light phenomena

This rare sight is a combination of several optical phenomena collectively known as arcs and halos. The arcs and halos shown here include the 22 degree halo, parhelia, parhelic circle, Parry arc, Parry supralateral arc, upper tangent arc, supralateral arc, circumzenithal arc, heliac arc, upper Lowitz arc, Hastings arc, and perhaps the Wegener arc. High clouds composed of ice crystals having various shapes, sizes and orientations, some spinning some still, triggered this dazzling display over Huntsville, Alabama. (Credit: David Hathaway/EPOD)

Some terms from Finnish mythology

Aarnivalkeat - are spots where an eternal flame associated with Will o’ the wisps burns (Virvatulet in Finnish). They are claimed to mark the places where faerie gold or a other treasure is buried. Although clearly folklore, the claim has been made that the Outokumpu (“weird hill”) coppermine — the largest coppermine in Europe at its time — was discovered due to some light phenomena or another.

Etiäinen - a human-like spirit that goes ahead of you in your life. If you meet this spirit you can see things that aren’t yet happened to you or to someone else. The word etiäinen is a commonly used in other parts of Finland and is a part of everyday vocabulary meaning a sign or an omen.

Ihtiriekko or liekkiö (“flamey”) - a ghost of a bastard child. Ihtiriekko is a bastard child that has been killed by child’s mother and after that buried outside of the graveyard becouse the child is not accepted by the church or sosiety. Baby can’t go to heaven and becomes a ghost. This ghost could make terrible noise until somebody dugs up his/her body and buries it in graveyard. Such ghost people call Ihtiriekko. Ghosts could also be quiet, but she/he might be seen as a flame in forest, like will o’ the wisp. Such ghost people call Liekkiö.

Itse (“self”) - a part of the soul that is not attached to other parts of the soul. Itse is described to be your a look-a-like even if it can be separate from your body and it can go ahead of you like etiäinen. You can also loose your itse and then you’ll become sick and depressed. The dead ones are maybe taken your itse to Tuonela (Underworld). It was also believed that alcoholism can take your itse away because under the influence of alcohol you’re not yourself.

Sielulintu (“soulbird”) - means the home of your soul. It is believed that when a new baby is born, the bird brings a soul to him/her. And when a person dies the bird comes to take a soul away. Sieluluntu also means a wooden bird that people kept besides of themselves when sleeping so that the bird can look after your soul when you sleep.

Tuonela - is a realm of the dead or the Underworld. Tuonela is best known for its appearance in the Finnish national epic Kalevala. In Kalevala Väinämöinen, a shamanistic hero, travels to Tuonela to seek the knowledge of the dead. On the journey he meets a girl, Tuonen piika (Death’s maid), who takes him over the river of Tuoni.


Crop Circles - Balls of Light

Balls of light filmed around various crop circles.

Light pillars by Victor Stolbovoy

Time was around midnight. I accidentally looked out of window and noticed something strange, sort of illusion of reflection. Thinking that it might be a greasy window surface I opened it. In two minutes I was outside with a tripod and a loaded camera almost running in awe towards one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

Planets as Meteorological Phenomena
  • Moon - light pillars, halos
  • Sun - heatwaves, sunshowers, drought, halos, solar flares
  • Mercury - tornadoes, squalls, foehns, anticyclones, derecho
  • Venus - rainbows, auroras, acid rain
  • Mars - duststorms, dust devils, drought
  • Jupiter - thunderstorms, lightning, ball lightning
  • Saturn - thunderstorms, thundersnow, supercell storms
  • Uranus - hailstorms, arctic cyclone, diamond dust, sleet, snowstorms
  • Neptune - hurricanes, rainstorms, tropical storms, tsunamis 
  • Pluto - snowstorms, hail, sleet, diamond dust, dzud

list of meteorological phenomena

Produsent: J. L. Nerlien A/S, nordlys, Grønland, 19. januar 1939.

Grev Micard ledet Quest-ekspedisjonen med fangstskuta Quest i Loch Fine, Nord-Østgrønland 1936-1937. Bildene er trolig tatt der.

Norsk Teknisk Museum, NTM CST 36.


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