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CEO!Luke Part 8

Y/N’s POV:

Warning: Smut

I moan as Luke harshly shoves himself in me. “Trust me morning sex is the best darling” he says bringing me closer to him. His slow and deep thrusts make me feel immense amount of pleasure. I throw my head back as Luke’s hands grips one of my breasts pinching my nipple. “Ugh baby you feel so good every time. So tight for me just the way I like” he growls into my ear. “Luke please” I moan unable to move due to Luke’s grip on my body. “Baby I pounded you last night, let me go slow” he whispered in my ear. “No I need you to pound me again” I say truthfully. I throw my hand over my mouth right after I said that. “Oh yeah baby? You want me to pound you again huh? You sure you aren’t too sore baby girl” Luke smirks growling. His hips gradually get faster as his grasp gets harder. “Please!” I beg. “Baby you gotta learn how to beg for my cock better” he chuckles moving his hand down to play with my clit. “Ugh fuck” I moan unable to stay in this position and I am being serious. Luke thinks that he has all the control. No I don’t think so. I smirk and roll over as fast as I can straddling Luke’s body. Successfully I did it with him still inside me. I begin to roll my hips hard and slow against his. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Luke asks shocked. “Oh shut the hell up” I grin leaning down and grabbing his face bringing our lips together. Luke moans into the kiss as my hips grind faster and harder. Luke growls as I tease him. “You’re so fucking lucky I’m letting you do this” he hisses not touching me. “I told you I wanted you to pound me but someone doesn’t listen” I giggle. At that moment, Luke’s eyes turn a dark blue like last night. Only this time it wasn’t lust, it was anger. “Oh no baby that not how things work here” he growls grabbing my hips and flipping me over. “You listen to me” he hisses. Slap! “Do you understand me?” he growls. Slap! “Yes!” I cry out. “What did you just say? Yes what? I don’t think I heard my name sweetheart” he says. “Yes Daddy!” I say grabbing the sheets. “Now that’s a good girl, next time you try to take control. I’ll bend you over my knee and you know what happens” he says looking me in the eye. I nod. Luke gets up off the bed leaving me. “What the hell” I pout loudly. Luke turns looking at me putting on his boxers. “Excuse me? Do you wanna get spanked?” he asks. “Well duh? Why are you leaving? I ask. “I wanna make breakfast love. Aren’t you hungry?” he asks. “Yes” I say getting up. “I’m just gonna go wash my face” I say walking past him. Luke suddenly grabs my waist and kisses me hard. He takes his time as my knees go weak. He pulls away. “I’ll be in the kitchen” he smiles walking off.

I make my way to the bathroom shutting the door. “Holy shit” I say looking at myself in the mirror. Purple-reddish hickey’s are splattered all over my neck and chest. I gently trace each one thinking it was fake. I wash my face with some scrub Luke bought when he went shopping for the Gala. I dry my face off with a towel and walk out. I throw on my panties again and pull on Luke’s button shirt. I’m actually kinda angry that he left these marks. He knows we have a job that requires professionalism and these being visible on me are not professional. I stomp into his kitchen, smelling freshly brew coffee. Luke hears my footsteps and smirks turning around to look at me. “Damn baby look at you in my clothes” he grins. “Care to explain these!?” I say pointing to the marks he left. “What’s wrong” he asks. “Are you serious? How am I gonna cover these up?! Their huge!” I almost say yelling. “Baby baby calm down. You can just cover them up with foundation and some powder. Isn’t that how girls do it?” he asks. I growl walking away. “Where are you going?” Luke asks following me. “Home!” I yell. I was actually mad. “Why? Don’t you want some breakfast?” he asks. “No! I have shit to do” I say. Lie. “What “shit” do you have to do Y/N?” he says watching me get dressed. “I have to clean up my apartment, I have to go to the back and make some deposits, do laundry, buy some new panties for god’s sake” I say. “I’ll buy all the panties you want. Look I’m sorry I lost control and made all those marks. You know I can’t help myself” Luke says kissing me then inspecting the hickeys. “I did do a job good though” he chuckles. I spat his hands away. “Hey hey hey” he whispers grabbing my waist. “Please stay. Please stay. I really enjoy your company and I really like you” he says. “Please if you stay, I’ll make you breakfast then we can go out and buy you some more panties” he says pressing his head against my forehead. “Alright, fine” I say giving in. “Yes! Thank you” he cheers unbuttoning the the shirt I was wearing. “What are you doing?” I giggle. “Having my breakfast” he smirks lifting me up and carrying me to the kitchen counter. He gently lays me down on the cool tile counter spreading my legs. “My favorite view. You laid out in front of me, helpless” he grins leaning down to swipe his tongue along my pussy. I moan shuddering. Luke’s tongue focuses only on my clit and circles his tongue around it. “Oh my god yes” I moan looking down at him. “You’re such a fucking tease” I smile. “Hell yeah I am” he smirks. “You like it though don’t you baby? You love when I taste you and lick you and devour you” he growls. “Fuck I do” I moan helpless. The amount of pleasure I feel from Luke’s tiny actions is insane. Luke tongue still focuses on my clit. He lifts his hand to my mouth. “Suck” he demands. I take his pointer and middle finger in my mouth and suck. “Good girl” he smirks. He then enters them in my entrance causing me to gasp. “Fuck” I say arching my back even more. “You like Daddy’s fingers baby?” he asks pumping them in and out. “Yes” I cry out. His fingers pump faster while his mouth sucks back on my clit. “LUKE!” I yell. Again, he doesn’t stop. He likes to get the job done.He has always been that way in the office. My hands find his hair as I tug on his curls. He growls. I smirk. I think I found another one of kinks. I tug at his head again Luke growl harder against my pussy. “You like hair pulling sweetheart? We can definitely do that while I’m fucking you from behind” he says diving back in. “Luke I’m gonna cum!” I cry out. “Cum on my mouth baby” he demands working his tongue and fingers. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck yes!” I scream releasing on his tongue. “Fucking hell!” Luke says. “What’s wrong!?” I panic sitting up. “Oh nothing sweetheart, it’s just you squirted” he smirks as I see my juices on his mouth. “I what!?” I shout. “It was the hottest thing I have ever seen” he smirks coming towards me. “Have a taste  of yourself love” he says connecting our lips together. He slips his tongue into my mouth meeting mine. We pull apart.

“You’re so sexual” I giggle. “I am when it comes to you” he winks at me. “Why?” I ask. “Honestly seeing you in your light pink blouse and tight pencil skirt and god your tan heels makes my dick hard as a rock. And don’t even get me started on how you looked at the Gala. I mean you looked so fucking beautiful but I really wanted to just rip off that dress and take you from behind” he growled wiping his mouth. “You’re funny” I chuckle. “You’re sexy” he said kissing my lips. “Luke” I say softly looking at him. His nose brushes mine rubbing my arms up and down. “Can we just stay in? We can go shopping another time” I ask. “Of course Darling. What do you have in mind instead?” He asks. “Wanna take a bubble bath?” I ask. “Like with bubbles?” he asks. “Yes with bubbles. Did you not do that when you were younger? I ask. “Aha no I wasn’t that weird” he says. “Well now’s your chance mister!” I laugh hopping off the counter and dragging Luke’s arm to the bathroom. “Not this one” he says. “You have another bathroom?” I ask. “Yes I do” he says guiding me to another room.

“Okay so you keep your bed wide open in the middle of your house and have your fancy bathroom secluded down a hall? I ask looking around his beautiful bathroom. Everything was made out of either glass or marble of course. “Yeah I wasn’t the best at putting furniture in appropriate places when I first moved in” he chuckles walking over to the bath. The bath was big like hot tub big. It was white with built in jets. Yes please. A smooth metal fountain sat on the right edge. Luke turned the nozzle as water poured out into the bath. “You Missy pour some bubble soap stuff in and get naked” he grins. “Yes sir” I giggle. “I’m gonna go get us some wine” he says. “Luke it’s 9:30 in the morning” I laugh. “Fine then mimosas?” he asks. “Perfect” I smile. Luke winks and walks out to the kitchen. I open his bathroom closet and see a big bottle of bubble bath soap. This fucker. I take out the bottle and pop the cap. I giggle to myself excited I’ll be having some more intimate time with Luke. Bubbles grow and spread along the water. I take off my clothes. Well the only piece of clothing I have one is his shirt so just that. I put my hair up into a messy bun and step into the hot water. I sit down and let my body relax. Luke walks in holding two mimosas. “I honestly didn’t see you for a second” he laughs handing me my drink. “Aha thank you and I know you have to fill the tub with bubbles. It’s more fun” I smile. “Can you hold mine for a second?” He asks. “Yeah sure” I say taking his drink. Luke strips off his boxers. “You like what you see princess?” he smirks. “Yes” I giggle. “You want my cock now? Cause I’ll give it to you” he says. “Luke! You need to try not having sex for at least 24 hours” I laugh while he settles himself across from me. “Eh not possible when you’re looking hot and wet in my bathtub” he grins. “Here’s your drink” I blush handing it to him. “Don’t these bubbles feel nice?” I ask sipping my drink. “Very nice. Wanna know what else feels good?” he asks. “Don’t you dare say it!” I point at him. “I wasn’t going to say me inside you even though that is literally the best feeling ever” he teases even more. “I was going to say my massages” he says. “Oh really?” I say raising my eyebrows. “Yes, would you like one?” he asks placing his drink on the side. “Sure” I say turning over and sitting between his legs. “I mean I did do some rough activities last night” I say. “Oh yeah? Well let me loosen your muscles up for ya” he says. “Thank you, you’re very kind” I giggle. Luke’s wet hands grip my shoulders digging his thumbs into my back. “Wow looks like someone did you real good last night huh?” he says. “Oh you wouldn’t believe it!” I laugh rolling my head as Luke’s hand work on my back more. “Was he good at least?” he asks. “Better than anyone I’ve ever been with” I say truthfully closing my eyes. “I bet he would say the same about you” he says. “Really?” I ask wanting to know the truth. I know he has been with other women but was I really the best? “Oh yes darling” he says. I turn around now facing him, chest to chest. “Am I really the best you’ve ever had? I ask softly. “You’re the only person who I have had sex with in my own bed. In fact, you’re the only woman I have brought into my house” he says touching my face. “Really?” I ask. “Yes love really” he chuckles taking a sip of his drink. I smile as I lean back on my half of the tub.

“You’re smile is so beautiful” he says. “Aw thank you” I giggle looking down. “Can I eat you out now?” he asks. “No!” I laugh out loud. “Why not!” he pouts moving towards me. I push my foot against his chest making him stay on his side. “Hey c’mon” he pouts again. “You can give me a foot massage that’s what you can do” I laugh. Luke takes my foot and massages it really well. “Oh damn” I say. “Told you I’m good at massages” Luke winks. “You’re good at a lot of things Mr. Hemming’s. You should be very grateful” I say. “I am darling, I am” he smiles. “Never in my life would I thought that I’d be a CEO of my own company but I did know that I had really good hands.” he smirks still massaging my foot. “Never in my life would I thought that I’d be an assistant to a CEO” I smirk. “Are you happy you are?” he asks. “Very” I smile. I finish off my drink and gently place the glass on the side. I crawl over to Luke and take his face in my hands, kissing him slowly. He moans into the kiss. “God you’re amazing. Are you positive you don’t want me to eat you out?” he whispers into my mouth. “Just kiss me longer” I say into his mouth. We make out for a bit longer when we heard his doorbell ring four times. We both pull away from each other looking at the door. “Stay here love, I’ll get it” he says getting out of the tub. He grabs a towel and wraps it around his waist exiting the bathroom.

Luke’s POV:

I walk out of the bathroom to go check out who’s at my door. I peep through the eye hole and roll my eyes. “What do you guys want?” I ask opening the door to Michael and Clara. “Hey man how you doing?” Michael smiles walking in. “Hi Luke!” Clara joyfully says following behind. They both barge into my penthouse. “You’re half naked. Where’s Y/N?” Clara asks. “Um in the bathroom” I say pointing down the hall. Clara walks off to find Y/N. “Sooo, anything happen between you and Y/N? Michael hits my elbow. “Aha yes” I blush scratching my neck. “Oh I knew it!” he laughs. “How is she in bed mate?” He asks. “Perfect” I say truthfully. “Really?” he asks. “Best sex I have ever bed” I say. “Good for you mate! You two look great together” he says. “Aha I know” he laugh. “Oh shut up” Michael laughs. “Man I’m starving” Michael says heading forwards my fridge. “Please don’t eat my apple I want it” I say. “I won’t don’t worry” he responds inspecting my fridge.

Y/N’s POV:

“Hey bae!” I hear a voice yell. “AH Clara what the hell. What are you doing here!?” I scream. “Michael and I came to visit you two! We felt bad for leaving you so sudden at the Gala so we decided to stop by and say hi” she says sitting on the edge of the tub. “Looks like someone had some action last night” she smirks. “Oh you have no idea” I say getting out of the tub. “Tell me all the details Y/N and I mean everything” she grins. “Another day when we are alone okay?” I say. “Sounds good” she smiles. We both walk out to find the boys in the kitchen. “Hey Y/N, holy shit! What happened to your neck!?” Michael says. “Him” I point to Luke who looked innocent. I chuckle.“Have fun trying to cover those up” he says. “Oh my god thank you!” I say to Michael but glaring at Luke. Luke winks and spanks my bum. I giggle punching his arm. “Okay before you guys have round 3,4,5,6,7,8…etc, we have some news we would like to share” Michael says. “Okay what is it?” Luke says. Clara lifts up her up left hand showing off a beautiful diamond ring on her finger. “We’re engaged!!” Clara says loudly. “You’re what!? Luke and I say simultaneously. “Michael proposed on the night of the Gala. He took me to this romantic park and proposed where we had our first date” Clara says smiling and pecking Michael’s lips. “Aw well congratulations” I smile. “You two are obviously invited to the wedding but we want to combine our bachelor and bachelorette parties” Clara adds. “Okay where and when is this party” Luke asks eating an apple. “Well the party is gonna be small” Michael says. “How small?” I ask. “We want just you two to come to Vegas with us for a whole week!” Clara cheers. My eyes widen. “We haven’t been on an official double date yet so why not enjoy a whole week together” she smiles. “That actually sounds fun” Luke says wrapping his arm around me. What do you think princess?” he asks looking down at me. “I’m in!” I laugh. “Yay!! We MUST get in a shopping spree before we leave so we can get the hottest bikinis ever!” Clara says to me. “Oh god” I laugh.

“Luke remember that suite we stayed in when we had Josh’s bachelor party?” Michael asks Luke. “Dude that place was the bomb” Luke laughs. “Well it’s gonna be bomb again since we booked it for a whole week!” Michael smile. “You’re insane Clifford” Luke laughs. “2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a pool, minibar, living room. Just everything” Clara says. “You two don’t mind sharing a room right?” she asks. “Nope” Luke grins. “It’s perfect” Luke says. “I mean he is a good cuddler” I giggle. “Aw yay” Clara says. “Well we gotta go. We have reservations for lunch” Michael says looking at his watch. “Alright we’ll catch you both later! Y/N I’ll text you for those details later!” Clara yells. “Bye guys!” Michael says closing the door behind him.

“So what are you gonna tell her” Luke smirks at me. “Details” I say. “About how good I fucked you?” Luke grins spanking me again. “Maybe” I tease. “What you gonna say baby” he saying wrapping his arms around my waist. “I’m gonna say that you’re big cock filled me up so good and that you’re tongue feels so fucking good on my pussy” I whisper into his ear biting it after. Luke’s eyes widen in shock. “And then I’m gonna tell her that your lips feel amazing around my nipples while you flick them with your tongue” I add on making Luke growl. “There’s more baby” I laugh. I back him up against the wall still whispering in his ear. “I’m also gonna say that I love when you spank me hard and trust me I do because I’ve always been a bad girl Daddy you just didn’t ever notice” I giggle. Luke still doesn’t say a word as he keeps on listening intently. “You know I touched myself after the first day getting the job. I just couldn’t get you out of my head. You looked so good on that day but I didn’t know you at all” I say. Luke’s chest rises and his jaw tightens. I kiss down his neck and suck on it a little. Luke still doesn’t say anything. “You really should have let me ride you full on this morning because trust me I would ride you so good you would be the one screaming my name” I laugh deeply trailing my hands down to his hard length. Luke finally has enough and hits my hand away. Luke rips off my towel and lifts me up by my legs wrapping them around his waist. “Oh baby you have no idea what you just started. You wanna play princess? Let’s play”.

Love and War: Chap 1

Genre: Romance/Drama/Slice-of-life
Setting: Modern day AU
Rating: M
Main Pairing: RivaMika
Other Pairings: JeanKasa (temporary), EreAni (established), EruHan (established)

A/N: FYI the JeanKasa romance in this story will be well written and well rounded, no half ass thing cuz I otp Rivamika that’s not how I work. I love all the chars so I give them all justice. But yes it is a temporary paring in this story.

A/N: This story was inspired from an idea Ariam-Jan had that she based off a movie. As you might guess, the concept of this plot has changed tremendously down the line; especially when it gets in my hands. (Cuz I love changing everything.) This story deals with a theme that is extremely relatable to me, and that I’ve always wanted to explore properly through writing. Usually, I like to write with some kind of purpose, and express a sort of meaning/lesson, or just a theme/fact in life. I believe that in doing so fulfills who I am as a writer, and shares a bit of myself with the rest of the world. Well anyways I’m getting all sappy and I apologize. Just enjoy <3

Love and War
A Shingeki no Kyojin Fanfiction

Chapter 1:  Mikasa’s Secret

Divorce is a declaration of war. A war in which there is no victor, there is no loser. Only causalities. However, there is always a need to label the victim and the villain. There is a need to claim a victory over the defeated. Whether done in peace, done in chaos, a divorce is always solemn; ushering in like an executioner to carry on the sentence.

It is isn’t bad, nor is it good...

Levi was sitting alone in his apartment late afternoon as he drank from a delicate china cup to counteract the urge to drink coffee.

He was tired from work in the ad firm and tired of Mikasa’s absence. He had gotten into yet another massive argument with his wife of two years.

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CEO!Luke Part 9

Y/N’s POV:

“Where are you taking me?” I giggle. “My bed sweetheart for your punishment” Luke hisses. “No your not” I laugh. Luke stops dead in his tracks looking at me. “What did you just say?” he asks. “I said you aren’t taking me to your bed because you are going to take me shopping for some new panties” I say. “After your punishment” Luke says continuing walking to the bed. “No Luke I’m too tired for sexual activities” I whine. “I thought you love when I touch you” Luke says. “I do it’s just I think we should get some fresh air, do some shopping for our trip, maybe get some coffee” I say. Luke takes a second to think. “Ugh coffee does sound good. Alright. We go only on one condition” Luke says. “Okay what is it?” I ask. “You have to show me everything you try on” he says winking at me. “Deal” I say plainly. “Awesome” Luke says putting me down. “Let me get dressed and then we can go” Luke says. “Wait what about me?” I ask. “What do you mean?” he asks. “Luke I have no clothes” I laugh. “Oh right aha, well we can stop by your apartment if you want” he suggests. “Yes that would be great actually” I smile. “Cool I’ll be out in a few” he says walking to another room. I lay back down on his bed. Why does everything feel normal? It feels like Luke isn’t even my boss when in reality he is. Should I have slept with him? He makes me feel so wanted and loved though. I have never had that in my life. I slept with my boss though. My boss. The person who can fire me any day. Ugh I need to stop overthinking. I’ll ask Luke later on about it because I wanna know how he feels.

“Ready to go princess? Luke asks walking out. Again with the pet names. I don’t mind them now since he calls me on in every sentence he says. “Yes. You look nice” I compliment him on his choice of clothing. He is wearing grey dress pants he usually wears at work and a white button up long sleeve shirt that he rolled up to his elbows. His broad shoulders clearly visible making me realize that I had slept with his gorgeous man. “Thanks love” he says shooting a wink at me while popping on his silver watch. I wait by the door as Luke gathers his keys and puts his sunglasses on. “Alright now let’s go get you some new panties” he chuckles. “I’m excited” I say truthfully. “Excited to get new underwear or excited to give me a little show?” he grins. “Both actually, I do respect the opinions of others” I smirk. “Ah well that is very kind of you” he says opening the car door for me. “Thank you” I say climbing into the passenger seat. Luke waits as I’m fully in and closes it gently walking over to his side. Luke gets in and starts the car. The garage door opens and he pulls out into the city sunshine. “It’s so sunny today” I smile looking out the window. “I know right such a beautiful day today. Such a good day for pantie shopping” he chuckles. “Aha yes” I laugh along with him. “So coffee or Victoria Secret first?” Luke asks. “My apartment first, remember?” I say. “Oh yes oops my bad” Luke says taking a turn on my street. “Good thing I didn’t miss the turn” he says. We arrive at my apartment. “You can wait here if you want” I say getting out. “Sure thing” he says. I close the door and rush inside. I fumble with my key for a minute but eventually I got in. I speed walk to my room and try to find a pleasant outfit to wear. I grin at my closet. Why don’t we tease Mr. Hemming’s shall we? Remember how Luke said he couldn’t resist me when I wore my light pink blouse and black pencil skirt? Well that’s what I’m going with. I laugh to myself as I slip on a new fresh bra and underwear. I slip on my blouse and skirt. I turn around looking for my shoes. I spot them. Yes, my tan heels. I slip those on as well rushing to my bathroom. I put some powder and mascara on, not going too wild. I quickly brush my hair and teeth and finally smacking on some peppermint chap stick that I end up throwing in my purse. A squirt of perfume as I look at myself in the mirror. Perfect. I head to my door and lock it behind me. I walk outside seeing Luke typing away at his phone when he glances at me. I see him do a double take as he slides his glasses down taking a better look. A smirk comes across his face as I open the door and climb in. “Oh princess you really wanna start this now?” he asks. I pretend to be oblivious to what he is saying. “I’m not starting anything! Now come on let’s go! I want some new panties” I cheer clapping my hands not looking at Luke. He licks his lips and starts the car driving off. I give myself a mental high five.

We drive for about 20 minutes in complete silence. Comfortable silence though. The radio playing gently and Luke’s hand laying on my thigh while the other on the steering wheel. I didn’t notice that I have been gently rubbing my thumb along his hand until now. I don’t take it off though because I think Luke enjoys the comfort. I glance over at him just admiring his features. His chest heaving up and down slowly as his focus stays on the road. He sees me but doesn’t say a word. He just gives me a small smile and I return the same back. We finally arrive at Victoria’s Secret and my heart beats faster. I’ve been completely exposed to Luke for the past 24 hours. Why am I nervous now? We get out and Luke takes my hand in his walking to the doors of the store. Pretty colors of the beautiful sets of lingerie are scattered throughout the store. Luke takes off his sunglasses. “Good morning ladies!” Luke flashes his perfect smile at them making them all blush. “Morning Mr. Hemming’s!” they all say simultaneously. Wait what? Luke takes my hand again walking further to the checkout area. “I didn’t know you had this many mistresses?” I whisper in his ear while putting on a smile for the employees around us. “Aha no darling you got it all wrong, I own a few stores as well” he says. “Why am I not surprised that this is one of them?” I cough. Luke grabs my chin looking at me. “You’re so sexy when your sassy. Please don’t change” he says smirking at me. He looks up at the woman at the desk. “Hello Mr. Hemming’s, is there anything I can help you with today?” she asks sweetly. “Hi Karen, I would love to have the private changing room in the back for a few if you don’t mind” he asks. “Of course sir, I’ll get it ready for you” she says walking to the back. “Great, thank you very much” he says turning back to me. “Alright love pick out anything you want” he says, smiling at me. “Anything? I thought we were here to just get panties?” I ask innocently. “You think I’m letting you walk out of here with just panties?” he asks. “Oh alright” I say. Luke smiles. “Now go pick some stuff out to try on while I look around for you as well” he says pushes me gently to go look at stuff. “How do you know what I like?” I ask turning around. “Trust me, I just do” he winks. I shake my head. I mean I do need some new bras. I look around. “Hi Miss, is there anything I can help you find?” Karen from the desk asks me. “Um yes actually I’m looking for the push up bras?” I ask. “Right over here” Karen says guiding me to them. “Here we have the T-shirt perfect push up bra, the long line push up, and the Victoria perfect shape bra” she says. “Okay great thank you so much!” I say kindly. I usually wear all these types so I grab a few I like and head over to look at the panties. I inspect all the different options and pick up a few that I normally wear, along with some new ones. I looked up trying to find Luke but he was nowhere in sight. I walk over to Karen. “Hi Karen do you know where Mr. Hemming’s is?” I ask. “Oh yes I’m sorry I forgot to tell you that he will be waiting in the back for you” she says. “Oh okay thank you” I say heading to the back.

I walk behind a pink drape and find Luke sitting down on a couch. He looks at me and smiles. “You ready for the fashion show?” he smirks. “I should be asking you that” I giggle. “Oh you know I am darling, 100% ready” he grins leaning back on the couch putting both hands behind his head. “Okay well I just got stuff that I normally wear along with a few new stuff. Is that okay?” I ask. “Of course Y/N, I told you to pick anything” he smiles. “How about you try on the stuff I picked out for you?” he asks. “Oh god, what did you find?” I ask blushing. Luke pulls out some of the items he picked. “You picked out lingerie!?” I ask. “What am I gonna use that for?” I laugh. “Me obviously” he grins. “Besides lace and these colors are totally you” he says. “Well let’s find out shall we?” I ask. “We shall. I’ll be right over here babe” he says. I walk into the changing stall which was pretty big. It contained a giant mirror with lights all around it. Some hooks along the walls and a little couch. I look at the items he picked out and blushed. The first item was the Very Sexy Chantilly Lace Strappy in black. “Oh and Y/N?” Luke calls out. “What?” I ask. “Keep the heels on” he says. I knew he was smirking. “Anything for you Luke” I say as he laughs in the background. I slip it on and take a few seconds to look at myself. I tease my hair a little with my hands. I put on a confident grin and rip back the curtain. “It feels like a bathing suit” I laugh walking out. “Wow it’s already getting hot in here” Luke laughs fanning himself. “Oh stop, what do you think?” I ask turning around for him to get a full look. “I think it’s hot a fuck. I love that  long v neck. I would definitely kiss all the wa-” I cut him off.  “No, you aren’t going to make those comments. Just your honest opinion” I say pointing at him. “That is honest!” he responds. I give him a death stare. “Fine, I think that it looks very sexy on you and it suits your perfect body well” he says. I blush. “Thank you, you’re very kind” I laugh walking back in. The second item was Dreams Angel Lace & Mesh Babydoll that was stunning. I excitedly put it on. It looked really good with my tan heels. I smirk to myself feeling sexy. I open the curtain and see Luke texting. I cough grabbing his attention. He looks up and gulps harshly staring at my body. “Thoughts?” I giggle twirling around. “You look so fucking good in that darling” he says still admiring me. “I love it. Great pick” I smile. Luke shoots me a wink as I turn back around. He bends his head sideways to take a look at my ass but I clearly see him do that through the mirror. “I saw that” I laugh. “No you didn’t” he responds. “Whatever you say” I say rolling my eyes.

The last item was the Very Sexy Mesh & Lace High Waist Thong Panty also in black. I pull it through my legs and adjust myself. I realize that there wasn’t a top to match. “Uh Luke?” I ask. “Yeah?” he says. “There isn’t a top to match my bottoms” I say. “I know” he says. “But I’m topless” I laugh. “That’s why I picked it sweetheart. Let me see” he says. I cover my boobs up with my hands and walk out. “You’re a dick” I laugh. “How!?” he grins. “Why would you pick something that doesn’t have anything to match with it?” I ask. “Because I love your boobs and that thong..damn suits you so fine” he says. “Come here” he says holding his arms out. “I walk over to him and straddle him. His hands cup my ass as I make myself comfortable. “No need to hide love” he says gently taking my hands away from my breasts. His hands slide up and down my back. “Your skin is so soft and beautiful baby. You look so sexy” he whispers in my chest, kissing my collar bone. My face starts heating up from Luke’s sweet words. His hands roam more and more as they finally land on my breasts. He gives them a quick squeeze as he puts his mouth on my left breast, sucking on it hard. I gasp quietly. “Luke!” I giggle. “Sh it’s okay, no one will come in” he says going back to suck on my breast. I hang my head back at the feeling. He moves his mouth to my other breast and does the same thing. I try to hold back my moans but I’m having a very hard time. “God I love your tits baby” he growls. He faces me again. “Give Daddy some kisses” he whispers. I take both of my hands and wrap them around his face bringing our lips together. Our lips mesh together and Luke’s hands slide up and down my back. Whenever we make out, Luke has to shove his tongue down my throat and win his dominance but I don’t mind at this point. We continue our little make out session but the sound of a phone vibrating stops us. Luke reaches into his pocket to find Michael calling. I suppose it was a business call so I get up as Luke mouths “Sorry” giving me a sad look. I walk back into the changing stall and get dressed back into my normal clothes. I gently place all the lingerie back on their hooks and walk back out to Luke. “Everything okay?” I ask. “Ugh no” he sighs. “What’s wrong?” I ask sitting on his lap. “I have to attend a meeting with Mr. Lincoln about some issues he has about the construction of the new hotel he’s building” he says laying his head on my chest. “Aw I’m sure you will be fine” I comfort him, running my fingers through his hair. “No, because then that means I won’t be near you” he whines like a little boy. “You have been with me the past like 30 hours. I’m sure 2 or 3 hours away won’t kill you” I laugh. “Ugh it’s gonna suck” he groans. “Come on little boy, let’s go pay” I say getting up. “I already bought everything” he said. “You did?” I ask. “Yes” he says kissing my forehead and walking out. I follow behind him. “Goodbye ladies, thank you all for your help today” Luke says to all the women. They all say their thank you’s and wave goodbye. I wave back to all of them exiting the store. Luke and I walk hand in hand back to his car. He takes my bags and puts them in his trunk while I get in. Luke gets in the car, starting it, and pulls out.

Again the comfortable silence fills the air as we drive back. Luke just bought me some expensive lingerie and I don’t know how to repay him. Oh wait yes I do. I smirk to myself as I look over at him. I lean my head over and so does he and I kiss him. “Hi love” he smiles turning his head back to the road. I lean my head down even more as I start to undo his belt. “What do you think you’re doing Missy” he says. “Saying thank you” I giggle as I get his belt off and throw it in the back seat. I pop open the the button and pull down his zipper. “Someone’s already hard huh?” I giggle. “I mean yeah cause looking at you in all the lingerie I mean come on who wouldn't” he says. The fact that he is allowing this doesn’t make me surprised. He needs sexual interaction literally every minute of the day. He lifts up his hips a little so I can pull them down. I pull down his underwear, pulling out his hard length. I giggle to myself because I can’t believe I’m about to do this. I take him in my hands and slowly pump him. I immediately attach my mouth to his throbbing tip as Luke sighs. I suck his tip repeatedly because I know Luke secretly loves it. “Oh god princess, that’s it, just like that” he groans. I pump him faster as I swirl my tongue around and around then diving in to take him as much as I can. I moan along his length coming back up sending pleasurable vibes to Luke. “Fuck darling you’re so perfect sucking Daddy’s cock like it” he groans. Luke’s hands start to grip the steering wheel. He then places his hand on head so he can control the speed he wants. I allow his to do that as I keep sucking. “Ugh thank god my windows are tinted” he chuckles to himself. I work his tip once again playing with his balls. “Fuck princess you’re so good at this” he moans loudly. Luke’s hands bounces my head up and down against him as his moans get louder while I suck harder. “Shit I’m gonna come baby. Keep going” he hisses. I’m prepared for his release as I suck faster while pumping his harder. “Fuck fuck fuck ugh yes baby that’s it take my load” he sighs keeping my head in place as I swallow his load. I slowly come up making a pop noise. “God you’re perfect” he sighs looking at me. “Eyes on the road Hemming’s” I smirk wiping my mouth.

I take a sip of his water bottle that he had in the cup holder. “I’m sorry we won’t be able to grab coffee babe” he says placing his hand on my thigh. “It’s okay Luke” I smile. “You sure?” he asks. “Positive, I really need to take a nap anyway. I’m pretty tired” I say leaning my head against the window. “Aw” he says. We drive for about 10 minutes as we arrive back at my apartment. “Well I hope everything goes well at your meeting” I say with tired eyes. “Thanks love” he says making kissy lips. We both lean in as we mesh our lips together for a few seconds. We pull away as I exit the car. He unlocks the trunk for me so I can get my things. I walk over back to his window. “Thanks for the ride and new lingerie” I giggle. “My pleasure love” he smirks giving me another kiss. “I’ll text you after my meeting” he says putting on his sunglasses. I blush as to how good he looks. “Sounds good” I smile. “Bye love” he says as his window rolls up. I wave him bye as he takes off down the road. I take a deep breath as I head up to my apartment. I unlock my door and lock it behind me as I place my things on the counter. “Hey babe” a voice says loudly. “Clara!?” I ask. “Hi! I’m sorry to barge in but I got so bored because Michael has to go to this meeting so I thought that I’d come visit my best friend so I came here and you weren’t here!” she says. “How did you get into my house!?” I ask still in shock. “You keep it in a very bad hiding place Y/N” she laughs. “Ugh whatever. Good thing you weren’t a robber” I laugh. “I saw you and Mr. Bossy Pants kissing out there” she smirks at me. “Maybe” I giggle. “You two are adorable together Y/N like really” she smiles inspecting my bags. “Damn did you go shopping?” she asks. “Yeah since Luke destroyed my panties from last night he offered to get me more. He ended up picking some of these himself” I say. “Really? Well I’m sure he picked them for his own pleasure” she says. “Oh yeah he did. He clearly mentioned that” I laugh. “So details. Last night. Spill!” she giggles sitting me down the couch. “I’m just gonna blurt out everything okay?” I ask. “I’m ready” Clara smirks. “Okay well he is really dominant and loves dirty talk. He has this Christian Grey vibe to him because he used about 3 toys on me. He likes to get the job done and I mean really get it done because he doesn’t stop unless you cum. That it mostly it but one thing I noticed is that he loves to give affection and he craves for sex like a lot during the day” I say huffing. Clara just sits there. “You lucky bitch” she smirks. “What?” I ask. “Y/N there is nothing wrong with that. You need someone who will give it to you sexually and Luke seems to do that. I mean look at those marks on you!” she says. “He is a man Y/N. Men love sex. Michael is the same way with me” she says plainly. “Really” I ask. “Absolutely!” she smiles. “Do you not like being intimate with him? Clara asks. “No I do! He honestly has given me the best sex of my life” I laugh. “Then stick with it!” she nudges my arm. “Yeah but Clara he is my boss!” I say sitting up. “Y/N the way he looks at you and the way you guys interacted the other day doesn’t say that” she says. “We haven’t really talked about our feelings towards each other. What if he doesn’t even like me!? What if I’m just another one his mistresses!” I panic. “Y/N calm down. You are not one of his mistresses okay? If you are, I’ll beat the living shit out of him. Just invite him over tonight and have a serious talk okay? Then that way you won’t be holding back” she says sweetly. “You’re right” I smile. “Thank you so much” I say giving her a hug. “You’re my best friend. I’d do anything for you” she says into my shoulder.

Clara gets up and heads to the door. “I have to run a few errands for our trip!” she cheers. “I’m so excited Clara you have no idea!” I say opening the door for her. “Me too! It’s gonna be amazing! I’ll call you tomorrow to check in okay?” she asks. “Sounds good!” I smile watching her walk off.

Later on that Night..

I took a nice warm shower and made myself some coffee as well since Luke and I couldn’t get some. I climbed into bed making myself comfortable turning on my TV which was playing some cooking show. I went to Netflix and chose Grey’s Anatomy because yes I’m like that don’t judge it’s a great show. A few minutes later, my phone lights up and I see that Luke had sent me a text. I smile because I miss hearing from him.

L: Hello love what you up to?

Me: Just in bed watching Grey’s :) How about you? How was the meeting?

L: Great show! It was alright. We solved Mr. Lincoln’s problem so now he is happy so we are all set :) Couldn’t stop thinking about you though.

Me: That’s good. I missed you all evening. Thank you again for taking me shopping :)

L: It’s my pleasure love. I love spoiling you. You deserve it ;)

Me: You’re too sweet haha

L: Haha can’t help it when I’m around you

Me: Can you come over? I wanna talk about something

L: Sure I’ll be there in a few. Everything okay?

Me: I honestly don’t know. I’ll see you in a few

After my last text, Luke read it and didn’t reply so he is probably heading over now. I like Luke, I really do and I want him to feel the same. If he doesn’t, I don’t think I’d be able to work for him. He makes me feel so beautiful in my skin. He makes me feel like I’m his and don’t get me started on the pet names. They either give me arousal or butterflies in my stomach. Speaking of arousal, Luke physically makes me feel so good and sometimes he is only concerned about my pleasure than his. Ugh I just really hope this talk goes well. I hear a knock at my door assuming it was Luke and it was. “Hey buttercup, you okay?” Luke asks walking in. “Yeah fine” I say shyly. “You can have a seat over on the couch” I say. “Want some coffee?” I ask. “No thanks love” he says sitting down. I walk and sit beside him. “What are you thinking about baby girl?” Luke says taking me in his lap. I wrap my left arm around him to balance myself. I take a moment and look in his calm blue eyes. “I like you” I blurt out. “A lot actually and it’s been driving me crazy because I never knew how you felt about me. I constantly thought that I was just another woman that you had fun with and I’m so sorry for thinking that. It’s just you showed me such gentle love and you spoil me with kisses and cuddles and even today with the shopping. I have never been in such a deep relationship with anyone before. You make me laugh and I love you humor even though it 100% dirty all the time but that’s why I like you. People think you’re this big mean CEO when in reality you’re a sexual nerd who likes to sit in his office naked” I begin to laugh but tears are streaming down my face. “And physically you have made me feel so insanely good and I really enjoy that because no one has ever treated me like you have. Even though you have your crazy kinks, you treat me like I’m a princess. But Luke, it has come to a point where I can’t work for you if you don’t feel the same way. I just cannot deal with that awkwardness and knowing that I’m the only one who has feelings, I just can’t” I huff out everything that I need to say while looking back to Luke. He wipes up my tears with his thumb and smiles. “Why are you laughing?” I ask.

“Because you’re so beautiful. The most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on” he whispers rubbing my face. “In response to your lovely words, I do feel like same exact way, maybe even more” he chuckles. “You do!?” I ask. “Oh god yes Y/N, there’s just something about you that I can’t let go and I don’t want to let go. I love showing you affection and care and love because then I get to see your beautiful smile. And yes I am a sexual freak but only for you because you make me feel different. A good different though. Your responses to my sexual remarks just make me wanna sex you up even more. You drive me crazy but I love that about you and baby you’re perfect in bed” He chuckles. “I am?!” I ask. “Yes baby you are but that can be saved for another conversation, another day” he whispers kissing my lips. I giggle into them making him laugh along. “What does that make us?” I ask. “Boyfriend and girlfriend now” he winks at me. “I like the sound of that” I smile into his chest. “Wait what about work?” I ask lifting my bed up. “Well do you enjoy working for my company?” he asks. “It was my dream Luke so yes of course I do” I say. “Would you want to try another position? Luke asks. “I mean I have never done 69 before” I say truthfully. Luke bursts out laughing. “Why are you laughing?” I ask. “Baby I meant position at work not in bed” he says rubbing my thigh. I instantly became red but due to the dark Luke can’t see it. “Oh my god. I’m so stupid!” I whine covering my hands. “It’s okay baby we can do that someday I promise” he chuckles peppering kisses all over my face. “I mean I wanted to be your assistant that’s what I signed up for” I say. “How about I take you off as my assistant because I don’t want you to be known as that because you’re my girl now. You can still do what an assistant does but you won’t have that title you know what I mean?” he asks. “Okay so I will be doing other work as well as yours?” I ask. “Yes is that okay?” Luke asks. “It’s perfect” I say. “Good, I’ll give you that empty office next to mine so whenever I miss you I’ll pop bye” he chuckles. “Oooo yay” I giggle kissing him. “So now that everything is settled, what do you wanna do?” I ask sweetly. Luke picks me up and lays me on my bed. “I wanna make love to my girl all night long. Will you let me do that sweetheart?” he whispers hovering over me. “Yes” I giggle whispering back as our lips connect again leading us to our night of sweet lust and passion.

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38 punk!percy and nerdy!annabeth? :)

I LOVE PUNK!PERCY AND THIS IS SO PERFECT FOR HIM!! Here you go, @itsaishuuu​ !

~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~

Annabeth Chase walks confidently, quietly, and quickly down the empty hall, ready, as always, for the day before her. She shifts her textbooks from her right hand to her left, smoothing her newly freed hand down her perfectly curled hair. She sits in front of the lockers by her first period class, thirty minutes early, and pulls out her homework for tonight, intently focused on her advanced class work.

Her focus is the same reason that she doesn’t realize the presence of the black combat boots in front of her. That is, doesn’t realize it until the boots have tapped her textbook, and a deep voice clears his throat.

“Yes?” Annabeth asks, annoyed. She shifts her book away from the offending boot, but doesn’t look up yet.

“You’re in my way.” The voice is gruff, deep, but has an undeniable edge to it that sends a shiver down Annabeth’s spine. For the first time, Annabeth looks up at the perpetrator, her eyes meeting a startling green she hadn’t seen many times before.

“Percy Jackson,” she says carefully. Her voice is small, but sure. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

He narrows his eyes at her, scanning her from her sweet princess curls to her neat, light pink button down blouse, to her perfectly pleated charcoal grey skirt. “You’re in,” he says, “my way.”

Percy gestures to his locker, right above her head. Annabeth scrunches her eyebrows at him, but moves to gather her books anyway. Apparently, though, she takes too much time. Percy rolls his eyes, stepping closer to her, and Annabeth’s heart skips a beat, more from surprise than anything else, according to her.

Suddenly, Percy’s bare knee, courtesy of his ripped black jeans, is by her shoulder, brushing against her arm. Annabeth makes a surprised squeak, resulting in a chuckle that does not make Annabeth squirm, and she looks up at him as he impatiently opens his locker door. Only to be faced with Percy’s crotch being way too close to her face, Annabeth sputters before fixing a glare in her eyes.

She scrambles quickly to her feet, banging her head on his now open locker with a loud thud, and stands to Percy’s right, behind his locker door. Percy very casually, very slowly grabs one book from his locker, then closes the door and turns to face a very angry Annabeth.

For the first time that morning, and obviously her entire life, Annabeth really looks at Percy. His black combat boots (that had assaulted her math text) covered the ends of his ripped, black, skinny jeans (that had assaulted her eyes), which led upwards to black American Psycho t-shirt and a leather jacket. All helping to create one Percy Jackson; who currently stands in front of her, a smirk on his face, a cocky look in his eyes.

“Enjoying the view?”

Annabeth’s blood surges, angry at this boy for being so, just… rude. She opens her mouth to say something to him (hopefully to tell him off, probably to say something unintelligible), but her head goes dizzy. Standing up quickly and hitting her head on his locker must’ve been a little much for her.

“I-” she starts, trying to focus her mind and her words and her glare. “I… You… And…”

But then the blood pounding through her ears is too much, and her vision goes black.

~ ~ ~

Annabeth wakes only a minute later. The hallway is still mostly empty, and no one’s around her. That is… No one and nothing except for the arms she finds wrapped around her waist.

She moves to stand up again, to get away from the suspicious arms holding her suspiciously close, but they firmly pull her back down again.

“Easy,” Percy says, guiding her back down. She settles once again in his lap, left with little choice to do otherwise.

“What just happened? What did you do to me?” Her voice is cautious, and she meets Percy’s sea green eyes with a look of apprehension.

“You fainted… straight into my arms,” he says. “You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Percy still, oddly enough, won’t let her stand back up, but lets her at least sit up enough so her back is half against the lockers, and half against his chest. 

“Yeah, right, Percy.” She doesn’t give him a lot to go on, conversation wise, so they stay quiet for a few seconds, Percy wondering what to do now, Annabeth trying to make herself less awkward.

“Is that even your real name? Percy? Is it short for something?”

He stays silent, so Annabeth thinks.

“Percival?” She tries.

He laughs. She smirks.


He scrunches up his eyebrows and shakes his head vigorously.


He attempts a chuckle, but looks away. His arms tighten reflexively around Annabeth, and she knows.

“Ooh, so that’s it. Look at that, Perseus Jackson, afraid for me to use his real name.”

Percy rolls his eyes and stands up, dropping Annabeth unceremoniously on the floor.

“Let me know next time you need someone to catch you,” he says. “I’ll know where not to be.” He smirks at her, punctuating his declaration with “bye,” and then he walks down the hall. Just like that.

Annabeth can’t complain, though. She gathers her books and tucks her hair behind her ear, thinking that this just might not be the last she sees of Perseus Jackson.

Family Matters (2/?)

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Summary: (Y/N) is running from her family problems and the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is there to save her. Will she every full escape her family ties, or will they catch up to her and further entwine her life with the life of the the masked vigilante.

A/N: I really want to say I’ll finish this before the second season comes out, but I don’t want to make any promises I don’t know I can keep.

Part 1

I sat at the small kitchen table watching Claire run around the apartment getting ready to go to work.

It had been almost a week since the incident. Since the man in the mask saved me. I had spent the majority of that night talking with Claire and explaining to her my situation.

“You have a very interesting friend,” I tell Claire.

“Interesting,” she chuckles, “that’s an interesting way to describe him.”

“How did you get wrapped up with the vigilantly running around Hell’s Kitchen saving people?”

“I saved him from dying in a dumpster,” she said running her fingers through her hair tiredly. “Why were you being chased down an alley (Y/N),” Claire asked me.

“I was running away from my problems,” I tell her.

“That doesn’t explain why you were being chased,” she frowns.

“I can’t…I can’t get you involved with something you won’t understand,” I say hoping she wouldn’t push for more.

After a long moment of silence she finally spoke.

“What are your plans for now,” she asks. “I mean you do have a plan right?”

“No,” I mutter. “I don’t. I just needed to get out of there. I took what I could and when I had the chance I made a run for it. Where is my bag by the way,” I ask. “I had a backpack.”

“It’s by the front door,” she says pointing to where my bag was.

I sighed in relief when my eyes fell on it.

“Claire I know I am no position to ask, but I need a favor,” I turn to her.

She doesn’t say anything, just waits for me to ask for the favor.

“I know we just met, but can I stay here,” I ask her. “Just for a few days. Until I figure out what I am doing next.”

She frowns at me.

“I have money,” I quickly say. “I can help pay for rent, buy groceries, anything. I just need some time to plan my next move.”

“I don’t know (Y/N),” she sighs.


“Fine,” she says shaking her head. “I only have one bed, but the couch can be pulled out into a bed.”

“Thank you Claire,” I smile. “I promise you won’t regret this.”

“I’ll go get you some blankets and a pillow,” she says standing up and walking down the hallway.

I stand up ignoring my spinning head and walk toward the front door to grab my bag. Once it is in my hand I walk back to the couch and set it down next to me.

I hear Claire shuffling around down the hall as I pull down the bag’s zipper.

On top was a spare change of clothes, and a few toiletries. Deeper inside was a brown paper bag. Inside of it was the money I had taken before I ran. I stuck my hand in to the very bottom and pulled out a picture.

It was the last picture ever taken of my mother before she passed away when I was in my last year of high school.

People had always told me I looked like her, and I agreed to some extent. We had the same hair color, the same laugh, even the same smile. The way people were wrong was in that they didn’t see that her hair was always shinier, her laugh was more joyful, and her smile was brighter than mine.

“I have a double shift today,” Claire tells me grabbing the cup of coffee I had made her. “So I’ll be home late.”

“I’ll leave a plate of food in the fridge for you to heat up in the microwave later,” I tell her as she chugs down the coffee.

“What are you doing today,” she asks setting down the empty cup in the sink.

“I have an interview with that law firm I was telling you about,” I say smiling. I had finally made a plan for my life and the first step was to get a job.

“Good luck,” Claire says grabbing her bag. “Tell me how it goes later.

Claire and I had become instant friends. After she moved past the fear of me killing her while she slept.

I looked at the clock hanging on the wall and saw I had about an hour left before my interview.

Stuffing the remaining piece of my now cold poptart in my mouth I rushed to the bathroom to get ready.

The job I was interviewing was for an assistant position. I had received my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and now that I couldn’t rely on my father’s money to put me through grad school I had no way to pay for law school.  

I looked at myself over in the full-length mirror. Claire had lent me the clothes. I had planned to go out and buy the outfit myself with the money I had, but Claire offered me her closet after I gave her one month’s rent in advance leaving me almost penniless.

The black pencil skirt was long enough to fit interview dress code and the matching blazer was to long from the sleeves for me to wear, so a long sleeve light pink blouse would have to do. Unfortunately Clair and I did not have the same shoe size. The simple black pumps I was wearing were brand new and cost too much for me to not get this job.

I grabbed my folder with all my information and walked out the apartment.

The walk to the law firm was longer than I thought. About a block away from the building I was already staggering in the new heals.

When I stood in front of the large building I took a deep breath before walking in.

“Hello, how can I help you,” the receptionist at the front asked me as I was walking in.

“I have a job interview with attorney Henry Clark,” I told her.

“Name,” she asked looking on the computer screen in front of her.

I hesitated before answering and gave her my first name and my mother’s maiden name. It was safer this way. It would be harder for any one who knew my father to recognize me.

It wasn’t widely known that Wilson Fisk had a daughter.

She typed on the keys before turning to look back at me. “He is waiting for you. If you would please follow me.”

I nodded and followed her down the hall.

She knocked twice on the open door before stepping in and announcing my purpose for being there.

“Please take a seat miss,” the man sitting behind the desk said.

I did and waited for him to talk.

“Why do you want this job,” he asked leaning forward on his desk and placing his crossed arms on it.

“Because I think it would be a great opportunity for me to learn hands on what it is like in a law firm before I go into grad school,” I tell him not mentioning the part about needing the money.

“I see here you graduated with a bachelor’s in criminal justice, why are you not going directly into grad school?”

“As I said before, I wanted to see what it was like to work at a law firm first, then I would have a better understanding of law school,” I say with a smile.

“So you aren’t decided on your career,” he frowns.

“Yes I am,” I tell him. “I just wanted some hands on experience before enrolling.”

“I’m sorry Miss, but unfortunately I don’t think you are the right person for this position,” Mr. Clark says leaning back on his chair.

I wanted to yell, but I held myself back. “May I ask why,” I ask as calmly as possible.

“I can’t have an assistant who is unsure of her future taking care of my work,” he sighs.

I held back the argument on the tip of my tongue.  

“Please sir I need this job,” I say trying not to sound desperate.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve made my decision,” he sighs.

“It’s money,” I quickly say. “The reason I haven’t started grad school is because I can’t afford it.”

He stares at me for a long moment before grapping a pen and a piece of paper and jotting something down.

“I was serious when I said I made my decision,” he says. “This is a direction to a law firm that just opened a few blocks away I’m sure they could use an assistant. I owe one of the partners there a favor. Tell them I sent you.”

“Thank you so much Mr. Clark, “ I say taking the piece of paper he handed me. The direction was written in bad handwriting, but I was still able to read it.

I tell him goodbye and walk out the door. Halfway down the hall I hear him yelling something at me.

“Make sure you tell Murdock we are even after this,” he yells before slamming the door to his office.

There was no sign outside the building showing that there was a law office inside the old building. I read and re-read the paper in my hands to make sure I was at the right direction before wobbling up the stairs in my death heals.

I stopped in front of a door with a hand written sign.

‘Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law’ it read.

I knocked on the door not knowing what to expect.

I heard voices on the other side of the closed door and footsteps coming closer before the door was swung open.

“Welcome to Nelson and Murdock mam, I am Nelson and my partner is Murdock,” a man answered the door. “How may we be of your assistance?”

“Hello, I’m (Y/N),” I introduced myself extending my hand to shake his. “I was sent here by Henry Clark. He said you needed an assistant.”

He tilted his head to the side thinking before tuning to yell over his shoulder. “Hey Matt did you tell Clark we were looking for an assistant?”

“Not that I recall,” a deep voice came from somewhere in the office. There was tapping that grew closer before a man wearing dark round glasses appeared in the doorway.

“I’m sorry he said this was a new firm, and that you could use an assistant,” I said looking between the two.

“Foggy I got you those copies you asked for,” said a blonde woman walking in the office with a folder. “Oh hi,” she smiled seeing me in the room. “I’m Karen.”

“(Y/N),” I smile shaking her hand.

“Thank you Karen,” Foggy said taking the folder from her. “I’m sorry (Y/N), but we already have an assistant.”

“Oh,” I say looking back at Karen. “I’m sorry for taking your time.”

I waved a small goodbye and turned to leave.

“Wait,” Matt stopped me.

“Matt,” Foggy said wearily.

“I see no reason we can’t at least interview her,” Matt says a small smile playing on his lips.

“How about the reason of us already having Karen,” Foggy frowns.

“I’m sure Karen wouldn’t mind some help with the work load,” Matt says. “Please come into out conference room,” he tells me motioning to a room behind him.

My eyes flicker from Foggy to Karen to Matt before walking forward into the open door that lead to a room with a large table.

I took a seat on one side of the table and Foggy and Nelson sat across from me.

Pulling out my resume I handed it over to Foggy.

“Wow this is impressive,” he said reading over the paper. “Graduated top of her class from NYU with a degree in criminal justice.”

“Foggy can you please read the entire resume out loud,” Matt said without turning to look at Foggy.

He read everything word by word. I didn’t know why I was nervous when he read out loud my name, but I felt my heard skip a beat when I heard my mother’s maiden name read out loud.

“I think that is enough,” Matt said intertwining his fingers in front of him. “You’re hired.”

“Really,” I said in disbelief.

“Really,” Matt smiles.

Foggy stares at his friend wide eyed before shaking his head.

“Welcome to Nelson and Murdock I guess,” Foggy says unsure of what just happened.

Part 3

Like Father Like Daughter

Title: Like Father Like Daughter
Genre: Fairy Tail One Shot
Pairings: Nalu, Gruvia
Word Count: 2138
Summary: Nashi gets into a fight at school with a certain rival and needs her parents to bail her out. High School AU, Natsu!Dad, Lucy!Mom.

Hey! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything so here’s a one-shot! I had this idea stuck in my head and wanted to get it on paper, or err on the internet I guess. Not my best and I suck at summaries but please read! I laughed a bit at my own jokes so hopefully you guys will get a laugh too! Comments are greatly appreciated! ~CelestialSpiritQueen

The smell of chocolate chip cookies wafted through the small house as a blonde haired woman bent down in front of the oven, poking a toothpick into one of the cookies. Pulling it out and finding that the cookies were done she smiled and used an oven mitt to pull out the burning tray so that the cookies could cool. Satisfied, she dusted any crumbs off of her apron.
“I thought I smelled something yummy!” Natsu snuck up behind her, snagging a cookie.
“Careful! It’s…hot…” Lucy hadn’t been able to finish as he shoved the entire treat into his mouth without flinching. She forgot how heat never seemed to be an issue with him.
“Perfect! I swear they taste better every time you make them,” the pinkette flashed her his signature grin, swiping his tongue over his lips to get every last crumb.
Lucy gave him one of her looks, the one with her eyebrow quirked up, a knowing smirk on her face and her hand on her hip. “You are just saying that because you want me to make more cookies,” she untied her apron and smacked him with it playfully, laughing as he made a scene about him being hurt from her cruelty. Unfortunately their theatrics were cut short as the phone rang, the shrill tone causing Lucy to reach the phone first and answer.
“Hello? Yes, this is her…wait what?!…yes…I understand…We’ll be right there…thank you…” she sighed, pressing the red button to end the call. Before Natsu could ask, she leaned against the counter. “We have to go to the school. Nashi got into a fight.
A pause…”Did she win?” was the first thing out of his mouth.
“Your daughter was in a fight at school and that’s the first thing you are going to ask?!” Lucy smacked him upside of the head, only feeling slightly bad as he yelped and rubbed the spot where he was hit.
“Sorry…” Natsu mumbled under his breath, not meeting her eyes.
“You better be,” Lucy grumbled, searching for her purse and keys. “Let’s get going and get this over with,” the blonde mother took his hand, leading him out to the car while Natsu was already turning green as he stared at the vehicle.
“Is the school walkable distance?”
“Are you freaking serious?! A whole week suspension??? This is not fair at all!” Nashi bristled, her arms crossed over her chest which was not yet near the size of her mother’s at all. Her brown eyes were narrowed in fury, casting a glare at the boy holding an ice pack to his jaw. “And he gets away with nothing?” she jabbed her thumb over to the boy.
“Nashi, you hit him, he didn’t hit you back,” a woman with a long mane of pale blonde hair answered from behind a large oak desk. She wore a light pink blouse, looking all proper as she tucked a stray curl behind her ear. “You know the school policy.”
“Well maybe the rule should be changed,” the young teenager snapped in return as she paced the room. “I need a lawyer.”
“I guess your parents will have to do,” Principal Vermillion sighed softly. This was her least favorite part of the job, punishing her students. That’s why she usually had Miss Scarlet deal with the punishments but she was busy at the moment.
“Not like your parents could afford a lawyer,” the black haired boy piped up, snickering from his seat.
Ignoring the sting from the remark, Nashi clenched her fists at her side, trying to keep her temper under control. “Shut up droopy eyes! You don’t know what you are talking about!” she snapped. Oh how she wished she could add more bruises to his face. That would show him…
“Enough! Both of you! Stop acting like children and start behaving like the young adults you are!” the principal snapped, causing both students to instantly shut up. Principal Vermillion was usually a soft spoken person but something told them that they did not want to make her mad.
“Yes m’am…” Nashi and they boy, Silver, mumbled in unison, fidgeting in their seats as they waited for their parents to arrive. That’s when the real fun would start.
~ ~ ~

“Now whatever you do, do NOT cause a scene!” Lucy instructed as she and her husband walked up the steps of Magnolia High together. “We can’t change what her punishment is. The only reason we are going is so we can listen to whoever is in charge of discipline explain what happened and take Nashi home,” the blonde reminded him. She smoothed down her hair as they walked inside, her hair going to just above her shoulders. She had cut it not long after Nashi had been born, long hair really was too much of a hassle when she had a baby to take care of and it was still a cute look.
“Yeah yeah I know Mom,” Natsu rolled his eyes, shoving his hands into his skinny jean pockets. Despite the slight chill to the air he only wore a tee shirt but Lucy didn’t question it. She was used to it by now. “What do you expect me to do? Start beating up on the principal or somethin?” he snorted. “Have a little faith in me Luce.”
Blushing, Lucy cast him a sheepish smile as the breeze blew her skirt around her legs. “Sorry I’m just nervous, you know I don’t really think you will do any of that.”
“I do know,” he pecked her cheek. “Now let’s go break out Nashi from this prison!”
“Natsu this is a high school.”
“What’s the difference?”
~ ~ ~

The door to the office opened, Nashi perking up when she saw her parents. Though once she saw her mother’s cold glare she shrank back into her seat. Not only was she in trouble from the school but also from her parents, or really her mother it seemed. Her father didn’t seem too upset as he gave her a wave.
“Thank you for coming on such short notice Mr. and Mrs. Dragneel,” the woman behind the desk stood, extending her hand. From behind the desk she looked imposing but she was a really petite woman.
“I’m sorry we had meet this way,” Lucy shook her hand as did Natsu before they both took a seat beside their daughter as the principal explained everything from what happened to her punishment.
“Do you have anything to say for yourself young lady?” the blonde mother turned on her daughter.
“I was defending myself!” Nashi stood up abruptly. “He was calling my hair stupid and saying things about my family that I couldn’t stand for!”
Natsu nodded in agreement. “I’d say that is a good enough reason to punch him,” he turned his glare over to Silver who was still sitting in a chair, waiting for his own parents to arrive. “You wanna say that my hair is stupid, huh buddy?” he challenged, his slanted eyes narrowing. Silver rolled his eyes and turned in his chair, glaring out the window.
“Even though you may think that Mr. Dragneel, it is in the student handbook-”
“To hell with the handbook. I care about the situation at hand not what some stupid book orders you to do,” Natsu stood up, a defiant look burning in his eyes. “Every situation is different. Sure if some kid punches another just for, pardon my language, shits and giggles give him a suspension, but if someone does it to stop being harassed then something needs to change.”
The room remained silent for a few seconds but before anyone could utter a word in response the door opened up again revealing another couple, a curvy woman with light blue hair and a man with black hair that seemed to shine blue in certain lights.
Silver sat up a bit in his chair seeing his parents and soon his mother was all over him, hugging him close and examining his bruised cheek. “Oh my poor baby~” she cooed. “I’m so sorry this happened but don’t you worry, Mommy is going to make this all better!”
“Mom…kind of hugging me to death,” the teenage boy grunted as he tried to breathe. Juvia loosened her grip but didn’t let go of him as she continued stroking his hair. Most kids would be embarrassed but Silver was used to being smothered by his mother to bother caring.
“Gray…” Natsu glared at the other man, his arms crossed over his chest as he tried to appear taller than he really was.
“Natsu…” the man who Natsu called Gray matched his look right back.
“Oh so you two know each other?” Principal Vermillion laughed nervously, her gaze flickering between the two. “At least that leaves introductions out the window.”
“Can I throw him out of the window with it?” Natsu jabbed a finger over to Gray who snorted, rolling his eyes.
“I’d like to see you try!” Gray snapped back, the two ready to brawl there and then but thankfully their wives pulled them away from each other and calmed them down.
“It’s not worth it,” Lucy squeezed his arm gently as he sat back down in his seat beside her though he was still bristling with anger.
“Anyways we seem to have heard Nashi’s take on it, now let’s hear Silver’s…” the principal redirected the conversation.
Silver sat up a bit more, trying to play it off cool and innocent. “I just made a comment how it was kinda weird to have natural pink hair. I thought she was lying when she refused that it was dyed,” he shrugged. “She just got mad and punched me.” Nashi scoffed but didn’t say anything, probably due to the look her mother gave her.
“How awful!” Juvia hugged her son again, kissing his bruise. “She must be punished for hurting my son! I want justice!”
“He hurt me just as much in words as I did in a single punch!” Nashi couldn’t contain herself any longer. Soon chaos erupted, the noise gradually increasing until…
“ALL OF YOU BE QUIET AND LISTEN TO ME!” Everyone listened as Mavis stood at her desk, her chest heaving in frustration. Realizing that all eyes were on her she straightened, composing herself. “My punishment is final. Nashi and Silver will both receive one week of out of school suspension.”
“Why me? What did I do?!” Silver gripped the edge of his seat so he didn’t jump back up.
“You were harassing Nashi, another form of bullying which I do not tolerate,” the petite woman narrowed her emerald green eyes dangerously at the boy. “Now all of you, you are dismissed.” She practically kicked them out of the room as she massaged her temples.
Nashi and Silver exchanged glares before going off with their respective families. “So Dad…” she started, knowing he would be more on her side. “I’m not grounded right?”
“Of course not!” he bellowed out a laugh. “You defended yourself against a jerk, a family rival even! Though…it’s also up to your mother,” he glanced over at his wife.
Seeing the two pinkettes giving her puppy dog eyes, Lucy shook her head and chuckled. “No you aren’t grounded. I agree with your father with you standing up for yourself, but…” she smirked a bit. “You will have to help out with chores while you are stuck at home.”
“Awww Moooooommmm,” Nashi whined, pouting but went quite after receiving another one of…the looks from her mother. “I mean I am so excited to help you Mom! I know you work so hard and I love you so much.” She hugged her arm to prove her love.
“Much better,” Lucy chuckled softly, kissing the top of her daughter’s head. “I’m not mad at you by the way. I probably would have done the same thing and I know your father would have.”
“Hell yeah I would!” Natsu fist bumped the air. “And I’ve meaning to ask Nash, was it a right hook or…” the two proceeded to talk about different fighting techniques while Lucy listened, a loving smile. It was crazy how alike the two were, and not just their looks. How they both had that mischievous smile, always ready to fight for what they believe in, their passion for protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves, the list could go on.
“We are going to be seeing the principal a lot aren’t we?” Lucy mused to herself so softly that the other two couldn’t hear. “And the town could barely handle one Natsu Dragneel…”

anonymous asked:

Ahhh bree can we have a little ficlet even for law firms to get us through November bc I literally cannot waaait till the next update! But also equally excited for blood hands so maybe December could be law firms month??

(This was supposed to be a quick little ficlet a while ago and then… well, this Oliver and Felicity just do what they want now, I can’t control them anymore.) 

Four Walls (Of Law Firms and Honey) - AU, Explicit

Oliver is Felicity’s boss at Queen & Queen, a prestigious international law firm. She’s the tech genius, he’s the top dog’s son, and they viciously disagree on nearly everything. Despite that, they work together, neither outright acknowledging the ever-present simmering attraction that has slowly been growing hotter and hotter…

Until a chance meeting at a grocery store one night has them crossing a line, a tiny little line that was never meant to be crossed.

A collection of ficlets in the same ‘verse: Of Law Firms and Honey.

Check out the Four Walls playlist, and if you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

(Please see previous installments for author notes/story information.)

Previous Installments:

1 a.m. Grocery Shopping
11:30 p.m. Supply Closet
4:57 a.m. Oliver’s Apartment
9:23 a.m. Felicity’s Apartment

2:09 p.m. Oliver’s Office

Summary: A mid-day quickie.

(You can also read on AO3!)

The desk groaned under their combined weight, a soft, subtle sound that echoed their quiet gasps for air.

It was low enough that anyone walking by wouldn’t hear it, but they would hear the way it subtly highlighted her not-very-discreet moans, his barely-muffled grunts, the squeak of her naked ass sliding against the wood, his thighs bumping against the long drawer under his desk, rattling the paperclips and pens and other useless shit that wound up in there.

“Oh god,” Felicity whined, arching her back.

She fumbled with his tie, her fingers yanking the knot loose, her bright purple nails scratching against his neck, making him shudder as he thrust into her, filling her to the hilt, her slick heat so tight and perfect.

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Blown Away

Requested by Anonymous: Would you be able to do a Daryl x reader where it’s the Alexandria ‘welcome’ party and the reader is anxious about going but she decides to go and she looks AMAZING and the whole family compliments her but she leaves early and bumps into Daryl and he is blown away (but they aren’t together).

Blown Away

“C’mon, Y/N.” Maggie said, holding up a nice looking blouse and a hairbrush. “It’ll be fun.”

“Do I have to go, Mags?” You whine a little. Attending a party was the last thing you wanted to do that night; a bunch of people in a small space and the noise and the fact that lots of strangers were going to be asking you lots of random questions made your social anxiety level go through the roof. “Daryl isn’t going.” You point out.

“Daryl’s a party-pooper.” Maggie smirked. “It’s a good thing he’s not going.”

“That’s rude.” You say with a giggle. “I’m a party-pooper, too. So maybe I should just stay here.”

“No, you’re fun when you want to be.” Maggie started running the brush through your hair and you relent. There’s no arguing with her when she’s made up her mind. “And if I thought I could make Daryl do anything, I’d make him go, too.”

You huff and settle back against the chair while Maggie ran the brush through your tangled hair, smoothing it out and revealing soft, light brown locks that you thought you’d never see again.


You arrived at the party a little later than everyone else. You’d spent the last twenty minutes talking down your anxiety and trying to work up the nerve to walk down the street to your doom. Well, maybe the party wasn’t ‘doom’, but it was at least ‘potential disaster’. And even the potential of a social disaster on your end was enough to make you worry. Everything that could go wrong played scenes in your head one-by-one, each scenario ending with you getting kicked out of the community.

Finally, you steeled yourself in the mirror, whispered, “woman up, Y/N” and stomped determinedly over to the party. You knocked softly on the door, hoping that no one would hear it and you could just go home, but much to your dismay, Deanna opened it.

“C’mon in!” She smiled, ushering you inside where the rest of your family was making small talk with members of the community. “Let me get you something to drink.” She disappeared for a moment and returned with a healthy-sized glass of red wine. Perfect. Just what you needed.

“Wow, Y/N.” Michonne said. “You look amazing.”

You look down at your outfit; members of the community had loaned your group nice clothes for the evening, and you were wearing a black skirt that swished at your knees every time you moved and a light pink V-neck blouse that brought out the little bit of lipstick that Maggie had scrounged up for you. Your hair was braided down your back and your bangs fell softly against your forehead. You felt uncomfortable in the outfit, but at least the black ballet flats were comfortable. “Thank you.” You say quietly, trying to deflect the attention off of you by taking a large drink of your wine.

“So pretty.” Tara and Rosita purred, petting your hair and shoulders. Both were already a little drunk.

“You do look very nice.” Rick said, tipping his glass to you in a ‘cheers’ motion. “You clean up well.”

“You do, too.” You smile. “I miss the beard, though.”

“I don’t.” Rick started to laugh.

You spent the rest of the evening lurking against a wall and hoping no one would talk to you. A few women in the community did ask you about yourself, but your answers were short and they eventually left you alone. Another woman asked for your favorite meal; she was going to cook for each of the new members, which you thought was really kind of her. Your favorite meal was steak and garlic mashed red potatoes, but you didn’t want to burden her, so you said it was cheese pizza and she left you alone again.

After about an hour of blending into the wallpaper and drinking three glasses of red wine, you decided to take your leave. That was enough socializing for one evening. You said your goodbyes to your family and to Deanna and her husband before slipping out the front door.

The night air felt delicious in your lungs. It had been kind of hot and stuffy in the house, so stepping out into the cool Virginian evening instantly improved your mood. You walked cheerfully down the front steps and began making your way home in the dark. You were only halfway there, though, when you saw Daryl standing in the doorway to an open and brightly lit garage, his back to you and staring at something in front of him. You decide to join him, and walk slowly and quietly up the driveway. You were a little tipsy and the incline was harder than normal.

“Hey, double D.” You said, standing next to him in the entryway. You weren’t sure why you called him that; you’d never called him that before, but it felt right at the time, so you just shrug.

“Why–” He began to ask, but stopped when he turned and saw you. “Whoa.” He muttered.

“What?” You frantically look down to follow his line of sight, expecting to find a huge spider or something on your chest, but you looked normal. “Do I have something on me?” You ask, spinning and trying to see what he saw.

“No, no, you’re fine.” He says and you stop spinning.

“Then why’d you say ‘whoa’?” You ask, reaching out and grabbing his arm to steady yourself. Now you were really dizzy.

“Nuthin.” Daryl went over to the bike he was tinkering with. “Forget it.”

You shrug and follow him over to the bike. You hop up onto the seat and cross your legs, looking down to where he was crouched and playing with something mechanical near your feet. “The party wasn’t fun.” You smooth out your skirt. “You’re lucky you got to skip.” Daryl just grunted and moved your leg out of the way of whatever he was trying to fix. “You’re quiet.” You say. “Well, more quiet than normal.” Daryl didn’t say anything. “Why are you being weird?”

“You’re really pretty.” He mumbled, then stood and moved to crouch on the other side of the bike to try to casually hide behind your back.

You wouldn’t let him get away, though. You swung your legs over the back of the bike and faced him again. “What was that, Dixon?” You tease, digging the toe of your shoe into his shoulder.

“I said you look really pretty tonight.” He says, still not looking at you. “I’m a little blown away.”

You start to laugh, then hop down from your perch. “Thank you. That was very sweet of you.” You lean down and kiss him on the cheek before you start to walk out of the garage. “I’ll leave you to your work. Wouldn’t want to blow your mind too much and make you mess up.” Daryl snorts a laugh and you start to giggle before saying, “Goodnight,” and heading in the direction of home.


I finished the things I’d promised myself I’d finish before I write this, plus some extra stuff. Hurray for productivity! I need to work on a project this afternoon, but if I get a good chunk of that done, I’ll write and upload “A Piece of Me, Pt. 2″ tonight.

Happy finals, lovelies!

[Part Two]


Zyglavis Doing Everything In His Power To Save The MC

Requested By: Anon

Request: Can you write a fanfic about MC from SCM dying after she becomes a goddess and Zyglavis trying everything he can do to save her.

Reposting because the one with the ask attached was glitching the post.

Zyglavis might be a little OOC here. I don’t exactly know much about him so I apologize if I portrayed him wrong. I hope you still enjoy the story. - Elli

It had only been a short time since you and Zyglavis had started dating. You were still kind of awkward around each other but you knew just how much he cared for you. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for you nor you for him. You thought this is what it must feel like to really be in love. However, loving a god would not come without its challenges. Those in the heavens looked down upon you- a mere human- for ever thinking she could love someone like Zyglavis: Minister of the Department Of Punishments. You didn’t like to admit it, but their scornful words hurt, though, this was the price of falling for a god. Something that should have only been possible in fairytales. Although, whenever you were the object of slanderous words from the other gods, Zyglavis would cast an icy cold glare on them and they would immediately shut up; scurrying away for their lives. That always lightened your mood, somewhat.

Today, you were to go on a date with the devilishly handsome minister; someone whom you felt no matter how hard you looked you would never find another like him. He really was one of a kind: and he was all yours. Zyglavis was lucky enough to get the day free of work after pushing all his duties onto Scorpio- his vice minister- though Scorpio was far from happy at this. In fact he was scowling the whole time Zyglavis was speaking with him. ‘He didn’t refuse though, hehe.’ You giggled a little as you thought back to Scorpio’s reaction when Zyglavis approached him; you thought the fact he didn’t refuse meant he wasn’t actually all that bothered but just liked to create a fuss. ‘Or maybe he is happy for us and wanted to allow us some time together.’ You shook your head and wiped that from your mind; of course that wouldn’t be it.

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