light pink diamonds

Pearl Belonged to White Diamond.

-She has her gem on her forehead like White does.

- She didnt mention White in AILD which strongly follows the pattern of nobody ever mentioning/Acknowledging her.

- Steven knows Rose was Pinks. Pearl would probably tell him if she was too, she’d be ashamed for sure but she wouldn’t go out of her way to hide that fact as she probably assumes thats already what Steven thinks of her.

- A lot of people use her hair as evidence that she was pinks but her entire palette is a mix of the 4 diamond colors. not only is white the dominant color on her, I should also mention that WD is presumably the leader of HW (thus having to represent the other diamonds as well) but if you ever look at a diamond in real life, They reflect a bunch of different colors. White Diamond most likely has a colorful palette like pearl as well.

Rose Quartz's purpose and powers

There’s a theory going around that the zoo outpost was originally manned by a bunch of Rose Quartz which explains how Rose fell in love with Humans and Earth and I am 100% on that bandwagon here.
Because if you think about it, all of Rose’s powers are like powers needed to run a zoo in outer space.
Healing. “Long ago, a gem once came through the wall to help a human that was hurts.” Long ago, as in before all the Rose Quartz gems were bubbles away and Holly Blue took control of the zoo in Era 2. It would make sense to give these gems healing powers! What if a human got hurt? A gem wouldn’t know how to treat organic life forms but magic healing powers? Boom! Done! Humans are safe!
Power over plant life. Well the plants in the zoo had to grow somehow right? Gems wouldn’t know how to transfer a seed from Earth and nurture it into a full jungle! And how would they make the life form magic and grow fruit instantaneously? With a gem that could grow magic trees!
Astral Projection. You all saw how badly the Amethysts were at trying to calm down the, as I’ve taken to calling them, zoo-mans and get them back to normal. A gem that could project itself into others minds and see inside them would help control them. A gem like this could also be used to manipulate the original zoo-mans into obeying happily and loving their life. Maybe a precursor to the ‘little voice’ was a literal little voice in their head quietly telling them what to do!
So long story short, Rose’s entire purpose on Homeworld was to babysit humans and all of Steven’s powers are just extreme Human care abilities.


there are some notable differences between these two palanquins.

first and foremost, the color. one could argue (as i previously believed) that the blue palanquin rusted, or its paint chipped, turning it a pink color. you can see some blue patches on it. but im not sure that’s so. i think the pink palanquin was pink ORIGINALLY, and it’s rusted blue.

not convinced? there are a few symbolic differences between these two palanquins, as well.

earth was pink diamond’s colony. earth held organic life so significant that it’s protection started a rebellion. what does the pink palanquin have on it? a window in the shape of a FLOWER. that’s nowhere on blue diamond’s palanquin.

next, the holes on the pink palanquin are flower shaped. blue diamond’s windows are circular.

finally, look at the top of both palanquins. blue diamond’s simply ends in a point, while the pink palanquin has what appears to be PETALS on the top.

conclusion: the pink palanquin is pink diamond’s.


The Gem that came through the wall

In ‘The Zoo’ the humans spoke about a myth of Gem coming through the wall to help a hurt human. And earlier in 'Gem heist’ Holly Blue begins to talk about the same thing before being cut of by Ruby’s 'distraction’. The whole story felt like it had a lot of meaning to it rather than just being dramatically explained to certify that it is, indeed, a door.
So a lot of people have been discussing how the Zoo may have a originally been manned by Rose Quartz gems and that’s how Rose came to fall in love with the Human race. So what if, our Rose Quartz was the one gem to come through that door in thousands of years? And that once experience was enough to spark Rose’s ideas of freedom.
Imagine it! Rose starts sneaking into the Zoo behind her managers back to meet the humans and talk to them. She slowly falls more in love with them all and begins to resent her own Diamond for trapping them this way. Then they start telling her stories of Earth and how beautiful it was. Rose then starts resenting the empire she lives in for hurting the Earth. Then imagine her face when they tell her about the freedom they would’ve had on Earth to be who they want.
Rose sneaking away to talk to Humans and hear about their life on Earth could’ve been the whole reason Rose turned on Homeworld! She could’ve heard about the life they lead and sworn to do anything to get there.

Pink Diamond Theory


No, I don’t believe that Rose was/is Pink Diamond.

It’s an interesting theory, but I think there is far too much evidence against that fact. However, there is some notable evidence. The fact that Steven could use the diamond seat at the Moon Base is eyebrow raising. And his latest connection with Blue Diamond is also notable, as well as his extended powers, going into people’s mind and bodies, empathetic powers… It’s all very interesting. But, despite all that, I don’t think Rose is Pink Diamond…

But, before I explain my main theory, here’s my mini Theory: Pink Diamond was the gem who could go into a person’s/Gem body, the gem with empathy powers… The gem who can enter others minds. How could she successful led the Humans to the Zoo? She manipulated their feeling of fear into calmness and trust. That’s how the current Zoo Residents are unable to know any meaning of fear, hurt or pain. After all, surely stories of such a dramatic moment of their ancestors lives would be passed down generations? Unless, A gem managed to warp their emotions enough to be complaint.

So, What does this have to do with Rose and Steven? If Pink Diamond had these abilities, how can Steven, a Rose Quartz, have such strong mind/emotional powers? Steven has Roses powers, such as healing Tears/saliva, floatation and shapeshifting. And that’s all the power I think a Normal Rose Quartz has. So Where did the extra powers come from?

If Pink Diamond had the power to enter others minds… what if she did that with Rose?

What if, at the very last moment before her shattering, Pink Diamond managed to send her data into Rose’s mind, before her physical form was destroyed indefinitely.

This doesn’t make Rose Quartz Pink Diamond, I’ll clarify that. But Pink Diamonds data, her memories and powers lay, possibly dormant, within Rose. I don’t think Rose would realize what had been done, not fully. She wouldn’t receive the Diamonds powers, but maybe she could feel the presence. Maybe Roses personality changed a bit after that, causing her to see humans in a different light. I wouldn’t say PD downright looked down at humans, but maybe that’s why Rose found it so laughable that respect was asked from a human.

Anyway, When Steven was born, he received Roses Gem, where essentially, all the data that made up Rose is in… and, if I’m correct, that’s where Pink Diamonds data is too. Rose, and a part of Pink Diamond, big or small, are now within Steven. That’s why Steven has such a strong emotional pull to Blue Diamond inStevens Dream. Not only was Pink Diamonds empathetic powers picking up Blue Diamond, but that’s another Diamond. A sister. And according to Blue herself, she and Pink were VERY close, so of course Steven would pick up on such a strong bond.

(I’ve had this theory nagging me for a while, so here you go! If you want to add on or collaborate with me about this, Comment, reblog or Ask me! I’d love to hear what you all think!!)