . His hands go back to your waist, guiding your movement and pulling small groans from him .  You manage to twirl yourself around so youre facing him while you straddle his lap . His eyes are completely lust blown, and his lips are parted.  His hands stay at you hips, still moving you against him . You place your hands on his shoulder to hold you up, the rubberband in your stomach is so tightly wound your positive its going to snap within seconds.

” Do you like this doll, rubbing against me like this?“ his voice was raspy, making you internally groan at how much hotter it made all this.

” Feels like youre enjoying his just as much as me .“ you quip , pushing down a little harder as you grind .

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 Bucky leans in, but just as his lips are about to hit yours , you both hear the elevator ding. The sound of footsteps knocks you out of your horny daze, making you fling yourself onto the couch next to him . You grab the closest blanket and toss it over both of your laps.   You look over to Bucky, hoping your face doesn’t match his ; he is flushes, and you can he his chest rising and falling quickly. If he looks like that, I can only imagine how crazy I must look .

 ” You guys started Disney and didn’t call me !?“ Sam bellows from the doorway . Bucky sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose  when Sam lays on the other couch  . You send Sam a smile, and turn your attention back to the movie. Well, you try to at least, your mind cant seem to stop thinking about the way it felt to be on the super soldiers lap ; and how much you want to just climb back on him.

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Longing for Lowman

“can I get #28 and #86 with Mr. Happy Lowman 😊😊”

#28 - “Stop distracting me!“

#86 - ”Why are you walking around naked?“

“Babe?” You call, watching Happy on the couch, some tattoo show on the TV in front of him. He ignores you, as you expected, as that’s what he’d been doing for the past twenty minutes.

You wanted to spend some ‘quality’ time with him, and for once, he wasn’t interested, too engrossed in whatever he was watching.

You pouted from the kitchen table, your thighs twitching as you sit bored and horny. You get up, deciding to take a more direct approach. Taking a seat next to him, you sit sideways, watching him and waiting for him to turn to you. Nothing.

“Happy…” You try to sound seductive, your finger tips sliding up and down his arm, your breath hot on his ear as you teasingly nibble the lobe, knowing it’s one of his favourite things.

To your surprise, he shrugs you off, embarrassment overcoming you at his rejection. “Stop distracting me.”

He pretty much growls at you, his interest absolutely glued to the television. You sigh dramatically in frustration, pulling yourself up from the couch and making your way to the bedroom. You turn back, thinking that maybe your boyfriend would give a shit. Nope. Nothing.

You storm away childishly, feeling like a fool for being so immature and annoyed. As you sit on the edge of the bed, an idea comes to mind. Smirking wickedly, you get up, pulling open your drawer and searching for what you need.

You hastily pull off your tshirt and loose bottoms, replacing them with a pair of light pink booty shorts and a pair of knee high white socks, knowing they’ll drive your man crazy. You grab one of his SAMCRO tshirts, inhaling the scent of Happy before sliding it over your head, grabbing a hair tie and gathering the shirt in the back, tying it so it’s tight to your skin and more like a crop top.

Practically skipping to the mirror, you check your appearance, feeling like your mission is about to go as planned. Ruffling up your hair and applying a little bit of lip balm, you push down the butterflies in your tummy, turning to leave the bedroom.

Happy is in the exact same position as he was in ten minutes ago, eyes fixated to the screen. You bite your lip, thinking of how to do this. You notice a cup and an ashtray on the TV cabinet, rolling your eyes at your untidy boyfriend but also thanking him. Walking to the TV, making sure to sway your hips, you bend over unnecessarily, retrieving the dirty items and blocking the TV in the process.

“You’re blocking the-” You stand back up, watching as Happy goes silent, his focus finally on you as his gaze rakes up and down your body. You feel your confidence rise as you internally laugh at him, glad your outfit had its intended effect.

Strutting to the kitchen, you hear the TV turn off, footsteps following as you hear Happy entering the room. You place the cup and ashtray in the sink, not even having a moment to turn around before you feel his hands slip around your waist, his back pressed against you, his bulge grazing your barely covered ass.

You act unaffected, beginning to clean the crockery in the sink as Happy slides his hand up and down your stomach, grazing your chest before moving back down. His lips shower your neck with kisses, each inch of your exposed skin being covered by him. You feel yourself falling apart, but you’re determined to keep this charade going on for a little bit longer.

“Not right now, babe. I’m tired.” You pretend to yawn, slithering out of his grasp and making your way to the bedroom, walking backwards so you’re facing him. You never reach your destination, however, as you find yourself being lifted off your feet and flung over his shoulder, his free hand slapping your ass playfully as you squeal.

“I can do that too, you know.” Your response is cheeky, one of your hands reaching down to squeeze your boyfriends backside, him chuckling at you before he throws you down on the bed, the springs bouncing underneath you.

You lean up on your elbows as your predator stands at the end of the bed, unbuckling his pants as you watch him, his hands removing the denim so he’s left in just his boxers and tshirt.

“Now, you haven’t forgotten how this works, have you baby girl?” His voice is coated with lust, the authority in his tone sending shivers down your spine. You shake your head, immediately falling in line.

“No, daddy, I haven’t forgotten.” You respond obediently, knowing that playing by the rules means being rewarded, and Happy’s rewards are by far your favourite. He smirks at you, loving how easily you accommodate to his instructions, his little play toy.

“Good girl. Come here.“ You do as you’re told, pulling yourself up onto and crawling across the bed, right to the edge where he’s waiting. You look up at him teasingly, as if you don’t notice the more than prominent tent in his underwear. He smirks at you, grabbing you around the throat tightly, still leaving you enough room to breathe. You rise up on your knees, him bringing your face to his as he claims your lips with his, kissing you deeply.

He dominates, as always, and slides his tongue into your mouth, a small moan escaping from you as he does so. You decide to return the favour, sucking on his tongue suggestively, eliciting a groan from him. He separates from you, stepping back slightly and gesturing for you to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Go on, kitten. Show me how good you can suck my cock.” You subconsciously grind your core against the sheets, aching for some contact, his words fuelling the already present ache in your body.

Determined to prove yourself, you wink at him, before leisurely pulling down his boxers, wanting to see how far you can push him before he breaks. You move down to the floor, resting on your knees and pulling the fabric down until it reaches his ankles, removing it completely and discarding the underwear across the room.

You rise back up, coming face to face with him, his length standing at attention. You admire him for a second, placing your hand around his thick shaft and pumping once, your pussy tingling as you feel it in your grasp. Looking up at him, you swirl your tongue around his tip, watching as his eye lids fall shut, a smirk forming on your lips.

After placing a few little kisses on his shaft, you begin to slide him in and out of your mouth, your cheeks hollowing as you suck him. If you were being honest, you didn’t really mind giving your man blow jobs, loving the fact that when you do, you’re in control. Seeing him, in the midst of pleasure, his eyes tightly shut and his mouth parted, was one of your favourite things.

You feel his hands gather your hair into a makeshift ponytail, his attention completely on you as he watches you take him in, watches himself disappear past your lips. You press your tongue flat against the underside of him, humming slightly to add that little bit extra, the vibrations causing him to curse under his breath.

You push yourself to take him to the back of your throat, a deep groan leaving him as you do, his grip tightening on your locks. You pull back, slightly breathless, your saliva glistening on his swollen cock, your hand stroking him as you look up at him innocently.

“Get up.” You practically shoot to your feet, standing in front of him within seconds, eager to have him work on you. He turns you around, pulling your shirt - well, his shirt - upwards, your skin being revealed bit by bit. Once he pulls it off, he drops it on the floor, his hands moving around you to cup your breasts in his hands.

You gasp at the contact, your breasts tender and sensitive. You rest your head back on him as he begins to massage your chest, his fingers twisting and pulling at your nipples. You close your eyes as you bask in the feeling him, his mouth coming to bite and suck at your neck, the combination of his hands and his lips driving you crazy.

He slides his hands down your stomach, feeling the soft skin under his fingers, his trail continuing until he’s at the band of your shorts. As his hand slips into the material, he sucks particularly hard at your skin, his tongue darting out to soothe the mark.

“You filthy girl, no fucking underwear, hm?” You’re a moaning mess in his grasp, his breath hot against your ear as he whispers to you. “Bet you’re fucking dripping, been begging me to take you all day.”

You can’t deny his words, being able to feel the moisture between your legs, hear the sounds of it as he traces his fingertips up and down your folds, a deep moan ripping from him as he feels how wet you are for him, his cock grinding up against your ass to somehow relieve himself.

You hook your arm around his neck as he sinks his fingers into you, your body feeling weak as you feel him inside of your walls. You gasp and moan quietly as he pulls his fingers back out of you, before entering you again, curling his digits so he hits all the right places.

“Daddy…” You can barely form words as he holds you against him, fingering your aching pussy. His long, slender fingers sink in and out of you, spreading and curling in all the right ways, turning you into a moaning mess. His thumb begins to make circles on your clip, your fists clenching for something to hold on to as you feel yourself ready to explode.

“Hold it.” Happy warns you, pulling his fingers out of you slowly and bringing them up to your mouth, pressing them against your lips. You open your mouth, swirling your tongue and tasting yourself, Happy practically dribbling at the mouth as he watches you hungrily. Once he’s satisfied, he pulls his fingers from your lips, kissing you roughly, the tangy remenants of your desire entering his mouth.

Pulling away, he roughly yanks down your shorts, leaving your knee high socks on, loving how they look on you. He smacks your ass, the sound vibrating through the room, and shoves you towards the bed.

“On your kneeks spread your legs for me, kitten.” Body itching in excitement, you do as you’re told, making sure to shake your ass as you get on the bed, knowing you’re being watched. Getting into position, you wait until you feel the bed dip, knowing Happy is behind you.

You feel him at your entrance, your whole entity desperate and eager. You feel yourself stretching as Happy enters you, a long, deep moan leaving him as you gasp, trying to adjust to his size.

You pull at the sheets between your fists as Happy pulls back, before slamming back into you deeply. Grabbing your hips, you smiling at the thought of the bruises there tomorrow, your boyfriend repeats his actions, getting quicker and more powerful as he goes along.

You clench your eyes shut as the pleasure takes control, the room filling with moans and groans from the both of you. You feel your head being pulled back as Happy grabs your hair, tugging at the strands as he fucks you mercilessly.

“Fuck!” You swear loudly, not caring if the neighbours can hear, your gspot being hit perfectly in this position. You know you can’t last much longer, the build up and the way you’re being fucked making you reach the edge so easily.

“You only come when I say so.” Happy commands, a whine of protest leaving you. A sharp slap to your ass shuts you up, and you choose to bite your lip, trying to resist letting go.

You don’t have to wait too long, fortunately, before Happy gives you the go ahead, your hands yanking at the bed sheets as you come around him, your walls clenching around his cock, sending him into his own orgasm. You gather your breath and pretty much collapse on the bed, Happy gently pulling out of you and falling beside you.

He rubs your back soothingly as you recover, your head turning to face him as he grins at you, placing a loving kiss to your forehead.

“Top performance as always, baby girl.” He praises a few minutes after, a lazy smile gracing your lips.

“Thanks, baby. You weren’t so bad yourself.” He chuckles at you, already knowing the effect he has on you, because it’s the same one you have on him.

“Coffee?” You ask, rolling onto your back. Happy nods gratefully, watching as you get up from the bed and go to leave the room.

“I love you.” He calls, your eyes rolling as you smile to yourself. You move into the kitchen, grabbing two cups and turning on the coffee maker.

“Why are you walking around naked?” You almost scream at the sound of Tig’s voice, his figure appearing in the doorway as you try to cover yourself.

“Jesus Christ, Tig! You could try knocking you know” You shout, Tig just watching you in amusement, his eyes moving up and down your naked body, not making the slightest effort to stop ogling you. You look back at the bedroom, knowing that no matter if you walk backwards or turn around, he’s going to see something he shouldn’t.

In that moment, Happy walks out of the bedroom, a pair of sweats hanging low on his waist and a shirt on his upper body. He stops in his tracks, observing the situation, before hastily pulling off his shirt and chucking it to you.

“Close your eyes, Tigger.” Happy warns, you hurriedly put the shirt on as Tig laughs, but does what he’s told.

“Gotta come round here more often.” Tig says, winking at you cheekily.

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A/N - sorry that it’s so long! If you like that, great, if not, oops😂😂😂